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Tour of Slovenie - Stage 4

So, this is the big day. No chances of getting in a slipstream and holding on for dear life today. It's judgement day, every man for himself. 49.3 km long, so the gaps could be huge. it's not completely flat. There's a couple of bumps along the way, including a ~5% rise up to the finish. Shouldn't be a huge deal, but might be a small chance for the puncheurs to make up some time.

Note: all placings listed are provisional at the time of finishing.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/pol.png Viennet sets the first significant time for a stage favorite. 1h03'53''


Off camera, this time is quickly beaten significantly. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rpn.png Gonzalez Salas takes 51 seconds out of that Viennet to take over.

However, his time lasts a very short time on top. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/cap.png Sterobo leads at the first time check by 5 seconds, then falls to 2nd at the second time check. But at the finish, he just pips Gonzalez by half a second to take the best time. 1h-02'44''


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gcn.png Sergent makes quick work of it though, setting a new best time, -8 seconds to the good. It was more at the time checks though, he must have faded towards the end.


Sergent will regret that fading, because pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/zal.png Hofer takes advantage and is our new leader. Same time though.


Really great day for pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/ubs.png Fominykh, he manages to also get the same time as the previous two. 2nd place though for now, ahead of Sergent, behind Hofer.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rpn.png Zmorka is now on course, and a big stage favorite. Can he decimate the standings?

No, very underwhelming. +16'', 7th place. No doubt he'll slip even further soon.


His teammate won't be the one to outrank him though. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rpn.png Kittel probably strategized with his teammate, and they're almost equally worse off for it. 8th place, +17''.


Well, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/pol.png Ryan Mullen has decided to break up the logjam at the top of the standings. He destroys the previous best time by 26 seconds. It's now 1h02'17''.


You could be forgiven for thinking this route would have suited pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Dennis, but I guess you'd be wrong. Very disappointing for him. 31st, +1'33''.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/yor.png Coppel is another guy who could smash this TT and really put himself in a prime GC spot. It's not really happening though. +53'' for a provisional 12th.


The same cannot be said for our German champion. You might have thought pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/map.png Fiedler would be tired after his strong climbing on stage 2, but you're obviously wrong. After being down by 12 seconds on Mullen at the second time check, he storms to the finish line with the new best time, 7 seconds ahead!


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/min.png Selander is another guy who overperformed two days ago, and is a poor time trialist. He has already lost over 6 minutes at the 2nd time check! Just for some reference of scale here.


Oof, really not looking good for pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/evo.png Lopez. That's pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Brändle, his following two minute man, already disappearing ahead.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Lutsenko bleeding a lot of time here as well. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png Gesink makes the pass on the left.


Even worse for pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rak.png Kinoshita. He's never good on a TT bike, but he just doesn't look comfortable at all today.


Not too impressive from pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Brändle at the finish, but it should be better than the puncheurs. 21st, 1'22'' back.


It's kind of crazy what can happen in a grueling TT of this length.pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/evo.png Lopez comes to the line with his GC ambitions gone. And abysmal 101st, +5'04'' down. So, who is the guy next to him? Yup, that's pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/min.png Selander, his 4 minute man! The Colombian lost over 5 minutes, and still caught a guy starting 4 minutes ahead.


King Power are hoping for something special, but they won't get it this time. It's a semi-decent ride for pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Gidich. 74th, 3'14'' behind. Definitely not great, but almost certainly enough to keep white.


Better performance by pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/min.png Haga at +2'17''. Quietly making a top 10 case.


This just hurts to watch. With a significant amount of road left, 3rd place pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Lutsenko is now the last man on the road. Maybe predictable after seeing him start, but not pleasant for his fans.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/ubs.png Goncalves's good form has clearly not disappeared. The length of this TT helps him a ton. He's the first guy to upset the stage rankings in a while. 7th place, +42 seconds, which will be great for his GC hopes.


Definitely not as great as pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/des.png Fraile's though! The Spaniard is out of the saddle and flying up the final climb. He stops the clock only 20 seconds behind Fiedler, 3rd place on the stage!


A tale of two puncheurs. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/pol.png Izagirre is unremarkable but solid as he comes to the line. Provisional 20th, +1'19''. Not bad for his GC hopes.

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rak.png Kinoshita, on the other hand... won't have GC hopes any more. It might be in his interest to go hard for KOM tomorrow. By far the worst of the favorites. +7'27'', 142nd place.


Last of the pure TT guys is pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Oliveira, currently in 4th for GC. Predictably, it's a good ride. 18th place at 1'16'' behind won't give any stage points, but it gives him the chance to hold onto a great GC spot tomorrow.


It's pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png Gesink vs. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/bnm.png Bobridge now. The Aussie has the Dutchman in his sight as they hit the final climb. He seems to be slightly ahead. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/bnm.png Bobridge had about 10 seconds over him at the first time check, and 25 at the second.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png Gesink's done. +1'48'' on Fielder, 33rd place. Not bad in a strong field, but probably not what he was hoping for.


Especially considering that pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/bnm.png Bobridge bests his time by three quarters of a minute! 16th place, +1'03''. There's no denying who should take the final GC now!


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Lutsenko limps to the line, and maybe he'll be talking to Kinoshita and Lopez about Landis length move tomorrow, because only that could save his GC chances. That 12 second time bonus he stole yesterday... yeah, that won't be an issue anymore. He loses 6'17'' on the day. Thailand is apparently smiling with us, but they won't be smiling with him after this.

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/map.png Fiedler takes the stage win with his remarkable final third of the stage. He also makes a move all the way to 7th, though it's hard to see how he can hold that tomorrow. The stage win should be enough anyway.

So, obviously an insane GC shakeup today. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/des.png Fraile, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Oliveira, and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/ubs.png Goncalves are the big winners, leaping into the top 5. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png Gesink slides to 4th. But only pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/des.png Fraile is within a minute of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/bnm.png Bobridge, and he's a significantly weaker puncheur.

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Brändle on the other hand is now the surprising leader for King Power in 8th. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Gidich still contending in 12th, but pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/kng.png Lutsenko is now over 6 minutes back in 24th, and is suddenly their worst option. He could have a great day tomorrow and leap back into the top 10, but more than that seems unlikely. At least he holds the points jersey from yesterday, and they have the team's classification.

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/evo.png Lopez worse and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/rak.png Kinoshita worse still - 39th and 69th (not nice) respectively. Gonna have to figure out a new goal before tomorrow.

Stage Results:
1Jacob FiedlerMapei1h02'09
2Ryan MullenPolar+ 8
3Omar FraileDesigual+ 20
4Andreas HoferDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 35
5Daniil FominykhTeam UBS+ 36
6Jesse SergentGCN Racings.t.
7Elia VivianiKing Power+ 42
8Jose GoncalvesTeam UBSs.t.
9Damien HowsonDuolingo+ 43
10Rasmus SteroboCampari Asahi Procycling+ 44
11Mario Gonzalez SalasRepsol - Netflixs.t.
12Morne Van NiekerkXero Racing+ 47
13Marlen ZmorkaRepsol - Netflix+ 52
14Marcel KittelRepsol - Netflix+ 53
15Jerome CoppelcycleYorkshire+ 1'01
16Jack BobridgeBennelong - Mitchelton+ 1'03
17Alfredo BalloniMapei+ 1'10
18Reinhardt Janse van RensburgMinions+ 1'15
19Nelson OliveiraGenerali+ 1'16
20Alexandor CatafordPodium Ambition+ 1'17
21Stanislau BazhkouXero Racing+ 1'19
22Ion IzagirrePolars.t.
23Tony GallopinBakkafrost+ 1'20
24Sven VandousselaereMapei+ 1'21
25Muhamma Afif Ahmad ZamriDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 1'22
26Matthias BrändleKing Powers.t.
27Stefan KungGenerali+ 1'27
28Dominique CornuDuolingo+ 1'28
29Andrew TennantcycleYorkshire+ 1'29
30Daniel EatonDesigual+ 1'34
31Emilien ViennetPolar+ 1'35
32Kevin PredatschMapei+ 1'41
33Tushantha RajapakshageRakuten Pro Cycling+ 1'45
34Robert GesinkDuolingo+ 1'48
35Flavio De LunaPolar+ 1'49
36Marc SolerPolars.t.
37Sebastien IvarsTeam UBS+ 1'52
38Andrei NechitaFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 1'53
39Roy GoldsteinFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 2'00
40David AbalDesigual+ 2'02
41Shane ArchboldDuolingos.t.
42Rohan DennisGeneralis.t.
43Ian StannardcycleYorkshire+ 2'05
44Jesus HerradaRepsol - Netflix+ 2'06
45Glenn O'SheaBennelong - Mitchelton+ 2'11
46Basilio Ramos TiconaTeam UBS+ 2'13
47Nathan BrownGeneralis.t.
48Mark ChristianCampari Asahi Procycling+ 2'14
49Kai ReusRakuten Pro Cycling+ 2'15
50Samuel PokäläValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
51Chad HagaMinions+ 2'17
52Zakkari DempsterDuolingo+ 2'18
53Ronan Van ZandbeekVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 2'19
54Antonio BarbioDuolingo+ 2'24
55Klemen StimulakFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 2'25
56Welle JallaysDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 2'29
57Josh AtkinsMapei+ 2'31
58Laureano RosasMinions+ 2'34
59Tobias LudvigssonGenerali+ 2'35
60Vojtech HaceckyMinions+ 2'38
61Egan BernalPolar+ 2'39
62Lukas PostlbergerRepsol - Netflix+ 2'40
63Andrei AmadorTeam UBS+ 2'42
64Eddie DunbarRepsol - Netflix+ 2'44
65Michael SchärTeam UBS+ 2'45
66Piotr BrozynaRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
67Csaba PalyiMapeis.t.
68Serghei TvetcovEvonik - ELKO+ 2'46
69Miguel Angel BenitoRepsol - Netflixs.t.
70Chun Wing LeungKing Powers.t.
71Alex WohlerBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
72Joey RosskopfGenerali+ 2'48
73William FordcycleYorkshire+ 2'52
74Szymon RekitaMinions+ 2'57
75Jorge AbreuTeam UBS+ 2'58
76Benjamin ThomasTeam UBS+ 3'00
77Yuttana ManoKing Power+ 3'03
78Bonaventure UwizeyimanaBakkafrost+ 3'07
79Carlos VeronaDesigual+ 3'09
80Hannes Bergstrom FriskValio - Viking Genetics+ 3'10
81Yevgeniy GidichKing Power+ 3'14
82Kazushige KubokiRakuten Pro Cycling+ 3'15
83Sachin DulanjanaValio - Viking Genetics+ 3'16
84Justas BeniusisDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 3'19
85Tim KennaughcycleYorkshires.t.
86Shaun Nick BesterXero Racing+ 3'20
87Sten StenersenPolar+ 3'27
88Daniel TeklehaimanotKing Power+ 3'28
89Aleksa CrnceviccycleYorkshire+ 3'32
90Chris BartonMinionss.t.
91Benjamin DyballGenerali+ 3'34
92Oscar CabanasAndorra Cycling Project+ 3'37
93Zoltan SiposDuolingo+ 3'49
94Harry TanfieldVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 3'51
95Timothy RoeBennelong - Mitchelton+ 3'55
96Cameron MeyerBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
97Callum ScotsonBennelong - Mitchelton+ 4'05
98Nikita RazumovDuolingo+ 4'13
99Luis Enrique Lemus DavilaMapei+ 4'21
100Venantas LasinisDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 4'27
101Teodoro CostagliRakuten Pro Cycling+ 4'28
102James FoucheXero Racing+ 4'29
103Michael CumingGCN Racing+ 4'30
104Kristijan DurasekNordstrom - CA Technologies+ 4'37
105Dusan KalabaMinions+ 4'38
106Yuri TrofimovRepsol - Netflix+ 4'39
107Sulkhan AkhmaeviBakkafrost+ 4'44
108Jaako HänninenValio - Viking Genetics+ 4'49
109Miguel Angel LopezEvonik - ELKO+ 5'04
110Nils SchomberXero Racing+ 5'15
111Antoine DuchesneNordstrom - CA Technologies+ 5'17
112Ingvar OmarssonValio - Viking Genetics+ 5'20
113Taylor GunmanBennelong - Mitchelton+ 5'27
114Jelle WallaysAndorra Cycling Project+ 5'32
115Florian StorkBakkafrost+ 5'37
116Ben HermansBakkafrost+ 5'38
117Przemyslaw KasperkiewiczKing Power+ 5'39
118Darren MatthewsPodium Ambition+ 5'40
119Alexis GougeardPolar+ 5'41
120Joni KanervaValio - Viking Genetics+ 5'42
121Jamalidin NovardiantoXero Racing+ 5'48
122Kristian Haugaard JensenVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 5'51
123Tom DiggleNordstrom - CA Technologies+ 5'53
124Daniel HabtemichaelXero Racing+ 5'55
125Yannick StoltzEvonik - ELKOs.t.
126Kasper AsgreenVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 5'56
127Mark DzamastagicEvonik - ELKO+ 5'58
128Jakub KratochvilaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 6'16
129Alexey LutsenkoKing Power+ 6'18
130Jhonatan NarvaezDesiguals.t.
131Jordi MajoralAndorra Cycling Project+ 6'21
132Aleksi HänninenValio - Viking Genetics+ 6'22
133Xuban ErrazkinDesigual+ 6'25
134Laurens SweeckVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 6'31
135Evaldas SiskeviciusDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 6'32
136Nicolay CherkasovDesiguals.t.
137Tsgabu Gebremaryam GrmayNordstrom - CA Technologies+ 6'35
138Joao RodriguesGenerali+ 6'39
139Xandro MeurisseXero Racing+ 6'40
140Joao GasparNordstrom - CA Technologiess.t.
141Sven NooytensCampari Asahi Procycling+ 6'47
142Matthias KrizekDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 6'57
143Jannik SteimlePodium Ambitions.t.
144Martins BlumsEvonik - ELKOs.t.
145Lluis RoperoAndorra Cycling Project+ 7'13
146Tomohiro KinoshitaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 7'28
147Conor DunneDesigual+ 7'40
148Dobrin LilovskiPodium Ambition+ 7'42
149Enric MasEvonik - ELKO+ 7'43
150Andrei SakalouEvonik - ELKO+ 7'52
151Pascal EenkhoornNordstrom - CA Technologies+ 7'55
152Rafael SilvaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 7'56
153Arthur VichotBakkafrost+ 7'57
154Stephen WilliamsGCN Racing+ 8'06
155Adam De VosNordstrom - CA Technologies+ 8'17
156Lucas HamiltonDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 8'25
157Cristian CominelliFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 8'26
158Josip RumacFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 8'28
159Filippo FiorelliCampari Asahi Procycling+ 8'40
160Zachary HughesNordstrom - CA Technologies+ 8'54
161Patrick LaneBennelong - Mitchelton+ 9'02
162Cyril GautierValio - Viking Genetics+ 9'04
163Adria UrcelayAndorra Cycling Project+ 9'14
164Bjorn SelanderMinions+ 9'15
165Rory TownsendAndorra Cycling Project+ 9'28
166David WohrerMapei+ 9'32
167Ricardo FerreiraCampari Asahi Procycling+ 9'33
168Cesare Di MaggioCampari Asahi Procycling+ 9'48
169Matthew WallsGCN Racing+ 9'49
170Mathias De WitteFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 9'57
171Felix GallGCN Racing+ 10'12
172Max StedmanGCN Racing+ 10'24
173Alex DowsettGCN Racings.t.
174Lucas ErikssonVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 10'26
175Christophe NoppeFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 10'38
176Nejc KosicVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 10'51
177Jacob HennessycycleYorkshire+ 11'02
178Kim Le CourtPodium Ambition+ 11'04
179David DekkerPodium Ambition+ 11'18
180Marco TizzaAndorra Cycling Project+ 11'31
181Jon AberasturiPodium Ambition+ 11'38
182Emils LiepinsEvonik - ELKO+ 11'41
183Simone PetilliCampari Asahi Procycling+ 12'22
184Christopher LawlessPodium Ambition+ 12'35
185Alberto DaineseBakkafrost+ 12'43
186Saulo LayCampari Asahi Procycling+ 12'46
187Noam CohenFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 12'53
188Ulugbek GalievAndorra Cycling Project+ 13'17
189Alexander KonychevBakkafrost+ 13'36
190Andrea VendrameVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 13'56
191George AtkinscycleYorkshire+ 14'18
192Mikel LandaGCN Racing+ 14'41

General Classification
1Jack BobridgeBennelong - Mitchelton9h43'35
2Omar FraileDesigual+ 53
3Nelson OliveiraGenerali+ 1'07
4Robert GesinkDuolingo+ 1'21
5Jose GoncalvesTeam UBS+ 1'22
6Ion IzagirrePolar+ 1'47
7Jacob FiedlerMapei+ 2'33
8Matthias BrändleKing Power+ 3'07
9Chad HagaMinions+ 3'11
10Jerome CoppelcycleYorkshire+ 3'46
11Stefan KungGenerali+ 3'55
12Yevgeniy GidichKing Power+ 4'27
13Csaba PalyiMapei+ 4'43
14Reinhardt Janse van RensburgMinions+ 4'44
15Elia VivianiKing Power+ 4'53
16Ryan MullenPolar+ 5'00
17Tobias LudvigssonGenerali+ 5'01
18Joey RosskopfGenerali+ 5'12
19Andrei AmadorTeam UBSs.t.
20Yuttana ManoKing Power+ 5'23
21Jorge AbreuTeam UBS+ 5'28
22Rohan DennisGenerali+ 5'34
23Daniel TeklehaimanotKing Power+ 5'52
24Alexey LutsenkoKing Power+ 5'55
25Benjamin DyballGenerali+ 5'58
26Damien HowsonDuolingo+ 6'08
27Muhamma Afif Ahmad ZamriDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 6'10
28Eddie DunbarRepsol - Netflix+ 6'18
29Tony GallopinBakkafrosts.t.
30Daniil FominykhTeam UBS+ 6'20
31Marlen ZmorkaRepsol - Netflix+ 6'28
32Marcel KittelRepsol - Netflix+ 6'29
33Andreas HoferDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 6'42
34Alexandor CatafordPodium Ambition+ 6'45
35Morne Van NiekerkXero Racings.t.
36Dominique CornuDuolingo+ 6'52
37Alfredo BalloniMapei+ 6'53
38Jesse SergentGCN Racing+ 6'54
39Miguel Angel LopezEvonik - ELKO+ 6'58
40Kazushige KubokiRakuten Pro Cycling+ 7'02
41Sven VandousselaereMapei+ 7'04
42Serghei TvetcovEvonik - ELKO+ 7'13
43Welle JallaysDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 7'17
44Stanislau BazhkouXero Racing+ 7'19
45Tushantha RajapakshageRakuten Pro Cycling+ 7'23
46Andrew TennantcycleYorkshire+ 7'24
47Shane ArchboldDuolingo+ 7'26
48William FordcycleYorkshire+ 7'30
49Daniel EatonDesigual+ 7'31
50Sebastien IvarsTeam UBS+ 7'32
51Zakkari DempsterDuolingo+ 7'42
52Piotr BrozynaRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
53Glenn O'SheaBennelong - Mitchelton+ 7'43
54Jesus HerradaRepsol - Netflix+ 7'46
55Taylor GunmanBennelong - Mitchelton+ 7'47
56Antonio BarbioDuolingo+ 7'48
57Nathan BrownGenerali+ 7'51
58Kai ReusRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
59Basilio Ramos TiconaTeam UBS+ 7'53
60Dusan KalabaMinions+ 7'55
61Tim KennaughcycleYorkshires.t.
62Shaun Nick BesterXero Racing+ 7'59
63David AbalDesiguals.t.
64Marc SolerPolar+ 8'00
65Laureano RosasMinions+ 8'01
66Flavio De LunaPolar+ 8'04
67Cameron MeyerBennelong - Mitchelton+ 8'06
68Vojtech HaceckyMinions+ 8'07
69Tomohiro KinoshitaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 8'09
70Lukas PostlbergerRepsol - Netflix+ 8'16
71Alex WohlerBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
72Chun Wing LeungKing Powers.t.
73Miguel Angel BenitoRepsol - Netflix+ 8'22
74Michael SchärTeam UBS+ 8'25
75Benjamin ThomasTeam UBS+ 8'40
76Egan BernalPolar+ 8'50
77Rasmus SteroboCampari Asahi Procycling+ 8'52
78Xandro MeurisseXero Racing+ 8'53
79Michael CumingGCN Racing+ 8'57
80Yuri TrofimovRepsol - Netflix+ 8'58
81Chris BartonMinions+ 8'59
82Mark ChristianCampari Asahi Procycling+ 9'03
83Przemyslaw KasperkiewiczKing Power+ 9'07
84Xuban ErrazkinDesigual+ 9'13
85Mario Gonzalez SalasRepsol - Netflixs.t.
86Zoltan SiposDuolingo+ 9'16
87Joni KanervaValio - Viking Genetics+ 9'17
88Timothy RoeBennelong - Mitchelton+ 9'27
89Aleksa CrnceviccycleYorkshires.t.
90Evaldas SiskeviciusDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 9'29
91Callum ScotsonBennelong - Mitchelton+ 9'35
92Sten StenersenPolar+ 9'38
93Nikita RazumovDuolingo+ 9'40
94Jaako HänninenValio - Viking Genetics+ 9'42
95Bonaventure UwizeyimanaBakkafrost+ 9'48
96Matthias KrizekDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 9'55
97Hannes Bergstrom FriskValio - Viking Genetics+ 10'03
98Luis Enrique Lemus DavilaMapei+ 10'04
99Sachin DulanjanaValio - Viking Genetics+ 10'07
100Conor DunneDesigual+ 10'27
101Nicolay CherkasovDesigual+ 10'30
102Jamalidin NovardiantoXero Racing+ 10'32
103Antoine DuchesneNordstrom - CA Technologiess.t.
104Venantas LasinisDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 10'34
105Ingvar OmarssonValio - Viking Genetics+ 10'52
106Jhonatan NarvaezDesigual+ 10'56
107Bjorn SelanderMinions+ 11'14
108Ben HermansBakkafrost+ 11'21
109Teodoro CostagliRakuten Pro Cycling+ 11'23
110Kristian Haugaard JensenVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 11'50
111Daniel HabtemichaelXero Racing+ 11'53
112Emilien ViennetPolar+ 11'55
113Oscar CabanasAndorra Cycling Project+ 11'56
114Tom DiggleNordstrom - CA Technologies+ 11'57
115Carlos VeronaDesigual+ 11'58
116Kristijan DurasekNordstrom - CA Technologiess.t.
117Joao GasparNordstrom - CA Technologies+ 12'00
118Alexis GougeardPolar+ 12'02
119Enric MasEvonik - ELKO+ 12'10
120Joao RodriguesGenerali+ 12'13
121Yannick StoltzEvonik - ELKO+ 12'17
122Kevin PredatschMapei+ 12'18
123Ronan Van ZandbeekVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 12'20
124Josip RumacFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 12'21
125Mark DzamastagicEvonik - ELKO+ 12'22
126Jelle WallaysAndorra Cycling Project+ 12'30
127Samuel PokäläValio - Viking Genetics+ 12'31
128Martins BlumsEvonik - ELKO+ 12'32
129Florian StorkBakkafrost+ 12'35
130Darren MatthewsPodium Ambition+ 13'10
131Josh AtkinsMapei+ 13'11
132Jakub KratochvilaRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
133Pascal EenkhoornNordstrom - CA Technologies+ 13'14
134Lucas HamiltonDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 13'17
135Klemen StimulakFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 13'30
136Rafael SilvaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 13'32
137Andrei NechitaFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 13'45
138Cyril GautierValio - Viking Genetics+ 13'54
139Tsgabu Gebremaryam GrmayNordstrom - CA Technologies+ 13'56
140Ian StannardcycleYorkshire+ 14'06
141Jannik SteimlePodium Ambition+ 14'10
142Arthur VichotBakkafrost+ 14'38
143James FoucheXero Racings.t.
144Jordi MajoralAndorra Cycling Project+ 14'42
145Cesare Di MaggioCampari Asahi Procycling+ 14'46
146Sven NooytensCampari Asahi Procycling+ 14'55
147Dobrin LilovskiPodium Ambition+ 15'12
148Filippo FiorelliCampari Asahi Procycling+ 15'31
149Andrei SakalouEvonik - ELKOs.t.
150Lluis RoperoAndorra Cycling Project+ 15'32
151Adam De VosNordstrom - CA Technologies+ 15'38
152Stephen WilliamsGCN Racing+ 15'47
153Sulkhan AkhmaeviBakkafrost+ 15'49
154Alex DowsettGCN Racing+ 15'59
155David WohrerMapei+ 16'23
156Zachary HughesNordstrom - CA Technologies+ 16'25
157Nils SchomberXero Racing+ 16'51
158Patrick LaneBennelong - Mitcheltons.t.
159Mathias De WitteFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 16'55
160Laurens SweeckVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 17'10
161Aleksi HänninenValio - Viking Genetics+ 17'20
162Adria UrcelayAndorra Cycling Project+ 17'33
163Christophe NoppeFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 17'36
164Justas BeniusisDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 17'38
165Lucas ErikssonVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 17'40
166Ricardo FerreiraCampari Asahi Procycling+ 17'41
167Rory TownsendAndorra Cycling Project+ 17'47
168Max StedmanGCN Racing+ 18'01
169Roy GoldsteinFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 18'13
170Marco TizzaAndorra Cycling Project+ 18'31
171Kim Le CourtPodium Ambition+ 18'34
172Emils LiepinsEvonik - ELKO+ 18'58
173Jon AberasturiPodium Ambition+ 19'11
174Szymon RekitaMinions+ 19'39
175Jacob HennessycycleYorkshire+ 20'07
176Noam CohenFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 20'10
177Christopher LawlessPodium Ambition+ 20'24
178Felix GallGCN Racing+ 21'14
179Cristian CominelliFablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 21'30
180Matthew WallsGCN Racing+ 21'35
181Harry TanfieldVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 22'02
182Nejc KosicVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 22'12
183Andrea VendrameVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 22'46
184Saulo LayCampari Asahi Procycling+ 23'04
185David DekkerPodium Ambition+ 24'27
186Alberto DaineseBakkafrost+ 24'34
187Alexander KonychevBakkafrost+ 25'54
188Mikel LandaGCN Racing+ 26'08
189George AtkinscycleYorkshire+ 28'51
190Ulugbek GalievAndorra Cycling Project+ 29'23
191Kasper AsgreenVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 31'01
192Simone PetilliCampari Asahi Procycling+ 32'56

Points Classification
1Alexey LutsenkoKing Power34
2Jack BobridgeBennelong - Mitchelton25
3Emils LiepinsEvonik - ELKO25
4Jacob FiedlerMapei25
5Omar FraileDesigual24
6Tomohiro KinoshitaRakuten Pro Cycling20
7Ryan MullenPolar20
8Robert GesinkDuolingo16
9Dusan KalabaMinions16
10Jose GoncalvesTeam UBS15
11Andreas HoferDK - SVA Zalgiris14
12Noam CohenFablok - Chocolate Jacques14
13Miguel Angel LopezEvonik - ELKO12
14Kazushige KubokiRakuten Pro Cycling12
15Daniil FominykhTeam UBS12
16Nelson OliveiraGenerali10
17Jamalidin NovardiantoXero Racing10
18Jesse SergentGCN Racing10
19Ion IzagirrePolar9
20Bjorn SelanderMinions9
21Elia VivianiKing Power9
22Mark DzamastagicEvonik - ELKO9
23Yevgeniy GidichKing Power8
24Cameron MeyerBennelong - Mitchelton8
25Jelle WallaysAndorra Cycling Project8
26Damien HowsonDuolingo7
27Jon AberasturiPodium Ambition7
28Chad HagaMinions6
29Joni KanervaValio - Viking Genetics6
30Rasmus SteroboCampari Asahi Procycling6
31Saulo LayCampari Asahi Procycling6
32Mario Gonzalez SalasRepsol - Netflix5
33Taylor GunmanBennelong - Mitchelton4
34Cyril GautierValio - Viking Genetics4
35Antoine DuchesneNordstrom - CA Technologies4
36Morne Van NiekerkXero Racing4
37Xandro MeurisseXero Racing3
38Marlen ZmorkaRepsol - Netflix3
39Csaba PalyiMapei2
40Marcel KittelRepsol - Netflix2
41Ricardo FerreiraCampari Asahi Procycling2
42Andrei NechitaFablok - Chocolate Jacques2
43Matthias BrändleKing Power1
44Jerome CoppelcycleYorkshire1
45Andrew TennantcycleYorkshire1

KOM Classification
1Jack BobridgeBennelong - Mitchelton11
2Tomohiro KinoshitaRakuten Pro Cycling7
3Matthias KrizekDK - SVA Zalgiris6
4Kazushige KubokiRakuten Pro Cycling5
5Antoine DuchesneNordstrom - CA Technologies4
6Miguel Angel LopezEvonik - ELKO3
7Robert GesinkDuolingo2
8Alexey LutsenkoKing Power2
9Joni KanervaValio - Viking Genetics2

Youth Classification
RankNameTeamGeneral Time
1Yevgeniy GidichKing Power9h48'02 (1)
2Yuttana ManoKing Power+ 56 (2)
3Eddie DunbarRepsol - Netflix+ 1'51 (3)
4Morne Van NiekerkXero Racing+ 2'18 (4)
5Piotr BrozynaRakuten Pro Cycling+ 3'15 (5)
6Dusan KalabaMinions+ 3'28 (6)
7Benjamin ThomasTeam UBS+ 4'13 (7)
8Egan BernalPolar+ 4'23 (8)
9Xuban ErrazkinDesigual+ 4'46 (9)
10Joni KanervaValio - Viking Genetics+ 4'50 (10)
11Aleksa CrnceviccycleYorkshire+ 5'00 (11)
12Callum ScotsonBennelong - Mitchelton+ 5'08 (12)
13Nikita RazumovDuolingo+ 5'13 (13)
14Jaako HänninenValio - Viking Genetics+ 5'15 (14)
15Hannes Bergstrom FriskValio - Viking Genetics+ 5'36 (15)
16Sachin DulanjanaValio - Viking Genetics+ 5'40 (16)
17Nicolay CherkasovDesigual+ 6'03 (17)
18Venantas LasinisDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 6'07 (18)
19Jhonatan NarvaezDesigual+ 6'29 (19)
20Daniel HabtemichaelXero Racing+ 7'26 (20)
21Enric MasEvonik - ELKO+ 7'43 (21)
22Martins BlumsEvonik - ELKO+ 8'05 (22)
23Florian StorkBakkafrost+ 8'08 (23)
24Pascal EenkhoornNordstrom - CA Technologies+ 8'47 (24)
25Lucas HamiltonDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 8'50 (25)
26Jannik SteimlePodium Ambition+ 9'43 (26)
27James FoucheXero Racing+ 10'11 (27)
28Jordi MajoralAndorra Cycling Project+ 10'15 (28)
29Dobrin LilovskiPodium Ambition+ 10'45 (29)
30Stephen WilliamsGCN Racing+ 11'20 (30)
31Sulkhan AkhmaeviBakkafrost+ 11'22 (31)
32Aleksi HänninenValio - Viking Genetics+ 12'53 (32)
33Justas BeniusisDK - SVA Zalgiris+ 13'11 (33)
34Lucas ErikssonVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 13'13 (34)
35Rory TownsendAndorra Cycling Project+ 13'20 (35)
36Max StedmanGCN Racing+ 13'34 (36)
37Kim Le CourtPodium Ambition+ 14'07 (37)
38Jacob HennessycycleYorkshire+ 15'40 (38)
39Christopher LawlessPodium Ambition+ 15'57 (39)
40Felix GallGCN Racing+ 16'47 (40)
41Matthew WallsGCN Racing+ 17'08 (41)
42David DekkerPodium Ambition+ 20'00 (42)
43Alberto DaineseBakkafrost+ 20'07 (43)
44Alexander KonychevBakkafrost+ 21'27 (44)
45Kasper AsgreenVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 26'34 (45)

Teams Classification
1King Power27h53'06 (1)
2Team UBS+ 52 (2)
3Mapei+ 1'34 (3)
4Desigual+ 1'34 (4)
5Generali+ 1'41 (5)
6Bennelong - Mitchelton+ 4'13 (6)
7Minions+ 4'26 (7)
8Polar+ 5'19 (8)
9Rakuten Pro Cycling+ 5'51 (9)
10DK - SVA Zalgiris+ 6'19 (10)
11Duolingo+ 7'05 (11)
12cycleYorkshire+ 8'07 (12)
13Repsol - Netflix+ 8'09 (13)
14Xero Racing+ 8'26 (14)
15Valio - Viking Genetics+ 11'43 (15)
16Evonik - ELKO+ 12'44 (16)
17Fablok - Chocolate Jacques+ 13'31 (17)
18Campari Asahi Procycling+ 15'30 (18)
19Bakkafrost+ 15'56 (19)
20GCN Racing+ 17'43 (20)
21Nordstrom - CA Technologies+ 20'27 (21)
22Volvo acc. by Spotify+ 21'21 (22)
23Podium Ambition+ 22'31 (23)
24Andorra Cycling Project+ 24'36 (24)
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