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ICL20 - Race Discussion
Another well performance in Romandie, but a slight letdown in Tour des Fjords. And Kangert's 3rd place + Poels' Top 10 finish at the Fjords poses a great dilemma for the team come renewal time - they're productive, but still they're both 33 y.o. and will start decline. On the other hand they've brought success so this decision on their future will be a hard task. James Smith though is solid in the U23 team and he could be the first graduate from there. Leinonen started the season strong, but fizzled out quickly
Wow, huge win for Herklotz. Uran actually kind of failed, but Yamashita with a great redemption ride to keep us with a Top 10, while we still got 12th and 13th.

Fjords wasn't as good, but Plesner was our best rider there so not bad really.
Finally Davide! Smile

Very cool to see him win a stage at his home GT. Strangely enough he seems to be getting stronger and stronger even though his REC is pretty low. Cimolai also with a nice 2nd place in the sprint and Pasqualon delivering a good result from a breakaway as well. On top of that Domont is leading the KOM at the moment. If Villella will manage to stay around 6-8th in GC and we'll get a few more stage results I'll be very happy about this race. Smile

Romandie was pretty nice too, with the youngsters of both of our teams being really active.

Thanks for the results Shonak and dominox!
Credits to the_hoyle for my avatar.
Anyone complaining about unrealistic results with PCM18? Well, look at stage 5 in Romandie then... (obviously talking about time gaps, not the places)
Personally, really happy with two Top 10 finishes, including the win on the final stage by Mendes. However, it's funny to see that 1min difference between Mendes and Gomez - two identical riders stat-wise, but 1min apart... TT randomness I guess? Well, we played at least one of our cards well on that stage Smile
Edited by Fabianski on 13-04-2021 21:03
Herklotz the second! Smile

I wasn't happy with gifting stage 4 to the most random of late attacks, and it must've taken a +5 day for Mendes of all people to take the TT victory away from Herklotz, but both of those disappointments were more than made up with that incredible stage 5!

What a weird, weird day, and commiserations to Magnus for seeing Nerz suffer like that, but that finale was spectacular from our point of view and certainly cemented Herklotz as the king of the CT, all for the cheap price of 900k of training. Pfft

A massive performance from Auer as well to set that move up, and creating such a big gap going into the climb already helped him stay in front of many strong riders caught out behind as well.

So the expected overall victory gets complemented nicely with a Top 10 by Auer, and a sweep of the green and KoM jerseys as well as the teams classification thanks to that crazy stage 5.

According to my very rough 30-second calculation, that should be north of 500 points from 6 days of C.2 racing, which I'm very happy with despite giving those two stages away.
With Trans Cycling and EF having an amazing first half of the season, that result was really needed to remain in promotion contention.

Just the two sprint races that likely go to WT riders left in May, I'm excited for the new rankings again after a very calm month otherwise.
There are still 39 of the 48 Herklotz RD to go, and 13 of them in June!
Decent attempt from Svendsen from the break. Too bad he fell just short. Craddock is doing ok but I had hoped for a little better. Hopefully we can improve our points scoring in the last week.

Had missed Aosta earlier... Good results on a couple of stages but had hoped for better than 8th and 9th in the GC from our duo.
cio93 wrote:
Herklotz the second! Smile

Herklotz, you greedy... You couldn't let anything to anyone, could you? At least the KoM. ;D

Seriously, congratulations! Herklotz was dominant in Romandie. I would have liked to see him in GT, but maybe I get the chance next season. Wink
Fantastic performance by Newbury in Romandie. It was exceptionally good to see him do so well in the 5th stage. Excellent results for our team, Newbury 5th in the GC, Yelko Gomez close to top 10 with his 11th place, Newbury added a 2nd place in the KoM classification and the team 5th. I am really satisfied with such results. Especially, and I say this with all the honesty, since I did not expect such good results.

At Tour des Fjords Lander came 14th and Boivin got a podium on the first stage. Now, this one was CT1 race, Trans Cycling Team proved to be extremely strong and Grupo Argos showed why it's a WT team. I'd say we could be satisfied with the result, but the field was quite reduced for this race. So, maybe we could have done better, but then again it could have been worse. It is OKish.

With our team being the latest addition to the ICL and missing the transfer window all together we are doing good so far. But the team manager already started working on the strategy for the next year. We are aiming for some wins next season, both stage and race victories. Some riders are already considered for the contracts extensions and Newbury made a case for his at Normandie. Of course, the next season budget has to be taken into consideration as well.
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Not the Tour des Fjords we wanted, as Trans managed to beat us, still a decent result though.
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Stages 13-15 of Giro are now on!

More breakaway wins, Nibali loses even more in GC but grabs stage win, Villella still looking strong, a lot of DNFs on stage 14 due to being over time limit. And still only a minute difference between Barguil-Herrada-Quintana.
Fantastic stuff, great atmosphere on those climbs, especially in these Corona times!

I'm extremely happy for Jordi Simon, first win ever! His career only started when we hired him three years ago, he was a free agent until then.

First GT where Tao isn't at his best, Ruben is the stronger rider this time. But white still seems pretty secure. Probably no top 10 for us, but maybe a good team effort, plus that stage win and lots of breakaway appearances.

Couple of flat classics is now live. Don't forget to check Giro s13-15 results Grin
Shit we're doing absolutely nothing at the Giro, not good.
Thanks dominox. Bit of an unnecessary time loss on both stages imho to Barguil but Herrada keeps himself well in contention and the cards close to his chest. That empty tank on stage 14 is most concernin though. Nice pulling by Alves on stage 14, too bad he couldn't get a nice stage result for himself.
Edited by Shonak on 14-04-2021 19:22
Unleash the Landa!

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Croatia14 wrote:
Shit we're doing absolutely nothing at the Giro, not good.
My riders neither. Anyway top 10 is the goal and that's still very much possible. Also Battaglin top 20 at the moment is decent, hope he can keep his position
dominox wrote:
krisa wrote:
Anybody wants to take Kwiato?

There will always going to be someone who would like him in his team no matter his results. Me, for example, lol
Don't get me wrong. Somehow he manages to get points without getting top notch results. Simply doesn't ride like his stats show up. Maybe it's just the lack of support and favourite role he always has. Counting on teammates he doesnt have.
You might get him at the end of the season if i find a decent alternative
Well, those flat classics really were even less for us than I expected, a Top 20 and a Top 25 is rather pointless, literally.

But it's not like we had alternative races lined up for Schnaidt that we had to exclude from his schedule, so if anything it's just failed manager expectations and not relevant points lost through bad planning.
I lacked the experience to know it would be heavily WT-contested.
cio93 wrote:
Well, those flat classics really were even less for us than I expected, a Top 20 and a Top 25 is rather pointless, literally.

But it's not like we had alternative races lined up for Schnaidt that we had to exclude from his schedule, so if anything it's just failed manager expectations and not relevant points lost through bad planning.
I lacked the experience to know it would be heavily WT-contested.

My thoughts exactly Pfft
Tour de Romandie finished as expected Simon Å pilak our ''second'' mountain leader finished in 17th place in GC but the next race Tour des Fjords finished just perfectly if I can use this word Grin

This was probably one of the biggest goals for this season for my team and I can just say hat down to my team as they managed a win and four of them finished in top 6 in GC, a stage win and 1st Team classification. OMG BananaBanana
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Generally a great Horizon and OK-ish Moscow GP. Enough said
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