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Tour of Japan Discussion
Just typical, ofc Kudus gets those nice bonifications seconds. Nice try from Poljanski, but could've been better executed. But yeah. 2nd place is still possible, but Kudus wont screw this up and Monsalve is only 1 second ahead, but still not sure we can do anything on the TT. Frustrating

Wow, that was something different. Absolutely fantastic team performance and now we're in prime position for the rest of the race.

I hope the MTT can make even more nice gaps in our advantage Smile
Well after Kemboi wasted two perfect opportunities, I was starting to think the classic mid-season collapse we do every time we lead the PCT rankings was beginning. But then Yates comes up with a moment of magic, and now I'm slightly more optimistic Pfft

I think Stage 2 showed us another of the AI issues in PCM18 with the fact that downhill sprints tend to become a bit of a crapshoot, but to be fair it is partly on me for not sending a leadout here - I only sent Kemboi for the prologue, and the sprints were just going to be a bonus.

On paper Yates is probably expected to take 5th in the MTT, although on past results he's arguably at least the equal of Monsalve and Bennett going uphill. With the nature of the stage I'd expect his high RES to help him, but Kudus and Wellens really ought to be out of reach even with the leader's bonus.
Konig did his job at Mt. Fuji well - all he has to do is to hang onto the Top 5.
I guess we at least managed to make the stage a bit tougher by having Ablenado and Nepomnyachsniy in the breakaway. The latter was able to reach 17th in GC, so looks like it at least won'be a zero pointer Pfft

I hope one of my flat riders tries his luck in the break tomorrow.


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
Benny boy tearing it up Grin
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Bennett <3
Weird stage and chaotic team performance, I really thought the race could've been salvaged with the team standings..

Bennett with a powerful performance, but there's no way he's the better rider. 2nd is fine

I would have taken 4th before the race here, but knowing Yates could have taken 2nd had he just outsprinted Pomoshnikov is slightly frustrating Pfft

Still, if Kemboi can do something on the final stage this will be a pretty good race for us overall. Already we look to be over 20 PPRD here despite having a nightmare first couple of stages, and will probably outscore Repsol which is no mean feat when they send Kudus to a race. Potentially a huge result for Xero as well in the promotion race, maybe jandal will have to admit I was right when I predicted them to finish in the top 5 Pfft
Dropping from 9th to 1tth and losing the top 10 GC place is disappointing, however Frankiny being up there with the favourites in this race and finishing where he has is still a very promising sign from a homegrown rider on a CT squad, those points will definitely come in handy as we look to promote and try and retain our key personnel next season.
Great race by Pomoshnikov Smile
Terrible, no other words to describe this
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Always liked to follow this race as it is one of the most distinctive profiles in the PCT division and really benefits those hybrid stage racers without giving any type of rider a too big advantage. Love to see Bennett leading here now after a good race by him .D
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Loved to see the "Europcar-armada" Smile

Atapuma 8th is great, tomorrows stage should be a calm one for us. Great team performance Smile
Heck yes GrinGrinGrinGrinBananaBananaBananaBananaBananaBananaBanana I love you George Bennett!

What a race, was so nervous going into this stage but he delivers in style as he loves to do on those hilltop finishes. Brilliant brilliant result here and potentially one that really solidifies us as a contender for whatever rankings milestone we are going to be a contender for, as said in the Skype chat I have no idea where we are currently Pfft Absolutely brilliant, team setup was good and then Bennett's execution was imperious, he's just got a knack for these finishes it seems between this stage twice now plus his two Pologne stages.

jph27 wrote:
Potentially a huge result for Xero as well in the promotion race, maybe jandal will have to admit I was right when I predicted them to finish in the top 5 Pfft

Right now I'll settle for rising above 14th where we were after the last update Pfft You know I'll be all too happy to shower you with praises if we are going to finish up there! I seriously doubt that we're there now, and doubt even more so that we'll be there at the end of the season, but you are the man with apparently his own personal set of the rankings, so maybe I should take this as a hint about that Pfft

Thanks everyone for the Bennett love Grin And of course Ullrich for the reports, feel bad not having time to comment throughout the week being away with not much time but have been enjoying them in the few minutes I have gotten on daily Smile

I feel awfully greedy saying this but so unsatisfying to see Areruya just miss out on white and making it a team sweep of the jerseys Pfft
Awesome stuff by GB!
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Happy to see Xero and GB doing well here. Feels weird not riding this race, but its been a while since we dominated the race, so maybe next year we can Pfft
Congrats on the win jandal, Bennett sure loves racing in Japan Smile

Thanks for all the reports Ulrich Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
Honestly, I'm pleased with the results - 7th overall for Konig and KoM co-win for Aasvold (though Bennett will take more points in the rankings in this category). Drapac has been a letdown on this final stage - outsprinted by Higuita and Kämna who are BTW no sprint specialists. This casts a shadow over Drapac's future within the team.

Thanks for the reports Ulrich and congrats to Xero Racing and George Bennett for the triple win.
Enjoyed seeing Schreurs sprint again and actually really well into 6th, and also Higuita managing 10th for Adastra is cool Grin Nice way to cap off an obviously brilliant race for us. Thanks for the congrats again everyone and thanks again to Ulrich for the reports Smile
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