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Tour de Romandie Discussion
Big win for our Slovenian friends, I love it! Also great job by Jams, fantastic display of strength.
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Croatia14 wrote:
Big win for our Slovenian friends, I love it! Also great job by Jams, fantastic display of strength.

Thank you Grin

redordead wrote:
Mezgec you bastard, you never did that for me! Grin

He must know he's 32 and it's maybe his last chance to win Pfft

At least he did something this year with big luck and on a harder flat stage.

Ivaneurope, Nemolito, jandal7 thanks Smile
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Big congrats TinxiaS!

At least we didn't lose any time on this stage, but neither did 98% of the other riders either, so we'll look forward to the evenings hilly stage to see if we could climb some places in GC Smile
That really hurts... We can't get the simplest things right in our home race. Really disappointing showing so far - not even someone in the breakaway, and then clearly the wrong rider up front. Pernsteiner can never be stronger than Saggiorato on this stage, with that much climbing involved. So far, that's some completely wasted race days; maybe we should definitely change the home country to Italy, we've been doing much better there so far...

Congrats nonetheless to Bakkafrost - and also to Adastra, as Preidler finally is doing something good again Smile
And thanks for the report, Marco - I really hope the second half will go much better for us. It can't actually be worse, though...
At least Preidler finishes a Top 3 in a stage - who knew it will happen. There are two more stages that impact the standings - one of them is mountain TT, but I'm not sure how the TT stats work in this type of stages.

Congrats to Moonslave and Bakkafrost for the stage win and to Marcovdw for yet another nice report
Good foundation here with all three guys being within the top 15, maybe we can get a top 10.
Brilliant from Monsalve! Smile Great to see his good form continue. Let's hope we can defend the yellow jersey now. He's not great downhill, so I don't like the look of the next stage too much, but we'll see how it plays out.

Thanks for the congratulations!
The finish was completely expected from my team as it's not strong in hills and today will be the same and happy that Hardy managed to get a few pints and I hope he can collect them today to which would be amazing.

Congrats to the winner and for the report. Smile
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Very fun stage to follow. Even more with Barbio's impressive ride! Such a shame he became a Spaniard in the process Pfft

Congrats on the victory SF!
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Fabianski wrote:
I really hope the second half will go much better for us.

Is this better?

TinxiaS wrote:
I hope he can collect them today to which would be amazing.

There you go!

(So funny to know what happens next when you guys don't Pfft)

Gustavovskiy wrote:
Such a shame he became a Spaniard in the process Pfft

My apologies, must have had him confused with Barrio.
Manager of Minions
This is very unusual for Preidler to not strike - perhaps he has an ace off his sleve? But then again this stage is TT, so what was the point of being in the peloton? (can someone elaborate me on the Mountain TT mechanics and what to expect)

Drapac being in the limit with seconds to spare was definately part of the highlight reel.

And congrats to Manfredi and the Centovalli team - they're surely one of the hot favorites for promotion. And congrats to Marcovdw for yet another marvelous report.
Wow, that was the perfect answer Grin

As written in the report, it's an amazing day for us - winning a stage on home soil, with Manfredi making perfect use of his good downhill skills! It's his first win on the team, after a 4th place was his best result in 1.5 years so far. Kind of a pity he didn't go for KoM points right from the start, but I guess that might have been decisive to have enough left in the end. Great job!

Moving up to 8th in the GC is of course great news, too. And if there's one discipline Manfredi has done well in most of the times, it's MTTs. Given that the gap to 11th is more than a minute, the dream of a Top 10 in our home tour could indeed materialize. If he doesn't lose it in the hilly final stage, that is...
Pernsteiner hanging on today is a positive surprise for sure; I've got no clue how he does MTTs, so I have to hope he somehow stays inside the Top 20. Saggiorato did what he had to do today, but unfortunately it won't bring us any points...
Glad to see M├Ąder trying today, it could have been a great move for the U25 standings - it wasn't to be. Maybe next year...

Thanks for the report, Marco. Hope the next one will be positive for us, too Pfft
Completely fine with how that played out. Just hoping for good daily form for the TT now, and that Uwizeyimana and Bonnin/Scarponi can get good results as well, with regards to the team classification Smile

ivaneurope wrote:
This is very unusual for Preidler to not strike - perhaps he has an ace off his sleve? But then again this stage is TT, so what was the point of being in the peloton? (can someone elaborate me on the Mountain TT mechanics and what to expect)

Not completely sure, but think I remember reading somewhere that in a TT-stage, the TT/prologue stat simply replaces the flat stat, so it has no importance over gradients of a certain percent (probably something like 5%).
Massive win for Centovalli. Kudos, Fab. I'm sure you're ecstatic with this home triumph!

Beautiful report once again Marco, thank you!

Also I'm starting to think about training Barbio. Didn't expect to see him dueling names like Eastman at this point tbh. If he can hang on to a final top10 it'd be a sensational result for us.
Manager of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png Duolingo pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png
Well done again, Manfredi! I said yesterday he usually handles MTTs well - a Top 10 in this field is amazing, especially after yesterday's breakaway effort! He lost only one spot in the GC and even moved up to 3rd in the points standings, is 4th in the KoM standings - one and a half great stages can make a huge difference!

Cool to see Saggiorato enter the Top 30 as well, while Pernsteiner's drop was expected. Happy he stays inside the Top 20, though. M├Ąder did well, too, but came just 30" short of taking the final U25 point. All in all, I guess I can be really happy with the points we collected so far - and tomorrow, I expect something from Reinhardt, after the stage 2 disaster!

Thanks for the report, Marco, and congrats both to Azteca for the stage win and a huge team result, and to Bakkafrost for a dominant GC win (very likely...)!
Marco, absolutely stunning mountain-tt report, thank you for your efforts, very exciting to folllow the last 25 riders!

As for Atapuma, he expectedly dropped a few places, but as you say, we're still happy with his performance. Hopefully, he can hold on to his GC-placement until the end Smile
Can't say that I am happy, but 5th overall is still something from Preidler after the long miserable period.

Congrats to Eastman and Azteca for the win and to Marcovdw for yet another great report
Thanks for all the reports Marco. Valiant ride from my men to take the first stage and Barbio to holding so well to a good GC position even if it didn't produce many points in the process.

Nice to have Sobota deliver a decent sprint to finish things up as well.

Congratulations for the final GC victory SF!
Manager of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png Duolingo pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png
I'm very disappointed in this reporter's neutrality about a Drapac win.
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Oh, so close! It would have been a perfect finish for us had Reinhardt taken that win, but I'll happily take 2nd place, too! Too bad we messed up on stage 2, else he would likely have been high up in the points standings, too...

To summarize, the first half was bad, the second half was great. A stage win, a 2nd place and two more Top 10 results in 3 stages, a GC Top 10, a Top 20 and a Top 30 - I guess that's more than OK for a CT team. Manfredi's breakaway success definitely saved the tour, but that's what he was here for anyway. I admit that we've been pretty lucky so far this year...
Around 70 points is great and definitely important, given our schedule this month. Now, onto Burkina Faso to finally finish the cobbles season ^^

Congrats again to Bakkafrost for the GC win, as well as Adastra for the stage win (you could still have let us win ^^). And thanks a lot to Marco for these great reports Smile
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