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Giro d'Italia - Discussion
baseballlover312 wrote:
Breakaways even more successful here than the final week of the Tour of America last year. You'd expect some to succeed later on, but 5 in the first week is definitely unexpected.

What came most unexpected for me is that the peloton most of the times was on a good way to catch them - but then suddenly slowed down. For sure, this isn't the strongest Giro field ever - but especially today it seemed to be so easy for one of the good puncheurs/climbers to attack and catch them. I've got no clue why no-one tried - it can't just be the rather easy hills...
I really enjoy the race so far. Some very interesting scenarios playing out. Some of those a bit weird - especially why so many breakaways get through.

Them going through on the hilly stages actually might make a bit more sense as many of the teams coming with a top puncheur didnt send good support here. Polar is here with a week 6men squad while cycleYorkshire isnt the strongest either.

And when i look through the sprinter teams, nobody outside of Puma teams arent sending a strong flat support either. Kennaughs team consists mostly of uphill riders and rubbish, Van Poppel only has Vermeltfoort in a puncheur/climber setup, Appollonio only has a 73FL guy as best support if I'm not mistaken. Nizzolo only has puncheurs, climbers and I also only sent Naud as flat support for Eislers. Those are the teams that should have the responsibility to chase but none of them is prepared because their managers either expected stronger sprinters to be here that have the responsibility to chase or hoped that the other teams would send stronger support so that their own guy could "just go trainsurfing". Now, i dont know whether that is true for everyone else but for my own part that is certainly true to an extent.

This lack of proper support might be why the pack seems to run out of steam on every stage. The good domestiques that would usually join the chase later in the stage, probably have to waste their energy earlier on now and are tired when the break goes into the spend-everything-left-mode and especially when there is a team that has two riders in the break, that second one is fresher than the working men at the front of the pack (unless you are Grieg of course). Now i dont know whether that is true or if the AI is just moronic all the time but i think it somewhat fits to what we've seen so far Pfft

In any case, great to see Naud attacking. Solid enough choice of attackee from my team so i can live well with it. And Eislers had very impressive speed at the end. If the stage would have been 300m longer, he would have scored for sure despite all the elevation in the last kms. Very good sign for sprints to come (if we even get another mass sprint - looking how this race goes ^^). I also really enjoyed how well placed Budenieks stayed throughout the race. Always in the front 20 positions ;D

Isostar (and Gazelle through jerseys) continue to have an impressive race. Can surely fight themselves back into top 5 contention once their leaders get their good race days in if they continue like that as it should make up for the bad start of the season that both teams suffered. Congrats once again!

Next two stages are very important for my team. Two tough mountain stages and while Chiarello needs to stay alive in the GC, i expect the rest of the team to be active in the break. Both Vosekalns and Budenieks should try on at least one of the two stages as both stages might end up in a break win and whoever goes into stage 10 with the KoM jersey, will collect some fairly nice ranking points on the next couple of stages with only stage 11 giving some nicer number of points again. Ideally accompanied by at least one more rider from my team as we have seen how valuable it is to have another rider to do the work for the stronger attacker. Whether it is Blums, Sergis or Sakalou should not actually matter much.
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Obviously we were very anonymous here; didn't even chase for a second. But it's actually pretty awesome that Malecki got through another tough stage with zero time loss. The only 'damage' was losing the green jersey to Demare, which was to be expected at some point.

Tomorrow will most likely be different. Under normal circumstances Kamil loses many minutes to the favourites. Our goal is to limit his losses in stage 8 and 9 enough to stay in pink. If he manages that he can most likely keep it all the way to the TT. This is definitely possible with the big lead he still has, but in no way guaranteed. We also have to prevent a repeat of the first mountain stage: if we let some breakaway get 15 minutes that's a big risk too. In the mountains we definitely have the riders to chase, so I hope we actually do that if the jersey gets attacked.

Congrats to Isostar on another win! Impressive stuff from Bugge.
And Grieg really got screwed over by the game there. The breaks being overly successful can indeed partly be explained. But what happened to those Grieg riders seems like a straight up bug to me.
Boom kind of ruining the race here as he is stopping stronger riders to attack. Not ideal neither here nor in the Vuelta then.

That said, from a role play point of view this is awesome as super experienced rider and team leader for almost a decade now to still show up that much in his late career, where even the contract was more for history reasons than for stats.
That's my man! The late signings in transfer season all deliver. Also our teamwork is outstanding this Giro, the times we had numbers in the break we played them very well, some good AI here (in that terms).
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Lanterne rouge secured for now, great work!
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
knockout wrote:
This lack of proper support might be why the pack seems to run out of steam on every stage.
Now i dont know whether that is true or if the AI is just moronic all the time but i think it somewhat fits to what we've seen so far Pfft

I think you pretty much nailed it. And it supports the "if" that cio mentioned in his pre-race statement:

cio93 wrote:
...and with our team being very much focused on Demare, I hope we can reel in breaks on all of these days if a few teams think it's worth helping us.
In that regard, I'm very happy that at least Air France and eBuddy don't have any GC hopefuls to protect alongside helping Kennaugh and van Poppel. We three teams should be able to control the race.

Well, obviously those teams are either not willing, or not strong enough, which would match your (knockout) analysis. Let's see how things continue Smile

By the way, as you can see on the overview on page 1, Isostar were the most successful team so far with two stage wins - being the only team winning more than once, and totalling already four stage podiums!
Malecki (1 - 1 - 0), Demare (2 - 0 - 0) and Bizkarra (0 - 1 - 1) have podiumed twice so far (not counting Bayly's TTT podium spot).
And in terms of jerseys, it's not difficult to see that Gazelle have collected most points so far, thanks to the surprisingly strong Malecki.

Now on to week 2, with the next mountain-top finish tomorrow Smile
Opportunity missed to create gaps for TaaramÀe there, which I fear we'll forget when we get to Milano. Luckily both next stages look promising, hopefully today was part of a bigger scheme to save the most possible energy to really split the favourites when he first goes for it.

Thank you again for the report, Fabianski, and wow, Bugge winning is a surprise! As a former rider of Aker - MOT, I must say I enjoyed that win Smile Congratulations, Croatia!
That was a frustrating report to read. Not surprised that Serrano lacked a bit of power, but for all three of them to just be horrible was a bit of a surprise.
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Okay race so far for us, I guess. Obviously still need to put some pressure on those guys in the Top 10, but we're showing our colors and get some minor stage results at least.. .
Big day ahead of us, I expect Aker to take control of the race. Kritskiy is looking strong but so do the other contenders.
23 points have been gathered through the first week. I would have expected something like 75-100 with Aidan van Niekerk and Charalampas Kastrantas perfectly suited for 3 stages and Nizzolo a top 5 aspirant in 2 stages and Bongiorno also an outsider for 2 stages.

Had Kastrantas landed those 40 points instead of 15 it would have been tolerable. But being this far behind and having no interest in neither U25 nor KOM really sucks...

A lot of lumps on stage 8, but hardly any KOM points, and hardly any chance for stage succes. So I guess we will see Kastrantas or Spanopoulos in the break - or even worse, chase all day long for Bongiorno to end up 14th on the stage.

I guess it is time for the GC favorites to pick up a good fight here - and I see Spilak winning the stage.

A lot of action around Volvo in the first half of this stage...Weird seeing Haugard and Kosic in a breakaway in a stage like this., excited to see what Carapaz/FĂ„glum Karlsson will do!
Weird flex by Boswell to win that summit, but ok.
Wow! What a ride by Costagli. Exactly why I brought him here! Huge result, although grabbing some KOM points wouldnt have hurt...

Still a great win in the GT, and Iino looked strong enough supporting Shikai as well.
Guess we don't have suitable breakaway riders for a winning move, but guys, just join them! Bayly, for example, as a proven GT stage winner, should do!
"We finally want to stop the break" "Alright, we will allow all 31 attackers to join the break"

From an Evonik perspective, I'm very happy about this stage. 4th and 6th is roughly equivalent to a third place which i'd have been very happy previous to the stage and keeps the score rolling. Was quite surprised that Sergis was dropped at first as it looked like only Sakalou worked all day long.

In the end, nearly everything worked out nicely for me:
- 22 direct stage points
- Chiarello lost no time on anybody and looked strong again.
- With 2 attackees + Chiarello we were the best team today in the team classification and improved our position a lot - but with a long tt and most mountains to come we dont have any confidence yet.
- Budenieks limitted his time loss and even climbed to 2nd in GC and U25 competition. I love how he always seems to be the first rider behind the pack pacers
- no KoM competitor went for the points on offer.
- Vosekalns lost further time so should be able to join the break tomorrow. hopefully assisted by someone else (Sergis, Sakalou, Blums, ...)

Congrats valverde and also *checks* dd once again.
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Rip up those big contracts people Pfft
What a bunch of freaking retards...

Zoidl and Aidan together couldn't even put one of them between the 15 last surviving of the BotD, and both dropping furiously far back after the stage. The dream of having Aidan fight for top 5 in the U25 is looking more and more like the biggest joke of the century.

Oh well, Bongiorno atleast seemed clever enough to sit the fuck down and save some energy.

It feels like a crazy amount of lost points when seeing riders of similar quality to those I have brought just take one top result after the other.

Kruijswijk! Grin The old breakaway master strikes again.
Very happy with this stage of course, but I'm also starting to feel slightly ashamed at how lucky we are.

When that huge breakaway got away and it included second in GC Barthe, I was afraid he would steal the jersey because no one would chase and we wouldn't either because of Kruijswijk being there. But the favourites actually did organize a solid chase. So to our delight Barthe got reeled in and I fully expected the rest of the break to suffer the same fate right after. Followed by Malecki fighting to keep his loses below 6 minutes on the final climb.

Then when Kruijswijk was only seconds ahead of the peloton our luck struck again. The peloton domestiques either ran out of steam or just stopped chasing and the perfect scenario for us unfolded: a new breakaway including Kruijswijk, but not including Barthe, could start gaining minutes and fighting for the stage. And at the same time the relatively slow pace in the peloton allowed Malecki to hang on by the skin of his teeth and only lose 30 seconds to the big guns. Also a great ride from him though, because he finished in front of a very long list of stronger climbers.

Some other observations:
- Kruijswijk acctually did well so far in GC, so this result instantly propelled him to 4th.
- It was also a pretty good day for the U25 aspirations of Malecki and Geoghegan Hart

Congrats to Valv; Costagli took that win like a champ. And another great report, Fab
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