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Giro d'Italia - Discussion
Sucks there was no timegap, as it would have benefited us quite well, but at the same time, with how the race has been going, losing time on flat stages is a bit random, so it would have been frustrating for managers to lose due to that reason.
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I'm so sorry for cio. Another absolutely frustrating result for him which makes me fear for the rest of Van Stayens season too.

Great report for a very interesting second half of the stage. But as the report suggested, I'm once again very annoyed by not given gaps. I told myself i wouldnt want to comment on that issue again but i feel betrayed by the race jury again when 5 of my guys including my GC leader and my 2 U25 riders are in the first group and other rivals would have lost quite some time and the gaps were obvious.

7th on the day for Eislers is a bit disappointing but would have been fine if Chiarello would have won time against his competitors. Team classification, GC and young rider classification would have looked a lot better that i would be happy with only 5 stage points.

Who would have predicted that the top 3 of the points classification after 6 stages are Malecki, Nych and Bizkarra? Pfft
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Too bad Danny missed out on the podium there, but it's good to see the team working for him in catching the breakaway.
Massive performance by Nich. Congrats!

Our entire team got caught sleeping there. We were lucky that no gap was given. But I'm obviously happy Malecki got to keep all jerseys, which in terms of points earns him the exact equivalent of finishing 2nd in the stage.
This is just a horrible race. Can’t wait indtil it’s over :-(

Some people got a lucky escape there with the lack of time gaps, then again we mgiht have had enough drama already.

Top 10 in a sprint? That's definitely another success! Thanks for the great reports so far!

PS: It seems you don't know who Fedeli and Gamper are, but they're some top talents riding for my team Wink
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Ollfardh wrote:
PS: It seems you don't know who Fedeli and Gamper are, but they're some top talents riding for my team Wink


Hurts a bit to see them in a "foreign" jersey, but I'm still glad they're doing (or at least trying to do) good things for you Smile
Artem Nych!!! Smile

First season´s win btw..

Thanks Fabianski for another entertaining report!
Manager of Polar in Man-Game
Just noticed "summary" post on page one should be corrected, Cyril Barthe finished 6th yesterday.
Manager of Polar in Man-Game
beagle wrote:
Just noticed "summary" post on page one should be corrected, Cyril Barthe finished 6th yesterday.

Of course he did, thanks... Guess I was tired and looked at the GC instead Pfft
And some entries for today's stage were still missing, too. Fixed now.
Intense second half report! Really thought Taaramäe would take some time on other GC riders, both favourites and Malecki, but not too surprised to see it end the way it did. That's how it usually goes, which is okay as long as you expect it when the tension starts to build to see if gaps are given or not. At least that's my take Pfft

Congratulations on the win, beagle! A pity it doesn't give you points, but still good to see Nych make the most of his Giro ride. Having said that, I really thought this one was for the sprinters, but there's not much going according to expectations this Giro Grin Pfft
I finally had time to read all the stage reports up until now and Fabianski seriously they are amazing, so much detail I love it!

We were really unlucky to not win the TTT and really strange that Kritskiy wasn't with the first 5 but happy that he did well on the hilly/mountain stages 3, 4 and 5. Also enjoyed the time gap drama Smile

Stage 7 is the stage I fear the most because it is not Kritskiy's favourite kind of profile, fingers crossed!
On paper this upcoming stage is really good for our team - so we will obviously get nothing except for the entire team battering themselves for the outside top 10 GC hope, Bongiorno, who then attacks 3 times only to waste his energy and finish 17th losing 3 minutes on the stagewinner.

First week was for Boom and Frison.

Hopefully finally time to send Van der Poel or Carboni into the breaks now to finally have a chance to win or score.

Later on also Ciccone/Velits should be quick to attack while Valls likely has to wait until the last week as long as his gap to the top10 isn`t big enough.

Other than that, not a lot to tell for my team as it`s not a big scoring yet.
Auch! Carapaz loosing time on that stage is not ideal... Sad
Well time for FĂĄglum Karlsson do take help from Carapaz!
Whereas I could live with and at least partially explain most of what happened so far, part 1 of stage 7 really contains a masterpiece of dumb AI... Sorry, tastasol!
Looks like a rather quiet stage so far for the peloton more or less. Im thinking fireworks go off in the 2nd half though.
Well, tough one again for Puma, but in real life the breakaway holding off the peloton is often celebrated as a great performance! Glad to not be caught out in any timegaps, but also unfortunate that Kuboki just misses out on some stage points for us (I think).
Oh cut me some slack will you :-(

Breakaways even more successful here than the final week of the Tour of America last year. You'd expect some to succeed later on, but 5 in the first week is definitely unexpected.
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