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Pro Hallstatt Classic Discussion
Well... I did NOT see that coming! Congrats on a massive win for Sicard here. Happy he didn't perform like that in Paris-Nice.

Looking at Sicard, Taaramae and especially Guldhammer ahead of Lecuisinier I can't help but feel a bit unsatisfied. Not as much as cio will be with Herklotz though or Croatia with Phinney. The latter though attacked to win, so that collapse is somewhat understandable.

Madrazo yet again underwhelming. It's really interesting that he is performing this bad after seeing how he did last season - and it's not like he lacks support by any means.

Overall I guess I just have to be quietly optimistic despite Lecuisinier having the stats to slightly more...

Wow, interesting result! Did not see that one coming tbh, but big congrats to CT on a big win for Sicard.

Nesset and Iturria around where we expected them and a few points from this race at least.
Mention is outsiders but best rider came in as 76th well we will forget this race fast.
Yeah what the hell was that?
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6th is a fantastic result to conclude our first month of the season.

Surely a bit weird result with most of the top climbers struggling, i assume those who worked on Phinney's chase didn't have the energy later to sprint for the win in such hard slopes at the end
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Very interesting result. Given the strong startlist, we have to be pleased with a 5th from Tenorio despite this being a Win Team Goal. It could have gone a lot worse. Phinney deserved better for his efforts. Congrats to CT on the win and thanks for the report.
That is insanely disappointing, absolutely inexcusable, and a massive loss of budget for next season. Not in the mood to go into details. Thanks for the report.
Am i amongst the winners of a race i didnt participate in?
Most teams that could be direct rivals in the overall ranking struggled. Festina with a solid 4th by Lecuisinier but all of Gazelle, Puma and Isostar failed badly. Though Generali with a good 8th place result despite only sending Talansky.

Love to see Taaramae doing so well here because he is still the coolest elite stage racer while i also appreciate how many points were stolen from PT teams through strong pct performances. Guldhammer finishing on the podium is a bit of a shocker while on the other half of the rankings Triple P and Awet delivered a great result for Valio.
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Well I'd lie if I said I'm sorry about everyone's shit results Cool Talansky with a legendary performance there. Thanks Abhi!
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Thank you for the report, Abhi!

Happy with that result from TaaramƤe Smile Also a big relief after his disappointing East Java. This makes me optimistic going into his next race, which is another PTHC race with Vuelta a Colombia.

Also decent placings from Galta and Kwiatkowski, which is good. Admittedly I hoped for slightly more (both within the top 15) when I put them both here, but seeing the field, 16th and 19th is solid, despite not giving any big points.

Also congratulations to CT on a surprise win!
ember wrote:
Also a big relief after his disappointing East Java. This makes me optimistic going into his next race, which is another PTHC race with Vuelta a Colombia.

Managed 2 riders in scoring places so pretty happy with that.
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Cool to see Guldhammer up there on the podium. Really fun report to read. Smile
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Disappointing performance by Madrazo again. Running out of energy at a critical moment cost him a lot. Formolo and Sosnitskiy did ok.
Very good report, and really awesome to see Guldhammer with this fantastic result!

But my take out from this, and from every report I have read with my team this season: The jersey the_hoyle made for me this year is the most beatiful jersey I have ever had. I really love it, easy to spot and just looks amazing imo. And the minijersey is really sexy aswell
Rather disappointing performance from the team. It was the first race for us where Reis was the leader.
He was rather poor here but there are more suiting races coming. Other than that I had 6 riders with a good shot at a top 50 here and only 2 made it.
Anyways the expected scoring wasn't that big so not meeting it is not a huge loss.
Thanks for the report Abhishek!
Well, well, well. Great win for Sicard! Somewhat unexpected, but then again, Sicard has shown that he's MG's version of Jakob Fuglsang. Can absolutely top perform in classics and in week-long races, but always finds a way to be mediocre in GTs Wink
I' m quite satisfied with the result. Top 10 would be great, but 14th place for Latour looks solid as well. Moreover, Betancourt and Soler brought some valuable points.

Thanks for the report!
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