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ICL20 - Teams
The Manx Missile is coming home!


Team BP has hired Mark Cavendish, still one of the fastest cyclists in the world. When asked about his advanced age he said: "I've been very fortunate, I'm still in top shape, at least for another season. It's nice to be back in Britain, it allows me to see more of my family."

The team picked up two legends, Sagan and now Cavendish. There was pressure from the new sponsor to hire big names, though BP only increased the budget by 3.5%. The manager had no choice but to let important riders go, including Thomas, Fuglsang, Schorn, Valgren, Duarte and even Tao Hart. He quickly snapped up his number 1 choice, Peter Sagan, found himself able to re-hire Hart and even held back enough budget back to afford Cavendish. The squad will be finalised and presented in a few days.

Sick squad Ripley, title candidate.
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
I disagree, plus that's not the goal, the goal is to increase my budget with the World Cup (Sagan) and better focus races. Majka isn't going to win anything, there are races where I'll be less competitive than last season, etc.

Good job hiring Sagan and Cav. You will have a fun season with these guys.
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Shonak wrote:
Sick squad Ripley, title candidate.

Surely a favourite now, incredible to bring in 3 World-Class guys at once with some very solid secondary scorers. Great squad!
Huge Turnover at Grupo Argos - Quala

Three captains out including star captain Quintana - Does the team have enough to defend the title?

Part 1

Last season the colombian team of Grupo Argos - Quala took it's first win on the ICL cycling scene. While it was a commanding one, the focal points of success were long-standing team captain Nairo Quintana and young upcoming star Matej Mohoric. The success however led to huge demands in the offseason. Both leaders Quintana and Mohoric were offered contracts of over 1650$ in daily wage, but only one of them took it: Old and new captain Matej Mohoric.

That meant that Nairo Quintana would leave the team after several years of being the captain. Grand Tour wins, with the Tour de France as the latest, alongside several great performances as in the mountain classics or his favourite race, the Vuelta a Guatemala, led the team to glorious highs. However, now he decided to cash in on his success, taking in the second highest contract of the season as his potentially last big time deal.

Nairo Quintana winning Le Tour for Grupo Argos - Quala in 2019

But it's not only the Capitano leaving. The team also lost more of it's scorers. Cobbled captain Greg van Avermaet decided to call it a wrap, leaving a hole in the classics section of the team. He decided to try and bring first-year team Magnum - Madshus to PCT success. Similarly, Bob Jungels decided to take his chance at Credit Suisse, attempting to prevent the team from relegating to WT after being part of the magic TT-trio alongside Durbridge and Vorobyev.

Now the team has to move on however, and it did in a slightly different manner. Of course it tried to replace those guys somehow, but it didn't work out. The list of guys that the team had a leading bid on but signed elsewhere is long: Taylor Phinney, Juris Eisaks, Peter Geissler, Sergio Henao, Geraint Thomas, Jonathan Peiffer. The list goes on and on, but at the end of the day the team couldn't sign the big scoring replacement. In terms of quality, the team almost fell of the cliff, at least loosing 4000 points in scorers.

Can they overcome this deficit and compete for the title once again? How does Grupo Argos line up to compete in 2020 and what are the long term goals of the team? Read about it in our next article tomorrow!
Truly an exodus of scorers but look at that list of Pot7 talents. Once they mature, title winners for 5 straight years.
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
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Shonak wrote:
Truly an exodus of scorers but look at that list of Pot7 talents. Once they mature, title winners for 5 straight years.

Unfortunately not with the current system, will be impossible to keep most of them.
Croatia14 wrote:
Shonak wrote:
Truly an exodus of scorers but look at that list of Pot7 talents. Once they mature, title winners for 5 straight years.

Unfortunately not with the current system, will be impossible to keep most of them.

Why this? Are renewal demands so high in ICL? At least that's something I've read several times now... So is it actually less expensive to sign new FAs every year than to renew your leaders?
It can be, it depends on a few factors. The better the rider performed in the season, they will demand a higher wage. If they have been at the same team for a number of years, they will ask for less than if they have just had one season there. How well young riders have developed might also be considered, since I noticed a lot of my younger riders were asking for more than I remember them doing in previous years.

If you want to, you can download the most recent renewal sheet and enter any team's ID to see what their riders were asking for. Most will accept a lower number than what they ask for, but we don't know exactly how much lower at the start of negotiations.
Fabianski wrote:
Croatia14 wrote:
Shonak wrote:
Truly an exodus of scorers but look at that list of Pot7 talents. Once they mature, title winners for 5 straight years.

Unfortunately not with the current system, will be impossible to keep most of them.

Why this? Are renewal demands so high in ICL? At least that's something I've read several times now... So is it actually less expensive to sign new FAs every year than to renew your leaders?

As OZ explained, there are various factors behind bikex excel magic, but it adds a new dynamic. Renewals used to much less demanding for most riders and have recently been upgraded since the steal system has been dispatched. This way at least we can have a somewhat dynamic on the market.
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V


In 2019 two Cycling24/7 and LEAP Sports started working together on a new project which was lanced in 2020 Trans Active where they wanted to spread the positive word about the participation of the Transgender athletes in the sport.

With a new cycling team and name Trans cycling team, we want to spread positive news all over the world.

Our main sponsors are:

Cycling24/7 is a Slovenian news page made by passionate people about cycling which was started as a fan page and it broke all plans and went so big that the Slovenian cycling federation, and Pro, PCT, and CT cyclist are supporting.

LEAP Sports Scotland (Leadership, Equality, and Active Participation in Sports for LGBTI people in Scotland) works for greater inclusion for LGBTI people in sport and against homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia in a sports context. We are committed to breaking down the structural, social, and personal barriers which prevent lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people across the country from accessing, participating, and excelling in Scottish sports.
Sport and all the benefits it brings should be for everyone and we are dedicated to making Scotland a proud leader in the ongoing campaign to recognize and celebrate diversity in sport. https://leapsport...

Trans Active is a project from LEAP Sports which is supported by Cycling24/7 and different Scottish organizations. It’s a project where we want to easier connect the Trans community into the sport without the problems that they faced in schools or universities. https://leapsport...o-Scotland

Board of Directors

Tina Å midPresident
Oscar Soler Vice president
Willy De BruynBoard member
Charlie Christina MartinBoard member
Zdeněk KoubekBoard member

Team Staff

Philippa YorkGeneral manager
Philippa YorkDirecteur Sportif
Chris MosierDirecteur Sportif /Coach
Natalie van GoghCoach
Veronica IvyCoach

Team Sponsors

Trans ActiveTitle sponsor
Leap Sports ScotlandSecondary sponsor
Cycling24/7Secondary sponsor

Team jearsy


Boasson HagenEdvald77,176717575787375797777767277

The team presentation brought to you by Cycling24/7

Edited by TinxiaS on 27-01-2021 21:34
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tst.png i.imgur.com/XZ5vU9L.png
Nice team! Serry should be one of the better climbers in CT!
Ulrich Ulriksen
KBC Godiva announced the completion of their 2020 squad with the signing of sprinter Enriquie Sanz. The team released the roster and some comments from manager Willie McRettin and KBC 23 manager Nikolay Mihaylov.

The Stage Racers

McRettin: Great bunch of lads. Nairo told me he doesnae like too many teammates fussing over him on the big climbs, which is a good thing. Great to have Henao back. Hopefully Sergio has learned to accept feckin 730 when we offer it to him. Still, no hard feelings. Great to have Belgian legend Van der Broeck on board, he's nae young but he has seen it all.

Nairo Quintana3081.8
Sergio Henao3377.6
Abel Kenyeres2674.0
Jurgen Van den Broeck3772.5
Anthony Hubert2972.5
Tighearnach McCalmont2571.8
Semyon Melnik2370.2

The Sprint Squad

McRettin: Great bunch of lads. Marcel is a great sprinter, just fantastic. Really great to have Enrique on board for the lead out. Great lad, will get a chance to ride for himself in a few races. Others are great, big lads who will make sure Marcel is where he needs to be.

Marcel Kittel3280.4
Enrique Sanz3176.8
Boris Vallée2773.9
Lubos Malovec2672.0
Niels Wytinck2971.9
Karel Hnik2971.9

The Time Trialists

McRettin: Great bunch of lads. Three national champions in this group. Nemec is a great lad, sure he will get there soon. Mullen will be looking for some podiums and all these boys will be working hard to look after Nairo and Marcel when we need a big engine

Ryan Mullen2677.5
Dominic Mapemba2474.2
Nikolay Mihaylov3273.1
Ondrej Nemec2472.9

The Belgians

McRettin: Great bunch of lads, Wee bit embarrased to be running a Belgian cycling team and have no classics squad. But Tiesj is a great lad and will fight hard for a top 20 wherever he goes. Clinck and Provost will be there in the future, should there be one. Mario is a big, hard lad, we think of him as a Belgian.

Tiesj Benoot2676.7
Leo Clinck2574.7
Ludovic Provost2374.2
Michael Vanthourenhout2773.2
Quentin Van Heuverswijn2871.9
Jasper De Buyst2771.5
Mario Dasko2671.4
Tim Geens2470.6

KBC 23

Mihaylov: Looking forward to working with the boys in the wind tunnel.

Zoltán Koncz2170.8
Erich Vychodil2370.6
Viktor Karpati2169.7
Samuel Micoud2068.9
Philippe Ousemane2268.5
Marius Dieu2166.7
Roman Okrucky2066.3
Eber Mudd1959.4

Edited by Ulrich Ulriksen on 29-01-2021 03:28
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
BZT Transfers report

Let's give a closer look after the team is completed.
First of all who left the team

GaetanBille32290Budget reinvestedVan Zummeren
PitSchlechter30100Younger alternativeNass
AndySchleck35270High demandsEngeldinger
KevinSeeldraeyers34120Younger alternativeHall
NikiTerpstra36340High demandsPhinney

Gaetan Bille didn't disappoint at all in 2019 season, and also the wage demand wasn't so high, but Trek's budget increase alone wasn't enough to get an agreement with all new ojectives in the list, and it was sacrificed the rider with less necessary skills, he is a solid rider but without a real strengths, good sprinter, good time trialist, but we were confident to cover the leaks with cheaper riders.
Pit Schlechter and Kevin Seeldraeyers were both asking a low wage, but the team choice has been to replace them with younger riders, who have also some growing perspective.
Andy Schleck, brought some points, but all in all had a mediocre season, we tried to keep him with a lower wage, motivated by aging process too, but we missed a meeting point.
Niki Terpstra was marked by the age, and had moreover a very disappointing season, he was the best cobbler in the team and the worst scorer between the Fab4, his wage demand wasn't motivate anymore, so we reinvested the money to sign another top class rider.
Jelle Vanendert calls it a career, with a great las year of racing he was one of the best scorer of the team, and one of the best points/wage ratio of his age and salary. The team is relly satisfied by him and would have continued with him if he would have wanted it. We wish him the best for his future projects.

Now the new faces of the team

AgeWagePurposeImprove the team
GillisDen Haag21100U23 teamo
CharlesEngeldinger26505Build a future leader++
GeofferyJanssens22100U23 teamo
TomNijhuis22100U23 teamo
TaylorPhinney301290Team needs a Superstar+++
NicoRoembiak22220U23 teamo
AndrewTalansky32535Lack of a GC contender+
RaphaëlTavernier22100U23 teamo
StefVan Zummeren29100Strenghten TTT squad--
MattWadsworth22100U23 teamo

Taylor Phinney is surely the loudest of new riders, he will be the team star who really wanted the american sponsor, he was already probed in first season, but the team could do nothing against big WT sponsors, now the dream comes true one year later, great things are expected.
Andrew Talansky, another american rider wanted by the famous bike brand, he should face the hard job to replace Vanendert, but he have the skills and also a greater TT devotion. He can do it.
Charles Engeldinger, he is here for the present and for the future, we trust he can become our future mountain star.
Stef Van Zummeren is our last call to strenghten our TTT squad, hoping this can bring Talansky higher in GCs, he can also help the team in low profile stages.
Steven Nass, a young talent called to replace older riders, we believe he is already good to compete in CT circuit so he will skip last U23 season.
Dennis Hall, another replacement for an old rider who left our team after the past season. We hope he can help GC leaders in mountain stages, he is also not a bad in time trials.
In the end there are Gillis Den Haag, Geoffery Janssens, Tom Nijhuis, Nico Roembiak, Raphael Tavernier and Matt Wadsworth who will fill up the U23 Team.
Some fine squads and great presentation. Philippa York the perfect ds for the Trans Cycling Team, some very old but very good captains, I'll be following Thomas especially. KBC extremely aggressive and impressive with their transfers, far, far away from relegation danger. BZT with Phinney, fantastic catch at a low wage, plus other smart additions.

Engeldinger, Talansky and esp Phinney make this a high promotion contender, well done. KBC literally hamming the ball out of the park with Quintana and Kittel. What a WT debut Shock
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Nice to see Mullen has finally overcome the legal struggle of becoming Iranian Pfft
Nice squad Trek! Talansky and Phinney were two of my dream signings, but quickly couldnt afford Phinney. Engeldinger is another nice rider I wish I had Pfft
Education First get Ducks in a row as Roster is Finalized


Education First has finalized its roster for the upcoming ICL20 season, its inaugural season. With EF as the main sponsor, the team was hoping to recruit riders from all across the globe as part of the sponsor companies mission which is to provide education to people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Just like its sponsor company, EF x Palace - Nippo hopes to provide opportunities for all.

Full Roster

José AgustínGonzalezi.imgur.com/e2YD8r4.png68.06966595760205

Team Leaders

With the team just starting out this season, it was difficult to acquire top end talent, but for the Continental Tour, we think we have a fairly solid stage racing squad already. Uran and Sarmiento are our most experienced riders and will no doubt lead us when the roads climb upwards. Gavin Mannion is our other climbing leader, and with still several years left in the legs, we think could be riding for us for the foreseeable future.

In terms of classics race we have two option. Julian Kern was having difficulty finding a team, so as our final rider we were happy to sign him. With atleast 3 years before a decline, and only -2 hill compared to the top riders in CT, we feel Kern's superior sprinting ability could leave him with great advantage in hilly classics. Alzaga is our top rider for cobbled races, however with Senechal and Phinney to compete with we dont expect much from these races.

Free Riders

Plesner, Yamamoto and Pizzi are our next best riders. They may not have as much opportunities to lead races, but they will no doubt still get their chances. Pizzi is a rider with a lot of promise and at the age of 23 could work himself into a leadership role by the start of next season.

Young Riders

Every other rider on the team is more or less one to watch for the future, in our eyes. That doesn't mean they wont be point scorers now, but we think they will most definitely become more important down the line. Two we have the biggest hopes for are Marcel Hornig who has been training hard all off-season, and Kolodziejski who may become a very strong all-rounder.

Overall the team manager is very happy with the squad, despite missing out on a few key targets, he feels that while the team is quite young, it can score well and still be one of the teams fighting for mid-table in the CT division. 8 riders must be chosen to ride for the development team, and while no names have been confirmed, dont be surprised to see Barnes, Yamazaki, Scuro, Horning, Gonzalez, Lerda, Kolodziejski and Rizzioli on the team.
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