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ICL20 - Teams
Introducing Guinness Cycling 2020

Even before the transfer season, Guinness Cycling p/b BlackBerry made it clear what their goal would be for their first season: become the distinctive team for Ireland and Canada within the professional peloton. And though it was an expensive endeavor, the management has gone pretty far to achieve that goal.

First, Guinness signed one of the greatest Irish cyclists ever, Daniel Martin, obtaining his transfer from Équipe Cycliste Peugeot. Though he had already announced that this would be his final season, and he definitely has an overpriced contract for his current ability, the team felt that having that kind of star power on their team was worth it for their national identity - not to mention that Martin will still be one of the CT's best puncheurs.

Next came a cobbles leader. The price was steep for Philip Lavery as Deutsche Bahn were understandably reluctant to let him go. For 300, he transfers back home, and will be their classics leader as well as a quality domestique and leadout man in his extra days. The influx of star cobblers into CT has made his competition harder than expected, but he will still look for big results.

The big star long term, however was still to come. Similarly to Lavery, Italo did not initially plan to sell young star sprinter Xavier Langlois, but 400 was an offer they couldn't refuse. The 27 year old has super high potential, and may still improve. Regardless, he is already a force to be reckoned with in terms of speed, and is a beast on the flats in general. He looks to be the key piece for Guinness for years to come.

After initially looking for a stage racer, Guinness eventually decided to full embrace their national identity and bought low on sprinter Sam Bennett. After a poor season last year in which he experienced some unexpected decline, Bennett was in the dog house at Equinor, and let go for just 50. Sporting the Irish NC jersey, he will hope to bounce back on his home team and prove his doubters wrong.

Additionally, the team made several free agent signings they are hopeful about. Young Anthony Desjardins is already a great time trialist and still has room to grow. Gregory Brenes is no top stage racer, but will hope to show himself occasionally. And Frederic Cossette looks to be a foundational piece for the classics squad for years to come. That's not to mention the plethora of talents the team has signed, both to the main squad and development team. None project to be world beaters, but hey, you never know!

Guinness Cycling p/b BlackBerry


BlackBerry Limited U23


The team is aware they will not be competing for promotion this year. but they hope they have built an identity and foundation to work from as they build their brand in the sport going forward. For this year, it's just about having fun and showing their colors.
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Ah, you were fast enough to switch Carlsberg to Guinness before anyone (bar myself, probably) spots it Pfft

Really like your two-country focus, and especially Langlois should be great for years to come, as you say. Desjardins should be good as well, while it seems to be slightly harder to get good Irish prospects. Good luck for the season!
Dang, I wish I waited to post mine until the new page now Pfft

I originally was going to go for a couple more Canadian riders in my team, but I decided against fighting over them. Cossette and Langlois are two good riders, and obviously this team needed Dan Martin in it, so hopefully he can put in a good season for you.
Suntory Lucozade Sport



Manager DaveTwoBob was looking to generate some development funds and therefore took a hard look at the squad and the points they earned. He decided anyone not contributing points or having low potential had to go.

During negotiations The Manx Missile turned down an offer of 1200 which meant we had to part company with the aging sprinter. This day had to come soon and it opened an opportunity to fill a long-standing team issue and recruit a decent cobbler.

To generate some more development funds, hill sprinter Rick Zabel was sold to Tierra del Fuego where we hope he can contribute to a promotion bid with his new team.



Romain Bardet is now the highest average rider in ICL after his development into a world class Puncheur. We will be expecting to win some one-day classics as a result, however his reduction in race days is a concern.
Developed by the team, stage racer Clément Chevrier will be covering Grand Tours not attended by Bardet.
Romain and Clément will be supported by Manx rider Peter Kennaugh brought in from Free Agency to boost our Hill depth.

New recruit Juris Eisaks gives Suntory the prospect of scoring some decent points over the cobbles. He is only 26 years old so could be our cobbles leader for years, especially if we can negotiate his wage down next season. Juris will be supported by Jens Keukeleire, Edward Smith and Eliot Lietaer.

Sprinting duties now fall to Mads Pedersen and he will be a busy man as he also covers the Classics. Leadouts will be provided by future sprint star David Meyer.

TT leader Michael Hepburn worked hard on his Mountain Climbing in the off season and is now a very useful GT domestique. We released a couple of good TT riders and replaced them with bargain TTer Ilnur Zakarin. Our TTT squad is slightly weaker and a lot cheaper.

Suntory recruited 5 cheap domestiques to replace the higher cost riders who were released. These are
Garikoitz Bravo (MO73, HIL73, Wage 130)
Stephan Rabitsch (FLAT74, FIGHT75, Wage 120)
Alexander Foliforov (MO73, FIGHT75, Wage 120)
Sho Hatsuyama (MO73, Wage 110)
Johan Le Bon (FLAT75, TT72, Wage 105)

The Suntory squad has been weakened by the loss of Cav and will be relying heavily on Bardet for points. The money saved on wages will be invested in rider development which we hope will have a better long-term benefit rather than recruiting a sub-top rider.

Senior Team Roster
New riders highlighted in green.


Suntory Orangina are the defending champions and we have another strong squad for this season.

Salif Mane is a great sprinter but there was no place for Ricardo Padilla in the Dev Squad which means no leadout although there are some riders with decent Flat to chase a break.

Luis Crawford and Murjikneli Gochashvili have stage races well covered.

Future TT GOAT (according to Shonak) Jonathan Wright can already perform in the race of truth at the tender age of 20.

Cobbles are covered by Mark Safford who can perform on the pave but not much else.

Suntory Orangina have a squad that covers all the terrains and will mount a strong defence of the title. However, there is a bit of a gap with no riders aged 22, next year may be a different story.

Dev Team Roster
New riders highlighted in orange
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Very cool focus by Guinness!

Thank you, Suntory, for letting all these fine riders go. I'm very happy to have picked up Cav and well as young Cano, plus I also got Guerin. I also considered your other ex-riders, it shows how many good FAs there were this season that some of them won't be picked up.

Ulrich Ulriksen
Nemolito wrote:
Nice to see Mullen has finally overcome the legal struggle of becoming Iranian Pfft

He was hoping he would be allowed to hold two NCs. Fixed.

@bbl - Love the 2 country focus for Guinness, Combining two slightly weaker countries makes a lot of sense. I would have said Mullen was untouchable but would be tempted by your project in the future. Maybe he should stay Iranian so you won't be interested.

@DaveTwoBob - Bitter about Wright. He is a beast, if I had known I was getting promoted at that point I would have gone harder for him.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Ulrich Ulriksen wrote:
Nemolito wrote:
Nice to see Mullen has finally overcome the legal struggle of becoming Iranian Pfft

@bbl - Love the 2 country focus for Guinness, Combining two slightly weaker countries makes a lot of sense. I would have said Mullen was untouchable but would be tempted by your project in the future. Maybe he should stay Iranian so you won't be interested.

I figured from the beginning that Mullen's combination of age and talent wouldn't even make him an option for transfer. But I would never object to an opportunity to put him in a Guinness jersey in the future. Wink
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Team BP 2020 Squad Presentation

A busy transfer window saw 12 riders leave to be replaced by 10 new riders, a promotion from the dev tream - and one late renewal. During renewals 10 riders weren't offered new contracts: Fuglsang, Duarte and Bibby had declined, Schorn and Dowsett were deemed to be too old, Hardy and Valgren as not being not good enough for the World Tour. The team also hoped to improve upon the lead-out riders Van der Sande and Bertilsson. The team also sold a rider for the first time, Monsalve, 17th in the 2019 Tour, joined CT newcomer Latvijas.

The biggest surprise was the departure of the two best Brits. Hart was too greedy while Thomas was sacrificed to make room for a new rider – Peter Sagan. That was the star rider among many excellent free agents the manager decided to focus on. He's a big upgrade to Thomas, Schorn and Hardy all roled into one.

After securing this first big target as well as adding some much needed youth to the team the chance became available to hire Tao Hart back while other teams focussed on the even more talented riders. Which left enough money to concentrate on the final goal, bringing Cavendish home.

Nikias ArndtSprinter76.1340296
Edward BirchDomestique71.6100265
Jorge Cano GonzalezClimber74.6245246
Mark CavendishCaptain Sprints80.11125356
Mark ChristianDomestique72.9140305
Michael CumingDomestique72.5135305
Jonathan DibbenCobbler76.0350266
Florian DiederichTalent72.3115226
Rubén FernándezStage Racer76.4420296
Gonzalo GarciaPuncheur73.3150245
Tao Geoghegan HartStage Racer76.7505256
Alexis GuerinClimber74.4210285
Lasse Norman HansenDomestique72.6130285
Gao LeiTalent72.8145236
James Lowsley-WilliamsDomestique72.6120284
Rafal MajkaCaptain Mountains80.71240317
Philip McCluskeyDomestique72.5120255
Travis MeyerDomestique72.7130315
Lukas PöstlbergerAllrounder74.9250285
Peter SaganCaptain Classics80.01915306
Jordi SimĂłnClimber74.5225305
Ian StannardCobbler76.3410335
Dennis van WindenDomestique72.2110334
Stefan van WindenDomestique71.8100316
Martin WagnerSprinter74.6230246

The manager is very pleased with the new squad, even though he had to see many transfer targets move elsewhere. But he got his dream candidate Sagan and even the best Brit and one of the fastest sprinters in the world, Cavendish. Together with Majka, this trio of captains has most terrains covered.

Apart from Sagan and Cavendish we also hired Arndt, Pöstlberger, Cano Gonzalez, Wagner, Guerin, Gao Lei, Lasse Norman and Diedrich. Arndt is an established sprinter in his prime, Pöstlberger an insanely good allrounder able to provide excellent support for any of the captains. Wagner and Cano Gonzalez are talented 24-year olds we expect to improve quickly. Guerin is a great domestique for stage races, equally good on the flat, up mountains and against the clock. Lei is just a step behind Cano, while Norman offers a lot at a very low wage. Diedrich is a long-term prospect, only 22 years old, we'll have to decide whether to focus on hills or turn him into an allrounder. Also, Garcia is the first rider to be promoted from our dev team, he'll be riding the classics alongside Sagan.

To afford the new leaders some depth had to be sacrificed, the climbing support is weaker than last season, though also younger. Tao Hart and Ruben Fernandez are still the main support for Majka, both will also get leadership opportunities.

We've improved our sprinting capabilities, not just with Cav at the top but also with Arndt and young Wagner as lead-out riders and secondary sprinters. On cobbles Sagan is an upgrade to Thomas, while Stannard and Dibben remain in supportive roles.

Sagan is an even bigger upgrade for hilly classics, for which we previously had Hardy and Valgren who only did well in CT outings. The lack of support is a slight worry, though, with none of the riders pencilled in to help Sagan having more than HIL 73.

Time trials were never the team's speciality, but it is the one area where we're now weaker. Gone are Thomas and the legendary Alex Dowsett. We should be just about ok in team time trials in stage races, but expect no points from the thankfully rare speciality races.

To sum up, we gutted the "middle class" - riders who got the team promoted but weren't well suited for the top level - to afford improvements at the top. Our budget only rose by 3.5% and the average AVG of all our riders from 74.44 to 74.60. In fact, it would have been higher had we simply held onto all 25 riders. So we expect less depth scoring this season.
Edited by Ripley on 29-01-2021 14:16

Four great teams/reads presented Smile

Patrick Olesen from Suntory would be a perfect fit for my team, just saying Smile If I don't have any money next year I might be able to convince you to let him go for a stage win in the MG? Schädlich +5 daily form incoming Pfft
Great team presentations - hope everyone has a fun season

@Ripley - Glad some ex-Suntory riders got a good home. It was difficult to let them go.

@Ulrich - Sorry you missed out on Wright, we will look after him in case you fancy making an offer in the future Smile

@Nemo - We might be able to figure out some legal swap in future transfers
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
valverde321 wrote:
Nice team! Serry should be one of the better climbers in CT!

I really count on him and I really hope it will be a nice season Grin

Ripley wrote:
Some fine squads and great presentation. Philippa York the perfect ds for the Trans Cycling Team, some very old but very good captains, I'll be following Thomas especially.

I mean for the name it should be all the sports directors, mechanics, and others from the team from this kind of background Grin

Next to Sherry The Thomas as a home cyclist will e definitely of our main riders and I hope the lucky ones haha Grin
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tst.png i.imgur.com/XZ5vU9L.png
Final transfer roundup and tea
The transfer season is over, but unlike other teams, the final days from the transfer window for the Polestar teams have been quiet, but the team made two moves.

The team decided to part ways with Alessandro De Marchi sending him to Baku Synergy Cycling in exchange for Tom-Jelte Slagter. Also with the remaining money the team decided to bet on TT rider in RĂ©mi Pelletier-Roy

Polestar Pro Cycling p/b Telenor

Fredrik Ludvigsson77,576707379787068677167727376600266
Jonas Ahlstrand76,777657368707378767669767274450306
Wout Poels76,468767670706162766977747175370336
Tom-Jelte Slagter76,271757669686369756974757275410316
Dylan Groenewegen7676677367697276767668766973330276
Thomas Nybo Riis75,970777468666066727074726973320285
Tanel Kangert75,871767474755761717075737175320336
Fredrik Galta75,570767467666065737175726873300284
Stelios Ilias75,473757374735858717261717076300275
Marco Mathis7575717376756766687169727175275265
Ramunas Navardauskas74,976637375766569707171737170250325
Fridtjof Røinås74,774687269697075757672757173230265
Martin Laas74,373747369686473757272736972210274
RĂ©mi Pelletier-Roy73,773666875756765646865676868170305
Kim Magnusson73,170737265645967727074726972140284
Emils Liepins7372647164676974737368736870140285
Sven Erik Bystrøm72,375696967666971717374736870110285
Peter Tarvis71,766737064645860677069696673100272
Joonas Henttala71,574656667666871717273696769100294

Telenor Youth Team p/b Polestar

Kirill Makukhin71,167617066676566697178727167100226
James Smith7164727065665759676868696872150226
Martijn Hiensch69,967637064626260696760686665100225
Elias Leinonen69,668576161616071706360656469100235
Jamie Hurst69,161706861595461656567656568100214
Jonatan Gyllensjö67,671585657625666675968686363100225
Jakub Kaminski65,466576665635757577163656263100195
RaĂşl JorrĂ­n63,259626361626161595762636060100205

Number of riders by nationality (Both teams):
4 riders - Sweden, Netherlands
3 riders - Estonia, Norway
2 riders - Finland
1 rider - Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, United States, Venezuela
Deutsche Bahn Team Presentation



It is now time to present the team that will be riding in Deutsche Bahn colours in the 2020 season.

Climbers/Stage Racers
Joseph Dombrowski72787673726066747179747276
Lawson Craddock75757578766767697167737276
Jan Hirt72767472716067747276737074
Alexander Brus73757374736062706969726976
Jeroen Meijers70767369686066716971726974
Hans-Georg Nentwich64747169715757657568686970
Dombrowski continues to lead our mountain squad. Craddock adds some much needed Stage Racing power. Hirt and Brus come in to shore up the train with Meijers continuing in the same role from last season. Nentwich makes the step up from the development team.

Simon Yates78747970717275787675787174
Michael Matthews75627569706177797668767176
Jan Ghyselinck77647571727768747275767170
Gianluca Brambilla68757668675865736777746975
Yates is the only out and out puncher in the squad. Matthews is a sprinters hybrid, Ghyselinck specializes in the cobbles while Brambilla is a good option on the mountains as well.

John Degenkolb78687566727979807272797579
Michael Matthews75627569706177797668767176
Raymond Kreder74636965666878767164716969
Phil Bauhaus75657068716876777672757173
Johannes Windischbauer73646967686674757369726871
No changes in the sprint squad with Degenkolb, Matthews and Kreder in leading roles with Bauhaus and Windischbauer in supporting roles.

Northern Classics Specialists
John Degenkolb78687566727979807272797579
Jan Ghyselinck77647571727768747275767170
Nino Honigh75616967687570716971747169
Degenkolb leads in the cobbles as well with Ghyselinck his premier lieutenant and Honigh continuing in the same role as last season.

Time Trial Specialists
Lawson Craddock75757578766767697167737276
Oskar Svendsen75727175746766697171717074
David Andrich68596470706258596867656569
Svendsen continuing to lead the pure TTs while Craddock is a strong addition for these races. Andrich moves up from the development team.

Luka Pibernik74677466697275767572757072
Zico Waeytens74687466687270727674756873
Mads WĂĽrtz75687071697372727477746971
Matthias Krizek72727372725866677070736972
Julien Vermote73677274726870737371726973
Mario Vogt74657069696872727275747073
Ronan Van Zandbeek75646968667270687375716768
Casper Von Folsach73656969686970717273736870
A big cast of all-rounders to help the leaders in all kinds of terrains. Pibernik, Wurtz and Krizek come in to join Waeytens, Vermote, Vogt, Van Zandbeek and Von Folsach who continue in the same role as last season.

Deutsche Bahn Development



The following riders will represent the development team:

Pantheras Dimas72576361666373727470706668
JĂĽrgen Reuter62736959605560686773686869
Carl Ilsanker69716971725558666865697069
Tobias Krautberger64626962616261706064706667
Lutz Berg70586664627068676969706767
Joe Richter62706865655656606173656569
Andreas Linz59636963616359596558646266
Florian LĂĽttkenhaus62546166656560616562625962
Dimas, Reuter and Ilsanker take over leadership of the development team. Krautberger, Berg and Richter continue from last season while Linz and Luttkenhaus are the neo-pros for the season.

The question on everyone's mind though, will Yates ride in a hideous all white rainbow jersey-short or go for the timeless beautiful white bib-black short combo?
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Shonak wrote:
The question on everyone's mind though, will Yates ride in a hideous all white rainbow jersey-short or go for the timeless beautiful white bib-black short combo?

The real question is whether he can avoid the rainbow curse, otherwise we'll be in trouble Pfft
Ceramica Panaria - Autogrill - Cipollini Team Planning

Giro d'Italia

1. Pierre-Roger Latour
2. Vincenzo Albanese
3. Amaro Antunes
4. Enrico Battaglin
5. Eros Capecchi
6. Donato De Ieso
7. Bruno Iodice
8. Walter Salmon

Tour de France

1. Fabio Aru
2. Manuele Boaro
3. Nicola Boem
4. Claudio Bruno
5. Davide Formolo
6. Pierre-Roger Latour
7. Tony Martin
8. Manuel Torres

Vuelta a España

1. Fabio Aru
2. Nicola Boem
3. Claudio Bruno
4. Donato De Ieso
5. Davide Formolo
6. Tony Martin
7. Kristian Sbaragli
8. Manuel Torres

CCC Sprandi Polkowice leaders "confirms" their calendar

With an upcoming season starting very shortly, our leaders have been working hard in the pre-season training camp. Few of the journalists got a chance to talk with our riders. Because of those meetings, it's been shared to the world on which races our leaders are going to focus on. Of course it's not 100% confirmed that they are going to ride in all those races. There are still chances that something bad can happen. These are their original plans.

Tejay Van Garderen
Trofeo Campania04.21
Giro d'Italia05.09 - 05.29
Tour de France07.01 - 07.21
Virginia Chrono Tour09.27 - 09.30

Caleb Ewan
Palm Classic01.11
Milano - Sanremo03.22
Ronde van Vlaanderen04.04
Tour de France07.01 - 07.21
Vuelta a España09.01 - 09.21
Quebec Sprint Challenge09.23
Paris - Tours10.05

Patryk Komisarek
Palm Classic01.11
Milano - Sanremo03.22
Ronde van Vlaanderen04.04
Ster ZLM Tour04.06 - 04.10
University of Lincoln GP05.05
Deutschland Tour06.02 - 06.09
Tour of Northern Europe08.05 - 08.12
Vattenfall Cyclassics08.22
Eneco Tour08.24 - 08.30
Course de la Paix09.16 - 09.21
Quebec Sprint Challenge09.23
Paris - Tours10.05

Diego Ulissi
Tour of Toowoomba01.23 - 01.27
Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco02.22 - 02.27
Strade Bianche03.05
Amstel Gold Race04.23
La Flèche Wallonne04.25
Liège - Bastogne - Liège04.28
Deutschland Tour06.02 - 06.09
Vuelta a España09.01 - 09.21
Bucaramanga Classic10.03

With our team ambition of performing well in possibly final WT season we are going to do "all hands on board" tactic and send our leaders to mostly (or only) WT races. Our probably impossible to reach goal is to score 4000 points in WT rankings with our main riders to hope and secure WT spot for next season. We will do our best to perform well in an upcoming season.
Huge Turnover at Grupo Argos - Quala

Three captains out including star captain Quintana - Does the team have enough to defend the title?

Part 1 // Part 2

After tackling the huge loss of riders such as Quintana, van Avermaet and Jungels, the second part tackles the additions for the 2020 season. Can Grupo Argos compensate for the loss of point with their new signings?

That is very unlikely. There hasn't been signed a climber, cobbler or time triallist that have the qualites. Instead, the team focussed on either sharpening the supporting cast, getting in light-versions or hoping for the developed riders to step in the spotlight.

In terms of climbing, the team didn't bring in any scorers. However, in Adrian Chaix the team signed a CarbonSports alumni who will be a great rider going forward. The former rivals should take over the keys of Polanc and Kelderman once they decline in 4 years. The team also signed Robert Gesink and Daniele Dall'Oste in order to support the new captains Kelderman and Polanc. On top, Anton Vorobyev did a lot of training on the climbs to make sure he can compete in the lighter stage races.

For the cobbled classics you can't deny the loss of the team. Here we only brought in Kenneth Vanbilsen as a light-version replacement who doesn't need much help. An interesting rider for the small races is Swiss Army Knife Marc Geyer, who can basically do anything on a good level and is ought to collect loads of depth points.

Most interestingly is that the team changed its TTT-squad. Despite having lost Jungels and the still very spare opportunities for Time Triallists in the ICL, the team banks on dominating time trials. The team should have a slight advantage over rivals Alitalia. In order to ensure that, beneath Geyer the team also brought in Nate Brown, Anthony Roux and Robert Gesink, creating an impressive line-up for these types of races.


More additions came in the super talent Marc Herder, a young gun from the Netherlanfs that should be the next big sprinter alongside Buchko and home-coming Vaclavik. In Jordan Kerby the team signed a very versatile allround, even more impressive is the addition of allrounder Ben King, the perfect support guy for the squad.

In conclusion the team has become a lot worse, but also set itself up to be competitive for a podium spot again. More importantly, the team has created an environment to build some leader self-sustainability, targetting to only need to sign u25- and support-riders in the future.
Tierra del Fuego
Team Presentation

After Tierra del Fuego had a very busy first days of the transfer period, it took quite a while until they finally were able to complete their team. But now, all the contracts are signed, and it's time to take a look at the 2020 roster of both the main and the development teams!

Climbers / Stage Racers

Juan Chamorro76.671787571696164717176726773296
Javier Gomez75.772767374725962696869716874295
Yonder Godoy75.672767470706065737275737074275
Tácio Mendes75.373757374725960697062716975275
Daniel DĂ­az74.570757366686065717277737073315

Chamorro will be the team leader in all stage races including none or just few time trial kilometers. Godoy and DĂ­az will be his main domestiques. Gomez and Mendes will meanwhile be leading the team in more TT-heavy stage races.
None of them will be among the division's superstars; however, Chamorro is pretty high up in the pure climbers hierarchy. His main concern could be his rather low resistance - it remains to be seen if his great fighting spirit will be enough to make up for this weakness.

All in all, this department looks pretty solid, especially in terms of depth. Hence, it should have the highest scoring potential of all specialities.


Armando Huamán75.770687561646866737270766971246

Having a discipline with only one rider mentioned isn't a very good sign, agreed. However, Chamorro and Godoy could be listed here as well, and will certainly be doing hilly races as well. Just like sprinter Zabel, who handles the hills well, too. But Huamán is the team's sole pure hills specialist.
And he's actually the team's third strongest rider according to the AVG value - with only 24 years! Hence, we'll be hoping for some U25 points as well from hilly stage races - and we're looking forward to his further development!


Rick Zabel76.475667466677277767469757173276
Eduardo Gonzalez74.374647065696775757364746973246

Sprint leader Zabel was already mentioned in the hilly department - and he really can do well in this terrain - just as he doesn't completely dislike some cobbles. The German is one of three Europeans on the team - and he was chosen due to a very good price along with his great versatility. And, of course, because no equally strong (and young) Latin sprinter was available. We hope he'll be able to learn some Spanish basics quickly, so he can integrate as fast as possible!
The main man to help him do so is his designated leadout, Gonzalez. Only 24 years young, he has all the basics to one day step into his leader's footsteps. He'll likely get some chances on his own, too - but the leadout work will still be his main job.

Time Trialists

Eduardo Sepulveda7575717076766769697069717073295
Fernando Gaviria74.875707076747068677167727272265
Pablo Gonçalves73.371717074736666667064717172245

While team manager Mr. Fabianski is known to neglect time trials in the other universe called MG, he chose a slightly different approach when building up the Tierra del Fuego roster. Sepulveda is actually the strongest Argentinean rider on the roster, and with his experience will be the team leader in team time trials and all time trial heavy races. Gaviria matches his speed on the long distances, but is slightly weaker in prologues. However, with his development potential, he'll likely be the discipline's team leader soon. He will furthermore be wearing the Colombian NC jersey in time trials.
Gonçalves is his Brazilian counterpart, being the national ITT champion with just 24 years. As a consequence, U25 points should be a realistic target in fitting races for him.
All of these three furthermore aren't afraid of some bumps, making them a good fit for not completely flat stage races.
Furthermore, stage racers Gomez and Mendes could be counted in here as well, making for a really solid TTT line-up. Even for bumpy courses.


Roberto Romero MartĂ­nez75.775657368697667717471767071266

This time, the list tells the bitter truth: Romero MartĂ­nez is the team's sole cobbles specialist. We had a decent domestique on board, but finally decided to swap him for climber Gomez, leaving our Spaniard all alone. Nonetheless, he'll get his chances for sure! Slightly hilly cobbled races are what we will target for him.
For the future, we will try to build up some Latin cobblers - but given the lack of talents in this domain, this might well take some years to happen. Until then, we will likely mainly rely upon European specialists.


Frederik Vilhelmsen73.970737273715656687059706975255
Eloy Nogueira71.363727166675559667572696468235
HĂ©ctor Molina7167716969685555646557676671245
Jonathan Saavedra70.468596172716259586859666667263
AgustĂ­n BenĂ­tez69.664696869675556636556646569235
Flavio Barba69.271596566666966687673696769244

The most surprising name on this list will likely be Vilhelmsen. The Dane was our final signing, and he was selected as there was no comparable Latin rider avaliable anymore. He will hopefully grow into a good stage racer - it remains to be seen how much of his development he'll make with us, though. But given that he's already taking Spanish classes, he does the best he can to integrate with the team!
Nogueira is a pure climber, without a lot of interest in time trialing. He agreed with us on skipping his final U23 season, as he can learn (and benefit) more from riding with the "big guys". He'll surely be a valuable helper in uphill races!
Molina and Saavedra are our sole Chileans on the main team's roster. We tried to find some more, but the available ones didn't really fit our target profiles. The former will likely grow into one of the strongest stage racers of the country - although he'll likely never reach top level. The latter is Chile's national ITT champion - but given that there are 6 stronger riders on the team in that discipline, we couldn't really list him among the specialists. His role will mainly be to mentor his younger countrymen, be it in the main or in the U23 team.
BenĂ­tez and Barba make it at least four Argentineans on the main team. The former will likely specialize in stage racing as well, while the latter is the country's most promising cobbles talent.
No points are expected from any of these riders, maybe bar Vilhelmsen. But they'll hopefully be reliable helpers for their stronger teammates.

All in all, we are pretty happy with our transfer period. While we didn't dare playing with big numbers - and hence could not sign a potential big scorer, our focus will be to do well as a team, getting so-called depth results. Breakaways might be the way to go for most of our riders, except Chamorro probably. Stage races should be our main source of points - but all of the "department leaders" should be able to score in their specialities!

Los Gauchitos
Team Presentation

Last but not least, let's talk about our junior department!

Germán Ollero70.667706871715559646759706668206
Ernesto UrĂ­zar70.161716956605459687363666265215
Andrés Cruz68.967586160656170706766696666216
Miquel Espinosa68.467576362675869706871676567216
Rubén Gorriarán68.269646359606965657368666865225
Miguel Ojeda66.965686666645858587160646161224
Ismael Folgueira60.961576058565858576058626257203
Manolo Izurza60.261575859626057566055555858203

Ollero was probably the most sought-after Latin talent in this transfer period. We finally placed the highest bid on the potential star stage racer of the future, which we're of course very happy about! Together with UrĂ­zar, who is one year older, he'll try to score big in the U23 stage races - the latter only in those without any time trial, though.
Cruz and Espinosa are our two sprinters, both having the same age, same potential, and almost the same capabilities. A strong duo for the future, hopefully!
Gorriarán is one of those potential Latin cobblers - we'll see if he can make it! He does have some potential, but we'll have to wait and see how he develops before we decide if we try to push our plans further.
Ojeda, Folgueira and Izurza were signed even before the official transfer period. The former will likely specialize in stage racing, the Chilean might become a puncheur and the latter a time trialist or cobbler - we'll see once we get their development numbers!

◀▶ Millenium - LATAM Airlines ◀●▶
An Overview of the Inaugural Squad

Having signed just a single rider in the pre-transfer window draft, the talented Ivan Canilhas, team manager liefwarrior had plenty of spots to fill if he was going to meet the minimum requirements for the ICL's 2020 Continental Tour. For that very purpose he had had scouts scouring the Lusophone world, and aside from two last-minute signings that is where the majority of his crew came from.

Frederico Figueiredo2971777569686165737376736973
David Rodrigues2971757268685966727175726972
Eduardo Sales3167747266655862686873686670
JoĂŁo Pinto2768737167645863686867696671

Not exactly the most inspiring depth coming from the group of riders set to tackle the mountains this year, but with the best climber in Portugal on board we can't really be complaining. With the assistance of superdomestique David Rodrigues you can expect Frederico Figueiredo to be competing with the very best of the Continental Tour has to offer, and possibly even trying his hand at the polkadots or a stage win at the higher level. The glaring issue is the lack of TTing ability that exists across the board.

Nelson Oliveira3174737377756665686967727274
José Gonçalves3172697075746564687269717171
Ricardo Vilela3367707371706166717269726668
Alexandre Manarelli3173646873736566666868707170
Ruben Silva2668706970695861666567686572

Headlined by Portuguese legends Nelson Oliveira and José Gonçalves, there are a decent number of timetriallists who have signed on with us this year. Although they may not be the most inspiring group, hopefully they will be able to provide some solid GC support in TTTs and possibly a stage win or two in ITTs.

Sprint Train
Rafael de Mattos Andriato3374667059606175757471726868
AntĂłnio Carvalho3172637262656473747269736972
Romeo Heymans2674606664686773737262726871
Gideoni Monteiro3171646664686372727064696868

Headed by the aging Brazilian Rafael de Mattos Andriato, our sprint train isn't likely to be tearing apart the peleton this season. Featuring members from all three Lusophone cycling nations they'll instead be aiming for some of the less prestigious positions.

Dario Antonio2873656767657069697172726769

Something of an all-rounder, Dario Antonio was the best Angolan of 2019 both on the road and against the clock. He is the closest thing we have to a leader for cobbled classics, after inquiries into other possible riders fell short. We wish him luck, he'll need it.

Clássicas das Ardenas
Michael Boros2873687767696970757274777073
Petr Vakoc2873697668696671777274767174
Murilo Affonso2971677467676669726974756973
JoĂŁo Silva25667365646768727071736669

It was in relation to the Ardennes classics that the surprise of the transfer window arrived. After early attempts for Rui Costa failed it seemed that this section of the team was doomed to mediocrity. Murilo Affonso is a very good rider, but he isn't exactly a world beater. In the dying moments of free agency, the management recieved a call asking if they had space for a pair of Czech cyclists. That this pair were still without a berth at that late a stage was a shock - and immediately the opportunity to the sign them was seized. Hopefully they will enjoy their stay in Portugal, and return our trust with results.

Bruno Coelho2368727071705556676559696873
Reinaldo Machado2265686667675856586960646467
Ivan Canilhas2067636463636058607170626762

Not exactly the biggest pool of talent in the world, but hopefully we will be able to expand this with next years intake. Bruno Coelho has the potential to become a strong stage racer, while Reinaldo Machado could play a role has his future domestique. Ivan Canilhas is young enough that his developmental pathway is uncertain, although it appears to already be edging towards something to do with ascending.
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