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ICL20 - Teams
Team BP Renewal News: Round 3

IN: Fernandez, Stannard, Monsalve

OUT: Thomas, Schorn

While our last update pretty much predicted it, the whole renewal period was stunning, even for the manager. We couldn't reach an agreement with G and see two of our top 3 scorers, our two best Brits, leave the team. Playing with fire, we also decided not to continue with Schorn despite his recent HIL 75 upgrade.

We did ensure that Ruben and Ian stay and also kept Monsalve on his minimum wage with a late contract offer. We are left with just 15 riders in the main team, with just one captain, but plenty of cash on hand..

Team BP 2020 Squad after Renewals

Edward Birch71.6100265
Mark Christian72.9140305
Michael Cuming72.5135305
Jonathan Dibben76.0350266
Rubén Fernández76.4420296
Gonzalo Garcia73.3150245
James Lowsley-Williams72.6120284
Rafal Majka80.71240317
Philip McCluskey72.5120255
Travis Meyer72.7130315
Jonathan Monsalve75.1260314
Jordi Simón74.5225305
Ian Stannard76.3410335
Dennis van Winden72.2110334
Stefan Van Winden71.8100316

Aviva Futura Project 2020 Squad after Renewals

Peter Broomhead68.5100215
Max Fritsch72.0110235
Jim Grimsdell67.6100215
Wayne Richards66.5160197
Andrew Shelton70.2100225

Edited by Ripley on 24-12-2020 12:30

Affraid of these transfers more and more ...
Suntory Lucozade Sport


News is coming out from Suntory that, despite being offered a substantial pay increase, aging star sprinter MARK CAVENDISH has not agreed terms with manager DaveTwoBob and will take his chances on the Free Agent market.

DaveTwoBob has been unavailable for comment but close associates have been unofficially reporting comments on the lines of “greedy ancient Manx bastard” have been overheard.

In contrast ROMAIN BARDET has been seen smiling in an exclusive car dealership, his wage negotiations must have gone well!

Some other riders have been looking downbeat with reports of 10 team members not being renewed. We can be sure Suntory will be active in the transfer market.
Manager of Renault Classic [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Not surprised that Suntory is dropping Cav. He had an outstanding performance though so he will likely find a contract very fast. Looking forward to Bardet V2.

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
krisa wrote:
Affraid of these transfers more and more ...

Lots of teams with plenty of big money and big names on the market. Makes me happy I have my house in order despite some painful budget cuts. Smile

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V

Few weeks ago, a local journalist published some photos figuring Brugse Zot riders with a never seen before kit, assuming it could be the new season one. Team manager wanted to comment this leakage: "Yes, the new kit will appear very similar to that...anyway we were out just for testing new materials, and as you can see riders were wearing also old shorts. The graphic of the jersey wasn't the definitive one that we'll use next season, but there are just minor changes than that used there. I can show you the front of the jersey and nothing more at the moment, but we are close to the full unveiling."


...nothing more than what we already saw.


Daniel Martin has announced he will retire after the conclusion of the 2020 season. The Équipe Cycliste Peugeot rider can look back on a glorious career in the Ardennes, Vuelta (stage win last season pictured) and other hilly races, but the time has come to hang up his bike. He has a valid contract with Peugeot for his final season, but they have no expectations for him in the top races. He might wish to spend his final season hunting for glory at a lower level.

Apart from Martin, eighteen other riders have renewed their contract with Équipe Cycliste Peugeot. Jérôme Cousin, Pascal Jacquin, Guillaume Mayeux, Michael Schär and Albert Torres have not been offered a new contract and have left the team. All other riders entered negotiations and were able to secure a new contract at a wage acceptable to both parties.

At the development team Équipe Developpement Citroën, only one rider change takes place. Gratien Casse's development has not been up to standard and he will be replaced by new recruit Raphael Laugier. The seven other riders will continue for their second or third year, hoping they can make the jump to the main team next season.
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Posted on 30-01-2023 02:31
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Guinness Cycling p/b BlackBerry



An unlikely partnership has begun. Guinness has teamed up with cell phone maker turned security software developer BlackBerry to create a new professional cycling team. The team will be based in Dublin, Ireland, with headquarters for the development team, BlackBerry Limited U23, located in Toronto, Canada. The team will honor its Canadian identity by riding Cervélo bikes this season, and will be clothed by Northwave. Irish software vendor Openet is said to be contributing some funds as well.

Little is known about the direction the team will take. A classics focus has been hinted at by team officials, but sponsor representatives have been emphasizing their desire for GC performances in their introductory speeches. One thing is for certain: the team will be looking to field the majority of its riders from Ireland and Canada.

For now, we are left with just the jersey the team will presumably wear this season, leaked to the press earlier today. It's style and precision is... questionable, to say the least. Word is that it was designed by the team manager, despite him having absolutely no prior experience with such work. Nevertheless, it will at least prominently display the sponsors, which should keep them happy if results come.

Yes, I actually made this jersey. Yes, I actually tried. No, it's not a joke. Pfft

Edited by baseballlover312 on 30-12-2020 03:37
Ulrich Ulriksen
Jersey looks great, simple but clean. Loved my blackberry, with its real keyboard, didn't know the company still existed.

Ireland is one of KBC's many secondary nations - so we might run into each other there.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
The jersey looks quite good to me, but I might just have low standards Pfft

Schär actually appeared in my season review as a race winner, so I'm expecting he'll get a contract somewhere.
Edited by OZrocker on 30-12-2020 04:41
Jersey looks great, well done, bbl! You could add a little ICL logo (see df_Trek's jersey), but that's entirely optional.

Probably a bit late, but...

CCC Sprandi Polkowice


Continental Tour RankingPrestige Ranking
20167th place (3062 pts)26th place (3062 pts)
20176th place (3736 pts)28th place (3736 pts)
20186th place (4575 pts)19th place (5126 pts)
World Tour RankingPrestige Ranking
201917th place (3545 pts)21st place (4374 pts)


Stage 4Volta ao AlgarvePortugalCT.2Diego Ulissi
Stage 2Vuelta a MallorcaSpainCT.1Roberto Ferrari
Stage 3Paris – NiceFranceCT.1Diego Ulissi
Stage 5Paris – NiceFranceCT.1Diego Ulissi
GCParis – NiceFranceCT.1Diego Ulissi
Stage 7USA Pro Cycling ChallengeUSACT.1Patrik Tybor
Stage 4Post Denmark RundtDenmarkCT.2Roberto Ferrari
Stage 3Tour of BritainGr. BritainCT.1Diego Ulissi
GCTour of BritainGr. BritainCT.1Diego Ulissi
Stage 4Vuelta a ColombiaColombiaCT.2Mauro Santambrogio
Stage 5Vuelta a ColombiaColombiaCT.2Diego Ulissi
GCVuelta a ColombiaColombiaCT.2Diego Ulissi
Poland Championship ITTPolandMaciej Bodnar
Poland Championship RRPolandPatryk Komisarek
Stage 1Paris – NiceFranceCT.1Diego Ulissi
Stage 2Tour de RomandieSwitzerlandCT.2Diego Ulissi
Stage 2Amgen Tour of CaliforniaUSACT.2Mauro Santambrogio
Stage 3Volta a Portugal PortugalCT.2Pierre-Roger Latour
Stage 5Tour of VancouverCanadaCT.1Mateusz Nowaczek
GCTour of VancouverCanadaCT.1Diego Ulissi
Stage 4Vuelta a ColombiaColombiaCT.2Pierre-Roger Latour
Stage 4Volta ao AlgarvePortugalCT.2Diego Ulissi
Stage 3Tour de SuisseSwitzerlandCT.1Ever Rivera
Stage 2Tour de PolognePolandCT.1Patryk Komisarek
Stage 6Tour of BritainGreat BritainCT.1Diego Ulissi
Stage 5Vuelta Ciclista al Pais VascoSpainWTDaniele Dall'Oste
Stage 5Paris – NiceFranceCT.1Diego Ulissi
GCParis – NiceFranceCT.1Diego Ulissi
Stage 21Giro d'ItaliaItalyWTTejay Van Garderen
Stage 2Virginia Chrono TourUSAWTTejay Van Garderen
Poland Championship RRPolandMateusz Nowaczek
USA Championship ITTUSATejay Van Garderen
Stage 2Vuelta Ciclista al Pais VascoSpainWTMateusz Nowaczek
Ronde van VlaanderenBelgiumWTPatryk Komisarek
GCSter ZLM TourNetherlandsWTPatryk Komisarek

Team for ICL20:
Sergio Godoy71,770707073716465666867686870
Caleb Ewan78,277667469726979797669777275
Emiel Vermeulen73,373616964657470706768737068
Hernán Aguirre72,267737063625864707070706771
José Galindo72,668737166655966707174716770
Ronald Gómez71,671717070695962686665706673
Daniel Jaramillo75,073757372726064716767737077
Heiner Parra75,274757472716263736970736975
Mathieu Senechal72,671717073726362686962716874
Martin Jansen73,665747262615762717375716771
Andrea Manfredi71,273676767657069697275706770
Juliano Reja71,974666567707266686577707070
Diego Ulissi77,768767873755967797274747176
Andrea Zordan72,672657165656873737271726670
Augusto Trischetti72,068596474736160596458686771
Nikita Umerbekov71,973687168677170717275726971
Kamil Gradek74,174646875746666667263707170
Patryk Komisarek78,677697471737480797571777175
Marek Konwa72,372606864637468718072676666
Wincenty Kubicki69,969647065636258606274716767
Mateusz Nowaczek76,271677669676970727174767071
Mateusz Nowak74,674616873736275767570747072
Łukasz Wiśniowski71,773666768677072717375716768
Tejay Van Garderen79,975797879786364747372757379
Marcos Pereira71,270566462617262656763716565

Edited by dominox on 08-04-2021 11:05

Team 43 - formerly known as TVM Cycling Team - are proud to announce that we have secured funding for the upcoming ICL20 season.

The team's future was in doubt after the former sponsor withdrew during the middle of last season, leaving many riders and staff in limbo for the past five months. After many discussions with potential suitors over the team's direction, focus and team ethos, we have reached an agreement which will see the team continue riding in the World Tour for another year.

After arduous work behind the scenes, we can now officially reveal that the team will now be known as Baku Synergy Plus. The team's name reflects that of our major sponsors (the Azeri city of Baku and the Synergy Group) along with the many others whose financial and logistical support have been crucial to allow us to continue into 2020. The team's headquarters will remain in the Netherlands for now, with many of our staff and riders still residing in Europe.

We can't wait to get started and would like to thank everyone whose contributions have made this possible. Further announcements will be coming soon, including our first re-signings for the season ahead and the presentation of our new team jersey.

Millenium - LATAM Airlines


ICL20 Squad
Michael Boroš77.46877676970285
Petr Vakoc76.76976686671285
Frederico Figueiredo76.37775696165295
Nelson Oliveira76.07373776665315
Murilo Affonso74.76774676669295
Rafael de Mattos Andriato74.36670596175334
David Rodrigues74.37572685966295
José Gonçalves73.96970756564314
João Silva73.56673656768254
António Carvalho73.36372626473314
Ricardo Vilela73.17073716166335
Eduardo Sales73.07472665862314
Alexandre Manarelli72.96468736566314
Romeo Heymans72.76066646773265
Bruno Coelho72.47270715556236
João Pinto71.97371675863273
Gideoni Monteiro71.36466646372313
Ruben Silva70.97069705861263
⭐⌚Dario Antonio70.46567677069284
Reinaldo Machado68.16866675856224
Ivan Canilhas64.76364636058206

Team News

Edited by liefwarrior on 06-02-2021 02:24
reserved, hopefully I'll have the time to update. Pfft
Credits to the_hoyle for my avatar.

Team Presentation

Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the official launch of the Cycling Down Under Program, operating one of the newest professional cycling teams to join the Continental Tour in 2020. This team will be known as Strava - Avanti, and as you can see from the official kit, we will be decked out in the vibrant Strava orange with some white and black rounding out the kit nicely.

Our title sponsors Strava and the NZ-based Avanti occupy the most real estate on the kit, and they will be providing crucial finance, equipment, and logistics support throughout the season. We will have additional support from Pearl Izumi and Oakley providing clothing, shoes, glasses, and some of the extra cash needed to get through a long season of racing. Lastly, I have to thank our individual backers for supporting this project, as without them we would likely not have had enough funding to meaningfully participate in the Continental Tour.

Cycling Down Under Program

Australia has long been a formidable force in world cycling, with numerous riders claiming impressive international results over the years. The island nation is a stalwart in the professional scene, but for 2020 it was apparent that there would be no teams from Australia participating in the World Tour or Continental Tour.

Enter Martin Sterling, a businessman and avid amateur cyclist hailing from Adelaide. Sterling knew that there ought to be a professional team for Australians to fly their flag under, and so he set about founding the Cycling Down Under Program. The organization's name takes influence from the Tour Down Under, a race Sterling held dear as it rolled through his home city every year. The goal of the program is to provide a consistent pathway for both veteran and rookie professional cyclists to remain competing on the world stage. The focus is mainly on Australia for the 2020 season, and with only a Continental team in operation, but in future there are plans to have an U23 development team, and a more broadened focus on New Zealand, South Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Riders So Far

At this early stage in the transfer period, we have just four riders confirmed to be joining us for the upcoming racing season. We will have two talented U23 riders getting an opportunity to train and race on the world stage, Mitchell Jones and 19-year-old Ioannis Foster.

These two young talents will not be without guidance, thanks to our other two signings. Transferring from our friends on the other side of the Earth at Grupo Argos - Quala, are Angus Chapman and Louis Meintjes. Chapman is going to be one of our main leaders for when the roads get steep, and Meintjes is a reliable workhorse who will be able to serve our captains well, along with advising our younger members. Despite the World Tour experience these two will be bringing to the table, at 25 and 28 respectively they still have great years ahead of them and we look forward to working with them for as long as we are able.

We are currently in talks with many other riders to complete our roster for the 2020 season, but we cannot yet provide any details on that. I will be happy to update you on our roster at the end of the transfer season once the rest of the squad is finalized. With that, our team presentation will now come to a close. I thank all those who have tuned in, and we look forward to making Australia proud in the year ahead.


Ulrich Ulriksen
We caught up with KBC – Godiva manager Willie McRettin from the Casa Medina Bogotá following the news that Nairo Quintana has signed a free agent deal with KBC.

Willie, you must feel good about having such a great rider on board?

Aye, very good, a little hungover, but very good. He is a great, great, lad, not a big lad mind you, quite a small one actually, but great. Very great. We all celebrated here at the bar last night, me and Nikolay [Mihaylov] and Nairo and a bunch of guys who I think were with Nairo but might just have been locals. Anyway, we were a happy bunch, except for Nairo, he is too much of a professional to be that happy, not to say he wasnae happy, he just wasnae feckin happy, if you know what I mean. I woke up this morning in a panic because I thought I might have offered a contract to Lucho, the bartender at the Casa Medina, on the basis of his name having good history and his bartending skills. Turns out I didnae, I think maybe Nairo made sure that the offer got lost in translation. He is a great, great lad, very happy to have signed him. Did you know he has won the Tour 3 times? Feck.

Your team was just promoted under a special exception and you have always emphasized the humble nature of your team – how did you end up pursuing, perhaps, the best grand tour rider of his generation?

It started with Hans at the bank, a few weeks before the signing season he phones me up and says: “I know you didn’t expect to make the World Tour Willie, but now you have, and the bank can’t handle the negative publicity of getting relegated so you have to avoid that.” I started to protest but he goes right on – “I know that is a challenge but to help out I got the quants in our derivatives group to do some math and they tell me if you can score 6,000 points you have a good chance to stay up – so there you go, done, 6,000 points, don’t get relegated.” And he hangs up. So I’m fecked.

I was back at the Grand in Brussels so naturally I spent a few days drowning my sorrows. And then something my granny used to say came to me, she would say “Willie, if you going to drink good feckin’ Bordeaux you may as well drink a bottle of 2009 Château Haut-Brion.” Loved her expensive Bordeaux did granny. So, I realized I may as well go to the feckin top and take a run at Nairo. I got him on the phone and sung him a few verses from ”I’m Gonna Be” so he knew how much I wanted him. Nikolay said it was feckin’ creepy but what does that bastard know – turns out Nairo loves Scottish alternative rock. And the rest is history, you shoulda seen the wee lad belting out the lyrics to all the Scottish classics when we were doing karaoke at the bar last night. Turns out he is a pretty feckin good singer too – of course I was few Jack and Tonics in by then.

You have some other signings, what are your highlights there?

Great lads, big, beef-fed Belgian lads. Got to bring the team's average weight back up with Nairo onboard. Great lads all of them. Will tell you more when I figure out how to pronounce their names.

You have also made some progress with your U23 team, what has you strategy been there?

My strategy has been to tell Nikolay to get on with it. Once the bank said I could only sign riders from our focus countries and no Scots, I lost feckin interest. I did make him sign the Irish lad, Eiber Mudd, just because of his name but other than that it is all Nikolay. I think Nikolay is laboring under the misapprehension that the only kind of bike racing that matters is time trialing. I haven’t looked myself but I suspect we may have a lot of time trial specialists, and not much else. Of course, the big, feckin problem with that is all the extra money we will have spend on national champions kit 5-years from now. Do you know what it cost me to get Nikolay and Ryan’s [Mullen] kit done up special? Feck.

What are your plans for the rest of the transfer season?

Well, I want to find Anthony Hubert. I appear to have signed him when I clicked on the wrong button on one of the ICL’s whiz-bang spreadsheets. I am sure he is great lad, but if you are out there Anthony, please get in touch. Other than that I cannae tell you much, because as the great Kenny Rogers once said “Never count your cards while your sittin’ at the table”.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Ulrich Ulriksen wrote:
You have some other signings, what are your highlights there?
Great lads, big, beef-fed Belgian lads. Got to bring the team's average weight back up with Nairo onboard. Great lads all of them. Will tell you more when I figure out how to pronounce their names.

Said by the manager who has McCalmont Tighearnach on his team Pfft
Tierra del Fuego 2020


Welcome to the Headquarters of newly founded CT team Tierra del Fuego (TDF)! You will find everything you need to know about our main and U23 teams on this site, which will be regularly updated throughout the upcoming season! Glad to have you here!


The story of foundation

When talking about South American cyclists, everyone thinks of the Colombian climbers, eventually mentioning the Venezuelans as well. In fact, there are 107 Colombians in the ICL database, which is by far the highest number of any Latin American country - followed by Brazil with 33.
Argentina and Chile together have a total of 39 riders - and have now decided to increase this number! They have chosen the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego - also known as Fireland - to symbolize their cooperation, as this territory is divided between both countries.

For the start of their project, the partner countries, along with the sponsors that will presented later on, have decided to focus on Latin riders in general, before narrowing their focus to Argentina and Chile once the program is fruitfully established. For this to happen as soon as possible, it has also been decided to start a U23 team alongside the "main" squad. And while the Tierra del Fuego team will compete under Argentinean flag - given that this country has the greater share of said Archipelago and will invest more money - the U23 team will switch countries on a yearly basis, in order to cover both countries as well as possible. The junior team has been baptised Los Gauchitos (GAU) - the little cowboys.
It may happen that the talent pool proves to be too small, in which case the team will keep its focus on entire South Amercia, but the goal is to promote homegrown talents as much as possible!

The Sponsors

i.imgur.com/j8lOg39.jpg i.imgur.com/jp9JmFt.jpg

The national cycling associations of Argentina and Chile are the project's main promoters, and hence the main sponsors.


But of course, such a project requires more mone - and who says money says bank. In fact, the Banco de Tierra del Fuego, based in Ushuaia, the world's most southern city, will be one of the team's secondary sponsors in the inaugural season.


The other secondary sponsor is Tierra del Fuego's tourism association, represented by the world's most southern railway, the Tren del Fin del Mundo - the Train of the End of the World. It doesn't come as a surprise that team manager Mr. Fabianski managed to talk them into a sponsorship, given a similar project run by him in the MGUCI world.

Tierra del Fuego

Juan Chamorro76.671787571696164717176726773296
Rick Zabel76.475667466677277767469757173276
Tácio Mendes75.873767374725960697063716975275
Javier Gomez75.772767374725962696869716874295
Armando Huamán75.770687561646866737270766971246
Roberto Romero Martínez75.775657368697667717471767071266
Yonder Godoy75.672767470706065737275737074275
Eduardo Sepulveda7575717076766769697069717073295
Fernando Gaviria74.875707076747068677167727272265
Daniel Díaz74.570757366686065717277737073315
Eduardo Gonzalez74.374647065696775757364746973246
Frederik Vilhelmsen73.970737273715656687059706975255
Pablo Gonçalves73.371717074736666667064717172245
Eloy Nogueira71.363727166675559667572696468235
Héctor Molina7167716969685555646557676671245
Jonathan Saavedra70.468596172716259586859666667263
Agustín Benítez69.664696869675556636556646569235
Flavio Barba69.271596566666966687673696769244

Los Gauchitos


Germán Ollero70.667706871715559646759706668206
Ernesto Urízar70.161716956605459687363666265215
Andrés Cruz68.967586160656170706766696666216
Miquel Espinosa68.467576362675869706871676567216
Rubén Gorriarán68.269646359606965657368666865225
Miguel Ojeda66.965686666645858587160646161224
Ismael Folgueira60.961576058565858576058626257203
Manolo Izurza60.261575859626057566055555858203

Edited by Fabianski on 21-07-2021 14:11
Ulrich Ulriksen
Nemolito wrote:
Ulrich Ulriksen wrote:
You have some other signings, what are your highlights there?
Great lads, big, beef-fed Belgian lads. Got to bring the team's average weight back up with Nairo onboard. Great lads all of them. Will tell you more when I figure out how to pronounce their names.

Said by the manager who has McCalmont Tighearnach on his team Pfft

He was on the team last year, so had a year to work on that one.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
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