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ICL20 - Sign Up
Time to open this thread to check who is still here. Smile

After rider development we'll start into the new season.

If you want to continue your team, make a post here and also if you are new and want to join the game.
I'd also appreciate if managers that don't want to continue their ICL teams could drop me a short PM.

Please fill this form out if you want to be a part of ICL 2020:
3 letter Abbrevation:
Secondary Nation(s):
Previous Team:

If you want to have a development team, please add a second filled up form to your post. There can't be more than 24 dev teams.
Only non mandatory field is secondary nations, your main nation and potentially other nations will have an influence on the quantity of talents that will appear before the start of the next season. You can have a max of 5 secondary nations. Don't add secondary nations to your dev team.
If you didn't have a team in season 2019, please put a "-" into that field.

Soon there will be a ICL20 - Teams thread in which you can make a team presentation.
Questions can be asked in this thread or in the ICL20 - General Discussion thread or via PM.

If you want to read about ICL first. Most stuff here is still pretty accurate:

However a detailed knowledge about how everything works isn't required yet, as you'll easily understand everything once there is the time.
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Professional Teams

Allianz-BMW Cycling TeamABCjaxika4WT
Baku Synergy Plus BSPOZrocker13WT
Bosch Cycling TeamBCTcio939CT
Brugse Zot - TrekBZTdf_Trek13CT
Cadejo - Bike Xpress CBXBardasx
CCC Sprandi PolkowiceCCCdominox17WT
Ceramica Panaria - Autogrill - CipolliniCPAkrisa1CT
Credit SuisseCREVali16WT
Deutsche BahnDEBAbhishekLFC14WT
Education First x Palace - Nippo EF1valverde321x
Equinor Pro Cycling TeamEPChillis9110CT
Équipe Cycliste PeugeotPEUMarcovdw10WT
Filliers - Mora Pro Cycling TeamFILOllfardh12WT
Grupo Argos - QualaGAQCroatia141WT
Guiness Cycling p/b BlackBerryGBBbaseballlover312x
KBC - GodivaKBCUlrich Ulriksen5CT
Latvijas Balzams - OlainfarmLBOLaurens147x
Liberty SegurosLYSShonak6WT
Magnum - MadshusMMANemolitox
Millenium - LATAM AirlinesMLAliefwarriorx
Nordea Bank – SAPNDBForever the Bestx
Pedal Africa for QhubekaPAQthe_hoyle7CT
Polestar ProCycling p/b TelenorPPCivaneurope16CT
Santos - EuskadiEUSjandal73CT
Sevilla Cycling TeamSEVjavibozada11WT
Shell Pro CyclingSHLjseadog114CT
Strava - AvantiSTVScatmaster111x
Suntory Lucozade SportSLSDaveTwoBob9WT
Team BPTBPRipley7WT
Team Cymru WalesTCWsutty6813CT
Tierra del FuegoTDFFabianskix
Trans Cycling TeamTCTTinxiaSx
Vegeta Cycling TeamVCTSSJ2Luigi6CT
VIP MobileVIPredordeadx
VisitUkraine p/b NemiroffVUKfjhoekie18WT

Development Teams

Alpine BoysALPValix
Aru4Ever - CPACPAkrisa10 u23
Astana U23ASTbikex9 u23
Aviva Futura ProjectAFPRipley16 u23
BlackBerry Limited U23BBUbaseballlover312x
Bora - Argon18 Development TeamBARjaxika22 u23
Deutsche Bahn Development TeamDBDAbhishekLFC12 u23
EF Cycling SchoolEFSvalverde321x
Équipe Development CitroënCITMarcovdw21 u23
Giant Asia Racing TeamGIAOZrocker15 u23
KBC – 23K23Ulrich Ulriksenx
La FundaciónFUNShonak7 u23
LBO Development TeamLDTLaurens147x
Los GauchitosGAUFabianskix
Magnum - Madshus YoungstersMMYNemolitox
Omroep Zeeland - Lammerts Youth TeamOZLdf_Trekx
Podravka Cycling TeamPCTSSJ2Luigi14 u23
PureBlack RacingPBRjandal78 u23
Reizen Waes - Pinkpop Development TeamRWPOllfardh6 u23
Síragon ProjectSIRCroatia142 u23
Suntory OranginaSORDaveTwoBob1 u23
Team PrivatbankTPBfjhoekie20 u23
Telenor Youth Team p/b PolestarTYTivaneurope19 u23

Edited by Ripley on 21-02-2021 09:30
Of course continuing, even if my renewals will be a disaster again!
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Main Team:

Team: Grupo Argos - Quala
3 letter Abbrevation: GAQ
Nation: COL
Secondary Nation(s): VEN, MEX, ECU, PAN, CRC
Previous Team: Grupo Argos - Quala

same jersey as last year

Dev team:

Team: Síragon Project
3 letter Abbrevation: SIR
Nation: COL
Previous Team: Leopard - Evonik Youth Project

Edited by Croatia14 on 19-11-2020 12:39
Main Team
Team: Polestar ProCycling p/b Telenor
3 letter Abbrevation: PPC
Nation: SWE
Secondary Nation(s): NOR
Previous Team: Polestar ProCycling p/b Telenor

Dev Team
Team: Telenor Youth Team p/b Polestar
3 letter Abbrevation: TYT
Nation: NOR
Previous Team: Telenor Rider Search p/b Polestar
Main Team:

Team: Brugse Zot - Trek
3 letter Abbrevation: BZT
Nation: Belgium
Secondary Nation(s): USA Luxembourg Netherlands
Previous Team: Brugse Zot - Trek

dev team:

Team: Omroep Zeeland - Lammerts Youth Team
3 letter Abbrevation: OZL
Nation: Belgium
Previous Team: -

Team Jersey:

Edited by df_Trek on 22-11-2020 17:37
Ulrich Ulriksen
Team: KBC - Godiva
3 letter Abbrevation: KBC
Nation: Belgium
Secondary Nation(s): CZE, SVK, HUN, IRL, BUL
Previous Team: KBC - Godiva

McRettin doesn't have nearly enough patience to run a dev team.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Team: Millenium - LATAM Airlines
3 letter Abbrevation: MLA
Nation: Portugal
Secondary Nation(s): Brazil, Angola
Previous Team: -
Main Team
Team: Deutsche Bahn
3 letter Abbrevation: DEB
Nation: Germany
Secondary Nation(s): Austria, Swiatzerland, Liechtenstein
Previous Team: Luftahnsa

Dev Team
Team: Deutsche Bahn Development Team
3 letter Abbrevation: DBD
Nation: Germany
Previous Team: Deutsche Bahn Development Team
Same jersey
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 17-11-2020 11:44
I haven't fully processed the 2019 season yet. Smile

Team: Team BP
3 letter Abbrevation: TBP (if 2 letters are allowed, just BP would do nicely)
Nation: GBR
Secondary Nation(s):
Previous Team: Aviva Cycling Team

New jersey: https://i.imgur.c...SHKdYJ.png

Team: Aviva Futura Project
3 letter Abbrevation: AFP
Nation: GBR
Previous Team: Aviva Futura Project

Same jersey as last season.
Edited by Ripley on 17-11-2020 11:22

Main Team
Team: Suntory Lucozade Sport
3 letter Abbrevation: SLS
Nation: France
Secondary Nation(s): Japan
Previous Team: Suntory Lucozade Sport

Dev Team
Team: Suntory Orangina
3 letter Abbrevation: SOR
Nation: France
Previous Team: Suntory Orangina
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Main Team
Team: Liberty Seguros
3 letter Abbrevation: LYS
Nation: Spain
Secondary Nation(s): Portugal
Previous Team: Liberty Seguros

Dev Team
Team: La Fundación
3 letter Abbrevation: FUN
Nation: Spain
Previous Team: La Fundación

Jersey same as last year. Thanks!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V

Main Team
Team: Latvijas Balzams - Olainfarm
3 letter Abbrevation: LBO
Nation: Latvia
Secondary Nation(s): Estonia, Lithuania and Belgium
Previous Team: -


Dev Team
Team: LBO Development Team
3 letter Abbrevation: LDT
Nation: Latvia
Previous Team: -
Edited by Laurens147 on 26-01-2021 15:19
Main Team:

Team: Allianz-BMW Cycling Team
3 letter Abbrevation: ABC
Nation: Germany
Secondary Nation(s): FRA
Previous Team: Allianz-BMW Cycling Team

same jersey as last year

dev team:

Team: Bora - Argon18 Development Team
3 letter BAR
Nation: BEL
Previous Team: Leopard - Bora - Argon18 Development Team
Jersey same as last year
Main Team
Team: Filliers - Mora Pro Cycling Team
3 Letter: FIL
Nation: BEL
Secondary Nations: NED
Previous Team: Filliers - Mora Pro Cycling Team

Dev Team
Team: Reizen Waes - Pinkpop Development Team
3 Letter: RWP
Nation: BEL
Secondary Nations: NED
Previous Team: Reizen Waes - Pinkpop Development Team

Same jerseys please!
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Main Team
Team: Tierra del Fuego
3 letter Abbrevation: TDF
Nation: ARG
Secondary Nation(s): CHL
Previous Team: -

Dev Team
Team: Los Gauchitos
3 letter Abbreviation: GAU
Nation: ARG
Previous Team: -

Anyone willing to do the jerseys?
Main Team
Team: Magnum - Madshus
3 letter Abbrevation: M&M (if this is not possible, then MMA please)
Nation: DEN
Secondary Nation(s): NOR
Previous Team: -

Dev Team
Team: Magnum - Madshus Youngsters
3 letter Abbreviation: MMY
Nation: DEN
Previous Team: -

I would also have to find someone to make my jersey (same for both teams), unless anyone can tell me if it is possible to do so myself on a pc without photoshop/paint.net/etc.?
Team: Alitalia
3 letter Abbrevation: ALI
Nation: ITA
Secondary Nation(s): FRA, BEL
Previous Team: Team Alitalia

Hoping I can follow the game more closely this year!
Manager of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png Generali pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/gen.png
Team: Ceramica Panaria - Autogrill - Cipollini
3 letter Abbrevation: CPA
Nation: ITA
Secondary Nation(s): /
Previous Team: Ceramica Panaria - Autogrill - Cipollini
Kit: same

Team: Aru4Ever - CPA
3 letter Abbrevation: A4E
Nation: ITA
Secondary Nation(s): /
Previous Team: Squadra U23 Ceramica Panaria - Autogrill - Cipollini
Edited by krisa on 21-11-2020 12:19
Main Team
Team: Équipe Cycliste Peugeot
3 letter Abbrevation: PEU
Nation: France
Secondary Nation(s):
Previous Team: Équipe Cycliste Peugeot

Dev Team
Team: Équipe Development Citroën
3 letter Abbrevation: CIT
Nation: France
Secondary Nation(s):
Previous Team: Équipe Development Citroën

Kits the same
Manager of Minions
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