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10-04-2021 12:02
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Copenhagen-Malmo TTT Discussion
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Posted on 10-04-2021 12:02
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Wow, how did UBS suck so much here...

Congrats to Grieg on a home win! And thanks for the report, Marco, that's a great TTT report Smile

And Evonik... Can we have an anti-win-goal next year? That would be an easy one for them Pfft
First TTT I've enjoyed in my life Grin Great report, Marco.
Back to back podiums! Grin
With half of the lineup being German, that's also a testament to our team foundation that we heavily focused on becoming homegrown lately.

Ganna will improve further when we return, and ideally we'll find another piece or two in transfers by then to remove our only two weaknesses: Vasyliv's 72tt, and him and Stüssi using two race days on a flat race.

I think the AI of former PCMs tried to maximize the energy consumption to barely get the 5 best riders to the finish together, while this seems a little more focused on cohesion.
That's certainly been a factor in our streak of great TTT performances, with a squad that always emphasized depth.

But looking at the poor souls over at UBS as well as at a few other teams, it would be foolish to not also thank our lucky stars to some extent.
On the other hand, Grieg and Tinkoff showed up on the day and deserved the spots above us, congratulations! Smile

And obviously a big thank you to a very enjoyable report Marco, I very much loved the bits of situational humor you sprinkled in.
Wow what a thrilling report Marco, really enjoyed every part, bar the ones where my team underperformed throughout Pfft Really annoying that it seems like Dennis & Oliveira hit a bad daily form. But congrats tasta! Extremely solid setup and a deserved win.
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Gotta need a little more consistency in my results:

Only 23 teams started that year

Thanks for all the Evonik mentions! Enjoyed them despite skimming over some parts of the report. (presumably)
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Wow, I think we should have done a bit better honestly. Looking at the stats, ISA, Gazelle and EA all slightly worse or equal to us, but at the end of the day, only lost a few points from what we realistically could have expected.

Thanks for the report. I really liked that bridge shot.
13th is nothing special, a different day could surely have seen a better result. Congrats to those who did better!

Excellent coverage though Marco, both in the report, and in your extra post at the end of Page 1 here. Thanks!
9th is fine for me, we have never been a top top TT team!

Thanks for great report!
Wow, the guys really showed up this time! Must have been great daily form all around. I feared we had started to fast, given the bridge and that some of my TTers are quite weak climbers, but in the end it was paced brilliantly. Big thanks to Aramco and Carlsberg for their loanees, they surely played a big role in this win.

Thanks for the congrats guys, and thanks for a stunning report, Marco! Really enjoyed the little comedy mixed in with the sports Smile
tastasol wrote:
Wow, the guys really showed up this time! Must have been great daily form all around. I feared we had started to fast, given the bridge and that some of my TTers are quite weak climbers, but in the end it was paced brilliantly. Big thanks to Aramco and Carlsberg for their loanees, they surely played a big role in this win.

Thanks for the congrats guys, and thanks for a stunning report, Marco! Really enjoyed the little comedy mixed in with the sports Smile

Happy Mathias could help you take a victory!
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy
Holy shit that was awful, wonder what happened?
We did our worst, but it was too much Pfft Congrats knockout Grin

Brilliant report Marco! Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
Great report Marco - added humour made for a fun read.

Congrats tastasol on the win!
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Not too shabby. I can live with 8th. The team seemed to stay well together, with only Mavrikakis dropping in the end. I could have liked to see the strongest 5 give it hell towards the end and maybe snatching 1 or 2 more positions, but we performed better than the pre-race gave us credits for so we'll have to be fine with that.

Luis Leon Sanchez
tastasol wrote:
Big thanks to Aramco for their loanee, they played a big role in this win.

You’re welcomeCool Awesome to see Cosnefroy put in a huge shift and help his team to a win. The first of many big performances from him.
Thanks for the nice read! I hadn`t expected more than maximum 1 pic for my team but you delivered lots of images for all teams and covered the full race nicely.

My team fulfilled all expectations of a no result here with this team, but at least gives me a bit of hope, that the gap to the best can be kept as small as possible in important stage race TTTs.

Congrats to Grieg, while Tinkoff has missed his win goal here, but came very close.

Generali and in especially UBS really with a day off here...though Puma once again performing well, barely having underperformances really.
We have really lost our edge in terms of TTT. This is something to keep in mind for next offseason. Guess this result is slightly worse than expected, but not much.

Congrats tastasol!
7th is okay I guess. Only unfortunate that Moser had such a quick last sector and still passed us.
In hindsight I should've sent Leung here instead of Portugal would've gotten us at least a few more points.

Thanks for the great report Marco, really enjoyed reading it!
Thank you for a big report, Marcovdw. I love reading them, hopefully it's something you enjoy writing too. Though, if you don't I won't mind at all if you cut yourself some slack and do shorter reports too Pfft No point in overdoing it and then get tired in the first couple of months of the season. But as said, if you enjoy it, feel free to give us great reads going forward too, I surely won't complain, rather the opposite Smile

18th is above what we could expect, which makes it a good race. Not much more to say for our performance Smile

Surprised to see Grieg take the win, congratulations, tastasol! Must admit I expected Tinkoff to run away with it this year too, but 2nd place and a very narrow miss on a win goal should still be a nice consolation.
First of all, got to say I appreciate the report, Marco. Really nice work!

Have to say that I harboured a little hope of winning this as I feel we did ha e a good team for the race, perhaps only one solid TTer from truly competing for this race in the end. Overall, 4th place is solid enough and does deliver us a decent start to this crucial month for us.

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