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[PCT] Team UBS - 2021
Team UBS [PCT]


Welcome to the headquarters for Team UBS, based in Bern, Switzerland. 2021 sees the team bouncing back to the PCT after a year of racing at the PT level. This will be our 12th year in existence and 10th year as a Swiss national team. We will be continuing with our long term sponsors and will be wearing the same iconic black and red jersey created by the_hoyle. As such, we will retain our longstanding focus of developing Swiss cycling and Swiss cycling talents.


2020 Results

Simone Ponzi Badaling International1st

2019 Results

Andrei Amador Vuelta a Colombia - Stage 22nd
Andrei Amador Vuelta a Colombia - GC2nd
Andrei Amador Tour of California - Stage 31st
Andrei Amador Tour of California - Stage 63rd
Andrei Amador Tour of California - Points3rd
Andrei Amador Tour of California - GC2nd
Andrei Amador Int. Osterreich Rundfahrt - Stage 12nd
Andrei Amador Int. Osterreich Rundfahrt - Stage 25th
Andrei Amador Int. Osterreich Rundfahrt - Stage 55th
Andrei Amador Int. Osterreich Rundfahrt - GC3rd
Andrei Amador Tour of East Java - GC5th
Andrei Amador Tour du Maroc - Stage 25th
Andrei Amador Tour du Maroc - GC7th
Andrei Amador Tour of Romandie - Stage 55th
Andrei Amador Tour of Romandie - GC10th
Patrick Schelling Apex Mountain Classic1st
Patrick Schelling Volta a Catalunya - Stage 43rd
Patrick Schelling Volta a Catalunya - GC2nd
Patrick Schelling Corsica International - Stage 31st
Patrick Schelling Corsica International - GC3rd
Patrick Schelling Tour of the Middle East - GC5th
Patrick Schelling Volta a Portugal - GC6th
Patrick Schelling Tour of Japan - Stage 35th
Patrick Schelling Tour of Japan - GC7th
Patrick Schelling Tour of Andorra - GC7th
Patrick Schelling Kenya Mountain Classic9th
Lukas Spengler GP Kigali1st
Lukas Spengler Kuurne - Bruxelles - Kuurne8th
Lukas Spengler Omloop Het Nieuwsblad8th
Lukas Spengler Gent - Wevelgem11th
Lukas Spengler Malopolski Wyscig13th
Lukas Spengler Le Samyn15th
Silvan Dillier Chrono d'Arenberg1st
Silvan Dillier KBC De Panne Tour - Stage 41st
Silvan Dillier KBC De Panne Tour - Stage 35th
Silvan Dillier Olympia's Tour - Stage 62nd
Silvan Dillier Olympia's Tour - GC4th
Silvan Dillier Olympia's Tour - Stage 14th
Silvan Dillier Tour of California - Stage 14th
Silvan Dillier Bayern Rundfahrt - Stage 44th
Tom Bohli Chrono d'Arenberg3rd
Tom Bohli Le Samyn5th
Tom Bohli Gent - Wevelgem8th
Tom Bohli GP Kigali13th
Theo Reinhardt Corsica International - Stage 11st
Theo Reinhardt Tour of Norway - Stage 12nd
Theo Reinhardt Tour of Norway - Stage 23rd
Theo Reinhardt Int. Osterreich Rundfahrt - Stage 32nd
Theo Reinhardt Int. Osterreich Rundfahrt - Stage 63rd
Theo Reinhardt Tour of the Middle East - Stage 24th
Theo Reinhardt Tour of Cyprus - Stage 25th
Jose Goncalves Volta a Portugal - Stage 111st
Jose Goncalves Bayern Rundfahrt - Stage 12nd
Jose Goncalves Bayern Rundfahrt - GC7th
Jose Goncalves Celtic Chrono5th
Jose Goncalves Tour of Ukraine - Stage 35th
Jose Goncalves Post Danmark Rundt - Stage 55th
Jorge Abreu Hong Kong Challenge - Stage 33rd
Jorge Abreu Hong Kong Challenge - GC2nd
Daniil Fominykh Hong Kong Challenge - Stage 24th
Sebastien Ivars Tour of Ukraine - Stage 34th
Sebastien Ivars Tour of California - Stage 75th
Sebastien Ivars Olympia's Tour - GC8th
Sebastien Ivars Japan Cup8th
Arnaud Grand Cheshire Cycling Tour - Stage 52nd
Arnaud Grand Kuurne - Bruxelles - Kuurne11th
Matthias Frank Tour of Beijing - Stage 33rd
Matteo Badilatti Hong Kong Challenge - Stage 15th
Michael Schär KBC De Panne Tour - Stage 44th
Martin Schäppi KBC De Panne Tour - Stage 44th
Team Volta a Catalunya - Stage 3 TTT2nd
Team Monterrey TTT4th
Team Tour of Romandie - Stage 1 TTT4th
Team Olympia's Tour - Stage 4 TTT4th


Copenhagen - Malmo TTTWin12th
Ronde Van VlaanderenTop 312th - Spengler
Giro d'ItaliaTop 39th - Amador
Paris RoubaixTop 311th - Spengler
PT Team StandingsWin18th

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Back to the old jersey? or have you forgotten about last year's remake? Smile

Good luck back in the PT division
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the_hoyle wrote:
Back to the old jersey? or have you forgotten about last year's remake? Smile

Good luck back in the PT division


Thanks for pointing that out, my mistake! Also, I'm very bummed that I missed the NC thread this year as I would have loved to continue to show off your work with the NC jerseys. Shame on me Sad
I'm pretty afraid of some bidding wars for Swiss riders, now that you got promoted and have a lot more budget. But I hope we'll find a good share among the three Swiss teams. All the best for transfers, and hope you'll be able to stay up!
Hopefully there is plenty to go around! And we might even be able to help each other out in the form of loans or trade or whatnot. I'm sure we'll be in touch during transfers.






Welcome to the team, Simon Ponzi!

Keeping in our tradition of employing over-the-hill puncheurs (Stefan Schumacher, Yuri Trofimov...), we have signed Simon Ponzi as a leader heading into the 2020 season. Hopefully he is the ticket to avoiding relegation as he is commanding a huge portion of the budget this year.

I'd also like to welcome Johan Jacobs into the team as a talent. He will develop into a strong cobbles rider and will be spending his first year on loan riding for our friends at Sauber Petronas Racing.

The post above is just perfect Grin
2021 Update

2020 was a pretty disappointing year for the team and I had much higher hopes than what we were able to achieve (which is evident by the fact that we failed all of our goals quite disastrously). So once again, we are back in the PCT. We were able to re-sign Simone Ponzi for a significantly reduced wage and we will rely on him for our chances of promoting back to the PT. Otherwise, I see this coming season as a transition year where the team comes to rely on our local talents that we have developed (Spengler, Muller, Schelling).

The roster going into renewals is listed below. One of the notable absences is long-term team captain Andrei Amador. We mutually decided to part ways as his role is shifting at this point in his career and does not align with what our team needs. I want to thank Andrei for his years of leadership and for being the centerpiece of our team, we will really have to make an effort to redefine ourselves without him present. Also leaving are Michael Schär, Sebastien Ivars, and Kevin Fouquet. I wish them the best of luck going forward and appreciate their help.


For rider availability, most of the Swiss riders are not going to be available for trades unless for comparable national riders. We will be looking to take in loaned riders. Happy transfers!
Looking pretty good, and with Ponzi down sizeable (as should be) there's actually room to exist Smile

As I don't have any swiss riders to swap I guess I can ignore those. Jose Goncalves though would be a very welcome rider that would serve well as a TTT rider and early climb domestique for Lecuisinier. I guess I will try to give you a call Smile

Glad to see you were able to keep that core together! With Ponzi/Müller, Schelling and Spengler you've got a great leader on three terrains, plus Dillier in the TTs and the team in the TTTs. I guess you'll be after a sprinter to complete your team; Reinhardt has done an amazing job btw Wink

I'm afraid we'll again be after some similar targets; let's hope each one gets a fair share of them once more Smile Wish you all the best - Switzerland needs a PT team for sure!
SotD: Goncalves is definitely a great team mate to have and I've had him score independently a few times through the years. He is available, but I gotta say I was pretty excited to get his wage down this year.

Fabianski: I am so happy the Reinhardt trade worked out! I knew he would be on a different level in the CT Grin
With three PCT Swiss teams (two of which having quite large budgets - I'm not one of them :lolSmile, I definitely expect a lot of competition for the few available riders. But good luck nonetheless and hopefully we can carve out paths that work for us all.
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