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[CT '20] Philips | July
A great start to the month in Dunkerque Grin


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Poga─Źar
@redordead: Yeah it was Grin. More on that and the remaining races coming up...

May Review

1 Jour de Dunkerque Review
Expectation: Top 10
We didn't put any rider in the break and focused on keeping our riders safe in the pack. Van Lerberghe lost contact with the peloton less than 30 kilometers to go along with a couple of other favourites. They were able to get back. Van Lerberghe missed the winning move but finished 3rd from the lead group of seven which got away late.


Paprstka in 14th and Bovenhuis in 25th also picked up points for us.

1Jerome BaugniesLos Pollos Hermanos5h07'16
3Bert Van LerberghePhilips+ 17
14Tomas PaprstkaPhilips+ 4'10
25Jasper BovenhuisPhilips+ 6'19
39Michel KrederPhilips+ 10'29
52Ide SchellingPhilips+ 19'11
64Jefferson Cepeda HernandezPhilips+ 30'31
Final Thoughts
We came here with a modest target of a Top 10 finish with good depth points, so the podium from Van Lerberghe is an excellent result. He did really well to recover from getting dropped. The support from Paprtska and Bovenhuis was great once again.

Tour du Faso Review
Expectation: Top 5
We did not join the break on Stage 1, something which is a common theme for us by now. A late puncture made life difficult for Van Lerberghe but he did manage to stay with the lead group behind the stage winner. Paprtska, Bovenhuis and Boev also finished in the lead group.

It was more of the same before the sprint finish on Stage 2. Boev wheel-surfed in the closing stages and launched his sprint with half a kilometer to go. He held on for the win to give us much needed points on this stage.


Boev moved up to 2nd in the GC and tied for the Points classification lead.

The hard Stage 3 lived up to its billing! Van Lerberghe was in the lead group throughout with Paprtska and Bovenhuis playing catchup early on. However, Van Lerberghe tired towards the end but Paprtska ended the stage immensely strong, claiming 3rd on the day and clinching 5th in the GC as a result.


Bovenhuis and Van Lerberghe finished 11th and 15th on the stage and 11th and 16th in the GC.

1Jerome BaugniesLos Pollos Hermanos9h16'36
5Tomas PaprstkaPhilips+ 1'17
11Jasper BovenhuisPhilips+ 1'32
16Bert Van LerberghePhilips+ 2'33
43Igor BoevPhilips+ 21'28
84Ide SchellingPhilips+ 45'15
Final Thoughts
A stage win, a stage podium, Top 5 in the GC, 4th in the Points and a tied win in the Team standings is a very good return from this race.

Malopolski Wyscig Review
Expectation: Top 25
Van Lerberghe was dropped early once again but excellent domestique work once again from the team got him back. He was not in contention at the front but rode a solid race to finish 19th, with Paprstka finishing 29th.

1Marcos AlturPodium Ambition6h03'16
19Bert Van LerberghePhilips+ 3'19
29Tomas PaprstkaPhilipss.t.
52Jasper BovenhuisPhilips+ 8'00
79Geert Van der SandenPhilips+ 11'56
89Michel KrederPhilipss.t.
128Ide SchellingPhilips+ 23'13
161Jefferson Cepeda HernandezPhilips+ 45'29
Final Thoughts
We didn't have high hopes from this and we're happy not to return empty handed from this race. It is important to keep the points coming in, even from races where we are not expected to do well, and we achieved that here. A slightly worrying trend this month with Van Lerberghe getting fropped quite often but luckily it hasn't hurt us yet.

Frankfurt Eschborn Review
No breakaway action but a lot of chasing for us in this race. Inexplicably, Van der Sanden was dropped on the sixth climb! We did make his way back but he didn't have the legs in the final sprint. In the end, it was Paprtska who finished in the highest position for us, that of 8th. Inkelaar in 11th, Storer in 20th and Cepeda Hernandez in 22nd were not exactly the points scorers we were expecting before this race started!

1Wouter WippertBNZ Cycling Team6h26'06
8Tomas PaprstkaPhilipss.t.
11Kevin InkelaarPhilipss.t.
20Michael StorerPhilipss.t.
22Jefferson Cepeda HernandezPhilipss.t.
26Jasper BovenhuisPhilipss.t.
29Geert Van der SandenPhilipss.t.
34Michel KrederPhilipss.t.
66Bert Van LerberghePhilipss.t.
Final Thoughts
The results probably indicate that the climbs had quite an impact on the sprinters. Perhaps we made a mistake in sending Van der Sanden here and not Boev. However, we are quite happy with our return from this race. Kudos to the youngsters for stepping up when our leaders faltered.

A good month for us where we scored well in the races we targeted and scored satisfactorily in the other two races. We keep the pressure on the top of the standings and hope to keep this up.
No Kelderman, no Keinath, but a bunch of good results Grin

This is going to be an awesome title race Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Poga─Źar
@redordead: We would have hoped for it to be a boring title race Pfft But this is exciting too!

Bunch of good results indeed. Let's hope this can continue.
Well, I guess it actually might be a boring title race. At least we won't be in the mix anymore with a sub-par month of May I guess - and we've used quite a lot more days than you. I guess it'll be between you and Carrefour, with the advantage still on your side.
You can score on any terrain, that's huge - and you do so with sub-top cobblers, sprinters, climbers... just Kelderman is a real "beast", but with the rest of your squad doing extremely well, you don't even have to rely on him dominating the CT hills - great job building up this team!
As red said, even though your two most important riders were just watching tv all month, you still got some very solid results. Nice month for you, congratulations Smile
@Nemolito: The idea was to go back to the strategy that worked in our first season, to be able to compete on all terrains and it has worked out quite well so far like you mentioned. Hopefully we can keep this up, but I still don't count any team out of the title race yet. There's a long way to go and it takes only a couple of races for the standings to have a completely different look!

@Nemolito: Thanks Smile The flat and cobbles guys have done well I agree. Especially the results in the latter have improved considerably while the cobbles team remains very consistent. Hopefully more of this follows.
Who needs Van Lerberghe if you have Paprstka? All aboard the Paprstka hype train Grin
@knockout: Well I'm glad to have both, with one stepping in whenever the other has had an off day! No matching Paprstka's contributions on a 50k wage though Grin

June Preview

May continued the good work of April and we kept the pressure on the top of the standings. June will see us ride in four races, and we have hopes of doing well in three of them at the least. It'll be another important month to keep the momentum going into July, which will probably be our most important month of the season.

Tour of Vancouver
Rider Role
Nico Keinath Leader
Igor Boev Sprinter
Calvin Watson Domestique
Romain Bardet Co-Leader/Domestique
Tom Dumoulin Time Trial
Joonas Henttala Domestique/Time Trial
Kevon Inkelaar Domestique
Michael Storer Domestique
Keinath returns after a bit of a break to lead the team again in the TT heavy climbing race. We are not crazy about the TTT on the final stage, but hopefully Dumoulin, Keinath and Henttala can pull the rest of the team to a good result. We also hope to be in a decent position before that stage to be able to have something to protect. Boev has done well in Stage Races so far and is here again for the three flat stages.
Expectation: Top 5
Watch Out For: Igor Boev

Post Danmark Rundt
Rider Role
Bert Van Lerberghe Free Role
Igor Boev Sprinter
Calvin Watson Puncher
Tomas Paprstka Domestique
Tom Dumoulin Time Trial
Jasper Bovenhuis Domestique
Joonas Henttala Time Trial
Michael Storer Domestique
Provided he can stay safe for the first four stages, this is perhaps the first real opportunity for Dumoulin to target a high placing in the GC with the moderately long Time Trial on the final stage. Boev is here once again to try to take advantage of the undulating flat stages. Watson is here to try to challenge is the hills rated stage 3 becomes selective. Overall, we have a well-rounded unit but we don't have very high hopes from this race as far as the GC is concerned mainly because of the unpredictable nature of this race.
Expectation: Top 15
Watch Out For: Tom Dumoulin

Clasique Pico Basile
Rider Role
Nico Keinath Leader
Romain Bardet Co-Leader
Joonas Henttala Domestique
Kevin Inkelaar Domestique
Jefferson Cepeda Hernandez Domestique
Ide Schelling Domestique
Keinath rides again this month, and once again, we don't believe this race suits his capabilities too well. We are hoping to get some depth scoring going here instead. We are also hoping for Bardet to kickstart his season with this race.
Expectation: Top 10
Watch Out For: Romain Bardet

Clasico San Cristobal
Rider Role
Wilco Kelderman Leader
Calvin Watson Domestique
Romain Bardet Domestique
Jasper Bovenhuis Domestique
Kevin Inkelaar Domestique
Michael Storer Domestique
Jefferson Cepeda Hernandez Domestique
Ide Schelling Domestique
Kelderman comes back to riding after a break as well and he should be one of the top favourites for this race. He didn't quite get the job done the last time a similar profile showed up, but we expect a podium at the minimum. The hills support has been a little hit and miss so far, so we hope for more consistency here.
Expectation: Top 3
Watch Out For: Calvin Watson

Philips = stinky
Manager of the greatest team in the world
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Really curious about Danmark. We both have a contender for the GC if that hilly stage isn't selective (and while it doesn't look that selective to me, you never know what PCM has planned of course). I think Dumoulin might be the best tt'ist in the division, so I really fancy your chances then. As long as he doesn't decide to take a break like irl, that is Wink
@quadsas: https://www.youtu...NXIZuIBJKs

@Nemolito: Let's hope MG Dumoulin can live up to his TT billing in Danmark!
Manager of the greatest team in the world
DK ┼Żalgiris
Mid Season Report

We're halfway through the 2020 season, so it's a good time to check on the progress of the team through the races so far. According to the latest Rankings update, we stand 5th in the division (conditions applied). That is not as good as we had hoped at the start of the season, but let's keep that aside and look at how the riders have done.

Season Goals
Race Category Goal Result
GP YekaterinburgC2HCWin1st
Rio Vista ChinesaC2Win
Euskal BizikletaC2HCTop 5
CT Individual StandingsCTTop 5
CT Team StandingsCTTop 5

*Green means Goal Achieved. Red means Goal Failed.
We have raced in one goal race so far, a win goal, and achieved that. Our other goals are coming up later in the year and we hope to achieve those as well. Currently, we're also on course to meet the Individual and Team Standings goals.

Race-Wise Analysis
Hong Kong ChallengeC1123341
Tour du FasoC2HC114338
GP YekaterinburgC2HC105252.5
Tour of EritreaC2HC75612.5
Vuelta al TachiraC272107.2
GP IzolaC259229.5
Lincoln GPC2HC50225
Gent - WevelgemC2HC49224.5
Trofeo LaiguegliaC2HC33216.5
1 Jour de DunkerqueC233216.5
GP HerningC227213.5
Coppa PlacciC226213
Frankfurt EschbornC225212.5
Kuurne - Bruxelles - KuurneHC22211
Colombo ClassicC21025
Lisbon ClassicC1422
Malopolski WyscigC1422
Roma MaximaC1321.5
Great Ocean Road ClassicC2HC120.5
Viana do CasteloC1020
Betonexpressz GPC2HC020
Race Category-Wise Analysis
C2HC has brought us most joy, with an impressive PpRD and three of the top four scoring races belonging to this category. We have been consistent more or less, but we do need a few more standout performances to improve our position in the table.

Month-Wise Points Progression

Recently concluded May has been our best month of the season so far, with March being a let down. we need to keep achieving 15 or more PpRD going ahead to be able to challenge for the title.

Rider Analysis - Points, PpRD and Ranking
RiderPointsPpRDCT Ranking
Wilco Kelderman26520.384
Nico Keinath1187.3823
Bert Van Lerberghe1154.2624
Tomas Paprstka1153.9725
Jasper Bovenhuis601.6258
Calvin Watson532.7964
Igor Boev492.1372
Kevin Inkelaar110.46148
Michael Storer80.24163
Geert Van der Sanden70.39173
Ide Schelling20.05235
Jefferson Cepeda Hernandez10.02257
Michel Kreder0.00
Romain Bardet0.00
Tom Dumoulin0.00
Joonas Henttala0.00

**Scaroni, Per and Kooistra are yet to race.
As expected, Kelderman is our top scorer by far, but he's still 4th in the CT standings. He does have more than 60% of his RDs left, so that should boost his scoring. Keinath has been consistent while Van Lerberghe has underperformed. Paprstka has been the signing of the season so far. Boev too, has been excellent. Bovenhuis has done well while Watson has been solid. Our depth has been good with seven riders in the Top 75, but there is a big drop-off after that. Van der Sanden has been poor while Bardet, Dumoulin and Henttala not scoring yet is a bit of worry now.

Rider Analysis - Wage/Point
Igor Boev4900.00
Tomas Paprstka11550000434.78
Bert Van Lerberghe11590000782.61
Jasper Bovenhuis6050000833.33
Calvin Watson5350000943.40
Nico Keinath1181400001186.44
Wilco Kelderman2654250001603.77
Michael Storer8250003125.00
Kevin Inkelaar11500004545.45
Geert Van der Sanden7500007142.86
Jefferson Cepeda Hernandez12500025000.00
Ide Schelling25000025000.00
Michel Kreder00-
Romain Bardet050000-
Tom Dumoulin050000-
Joonas Henttala050000-

**Scaroni, Per and Kooistra are yet to race.
No one compares to Boev's returns for us, being a free rider signed from the draft. Paprstka is taking home just over 400 Euros for every point he scores.

Edited by AbhishekLFC on 16-03-2021 12:44
I think your rider analysis should have a CT ranking, unless you're already predicting for next season Pfft

Also I think Scaroni, Per and Kooistra won't be riding for you this season :lol:

A few more results from Nico and Wilco and you should be back in contention for the title. The race goals also look very much achievable Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Poga─Źar
redordead wrote:
I think your rider analysis should have a CT ranking, unless you're already predicting for next season Pfft

Also I think Scaroni, Per and Kooistra won't be riding for you this season :lol:

A few more results from Nico and Wilco and you should be back in contention for the title. The race goals also look very much achievable Smile

Rankings corrected. Me and my copy-paste issues Pfft

Scaroni, Per and Kooistra are Stagiares, so they don't start yet.

The race goals do look achievable but not sure about the title push at the moment. Need some more big results. Just consistency is not getting us there.
Really great update, love to read it. As you mentioned yourself, Kelderman still has many rd's left, and looking at his pprd that will surely grant you a lot of points. Not sure if it will be enough for the title, but it must be close. Like I mentioned earlier, Dumoulin looks the best tt'ist in the division to me, so I'm sure he'll also deliver you some decent points. Just don't know about Danmark, because of that hilly stage. Looking forward to the title battle Smile
Looking forward to it myself. Our riders just need to find on extra gear to close the gap at the top. Won't be easy because all team sin the top positions have been very consistent and strong. Let's see how it goes.
June Review

Tour of Vancouver Review
Expectation: Top 5
We got off to a decent start with Keinath claiming 8th place, 26 seconds off the pace, in the uphill TT on Stage 1. Inkelaar in 20th and Bardet in 22nd was a good minor result for us.

Storer, Boev and Henttala joined a huge breakaway on Stage 2. The breakaway whittled down as the stage went on but Boev stayed with the front group to claim 2nd on the day. The pack did finish a minute behind but were awarded the same time!


Stage 3 ended in a bunch sprint but Boev could only manage 9th this time.

Stage 4 was the first mountain stage with Keinath staying with the group of leaders till the attacks started. He couldn't quite follow, finishing 6th and losing just under and minute on the day but moving up to 6th in the GC.

Stage 5 was flat again. Boev started the sprint from a long way and although he managed to make up some ground, he finished 6th this time.

Stage 6 was the second and final mountain stage of the race. No breakaway appearance for us once again and all hands were working to keep Keinath in a good position. Keinath was among the first three riders to put in an acceleration and made great strides towards catching the break.


Keinath stayed with the front group till the end and even launched the acceleration to the line. However, he wasn't strong enough to win the stage, losing out to Ranaweera in the closing stages. He finished 2nd, gaining time on his rivals and moving up to 3rd in the GC.


Stage 7 was a TTT and this is not a strong discipline for us. However, the team put in a solid ride to claim 5th on the day and secure Keinath's GC podium.


1Thibaut PinotProject: Africa22h15'04
3Nico KeinathPhilips+ 1'06
24Romain BardetPhilips+ 8'53
39Kevin InkelaarPhilips+ 14'39
47Joonas HenttalaPhilips+ 20'35
57Michael StorerPhilips+ 23'07
61Calvin WatsonPhilips+ 23'47
80Igor BoevPhilips+ 31'14
107Tom DumoulinPhilips+ 42'32
Final Thoughts
Keinath once again beat the odds to climb onto the podium to keep his good season going. Bardet scored his first points of the season with a 24th place in the GC. A couple of 2nd places, and some minor classification points means we come away with a good haul from this race.

Post Danmark Rundt Review
Expectation: Top 15
Stage 1 and like always we didn't join the break. We set up Boev well for the sprint, or he set himself up well, however you like to put it and went wheel-to-wheel with Mezgec at the finish. He had to settle for 2nd though.


More of the same on Stage 2 as Boev got himself another 2nd place, albeit not as close this time, but this result meant he now held both the GC and Points jerseys in this race!


On Stage 3, we worked to protect Boev in the initial stages. There was a split in the closing stages however, and Boev fell to the second group. However, Watson was in a good place to follow the attacks. Watson followed through to finish 3rd on the stage. He moved up to 3rd in the GC.


The Boev group would make it back, which meant we were now 3rd and 4th in the GC and still holding on to the Points jersey.

Stage 4 followed the script of the first two stages but Boev didn't have the legs to compete this time. Van Lerberghe chipped in with a cheeky 8th place. Boev lost the Points jersey though.

Stage 5 was an ITT and for a change Dumoulin was among the top favourites in a Time Trial, which is probably the first time something like this has happened. However, it wasn't the greatest ride from Dumoulin, who finished 6th on the day and 4th in the GC. Boev lost too much time and fell out of the points scoring positions. Watson lost time but still got 16th in the GC.

1Jan GhyselinckCarrefour - ESPN16h04'39
4Tom DumoulinPhilips+ 17
16Calvin WatsonPhilips+ 1'55
35Joonas HenttalaPhilips+ 3'29
67Michael StorerPhilips+ 4'59
74Tomas PaprstkaPhilips+ 5'15
75Bert Van LerberghePhilips+ 5'19
84Jasper BovenhuisPhilips+ 5'41
93Igor BoevPhilips+ 5'58
Final Thoughts
We did better than we expected but it was still disappointing for Dumoulin to miss even the podium. I guess Boev compensated for that. Getting the Points and GC lead for a while was a major coup. Boev goes home with 2nd in the Points classification. Watson too stepped up and delivered for the role we brought him to this race for.

Clasique Pico Basile Review
Expectation: Top 10
We did not particularly have high hopes from this race, as Keinath is probably a better stage racer than a one-day rider. We proved right in this as Keinath missed the winning move and had to lead the chase. This tired him out and he ended up 10th, thereby just about meeting our expectations. Bardet finished 17th.

1Suranga RanaweeraSauber Petronas Racing7h43'23
10Nico KeinathPhilips+ 3'13
17Romain BardetPhilips+ 8'27
39Kevin InkelaarPhilips+ 14'09
56Joonas HenttalaPhilips+ 20'03
93Ide SchellingPhilips+ 58'51
96Jefferson Cepeda HernandezPhilips+ 1h00'03
Final Thoughts
An ok race for us without any great achievements to report. Good thing is Bardet seems to have his legs at an important part of the season. We hope to see Keinath back in Stage Races again.

Clasico San Cristobal Review
Expectation: Top 3
We concentrated on chasing the break and getting Kelderman into a good position for the closing stages. First Storer and then Bardet did a stellar job of the same. Kelderman followed the first attack and stayed in the front group, dropping all but one rival as they reached the final kilometer.


All that work caught up to him, as he didn't have the legs to counter Hoelgaard when attacked for the win. Kelderman finished 2nd.


Bardet finished a creditable 12th.

1Daniel HoelgaardTryg - Ritter Sport4h59'50
2Wilco KeldermanPhilipss.t.
12Romain BardetPhilips+ 3'05
35Michael StorerPhilips+ 4'18
81Calvin WatsonPhilips+ 8'29
82Kevin InkelaarPhilipss.t.
83Jefferson Cepeda HernandezPhilipss.t.
114Ide SchellingPhilips+ 11'25
128Jasper BovenhuisPhilips+ 16'32
Final Thoughts
Once again, Kelderman fails to finish off the good work done by the team and then himself in the setting up for the finish. It is disappointing that he just doesn't seem to have the legs to dominate the hills. More good work from Bardet is a pleasing thing. Shoutout to Storer as well, who took over Watson's role quite well, with the latter struggling here.

We had a good month, no doubt about it. But did we have a good enough month? Maybe not. Our rivals at the top of the table, and for the promotion spots keep pulling out clutch results while we keep falling just short. The top spot looks to be slipping away now and perhaps we need to get our heads down and concentrate on promotion going ahead.
Definitely a good month. Pico Basile as the only non good race in there.

Promotion is surely on the way Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Poga─Źar
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