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[PT] Mapei 2021 (The end)
After relegation from PT to PCT T-Mobile decided to stop sponsoring the team and another legendary cycling sponsor stepped in (for the second time). We are looking forward to new challanges in PCT!

Former squads

T-Mobile (2019)

Tejay Van Garderen
Matteo Trentin
Rasmus Gulldhammer
Jacob Fiedler
Sergio Luis Henao Montoya
Emanuel Buchmann
Georg Preidler
Elia Favilli
Jhonatan Restrepo (Loan)
Deins Kanepejs (Loan)
David Wohrer
Christoph Mai
Luis Enrique Lemus Davila
Abel Kenyeres (Loan)
Gaspar Goncalves
Marcus Burghardt
Michael Schwarzmann
Olivier Le Court de Billot
Abou Sanogo (Loan)
Kevin Predatsch
Faycal Hamza
Peter Varga

T-Mobile (2018)

Jacob Fiedler
Rudiger Selig
Thomas Bontenackels
Emanuel Buchmann
Kevin Predatsch
Michael Schwarzmann
Georg Preidler
Andreas Hofer
David Wöhrer
Gregor Muhlberger (Loaned in)
Rein Taaramäe
Artemio Mochella
Enrico Battaglin
Tejay van Garderen
Connor McCutcheon (Loaned in)
Florentino Marquez
Delio Fernandez
Mitch Docker
Geoffrey Soupe
Alexandre Geniez
Mikayil Krasnoperov
Maani Altanzul (Loaned in)
(Farao Island) Torkil Veyhe (Loaned in)

Wiesenhof-Andritz (2017)

Ruben Zepuntke
Christoph Mai
Andreas Stauff
Mike Aaron Egger
Lucas Schädlich
Jan Dieteren
Emanuel Buchmann
Willi Willwohl
Kevin Predatsch (Loaned out)
Georg Preidler
Daniel Schorn
Daniel Paulus
David Wöhrer
Hermann Pernsteiner
Christoph Taubel (loaned out)
Gregor Muhlberger (Loaned in)
Milos Borisavljevic (Loaned in)
Isaac Bolivar (Loaned in)
Rein Taaramäe
Mattia Catteneo
Enrico Franzoi
Alex Dowsett

Wiesenhof-Andritz (2016) PCT Champion

Alexandar Flügel
Rick Zabel
Kevin Predatsch
Ruben Zepuntke
Christoph Mai
Mike Aaron Egger
Lucas Schädlich
Jan Dieteren
Emanuel Buchmann
Willi Willwohl
Georg Preidler
Daniel Schorn
Matthias Brändle
Daniel Paulus
Lukas Pöstlberger
Christoph Taubel
Romain Zingle
Yonathan Monsalve
Shane Archbold
Josh Atkins
Ivan Kovalev

VolksWagen-Andritz (2015) relegation from PT

Alexandar Flügel
Rick Zabel
Kevin Predatsch
Ruben Zepuntke
Christoph Mai
Mike Aaron Egger
Stefan Denifl
Georg Preidler
Daniel Schorn
Matthias Brändle
Daniel Paulus
Lukas Pöstlberger
Christoph Taubel
Dimitri Claeys
Yonathan Monsalve
Jaco Venter
Shane Archbold
Ivan Kovalev
Ruben Fernandez (Loaned in)
Rasmus Sterobo (Loaned in)
Haavard Blikra (Loaned in)
Alex Standfest (Stagiare)
Nevio Tirolini (Stagiare)

VolksWagen-Mapei (2014)

Alexandar Flügel
Rick Zabel
Kevin Predatsch
Ruben Zepuntke
Marcel Sieberg
Domenik Klemme
Georg Preidler
Daniel Schorn (loaned out)
Matthias Brändle
Matthias Krizek (loaned in)
Christoph Taubel
Emanuele Sella
Filippo Pozzatto
Nacer Bouhanni
Jérôme Pineau
Yonathan Monsalve
Gregory Brenes
Winner Anacona
Phan Age Haugard
Mike Teunissen (loaned in)
Shane Archbold
Ivan Kovalev

VolksWagen-Mapei (2013) Promotion from PCT

Martijn Keizer
Vadim Ratiy
Alexandar Flügel
Christian Müller
Rick Zabel
Kevin Predatsch
Ruben Zepuntke
Marcel Sieberg
Matthias Kessler
Georg Preidler
Daniel Schorn
Matthias Brändle
Christoph Taubel
Damien Gaudin
Gregory Brenes
Winner Anacona
Jaime Alberto Castañeda
Lasse Böchman
Phan Age Haugard
Yeison Delgado
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/BOL.pngGilber Zurita
Victor Shishelov (On Loan)

VolksWagen-Siemens (2012)

i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/NED.pngKai Reus
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/UKR.pngVadim Ratiy
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/GER.pngAlexandar Flügel
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/GER.pngRobert Förster
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/GER.pngChristian Müller
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/GER.pngLucas Schädlich
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/GER.pngAndreas Klier
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/GER.pngRick Zabel
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/GER.pngKevin Predatsch
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/ITA.pngMarco Marzano
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/ITA.pngAlberto Loddo
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/ITA.pngFabio Sabatini
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/AUT.pngChristian Pfannberger
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/AUT.pngGeorg Preidler
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/AUT.pngDaniel Schorn
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/SPA.pngBenjamin Noval
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/FIN.pngJussi Veikkanen
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/CRC.pngGregory Brenes
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/COL.pngWinner Anacona
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/CHI.pngWen Hao Li Loan from Festina - Conec

Team Telenor-SAS(2011)

Thomas Vaitkus
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/SWE.pngFredrik Kessiakoff
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/AUS.pngGraeme Brown
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/SPA.pngXavier Florencio
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/AUT.pngThomas Rohregger
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/SPA.pngBenjamin Noval
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/AUT.pngChristian Pfannberger
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/TUN.pngRafã Chtioui
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/ITA.pngFabio Sabatini
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/DEN.pngNiki Västergaard
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/FIN.pngJussi Veikkanen
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/GER.pngSebastian Siedler
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/NOR.pngFredrik Wilman
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/DEN.pngLasse Böchman
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/DEN.pngDaniel Foder
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/NED.pngRemco Te Brake
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/GER.pngAndreas Klier
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/NOR.pngLars Petter Nordhaug
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/NOR.pngStian Remme
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/NOR.pngStian Sommerseth
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/NOR.pngOle Haavardsholm
i218.photobucket.com/albums/cc62/jolly_anutnes/daily/DEN.pngRasmus Guldhammer (Loaned in)
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Big thanks to the great The_hoyle for the jersey
Edited by Heine on 18-09-2020 16:33

Name2019 Wage2020 WageDifference
Tejay Van Garderen€ 650 000€ 525 000-€ 125 000
Rasmus Guldhammer€ 400 000€ 425 000€ 25 000
Emanuel Buchmann€ 310 000€ 400 000€ 90 000
Georg Preidler€ 125 000Greedy bastard-€ 125 000
Matteo Trentin€ 460 000€ 365 000-€ 95 000
Sergio Luis Henao Montoya€ 550 000€ 300 000-€ 250 000
Jacob Fiedler€ 400 000€ 250 000-€ 150 000
Elia Favilli€ 55 000€ 50 000-€ 5 000
Michael Schwarzmann€ 50 000€ 0-€ 50 000
David Wohrer€ 50 000€ 50 000€ 0
Luis Enrique Lemus Davila€ 50 000€ 50 000€ 0
Christoph Mai€ 50 000€ 0-€ 50 000
Olivier Lecourt De Billot€ 50 000€ 0-€ 50 000
Faycal Hamza€ 50 000€ 0-€ 50 000
Kevin Predatsch€ 50 000€ 50 000€ 0
Gaspar Goncalves€ 50 000€ 50 000€ 0
Peter Varga€ 50 000€ 0-€ 50 000
Marcus Burghardt€ 50 000€ 0-€ 50 000

Relegating is always bad for finances, and this season is no difference. As a team we therefor had to take some hard decisions and some riders were let go right at the start of negotiations. Other riders showed their loyalty to the team and accepted our offer. We are really gratefull for them!

Continuing negotiations was hard, and a rider we really would've liked to keep as a domestique decided that he wanted to test free agency and see if he could get more than domestique minimum wage and we wish him luck! Luckily as well in this parrt of negotiations all but 2 riders we wanted to keep had accepted.

The last days of negotiations were intense, and in the end Georg Preidler decided to leave the team he joined back in 2012. We are very sad to see him go, but we could never reach and agreement. We have spent many years, and a lot of money developing Georg into the rider he is today. We are sad to see him go, but as a team we need riders that are willing to bleed for the team, and not demand enourmous wage increases in the middle of a relegation.

In general we are happy with many of our leaders being willing to decrease their wage and being willing to help us get back to the Pro Tour. Unfortunately with the decrease in wage cap we will not be able to keep them all, but we are extremely thankfull for their cooperation!

With the new sponsor we will see changes to the team, and at the moment there are only 11 riders under contract. This will be an active transfer season for us, and we will see several more riders leave the team before it is over
Edited by Heine on 25-09-2020 20:28
You are lucky at least in the fact that you won't have me bugging you about Guldhammer this year. Pfft Of course with you saying this will be an active transfers for you after relegation, seems like I might have had a chance. Sad

Interested to see how you navigate transfers this year!
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy
Shame that Preidler had to go after all the time spent with your team. Interested to see how you go about restructuring. There are plenty of riders to sell from those retained and that should open up enough wage and budget to get new leaders in for the PCT.

All the best for transfers Smile
Tough negotiations for a great team that sadly will be shaped much differently this season, but I think you did a good job considering the circumstances to set you up for transfers! Good luck for your bid to return to former glory.

I wonder if the fading German identity might see the remaining few riders inclined to consider an opportunity to retain their roles as PT leaders if a good offer comes across...
You know, Preidler's departure may come at the right time - while it's good and all to keep the relationship together, it will come a time that both parties must move on.
Love that kit! Certainly one of my favourites to make this season Smile

Shame about Preidler and now I know why you didn't like the renewals. We could have some talks in transfers...
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It's a bit of a shame to see the magenta disappear (although I guess Podium Ambition will fill that spot visually to some extent :lol: ) but that kit is indeed really great. And I'm going to be cheering for Buchmann anyway of course Wink
Feel for you when a long standing team member wouldn't agree a reasonable wage.

Good luck with the team reshaping.
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Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
I'm pretty sure Beltran is not looking forward to facing Van Garderen, Guldhammer and Buchmann for an entire season Pfft

Still a super strong team despite the departure of Preidler Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
I feel for you with Preidler Sad hope you can get him back, though he's one of the most interesting FAs for me as well this year...
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Thanks for all the replies, the rider from now on named "Greedy Bastard" will most likely not join us again, can't see how we can afford the FA wages he will get Sad


Tejay Van GarderenYes
Rasmus GuldhammerVery Unlikely
Emanuel BuchmannDream on
Matteo TrentinNo
Sergio Luis Henao MontoyaYes
Jacob FiedlerUnlikely
Elia FavilliUnlikely
David WohrerUnlikely
Luis Enrique Lemus DavilaUnlikely
Kevin PredatschUnlikely
Gaspar GoncalvesUnlikely

As poeple might have noticed we are a few riders short, and have a bit to many leaders. We will therefor be open for talks. 2 riders is unavailable (Buchmann and Trentin) while others will be very hard to pry from the team.
Ok I am most definitely stop by and say hi during transfers, there's one specific rider in there that would make perfect sense, however there might be some very serious interest from teams with more well lined pockets.
Welcome home

Every year riders leave the team, but that makes it more special when someone returns! Niki Østergaard was one of the very first riders riding for the team, back in 2011. He rode for the team only for that season, but we are very happy to welcome him back as a support for Matteo Trentin!


Another rider that we can finally welcome home joined the team as a young talent back in 2012, then left in 2017. Now returning for a fee of 900.000 we hope he is ready to be a star for the team in a newly built sprinting contingent. We are happy to welcome back Rick Zabel!


Good bye

Tejay van Garderen and Sergio Luis Henao Montoya has unfortunately been forced to leave the team. Relegating last year made us unable to keep everyone and so with the emergence of Buchman and the decline of Henao this was the natural way ahead. We wish them the best of luck in their new teams!

New friends

Alfredo Balloni


Balloni is a new signing thanks to an increase focus on TTs and Italians. We are very happy to have him here and hope he will be a great rider for the team!

Simone Ravanelli


Simone is a new young talent signed for the team, we are looking to strenghten Italian cycling for the future and believe Simone will develop into a strong domestique in the future

Aaron Grosser


Another talented rider that we expect to develop into a fine rider for the team. Already going to be a important leadout rider and going to get his own chances in some races.

Palayi Csaba


Palayi adds to the strenght of the team by being a domestique for any terrain. Easy to add him to any race and know he will do a good job for the team.

Simone Velasco


Another nice Italian talent that has joined the team from free agency. We expect Velasco to have a good your developing and become an important domestique in the future

Andrea Guardini


Last but not least a new Italian leader for the team. Joining after a strong season in PT and we expect a lot from Andrea this season. With him and Zabel we are able to send a strong sprinter to nearly every flat stage we will ride and we expect Andrea to deliver several strong results this season. Welcome to the team!

More new riders to be presented at a later time
I dont know how you got Grosser uncontested, damn

Also take good care of Guardini, he had an awesome year last year

Wow that's a strong opening to transfers - not looking forward to having you in PCT Grin
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Another strong sprint talent going for next to nothing. What a crazy transfers window...
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Great pickups for sure. Let's see what else transfers bring you Grin
Had my eyes on Grosser as well but decided to go a different route, we'll see if that ends up being a mistake but he's definetely in good hands with you. Can't wait to see what Emu can do now that he's completely unleashed!
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