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[PCT'20] Adastra N Hell Energy Cycling
ivaneurope wrote:
It was revealed by some members of the Swisslion team that they've spotted Preidler in Adastra's team bus, changed his clothes and took a taxi to the airport without saying even a word.

Hey, don't throw us into this. We have our own team issues to deal with Pfft


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
Statement from Adastra N - Hell Energy Cycling
The following statement from Adastra N - Hell Energy Cycling is in regards to the events that occured after the Amstel Gold Race surrounding the wherabouts of Georg Preidler.

After the end of the race as per MGUCI protocols every team has to ensure that all classified riders are here and thereby had not left the designated area. As I wasn't able to be at the event due to business committments, that task was given to Clive Ebejer, our chief trainer. Once he counted the riders, he has noticed that Preidler is not there. After a long search and inquiring members from other teams, he was reached out by some members of the Swisslion team telling him that they've spotted him in our team bus. The bus rider confirmed that he heard someone entering the bus.

Once the information was revealed, Ebejer informed the squad leader Petar Panayotov (as the most experienced in the team) while both went to the MGUCI officials to inform them that Preidler has left the area. As in protocol, the MGUCI has launched an investigation against both the team and rider. As per regulations we're going to aid the MGUCI with anything possible during the investigation.

I'd like to personally thank the members of the Swisslion Cycling Team for their co-operation. And I'd like to congratulate their lead rider Eduard Alexander Beltran for his Top 10 finish in the race - both teams have suffered immense hardship and I sincerely think that this finish will lift their spirits up.

As for Preidler - outside of the investigation, I'd deal with with him personaly and would require to explain himself. This act is very concerning and I know that he's been deeply frustrated over his poor results.

ivaneurope, CEO of Adastra Hyundai N Cycling GmbH (operating under the Adastra N - Hell Energy Cycling)

Clearly there are people on my team that seem to be preoccupied with other nonsense rather than performing on the road.

Snitches get stiches! Pfft


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
ANNOUNCEMENT: BWT to become primary sponsor
During the International Österreich Rundfahrt the journalists surrounded the Adastra N Hell Energy Cycling Team with some news surrounding their star rider Georg Preidler. Instead the team droped a bombsell of epic proportions - they have announced that the team will undergo a radical image and ownership change.

Here's what the media managed to obtain - Adastra Group has decided to scale down their involvement within the team. They've sold their share to Hyundai Motor Europe, but are set to remain a backer. Ivaneurope still holds a minority share of 20% since MGUCI rules state that managers need to have a bare minimum of 20% stake in the team. Hyundai now has 70% with the remaining 10% being split between other shareholders, including Anastasiya Klymenko who owns 4%.

With these changes it is expected to see new color scheme. But rather than being light blue, black and dark orange (colors associated with Hyundai Motorsport), other colors were mentioned from the team - pink, magenta, gray and white. While those colors aren't associated with Hyundai, they however represent another company with rich portforlio in sports over the recent seasons. Enter......BWT


BWT AG, an Austian water treatment company, most famous for its sponsorship of the Racing Point Formula One Team (to become Aston Martin Racing in 2021) has decided to enter the MGUCI universe by joining the Hyundai cycling operation. Despite the team being one of the most likely candidates to slip down to CT division next season, BWT stated that they're going to committ to the project regardless of where the team will compete in 2021.

The team is set to become BWT Hyundai N Adastra CT (CT is short for cycling team) with some journalists saying that the team has applied to change the name with immediate effect, though it will be highly unlikely to accept the re-branding for this season.

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BWT and Hyundai's plans for the next season
After the announcements that Hyundai has taken over a majority share in the team as well as announcing the arrival of BWT as major sponsor further details emerged on the team's future in MGUCI pyramid. According to Austrian sources the team has formally requested a name change which was rejected by the MGUCI on the grounds that name changes can be made during the off-season. The change of the ownership however was approved by the MGUCI's board of directors. Meanwhile, it was confirmed that Adastra will remain as a sponsor and will appear on the jersey, but not on the team's name for 2021.

The second thing that was discussed was the roster itself and the payroll. Currently, the team pays € 2 475 000 for a total of 24 riders - 17 riders with direct contract, 4 loaned in riders (the team pays the full wages for Higuita and Otruba, while for Rochas and Kämna the team only pays partially), 2 stagiaries and Max Losch (currently at loan at Aker-MOT, but our team pays his wage). With the team being in danger of going down to the CT division next season which means a much smaller budget, the situation isn't great. This means that the team has to make the following choices: 1. Ask the main guys to take a pay cut 2. Sign the on big wage with the intention to sell or 3. Let the leave in free agency. Currently, the most expensive rider is Georg Preidler who is earning € 600 000 and apart from him and Alexander Kristoff (€ 380 000) no rider is earning more than € 200 000.

Age has also been discussed - excluding all loaned riders, the team's average age is 30.26 with only 6 being younger than 30. 5 riders (Leopold Konig, Alexander Kristoff, Petar Panayotov, Andreas Stauff and Martin Grashev) are 33 y.o., while 5 more (Lorents Ola Aasvold, Hersony Canelon, Damion Drapac, Bjorn Thurau and Ramunas Navardauskas) are 32 y.o.. With stat decline on the horizon the team is put in a very tough position come renewal time. Despite being 33, Leopold Konig is the best rider for the team right now, but the impending decline could force the team to let him go. The same goes for Kristoff, who is their best sprinter despite his inconsistency.

More tricky is the situation with Preidler. As it was mentioned, he earns more than any other rider on the roster, but after the Hong Kong Challenge he hasn't shown anything substantial other than Top 5 finish at the Tour de Romandie. During the last few months a rift was growing and after the Amstel Gold Race he walked out without telling the team. It was later announced by MGUCI that Preidler will have to seek help from sports psychologist. When renewals come around the team will have a monumental task of negotiating with him, though a proposal that will allow teams to have the leverage on contract talks depending on the results is being discussed.

Georg Greidler and the contract talks
For the Adastra team the bottom of the table, but well within a reach for the 21st place, which gives the last safe net for the PCT tier next season. The team has been very careful when the contract talks were rumoured, but now there's a key element in one of the major talking points that surrounded the team for its entire season - Georg Preidler.

The Austrian, who is paid 600k this season, started the season with much fanfare by winning two of the three stages in Hong Kong as well as top 3 in the GC (if it wasn't for the bad TT he could've won it) and the Points classification win. But that peak was followed by a gigantic drop - 17th in Pro Ötzal was OK, but the following races were a nightmare. Poor showing in Poland, California and even Cyprus (a race without TT) really rattled not only the team's morale (even though Leopold Konig was solid), but had negative effect on Preidler himself as critics called his contract one of the worst ever.

All of this reached a breaking point at the Amstel Gold Race. Though a non-points race (since PCT teams are ineligible to score points in PT races) Preidler disappointed yet again. And this was seen as too much, so difficult in fact that he choose to walk out. Though this was in breach of multiple protocols, it was revealed that he went to Switzerland earlier to be in the right state of mind for the Tour de Romandie. And his gamble paid off by finishing 5th overall - his best finish in months.

However the Int. Österreich-Rundfahrt (his second home race) was a different story. He finished 31st - another disappointing finish. Since then he hasn't raced until July's Kenya Mountain Classic. In Eastern Africa Preidler mounted an assault to the top places, but the competition was too stacked and in the end he settled for 7th, beating Farfetch's Hugh Carty at the finish.

However, this presents the queston on his situation for next season. His team is currently 23rd - 105 points behind GCN Racing. This is not enough for the team to survive in the second tier and the team is predicted to eventually relegate. There's only one race left for Preidler - the Tour d'Andorra (he'll also race at Il Lombardia, but as this is PTM race, he can't score points). Many experts believe that it will be difficult for Preidler to even find a team for next season if he doesn't take a serious pay cut. His yo-yo performances recently tanked his market value as well, so the team will have difficulties to sell him. Not to mention that the team may go for more different approach and only re-sign a handful of riders and let go their most expensive riders in Preidler Kristoff and even Konig to have cap space for next season in either PCT or CT

I'm just happy that Preidler for once did something decent in a race I reported on, and there is no anti-Preidler bug on my computer! The relegation fight is very interesting to follow, with several teams that could still go anywhere. I wish you the best, and if you relegate we'll welcome you with open arms in the most beautiful division of the MG Wink
Wage per points ratio (as of last PCT rankings)
Here are the curent wage per point ratio for the riders within the team (NOTE: this excludes loned in riders)

RiderWagePointsW/P Ratio
Leopold Konig€ 145 000325€ 446
Bjorn Thurau€ 50 00073€ 685
Momchil Robov€ 50 00054€ 926
Lorents Ola Aasvold€ 50 00049€ 1 020
Petar Panayotov€ 65 00056€ 1 161
Alexander Kristoff€ 380 000268€ 1 418
Ramunas Navardauskas€ 80 00053€ 1 509
Damion Drapac€ 60 00039€ 1 538
Georg Preidler€ 600 000304€ 1 974
Martin Grashev€ 50 00016€ 3 125
Hersony Canelon€ 125 00035€ 3 571
Jempy Drucker€ 50 0008€ 6 250
Tom Thill€ 50 0005€ 10 000
Valentin Stoenchev€ 50 0005€ 10 000
Sebastian Lander€ 150 00011€ 13 636
Andreas Stauff€ 85 0002€ 42 500

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