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[PCT'20] Adastra N Hell Energy Cycling
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Posted on 26-01-2023 23:04
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Adastra N Hell Energy Cycling

Adastra Hyundai Cycling GmbH, competing under the name Adastra N Hell Energy Cycling (MGUCI team code: ANH) is a professional German cycling team at MGUCI ProContinental level

Team Information

Registered Bulgaria (2016-2018)
Canada (2017-2019)
Germany (2020-)
Base Varna, Bulgaria (2016-2019)
Frankfurt, Germany (2020-)
StatusMGUCI Continental (2016-2019)
MGUCI ProContinental (2020)
Bicycles Focus (2016)
Argon 18 (2017-2018)
Scott (2019-)

Edited by ivaneurope on 04-09-2020 18:23
Team history

Vivacom - DataMap (2016)
[CT] 24th


Team [20 riders]:
Xhuliano Kamberaj [Loan] Maxime Le Montagner
Marildo Yzeiraj Jonathon Thire
Georgi Petrov Georgiev Andrey Zeits
Nako Georgiev Aleksei Saramotins
Nikolay Mihaylov Clive Ebejer
Stanislav Zaraliev Goran Cerovic
Jan Stöhr Daan Rijntjes
Mikel Nieve Michal Podlaski
José Joaquin Rojas Gil Oleg Berdos
Sylvain Chavanel Marius Petrache

Individual classification:
65 Mikel Nieve109
195 Xhuliano Kamberaj27
236 Andrey Zeits16
249 Marildo Yzeiraj12
275 Jan Stöhr8
293 Oleg Berdos5
294 Marius Petrache5
297 Michal Podlaski5
299 Jonathon Thire5
305 Nikolay Mihaylov4
320 Stanislav Zaraliev3
322 Clive Ebejer3
335 José Joaquin Rojas Gil2
353 Georgi Petrov Georgiev1
NC Aleksei Saramotins0
NC Daan Rijntjes0
NC Goran Cerovic0
NC Maxime Le Montagner0
NC Nako Georgiev0
NC Sylvain Chavanel0

VMP - Argon 18 (2017)
[CT] 24th


Team [20 riders]:
Xhuliano Kamberaj [Loan] Ivan García Cortina [Loan]
Marildo Yzeiraj Mikel Nieve
Thomas Degand Maxime Le Montagner
Nako Georgiev Jonathon Thire
Nikolay Mihaylov Clive Ebejer
Georgi Petrov Georgiev Daan Rijntjes
Petar Panayotov Oleg Berdos
Stanislav Zaraliev Marius Petrache
Jan Stöhr Maxim Belkov
Jakob Fuglsang Grega Bole

Individual classification:
55 Petar Panayotov114
147 Stanislav Zaraliev38
186 Marildo Yzeiraj22
201 Maxim Belkov19
219 Nikolay Mihaylov15
222 Grega Bole14
241 Marius Petrache12
263 Jan Stöhr8
289 Thomas Degand6
299 Maxime Le Montagner5
306 Clive Ebejer4
311 Oleg Berdos4
316 Xhuliano Kamberaj4
334 Jakob Fuglsang2
351 Georgi Petrov Georgiev1
NC Daan Rijntjes0
NC Ivan García Cortina0
NC Jonathon Thire0
NC Mikel Nieve0
NC Nako Georgiev0

Adastra - Argon 18 (2018)
[CT] 11th


Team [22 riders]:
Marildo Yzeiraj Michal Kukrle [Loan]
Thomas Degand Michal Schlegel [Loan]
Timothy Dupont [Free rider] John Kronborg Ebsen
Michael Vanderaerden [Free rider] Romain Bardet
Stefan Hristov Hideto Nakane
Nikolay Mihaylov Dion Beukeboom
Petar Panayotov Krzysztof Marchewka
Valentin Stoenchev Maxim Belkov
Stanislav Zaraliev Grega Bole
Zachary Hughes Jonas Bjelkmark
Charles Matte Dmitri Grabovski

Adastra - Hell Energy Cycling (2019)
[CT] 8th


Team [21 riders]:
Xhuliano Kamberaj Enrico Battaglin
Riccardo Zoidl Riccardo Ricco
Petar Panayotov Hideto Nakane
Valentin Stoenchev Ramunas Navardauskas
Alexander Cowan Max Losch
Charles Matte Tom Thiil [Free rider]
Michal Kukrle [Loan] Ole Haavardsholm [Free rider]
Adam Toupalik [Loan] Krzysztof Marchewka
Troels Vinther Tadej Pogacar [Loan]
Meron Amanuel Hersony Canelon
Viktor Filutas [Loan]

Edited by ivaneurope on 05-09-2020 08:12
Sponsorship an personnel

Main Sponsors:
Adastra Grp
Hyundai Motor Europe GmbH
Hell Energy Drink

Minor Sponsor and techical partner:
Nürburgring Circuit

Other suppliers:
Scott Sports (bikes)
DTSwiss (wheels)
Rotor (groupset)
Alé (kit manufacturer)
Kappa (apparel)
Northwave (bicycle shoes)
Uvex (helmets and glasses)

Edited by ivaneurope on 27-09-2020 10:38
Team roster

Alexander Kristoff745967677369747782776866724.10033
Georg Preidler688078587177765050697381584.10030
Sebastian Lander775569597772797379776359594.10029
Leopold Konig717874737374706659657060734.10033
Damion Drapac715153607065766480796677604.10032
Hersony Canelon775057536569705278835674734.10032
Andreas Stauff735264607267746479795863734.10033
Momchil Robov717276667273705069717666664.10027
Lorents Ola Aasvold667675657170685265726567644.10032
Ramunas Navardauskas756075767474765875707472774.10032
Petar Panayotov667771676974715063707664674.10033
Krzysztof Marchewka656460777375745052646265774.10027
Sergio Higuita687372647476756066716863613.6023
Bjorn Thurau726575587571685366737767654.10032
Lennard Kämna697268747270716263667069743.1924
Tom Thill746673747073706162667768744.10030
Martin Grashev677168637170667464716462634.10033
Jempy Drucker715762657066677471706476714.10034
Valentin Stoenchev726767747271705863626261744.6729
Remy Rochas667370616968706061696865623.024
Martin Lavric656867606866655763676964601.022
Jakub Otruba666667666465646063666668661.022
Markus Wildauer656367666669665862686667651.022

Roster table p/b knockout
Edited by ivaneurope on 04-11-2020 04:13
Calendar & Goals

Race Calendar
Down Under ClassicHC10 January
Tour Down UnderC114 January - 19 January
Omloop Het NieuwsbladHC4 February
Hong Kong ChallengeC18 February - 10 February
Volta a CatalunyaC115 February - 20 February
Pro Halstatt ClassicPTHC22 February
Geraardsbergen-BosbergHC1 March
Jelajah SKLC13 March - 6 March
Vuelta al Pais VascoHC7 March - 12 March
Circulo de JuarezC19 March - 13 March
Vuelta a ColombiaPTHC14 March - 19 March
Le SamynC118 March
Strade BiancheHC21 March
Kuurne - Bruxelles - KuurneHC30 March
Tour of CaliforniaHC1 April - 7 April
Paris RoubaixPTM1 April
Baltic Chain TourC14 April - 8 April
Tour de PologneHC10 April - 16 April
Corsica InternationalHC14 April - 16 April
Coppa PlacciC219 April
Tour of CyprusHC21 April - 24 April
GP WalloniePTHC26 April
Tour of UkraineHC27 April - 29 April
Veenendaal - VeenendaalHC28 April
Amstel Gold RacePT30 April
Tour de RomandieC12 May - 7 May
Chrono d'ArenbergPTHC9 May - 10 May
Rund um KölnPT9 May
Int. Osterreich RundfahrtHC17 May - 23 May
Giro del TrentinoC218 May - 20 May
Tour of NorwayPTHC27 May - 31 May
Tour of JapanC11 June - 6 June
Hanko ClassicC12 June
Grands Prix CyclistesHC5 June - 6 June
Tour of South AfricaC118 June - 23 June
Franceville ClassiquePTHC28 June
Berlin ProRaceHC30 June
Kenya Mountain ClassicC119 July
Benelux ChallengeC11 August - 6 August
Nakhon Ratchasima TrophyPTHC2 August
Tour d'AndorraC19 August - 13 August
SAA Tour d'AfriquePTHC14 August - 17 August
Arab TourHC17 August - 21 August
Paris ToursPTHC1 September
Deutschland TourPTHC17 September - 21 September
Lillestrom GPC223 September
Rheden GPPTHC25 September
Tour of LithuaniaHC26 September - 29 September
Tour du MarocPTHC1 October - 8 October
Giro di LombardiaPTM18 October

Edited by ivaneurope on 15-10-2020 20:06
News and results

Edited by ivaneurope on 25-09-2020 12:53
Official team presentation

6 September 2020, Frankfurt, Germany - journalists were on their seats as they were waiting for the start of the press conference of Adastra Hyndai Cycling GmbH which officially kickstarted the 2020 season preperation for the team, which will compete under the Adastra N Hell Energy Cycling label.

"Good evening to everyone that has accepted the invitation. And now, with great pleasure announce the start of the press conference to introduce our cycling team for the 2020 MGUCI season" - said ivaneurope, CEO of Adastra Hyundai Cycling GmbH. "This season marks a new beginning - after successful restructuring and relocation which was also approved by MGUCI's board, it's with great honour to officially announce that the team will compete in the ProContinental Tour, which is the second tier of the MGUCI hierrarchy".

Some journalists were already aware about the change, but there were also some that were left with the assumption that the team will instead compete in the Continental Tour with only Kulczyk - Alitalia being the only team not continuing was assumed. To this confusion, ivaneurope explained thoroughly: "Now, I was informed that some of you may not be aware of the sudden division change - allow me to explain. By virtue of our final position last year we were unable to qualify for PCT spot. Regarding Kulczyk's disbandment all managers were informed beforehand by the MGUCI. By rule, the next in line qualified, but since we were informed that Bianchi - Campagnolo will also be defunct after the 2019 season, Žalgiris inherited that spot. Knowing this, we were going to prepare for the CT division this year when the MGUCI gathered all managers through a video conference call to inform all that the board has suspended Netia - Vonin from all MGUCI activities. Thus our team inherited their vacated spot."

When asked about the decision to suspend Netia and the team's manager trekbmc, ivaneurope was blunt - "We're not in a position to comment if this was the right thing or not. I'll admit that I've felt uncomfortable during the call as there were managers who argued with the decision, but in the end we all agreed that this is MGUCI's decision and we decided to respect it"

The team thanked its partners from the 2019 and announced new partnerships. Aside from the already announced deals with Kappa, Alé and Hyundai, the team also announced two new deals. One of them is a technical partnership with the Nürburgring Circuit which will act as the official training and testing site of the team. I has been reported by German media that the circuit plans to create a one day race at the Nordschleife. The team also announced a new groupset partner - after 2 seasons with Campagnolo the team switched to the Spanish manufacturer Rotor. "We're thrilled to announce our partnership with the Nürburgring - one of the classic circuits with renowned history, as well as our new groupset partners in Rotor".

Regarding renewals and transfer interest no comment was given: "As per MGUCI rules we're not allowed to discuss things that aren't completed - you'll find out soon about our squad."

National Championships overview
Following the regualar season and World Championships, the team went to the specially designed by the MGUCI courses to participate in the annual national championships. All 22 riders of the roster (including loaned in riders) participated in both road race and time trail events. Here is a quick roundup of the National Champiosnhips:

Road Race:
1Stefan DeniflSPAR - Siam Cement2h18'23
6Riccardo ZoidlAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.

Time Trial:
1Matthias BrändleSPAR - Siam Cement1h02'43
3Riccardo ZoidlAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 31

The mountainous terrarin proved beneficial for Zoidl to finish with the favorites, but he didn't had the strength to battle for the win. He also fought valliantly in the TT, but his efforts were only enough for 3rd place.

Road Race:
1Adam De VosNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite2h12'36
7Zachary HughesAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
15Alexander CowanAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 4'14

Time Trial:
1Alexandor CatafordPodium Ambition1h01'27
10Zachary HughesAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 5'43
14Alexander CowanAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 9'56

Neither rider did spectacular in both races despite Hughes finishing with the favorites. Both riders finished in the bottom half in the TT race. Overall, it was forgetable race.

Road Race:
1Kristian DyrnesXero Racing1h25'27
14Ole HaavardsholmAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.

Time Trial:
1Phan Age HaugardVolvo acc. by Spotify1h01'50
30Ole HaavardsholmAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 7'11

Haavardsholm was too far behind to be a threat in the final dash in the RR. During the TT he finished 30th over 7 minutes behind.

Road Race:
1Mekseb DebesayXero Racing1h13'46
10Meron AmanuelAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 15'25

Time Trial:
1Metkel KiflayMinions1h05'11
10Meron AmanuelAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 9'06

Second to last in both disciplines for our only representative in the Eritrean Championships.

Road Race:
1Daniel VeselyAegon - Lavazza1h25'26
2Adam ToupalikAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
7Michal KukrleAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 22

Time Trial:
1Jakub NovakRepsol - Netflix1h18'02
2Michal KukrleAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 2'19
7Adam ToupalikAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 13'19

Toupalik finished just short of the overall win in the RR, while Kukrle was 22 seconds behind. In the TT Kukrle didn't had the strength to answe Novak's monster time, but he's still fairly young with the potential of becomming great TT specialist.

Road Race:
1Saya KuroedaRakuten Pro Cycling1h13'32
10Hideto NakaneAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.

Time Trial:
1Rei OnoderaRakuten Pro Cycling1h07'12
19Hideto NakaneAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 6'59

Nakane didn't had any realistic chance to win both races - in the RR he finished 10th, while he was one of the slowest in the TT race.

Road Race:
1Krisztian LovassyENI - MOL1h29'37
3Viktor FilutasAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.

Time Trial:
1Marton DinaENI - MOL1h06'14
2Viktor FilutasAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 3

Promising young prospect Viktor Filutas shouldn't be discougraged by falling short of wearing the Hungarian national colors next season - the future is still bright for him.

Road Race:
1Cesare Di MaggioENI - MOL1h26'00
56Enrico BattaglinAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 2'17
60Riccardo RiccoAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.

Time Trial:
1Mattia CattaneoFarfetch Pro Cycling1h03'02
34Riccardo RiccoAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 7'07
55Enrico BattaglinAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 10'08

The layout didn't really suit both riders and laged behind the main group. Nothing of note in the TT.

Road Race:
1Jose AlarconRepsol - Netflix2h16'07
7Hersony CanelonAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 4'59

Time Trial:
1Yonathan MonsalveFarfetch Pro Cycling1h10'05
7Hersony CanelonAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 13'41

Hersony Canelon is neither a climber nor TT specialist, so he was aware that he'll be dead last in both races

Road Race:
1Pawel BernasNetia - Vonin1h25'58
17Krzysztof MarchewkaAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.

Time Trial:
1Krzysztof MarchewkaAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling
2Karol Andrzej DomagalskiENI - MOL+ 1'04

Marchewka knew that he'd struggle in the RR, so he saved his strength for the TT race which paid dividents as he won the Polish National TT title in dominant fashion.

Road Race:
1Tom ThillAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling2h11'46
2Gaetan PonsENI - MOLs.t.
128Max LoschAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 5'22

Time Trial:
1Tom ThillAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling1h04'49
2Gaetan PonsENI - MOL+ 2'31
4Max LoschAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 6'33

The absence of EA Vesuvio certainly lowered the quality of the playing field in the Luxembourg championships, but it provided an opening for Tom Thill to clinch the first double NC for the team. Max Losch didn't had the best of times in the NC's, but given the road race profile and his poor TT skills he knew that he's only making up the numbers.

Road Race:
1Ramunas NavardauskasAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling1h29'34
2Gediminas KaupasAdriatic Kontinentalna Selekcijas.t.

Time Trial:
1Ramunas NavardauskasAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling1h04'38
2Ignas KonovalovasFestina-Canal++ 1'12

With the absence of chief rivals DK Žalgiris, Ramunas Navardauskas became the hot favorite for both titles. And he won both titles with ease.

Road Race:
1Simon SpilakIsostar - LimeBike2h02'28
9Tadej PogacarAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 45

Time Trial:
1Kristjan KorencycleYorkshire1h03'00
11Tadej PogacarAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 3'24

Promising young prospect Tadej Pogacar still has a bright future ahead of him even though he finished in the midtable.

Road Race:
1Momchil RobovPodium Ambition1h25'33
5Petar PanayotovAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+36
6Valentin StoenchevAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.

Time Trial:
1Valentin StoenchevAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling1h06'03
2Petar PanayotovAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 2'41

While the road race title went back to Podium Ambition (with whom the team will share a division for the first time since 2016), the tandem of ex-Podium Ambition riders in Panayotov and Stoenchev clinched the 1-2 in the TT.

Road Race:
1Xhuliano KamberajAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling1h29'45
2Eugert ZhupaFarfetch Pro Cycling+ 9

Time Trial:
1Donald MukajFox News - Flat Earth Society1h07'49
2Xhuliano KamberajAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 3

The Albanian championships were run alongide those of Moldova and Turkey. While the dominator in the PCT division Aleksandr Pluchkin denied Kamberaj the chance for the overall glory, it didn't took away the Albanian RR title. However Kamberaj lost the TT title by 3 seconds.
In conclusion, the team took home 7 NC titles - 3 RR and 4 TT. This has been by far the best NC campaign by the team. With the 2019 season officially concluded, the team has headed towards the renewals which are not going to be announced yet.

Edited by ivaneurope on 13-09-2020 22:02
Renewals roundup

With the 2019 season over, the team has announced its renewals for the forthcomming season, which will be the first spent in the upper PCT division. The team has done its renewals process beforehand, but in accordance with the MGUCI regulations, the team wasn't allowed to announce them publically until all teams have made theirs. With that in mind here's the roundup of the renewals:
Renewals table

2019 Wage2020 WageDifference
Hersony Canelon€65,000€125,000€60,000
Xhuliano Kamberaj€60,000€60,000€0
Riccardo Zoidl€75,000€65,000-€10,000
Ramunas Navardauskas€100,000€80,000-€20,000
Petar Panayotov€120,000€65,000-€55,000
Enrico Battaglin€50,000€0-€50,000
Max Losch€50,000€50,000€0
Krzysztof Marchewka€50,000€50,000€0
Zachary Hughes€50,000€0-€50,000
Ole Haavardsholm€0€0€0
Hideto Nakane€65,000€0-€65,000
Meron Amanuel€56,000€0-€56,000
Tom Thill€0€50,000€50,000
Troels Vinther€50,000€0-€50,000
Valentin Stoenchev€50,000€50,000€0
Alexander Cowan€50,000€0-€50,000
Total Balance:-€296,000

The team has decided to give the national champions - Marchewka, Thill, Navardauskas, Stoenchev and Kamberaj contract extensions. Thill also receives a full-time contract as he rode for the team as designated free rider. The biggest wage increase is Hersony Canelon - the sprinter from Venezuela was signed for 65k during the 2019 transfer season and he finished as the team's best scorer. While the price may seem too steep, but the team decided that he's worth every cent. On the other end of the spectrum Petar Panayotov, who has been with the team since 2017, has reached an agreement with the team to cut his wage nearly in half. This extension also ends speculations that Pana would be retiring at the end of the season.

With renewals done, the team heads to the transfer season, which given the new PCT status is going to be exciting.


Edited by ivaneurope on 25-09-2020 13:51
My calculations tell me that you didnt have a renewals fee Pfft

Curious which approach youll take to fill the team considering you have more cap space than pretty much everyone else but also have to do a lot of improvements to stay up. Certainly one of the more interesting teams to watch as you can influence the market heavily with your choices.
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

I thought you were gonna blow it up even more Pfft

Looks like some solid depth to take up to PCT on some solid wages as well. Now it's time to go big in free agency Cool


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
All the best in the PCT for the coming season. I think that renewals look quite good to build a solid team for the division.
With the money I've saved + the expanded cap in PCT, I can afford going very big in free agency. The issue is that the competition will be stiff for the big fishes and depending on the outcome it may come to bite me in the ass. Also, signing an additional depth pieces wouldn't hurt

With that being said, did I overpay Canelon? Sure, he was our best scorer, but with the wave of released sprinters (due to wage demands) his contract seems an albatross one.
ivaneurope wrote:
With that being said, did I overpay Canelon? Sure, he was our best scorer, but with the wave of released sprinters (due to wage demands) his contract seems an albatross one.

I don't think you should worry about that to be honest. Have you overpaid him a bit? Probably, yeah. But with his flat and acceleration he can probably still contribute at the PCT level, and with the PCT wage cap, a few thousand extra payroll isn't a big deal. So I wouldn't get hung up on it too much.
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy
It's deffo going to be a massive a task for you string together a team that ensures that you stay up, but with the amount of cap you have you'll be able to go a lot deeper in FA than most. Good hunting you'll be incredibly busy.
Will be a big transfer season for you! I was in this position 3 seasons ago after a promotion through disbands. Get the right riders in and you will be fine I'm sure.
.: Manager of :.
.: My Awards :.
Jersey Reveal
With renewals out of the way, the Adastra N Hell Energy Cycling team issued a small online presentation on the 2020 kit which will the riders use in the 2020 season. Made by Alé in collaboration with Kappa, the new 2020 jersey was reveled at the team's headquartes in Frankfurt, Germany.


The 2020 kit utilizes the same colors that have been used by the team since 2018 - red, black and white. This season the team decided to go for more sleek design with the FDJ design from Alé serving as a base. Despite similarities with the eBuddy jersey the Italian kit manufacturer assured that both teams will be distinguishable with Adastra opting for the full FDJ design while eBuddy uses the partial design.

The national champions will have to wait a bit longer for their bespoke jerseys to arrive with both the team and kit manufacturer are willing to wait until the transfer season in order for the NC jerseys to be produced

Availability List revealed
The transfer season nears and the Adastra N Hell Energy Cycling is preparing for an interesting period. In the meantime the sporting directors compiled a list of availability for the current riders and the chance of moving teams if such measures are required.
Availability table

Hersony Canelon**
Xhuliano Kamberaj*
Riccardo Zoidl***
Ramunas Navardauskas*
Petar Panayotov****
Max Losch**** (preferably PT Loan)
Krzysztof Marchewka**
Tom Thill**
Valentin Stoenchev**
The team has made no clear intentions to sell anyone (would've been *****) with only Panayotov (if a suitable offer is made) and Max Losch (the intention is more of a loan to a PT team to maximize him) with ****. Most national champions are labeled as ** (meaning that they'll most likely stay put, but the team is willing to listen to offers), while Xhuliano Kamberaj and Ramunas Navardauskas are the riders that the team is willing to hold the most.

The riders have been informed about this and they've undestood the decision made by the team.


Some young Austrian in my team might want to get some company... Let's see if we'll talk, but one of your riders is pretty interesting Smile
Fabianski wrote:
Some young Austrian in my team might want to get some company... Let's see if we'll talk, but one of your riders is pretty interesting Smile

Your interest seems enticing - maybe I'll be willing to negotiate if a deal can be reached for the right price.
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