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[CT] Aramco DP - Goals
Yeah very strong rider to get for you. Much needed help in the fight against going down Wink
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Luis Leon Sanchez
Biggish Signing #2

Another signing from the transfer market rather than the Free Agency. This time it's the wise old Portuguese sprinter, Oscar Avelino.

He joined the team for a very low fee and comes with a not too hefty wage of 190,000. Although we realise that he isn't quite as energetic as we'd ideally hope for, he's still got the legs to contest in the sprints and he'll have plenty of fantastic support to help him along the way.

Oscar Avelino


Luis Leon Sanchez

The time is here to present out squad tasked with attempting survival in the upcoming PCT season.

Climbers/Stage Racers


Our leader in the Mountains is very easy to see. The Irishman will have a huge job to do this season to help claw us out of the relegation area. At 34, he's not getting any younger but he's got this last opportunity at PCT leadership so we hope he shows what he's capable of.

He'll have the trusty stead, Borisavljevic, as his right-hand man. Capable of getting results in C1 races in his own right, the Serb will need to continue to perform for us and provide that very necessary support to Martin.

We then have a handful of very useful domestiques. Fernandez has been with the team for many years now and still has a few years left in him. He'll also support in the hills.

The other new signings in this department are Mat Senan and Hasnaoui. Both riders on the older side but both with at least a good couple years in them to work on the front for Martin.

The Puncheurs


A very obvious leader in Diego Ulissi who, similar to Martin, will need a big season if we are to remain in the PCT. Luckily for us, he has incredible stamina, loves an attack, and has quite the kick from a reduced bunch sprint.

The main lieutenant for Ulissi will be new signing Tesfar Teklit. The experienced Eritrean will be vital to the success of our Italian leader and we believe he is the right man to do this job.

Another older rider in Jonathan McEvoy could actually have a huge role to play this season. He's not as strong as Ulissi in terms of pure uphill ability but he's got an incredible kick so we believe he and Ulissi will provide a strong two-pronged attack.

New signing Russo and the resident Fernandez will also provide support. Russo will be a handy rider to have in the TTTs.

The Sprinters


The team will very much be led this season by the ageing Oscar Avelino. If he is around in the finale, then he'll be a top threat at PCT level.

Tasked with leading out Avelino and ensuring he's there and in position to make a dash to the line are a handful of riders. Fonseca and Batmunkh remain from last season.

The most exciting signing in this department has to be Darshana Prasad. The Sri Lankan will be a strong lead-out man for years to come as he is only 26 years old! Other new signing is Eritrean lead-out man Jani Tewelde who will have a part to play this season.

Talents Riding for Us


We pride ourselves on fostering talent and this year is no different. We haven't adopted anyone from other teams this year due to Loan Cap rules. 2 of these riders have been with us for a little while now, the other is an exciting new signing.

Nicola Conci is a very promising stage racer who will have a part to play as a domestique in TTTs and the Mountains this season. He continues his development with us and will continue to learn from the older heads in the squad.

Abdul Halil was one of our new signings from last season and has already become a useful lead-out man so he'll also have a job to do for us this season. He continues to progress towards being a strong pure flat sprinter.

Last, but certainly not least, is Gerben Thijssen. The 22 year old Belgian has the potential to become a very promising sprinter. We were shocked that no one else seemed to want him and recognize his potential but we'll take him under our wing and develop him into a world class sprinter.

The Support Staff


The unsung heroes of the Cycling Peloton. They don't hunt for glory and live to provide very necessary support to everyone else in the team. Although ours are a little different.

Stelly Robert is in what is likely to be his final season with us. Still a very handy TT rider who will be able to ride for himself in the ITTs and guide our riders through the TTTs. Al Murrawi is similar to Robert but not near as strong. He'll have a job to do in the flats and TTTs. As a rider from the UAE, he's an important sponsor-rider.

As always, we are also required to ride in a few races which include cobblestones in the middle, side and all over the road. We do have 2 riders who specialize in this and have done so for many years. Stijn Joseph will grind along the dreaded cobbles and look to finish in the points. Allonca is a very different rider and one who our older Euskaltel fans will love. The Spaniard loves to attack so expect to see him representing our jersey at the front of the race whenever he is on the startlist.

And finally, one of our late signings. Alexander Richardson joins us on a minimum-wage contract to provide support in flat races. He'll work on the front all day and he actually enjoys an attack or two as well.

Thank you for taking the time out of our day to join us for the Presentation of the Aramco DP Team for 2020. We know we are in for a fight this season but we have the mix of riders who we believe can keep us in the PCT come the end of the season.

Our new Global Focus sees us with riders from 15 different nations represented across Europe, Asia and Africa. The various different cultures will no doubt make for an awesome team environment where everyone will speak the language of Cycling.

With an average age across our 22 riders of close to 30, we know we have the experience required to be in the right position when it matters. This does of course not include our riders loaned out the PT who we will present shortly.
Good to see Joseph found a team, he deserves it!
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
I have to applaud you for actually creating a decent looking PCT setup, while having such a massive amount of riders having the need to be loaned out to level up/max out. I didn't think you would be able to pull that off, but you sure did!

I don't see this team being in any struggle to survive at PCT level, and then next season your team looks very strong - despite having to let go of a rider or two here or there.

Luis Leon Sanchez

We'll forget about the season we just had and move onto the important part, the development of our young riders.

The following riders spent the last season on loan at various PT Teams and return to the team having gained incredibly valuable experience.

Enric Mas69787768747477566077737068
Fabio Jakobsen74596759757381738080676869
Benoit Cosnefroy76687178788172696969817478
Benjamin Thomas73566678757370647479646679
David Gaudu73717866787571576870696966
Andres Paez73727768747073587376766568
Jaime Castrillo77666776757272557073716776
Leo Vincent70717768797270656771697069
Hugo Hofstetter74627064717172737778716866

We have a range of exciting riders with stand-outs being Spanish climber, Enric Mas, and Dutch sprinter, Fabio Jakobsen. Although there are some other interesting riders such as French duo Cosnefroy & Thomas as well as the Argentine, Paez.

We also have three riders who will need to spend next season on Loan. Conci and Abdul Halil now Lvl 4, need 1 season, while Thijssen (Lvl 3) needs 2. Conci comes off the back of a surprise victory at l'Avenir, the Tour of the Future.

Nicola Conci71757375757476566368637175
Abdul Halil68606060706676627977606864
Gerben Thijssen71606160706866627477656360

We look forward to an interesting renewals & transfer period!
What a strong bunch of talents!
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Such a strong pool. Can't say i'm chocked or anything, as I knew you had these guys all along, but it's still impressive.

I must admit, that I hoped/thought you managed to build a temporary base strong enough to stay afloat, and that would have propelled you into the promotion battle, with this strong a core of subleaders and wagecap to play with on top.

Now you'll likely be looking to offload 1-2 of them either on loan or sale unfortunately, as I suspect you'll also be looking to sign new talents Smile

There's obviously a pool of French talents that look very intruiging to me. I hope we can figure something out regarding some of them.

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It's been said a lot the last couple of years but that talents core is so impressive. Shame that you relegated but it was always going to be a risk. Hope you do well in renewals to be able to keep a lot of them together.

I'm definitely not here as a vulture to think how good some of them would look riding in an Evonik shirt next season Embarassed
Luis Leon Sanchez
End of Year Rankings

Let's just say it wasn't our best season. Some regrettable decisions were made during Transfers which left us with leaders who under-performed and didn't score the points we needed to keep us in the PCT division.

As you can see from the below table, we struggled since the beginning and our final push wasn't quite enough as we ended within 100 points of survival.

2020 PCT Team Rankings
UpdateRankingPointsProj. PointsProj. Rank

The individual rankings painted the picture reflecting our Team standings. Martin & Ulissi performed well but weren't up there where we needed them to be. Avelino was inconsistent but still had an alright season, all things considered. Unfortunately McEvoy underperformed considerably with only 20 points while the rest of our team wasn't able to muster enough points to keep us up.

Individual Rankings
45thDaniel Martin522
60thDiego Ulissi402
76thOscar Avelino310
120thTesfar Teklit167
132ndMilos Borisavljevic146
198thStelly Robert75
204thJani Tewelde69
234thRuben Fernandez54
266thNicola Conci44
297thMohammad Saufi Mat Senan35
302ndAlexander Richardson33
366thJonathan McEvoy20
364thArmindo Fonseca20
407thDarshana Prasad13
413thEvgeny Russo13
406thMaral-Erdene Batmunkh13
433rdStijn Joseph10
447thGerben Thijssen8
468thDaniel Allonca6
470thMaher Hasnaoui6
469thMohammed Al Murrawi6
490thMohammad Izzat Hilmi Abdul Halil4

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 05-09-2021 00:36
Luis Leon Sanchez

Enric Mas250,000+ 195,000Staying.
Fabio Jakobsen170,000+ 85,000Staying.
Benoit Cosnefroy160,000+ 95,000Staying.
Andres Paez140,000+ 80,000Staying.
David Gaudu125,000+ 55,000Definitely For Sale.
Milos Borisavljevic100,000+ 5,000Staying.
Nicola Conci80,000+ 30,000Loan to Pro Tour.
Ruben Fernandez55,000-Staying.
Gerben Thijssen50,000-Staying.
Mohamah Izzat Hilmi Abdul Halil50,000-Staying.
Benjamin Thomas50,000-Staying.
Jaime Castrillo50,000-Staying.
Mohammah Saufi Mat Senan50,000-For Sale.

As you can see, we went through a tough time during Renewals. With much of the team finishing their development last season, we see some very pricey increases. Especially Mas, Jakobsen, Cosnefroy, Paez & Gaudu.

All in all, we now have 13 riders under contract. This means we released a total of 18 riders, we wish them all the best with their futures.
Two of our young talents we wanted to keep but couldn't afford to were Leo Vincent & Hugo Hofstetter. unfortunately the cost to us to hold onto both of these riders would have been too great.
Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 05-09-2021 08:43
Not yet in PT, but that loan should also work out in PCT - and would be pretty interesting Wink
Sad to see Vincent and Hofstetter go - I guess you could have made more money selling them, than the fine you would have received. I'm pretty sure the wages would have been more beneficial for me, than to chase then in the FA market.

Too bad there's "Staying" next to Cosnefroy and Thomas. Those are also on my target list, but nice to see Gaudu for sale. I'll be in touch to see if something can be done Smile

Luis Leon Sanchez
Fabianski: I understand that’d likely work for him but I don’t want to have my riders competing against him Wink

SotD: You’re probably right there to be fair. I was too hopeful I would be able to hold onto all of them in Round 1 and then didn’t react well in around 2… Cosnefroy too good to let go and Thomas at his wage is a steal too! We’ll definitely chat though, as normal.
Luis Leon Sanchez wrote:

Nicola Conci80,000+ 30,000Loan to Pro Tour.

Would it be fair to hold him against his will when he has shown his preference to ride for a team in green-red? Heard some rumblings myself
Gaudu and Conci are definitely some interesting riders for our PT plans, we will get in touch surely.
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I am sorry you had to let go of Leo Vincent & Hugo Hofstetter. I know how heavy on the heart such decisions are.
Luis Leon Sanchez
quadsas: He’ll be in Green & Blue eventually. Sorry to say he is going absolutely nowhere!

Croatia14: It would appear there’ll be some competition for the 2 you have mentioned but I’m sure we’ll chat.

DarkWolf: Welcome to the MG mate! Always tough to see young riders go after completing their development. Unfortunately they weren’t going to fit under my Wage Cap and I didn’t want to see too big a renewal fine Sad
Luis Leon Sanchez wrote:
Fabianski: I understand that’d likely work for him but I don’t want to have my riders competing against him Wink

Well, that's what loan clauses are for - you could just say that he isn't allowed to race in C1/C2 Pfft
But I fully understand if you want to give him an opportunity in PT, it would just have been a perfect regional (and skill-wise) fit ^^
Conci would certainly love to ride alongside Ganna and in service of Herklotz for a season! Pfft

Your team has always been a project I follow avidly with the sheer volume of strong and versatile talents, and it's been a shame to see it relegate and force your hand to some extent.
I hope you can keep the longterm plans alive and rebounce soon!
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