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[PCT] Aramco DP - Team Presentation!
Luis Leon Sanchez

Aramco DP: A New Beginning

We understand there will be disappointment in the cycling community as Euskaltel has decided to withdraw their sponsorship moving forward. Having sponsored the team for the last 5 years and seen promotion, relegation and promotion during that time, the decision was made to find new horizons and look for alternative sponsors moving into 2020.

A promising start to the 2019 season started to attract sponsors worldwide to the Euskaltel team. We finished the season 2nd in the Continental Tour resulting in automatic promotion to the 2nd tier of World Cycling. This attracted some large names and there were 2 that stood out who successfully entered negotiations with team management and the board to become Co-Sponsors for the 2020 season.

The team is now sponsored by oil giant Saudi Aramco and global logistics company DP World from the UAE. The team name will be Aramco DP with the base located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where riders will be able to train at a world class sporting facility. With contacts and business partners located worldwide, riders will be sent far and wide to training camps to fit their needs and to aid in their development into leadership positions in the future.

We will continue to foster and develop talented young riders, as we have done for years, but we will now look to be a bit more international. The Spanish and French markets were becoming crowded so this is a perfect time to look abroad and go into next season with diversity in background, experience and ability.

Keep your eyes on this space as you don't want to miss out!

Luis Leon Sanchez
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Luis Leon Sanchez
Team History

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 16-08-2020 05:27
Luis Leon Sanchez
Current Squad

Daniel Martin525,000
Diego Ulissi285,000
Oscar Avelino190,000
Milos Borisavljevic95,000
Jonathan McEvoy70,000
Tesfar Teklit70,000
Darshana Prasad60,000
Jani Tewelde60,000
Armindo Fonseca60,000
Stijn Joseph60,000
Ruben Fernandez55,000
Stelly Robert55,000
Evgeny Russo50,000
Nicola Conci50,000
Maral-Erdene Batmunkh50,000
Daniel Allonca50,000
Mohammad Saufi Mat Senan50,000
Maher Hasnaoui50,000
Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul Halil50,000
Alexander Richardson50,000
Mohammed Al Murrawi50,000
Gerben Thijssen50,000
On Loan in the PT
Fabio JakobsenKing Power
Enric MasEvonik - ELKO
David GauduAir France - KLM
Andres PaezAir France - KLM
Benoit CosnefroyGrieg-Maersk
Hugo HofstetterGrieg-Maersk
Benjamin ThomasTeam UBS
Leo VincentTeam UBS
Jaime CastrilloAker - MOT

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Luis Leon Sanchez
Last Reserve

Feel free to Post!
Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 16-08-2020 05:27
Luis Leon Sanchez
2019 Rankings Review

A huge 2019 season saw the team finish 2nd in the 2019 Continental Tour with 2114 Points, one of only 2 teams to reach the 2000 point mark.

Season Rankings Updates:
UpdateRankingPointsProj. PointsProj. Rank

Individual Rankings:
8Vincenzo Nibali460
10Moreno Moser419
19Rui Costa310
29Milos Borisavljevic250
58Stelly Robert133
86Andres Paez89
87Ruben Fernandez88
94David Gaudu77
96Jonathan McEvoy77
108Armindo Fonseca67
155Nicola Conci38
169Enric Mas34
188Maral-Erdene Batmunkh27
216Jaime Castrillo21
253Mohammed Al Murrawi13
269Fabio Jakobsen10
368Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul Halil1

A massive season from the old man Nibali saw him finish as the 8th best rider in the CT and our top points scorer.
Moser performed consistently throughout the season and, despite some disappointing results. still ended the season in the Top 10 of the Individual Rankings.
Costa and McEvoy were both disappointing. McEvoy more so as he didn't even manage 100 points.
Borisaljevic performed well for 250 points and Robert did a decent job as he passed the 100 point mark.

The likes of Paez & Gaudu also performed well while points were also scored by Conci, Mas, Castrillo and Jakobsen.
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Posted on 14-04-2021 18:10
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In other words for every point Nibali scored costed ~196 MG$. Which is a bargain and one of the steals of the 2019 transfer season.
Luis Leon Sanchez

This process was one of the more heartbreaking we've been through in a long time. A very successful season in the Continental Tour saw our promotion to the Pro Continental Tour for the upcoming season. A big reshuffle is required to put our team in a strong position moving forward.

Rui Costa: He wasn't getting any younger and wouldn't accept a wage as a domestique so unfortunately we have parted ways.
Moreno Moser: A great servant for the Euskaltel team but he struggled as a leader last time round in the PCT and he was requesting too much after having a fairly good CT season. We wish him well in the future.
Vincenzo Nibali: Age and decline have hit Nibbles hard. He was an outstanding rider for the team in the CT and it is with a heavy heart that we let him go but we thank him for the part he played in getting us promoted.
Zahiri & Ganjkhanlou: Both released after filling in as domestiques in a few races this season.

First NameSurname2019 Wage2020 WageDifference
Mohamad Izzat HilmiAbdul Halil60,00050,000-10,000
MohammedAl Murrawi050,000+50,000

18 Riders. Wage Bill of 1,080,000.

We have money to play with, riders to get, and a lot of riders to loan out to the PT.

Transfer season? Let's smash it!
Loads of money to work with given how many riders you have under contract, but as you mention you have to loan out a bunch of riders to ensure that you have a roster that will challenge for promotion next year. Should be a very interesting window to follow for sure!
A lovely young core for the years to come. Think you'll have many PT teams knocking on your door when the window opens!
Interesting to see Moser leave the team but when it comes down to demands, there is nothing you can do really... good luck in transfers
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I can't say I'm a fan of your new sponsor, but obviously I've always been a fan of the team behind it!
I knew you had a fast track back to PCT and you've proven me right, now for the next step when your talents leave that status to form a world class base to aim for the ProTour. It'll be interesting to find out who you target with that cap space.

I do wonder if the absence of a European main sponsor will see you consider a good offer for one of the French or Spanish talents more than you have in the past, in particular those who need to ride at PT level this season anyway. We might at least give it a shot at some point!
Luis Leon Sanchez

Rider NameMain StatsWageAvailabilityLevel
Fabio Jakobsen78SPR 78ACC 79REC95,000PT LOAN4.00
David Gaudu76HIL70,000PT LOAN4.02
Benoit Cosnefroy76TT, 80FTR, 75FLA65,000PT LOAN4.01
Andres Paez75HIL, 73SPR, 75FTR60,000PT LOAN4.04
Enric Mas76MO, 75HIL, 75ACC55,000PT LOAN4.00
Hugo Hofstetter75SPR, 76ACC, 72COB50,000PT LOAN4.22
Benjamin Thomas76TT, 73SPR, 78ACC50,000PT LOAN4.09
Jaime Castrillo74TT, 74PRO, 75FLA50,000PT LOAN4.04
Leo Vincent75HIL, 77STA50,000PT LOAN4.23
Milos Borisavljevic95,000NOMax
Jonathan McEvoy70,000NOMax
Armindo Fonseca60,000NOMax
Ruben Fernandez55,000NOMax
Stelly Robert55,000NOMax
Maral-Erdene Batmunkh50,000NOMax
Mohammed Al Murrawi50,000NOMax
Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul Halil76SPR, 75ACC50,000NO3.11
Nicola Conci73MO, 71HIL, 73TT50,000NO3.61

Yes we have 9 riders that need to go out on loan to the Pro Tour. We will be willing to negotiate who pays how much of the wage on a rider-by-rider basis.

Once the window begins, my DMs are open.
That`s quite a few quality riders needing a PT loan.

Quite likely you will have some PT managers being happy to take some of those while the bigger problem could be the loan cap.
With our good ties from former transfers I can see us finding one or two loan deals Smile
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The french riders would be most welcome at Festina indeed... We have discussed several of these riders in the past, and honestly - I'm not sure I'm done trying to sign a couple of these on a more permanent basis Smile

You'll definitely be an interesting team to follow in transfers, with that juggling act of PT loans and strengthening to ensure PCT survival. Good luck for piecing that puzzle together!
Luis Leon Sanchez

Joining us for a fairly hefty transfer fee, we've secured ourselves yet another Italian Cycling Legend. Ulissi comes to the PCT for one last hurrah off the back of a solid season at Generali in the PT. A rider we expect a lot from and will need a lot from if we are to survive this season in the PCT. He is definitely the kind of rider who will be able to compete with the best and we will be providing the strongest support possible to aid him in his fight!


There must be a mistake... he is maxed already?
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

knockout wrote:
There must be a mistake... he is maxed already?

Yeah what's up with that?
Luis Leon Sanchez
@knockout & @whitejersey: We try our best to sign riders either at the start of their career or near the end (e.g. Nibali last season, Jurgen VdB the season before). Hope this clears up the confusion!
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