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Final PT Rankings
Bikex wrote:
I also have to thank you because only with the Zhupa deal it was possible for me to train Lutsenko to 83. Could've made the difference in the end. Wink

Well I for sure regret swapping Zhupa for Bilbao, but at least you let me have Beltran instead of Lutsenko. In a roundabout way it worked for both of us to survive Pfft


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
Congrats to DubbelDekker on the great PT win. Truly well deserved Grin

Hard luck to those going down to the PCT. Hopefully, you'll be in the running for a jump straight back up.
Finally a little extra time to comment.

Not the best season for us, but not a disaster either. We lost a lot of valuable points from sprinting changing massively, where we put almost all our eggs in that particular basket. Gambling over 1mio in wages of pure sprinters/leadouts costed us the top 3 we hoped and top 5 we expected - but the margin was slim as hell, which gives some hope. We have very interesting talents and can hope the sprinters get a wagecut so we can afford to change things a bit.

Huge congrats DD with the win! Unexpected looking at previous season evaluation, but well deserved non the less!

850k rider ending 85th in the Individual Ranking. That sums it all.

Kudus having the season i could have expected from him. Maybe a couple of races could have gone better, but almost 1000 points is more than okay. Vanmarcke was really amazing, over 500 points, that's fantastic. Zmorka meh, 450 points are good, but could have been much higher with less bad luck in clutch moments.

Novak again one of the most underrated riders on the team, big points again. Barbero and Mosca, fantastic debuts with the team. I'm afraid they will suffer in PCT compared to PT. Nizzolo was really inconsistent, what we could have expected for sure, but that win in Tirreno is a big highlight for the team. The young guys gave us some nice points.

Relegation to PCT is a bad thing of course, but it's not a disaster financially. Basically we drop Alarcon's stupid ass out of the country and we are ready to fight to comeback to the PT. The young riders progression will be important, and Kudus in a field where he can be dominant will be exciting to see.

Congrats to Gazelle for the title
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Congrats for the champion and the top teamsSmile
redordead wrote:
Bikex wrote:
I also have to thank you because only with the Zhupa deal it was possible for me to train Lutsenko to 83. Could've made the difference in the end. Wink

Well I for sure regret swapping Zhupa for Bilbao, but at least you let me have Beltran instead of Lutsenko. In a roundabout way it worked for both of us to survive Pfft

I feel sorry that Bilbao for you didn't work out the way he did for me.
I'm happy that Beltran was such a success for you, but during the season there were many moments where I regretted my decision. Pfft
I'm just wondering what he could've done with 83 HI. In the end Lutsenko is probably still the better fit for my team, though. Wink
I haven't followed Bilbao throughout the season, but in the couple of races I reported that he was in, he was an exceptional domestique for Beltran, regularly getting rid of competitors early and setting up Beltran's attacks. He may not have gotten as many solo points as hoped for, but I think he played an important part in Beltran's fantastic season Wink
cunego59 wrote:
I haven't followed Bilbao throughout the season, but in the couple of races I reported that he was in, he was an exceptional domestique for Beltran, regularly getting rid of competitors early and setting up Beltran's attacks. He may not have gotten as many solo points as hoped for, but I think he played an important part in Beltran's fantastic season Wink

Well he only raced with Beltran the two races (Milano-Torino, Japan Cup) and you reported both of them Pfft

I'm happy with his performance as a domestique also, so it is something to look at for the future. I expected him to be at least a 300 pts scorer, but he finished on only 179 pts.


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
No wonder I only thought of him as a domestique then Pfft In that case, I guess he does have to do better in the future Grin
We did it. Third! Cool

I was extremely worried pre-season that our title season would not just be a one-off thanks to how much Herklotz and Demare dominated their GTs in 2018, but actively hurt us this year and going forward by compromising our wage budget to a point where even a Top 5 sponsor goal would be too optimistic.

We lost Kelderman, Nerz and Bongiorno - three important pieces and team leaders in like half of the season's races - to get below the cap and afford Herklotz' training, and I made the choice to invest the remaining cap space we ended up with into more youngsters alongside our longterm projects Ganna and Cavagna, and particularly into Germans to bolster our regional core again for many years to come.

Regardless of the eventual outcome this season, I would've stood by this decision looking at how Madouas et al. will shape Puma in the future.
So I'm very happy that we only lost to two very deserving teams in the standings and bring home a second consecutive podium finish.

While I love you roturn and your admirable efforts across the last 5+ years to keep this game running smooth, I have no idea how you could come to the conclusion that after this kind of transfer season, I might have "more or less expected more" than third? Pfft

And it's not just about the teams standings anyway, we have managed to achieve a big dream of mine and supported Silvio Herklotz, a man I own a signed national champion jersey from, to achieve what he never could IRL and win the 2019 Pro Tour Individual Standings!

That in itself makes this season a massive success, and looking at the age of the riders below him, gives us a more achievable title to defend in 2020 and beyond that I value very highly.

Right below Silvio and his great rides to win Tirreno and put up a great fight to Spilak in the Giro, Arnaud Demare also made our season about so much more than a title defense with a record setting Tour de France from which he returned with his first maillot vert!
Furthermore, he managed to finally get that MSR podium we put as a sponsor goal since forever, to finish a good 16th overall and in front of Van Stayen. Pfft

So combining the individual title and a green jersey with a third overall as a team makes this season just as enjoyable as 2018.

Behind our two major stars who will try to continue setting records in the future, we had our stage racers Arndt, Vasyliv and Stüssi finish close together on just over 300 points each right outside the Top 100, with some great performances by the latter two in particular in races where we did not expect them to perform like Praha and Pais Vasco.
I'm especially excited to see Stüssi take his final development step and end up as a very fine stage racer to lead smaller races as an outsider to surprise.

Another batch of our riders finished right above 200 points in our new TTer Politt and our old TTer Sütterlin, with a big surprise being the 78 TTer outperforming the 80 TTer. Politt-Nerz was surely a great trade in hindsight, at least this season.

Our next group came in between 170 and 190 points with Bevin again doing very well for his stats, Declerq again scoring decent despite being really disappointing on the cobbles, and our young future star Filippo Ganna who certainly does not care that he's just on level 2.xx and who rode absolutely amazingly this season!
He'll be a cornerstone of our team once maxed and certainly a potential target for training.

Going further down up until 150 points, we find our Rwandan Janvier Hadi, who got plenty of points on the back of the TONE TTT, but could still surprise more often with his great versatile skillset if he managed to join the right breaks.
Our ever reliable human tower Dunne and our second talent signed together with Ganna in Remi Cavagna are also found in this bracket, and especially Cavagna with his last xp gain to come will be important for the team in the future, despite the now really concerning 64mo.

Two particular shoutouts below these riders are very important to me:

Yikui Niu, our last second silent auction signing, comes home with an amazing Top 250 at 122 points despite a highest main stat of 73, the performances this rookie has shown this season were amazing to watch. I initially wasn't sure whether he'd fit our profile going forward as a lone Asian, but asssuming we can keep him at minimum wage, there's no way he'll leave us!
And our biggest signing of 2019, Valentin Madouas aka the future Ponzi, scored a great 89 points at just 2.00 and no stat worth mentioning yet, he was really aggressive in many early season races and picked up way more than the minimum points for just finishing his races that I expected. We can't expect a big jump next season, but he definitely remains our #1 training target once maxed for now showing this kind of racecraft already.

Going forward into 2020, I have already spent a lot of time during the season coming up with various plans to hone this lineup into the perfect form for the future, and I'm very much looking forward to see where renewals leave us going into transfers and if my targets will be available and affordable.

But either way, I'm already very happy with the foundation we have built now around the cornerstones Herklotz and Demare who absolutely will not go anywhere, with a lot of young riders besides our future cornerstones Ganna and Madouas making another XP step and the German core easily strong enough to survive potential losses now depending on how transfers develop.

Last but not least, the other teams.

Obviously I must congratulate Gazelle for an impressive season and an absolutely deserved division win, reading the list of your depth riders overperforming like this and scoring frankly outrageously this season shows why you ran away with the title this time around.

Similarly, congrats to Grieg who combined a fine Phinney season with exciting young cobbles and time trial talent and Gazelle style overperforming minor stage racers into a great mix that deserves second overall.

Right below us, I'm very happy personally to see CrueTrue finally put a season together that represents the strength of the Air France squad of the last few seasons, all these red stats finally result in an appropriate overall position, it's been frustrating to see such a talented squad scraping by year after year. Congratulations!

Spilak dragged Croatia to at least somewhere close to where his team belongs even if the rest of your riders caused you a lot of headache (and I remember even the Giro being very much not to your liking for the most part Pfft ), it sucked to see Kump suffering from a delayed WC curse.
Surely 5th will be a sufficient base to build upon for next season and beyond and I trust your manager skills to come up with ways to improve.

We have to look rather far down this season to find Moser, and that's not even down to Bewley! I do like seeing human Sagan again though, and it's finally time to say goodbye to maxed Bewbastard! Grin
I'm certain you'll manage to limit your losses in that department well though and expect a tough fight again next season.

Aker went for a risky transfer strategy for sure, and I'm glad ember considers 7th a success.
Your decision regarding declining stars will certainly be interesting to follow.

Generali was the unexpected star of the promoted batch this year, and looked really scary for a very long time in the Top 2.
The transition from promoted newcomer to established PT team is really exciting for any manager, and I wish you good luck manouvering through it!

SotD, oh SotD. My favorite transfer season chat partner had to endure more than probably any other PT manager this season, and my heart broke for you so many times. I'm glad you turned it into a Top 10 finish after all, although that's certainly not good enough with that team.
But I hope it'll be enough to motivate you to keep going and fine tune your roster back to where Festina belongs.

Aegon, our longtime rival throughout the divisions ever since we started in CT together, in 10th is good to see, with a few experiments working out fine this season and a few less so.
I'm curious to see which direction you'll take next, roturn!

Bobridgelong uhhh Bennelong with certainly a season to forget from their star rider and a BIG headache going into 2020 prep. Morton did reasonably well this year and I hope he won't be OP next season, and especially Howard struck me as a very good sprinter all year round.
Good luck in the off-season tsmoha, and how about you finally buy Bevin now?!

eBuddy somehow don't seem to manage to take the final step in the team's development despite sufficient assets in the roster to achieve more than 12th imo.
I'm positive that you're not far off the winning formula though, alex!

Tinkoff is an everlasting enigma in the PT ranks, with their intriguing roster strategy and even without Trofimov.
Congrats on earning another year among the best teams!

Obviously, everyone is happy to see SN stay up with Vesuvio, despite not being able to rely that much on Andy anymore.
A lot of top talent still earning top dollar for now in your team means exciting transfers ahead, if you feel like it's time to part ways with your superstar, you're in a great position to land an even better scoring leader for the future.

Evonik in 15th is not where knockout belongs, even if there was a lot of fun over here looking at the Demare-MVS-rivalry this time around.
You deserve much better, and I'm certain you'll be much better again next season. MAL will take care of that.

Massive congrats to Indosat and SPAR for managing to survive your first PT year, an aggressive strategy in transfers paid off for both teams, and the second year is where your journey really begins.
I wish you the best of luck navigating renewals and transfers with a very different kind of pressure! This is where you can shape your future.

Heartfelt commiserations go to our relegating teams this season, who all got so very close to making it.

Heine at T-Mobile has been a main figure in the MG for a long time and deserves a lot of credit for making a daring move in transfers, and I'm certain you possess the skills to bounce back from this setback and return very soon!
I think with that roster, there's a very organic path for you in transfers to approach PCT with the goal of promotion.

jph, with your very enjoyable team building style at Farfetch, you deserved to somehow make it in PT this season. Your team is always an exciting one to follow, no matter the division.
I hope you still find the motivation to do it all again, and I think you easily have the ability to navigate a difficult transfer season in a great way to do very well in PCT.

Repsol gambled on the most mysterious of stage racers in the game, and sadly it didn't work out this time around, particularly with the PCM 18 switch. Alarcon already gave the steadfast Smowz headaches even at his best, and my fears before the season turned out to be true.
Kudus is a great asset in PCT now though, and I'll surely follow Aquarius' adventures in PCT trying to return here!

Fablok clearly had a rough transfer season with sgdanny throwing all his eggs in the Ponzi basket who couldn't quite give enough in return to justify that wage in the end, but you still came rather close to survival and I'm happy to see you enjoying the experience.
Surely it'll be fun to see how you try to put that experience to use going forward aiming to promote again with a pretty deep squad.

And finally, TMM with the admirable attempt at reviving the old Puma-SAP of our Bennati days, trying to make it in PT with just a sprint setup, a lot of youngsters and whatever actual points scorers that fit in the remaining wage cap! I loved watching your adventures and the way you approached this season, and I'm happy to have had you among us this year on the road and particular in the discussions.
I hope the history of Puma can be some sort of guide and motivation for you in the future, showing that there indeed are ways to make it to the very top eventually with humble beginnings very similar to yours in a first PT season that was never meant to be survived. Good luck!

I also can't afford to forget to thank everyone reporting this season and working on it behind the scenes, starting with roturn who does a massive job for years now, and continuing with the amazing reporters who either have improved their quality even more this season, just started to report and already deliver, or have returned to reporting after an absence.
From Abhi to Tamijo, Marco to Ulrich, especially cunego you absolute madman, roturn himself with a great Giro, Kentaurus and Fabianski etc. etc., thank you everyone for keeping this game alive and well!

Now, time for a biiig cookie if you actually read all of this!


That`s a long text, cio. Wink

Good to see you back and updated. Congrats on Herklotz`s great season. To be honest, he is giving me a hard time as his OVL doesn`t match his points scoring and no matter how you do the formula`s, he will always remain in his spot below other riders. Pfft
I had thought once being 1st, this can only be the goal, in especially seeing how Herklotz dominated and got trained. But obviously keeping Arndt as underperformer, while Nerz and at least Bongiorno had a rather good season, you might have gone better to choose another.

Stüssi did awesome for you. I said it couple times but can only repeat myself. The amount of points he scored in one season is probably the same as Koep in the whole career despite now having raced like 10+ GTs and multiple seasons in PT and PCT.

Both are 75/72 and decent TT. I had thought PCM18 would suit him better but their main difference is: Stüssi joins breaks, Koep doesn`t, which is annoying as I think I can count his breakaways on one hand over his full career...
Cio, I love that you took the time to comment on every team. Dedicated effort. However, I don't appreciate the hidden bashing of my managerial efforts :lol:

Seriously, though - never expected to do so well this season. I couldn't quite believe the rankings, even after months passed by, and Air France was still competing among the best. When the team dropped to 9th, I found that quite ... well, believeable.

However, I LOVE how the team finished off with a win in Lombardia, giving us 4th in the final ranking. Thoroughly deserved.

I barely did anything in the transfer window. I don't think I made any bids myself. That makes this season even more surprising - and perhaps confirms Cio's insinuation that I'm not the best manager in the world Wink Grin
Oh, and obviously congrats to my old friend DubbelDekker for an amazing season. Awesome.
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