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Course de Solidarnosc Discussion
Course de Solidarnosc


As we enter into the final week of the season, the CT teams find themselves in Poland for the biggest C2HC sprinter race of the season. While a few of the top sprinters have travelled to Australia for the Herald Sun Tour instead of racing here, we still have a packed field. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gcn.png Mohs, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Holloway and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bia.png Granjel Cabrera have a history of performing well in races like these at higher levels, while pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cen.png Guillen and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/esc.png Thorsen will hope to take advantage of some flatter than usual profiles.

The Favourites
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gcn.png Mohs746471628280
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cen.png Guillen676166628182
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/esc.png Thorsen605361548183
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png Holloway786977778082
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bia.png Granjel Cabrera756975718077
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nrh.png Perera716469737980
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/azt.png Keough736267737979
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ptm.png Krieger716271747979
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/epc.png Manarelli725971657979
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/zal.png Awang645267627983
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bnz.png Altanzul726968737875
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ahe.png Canelon775765697883
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cbx.png Bogdanovics736274697877
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eue.png Fonseca746174687877
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nvo.png Sobota726074657878
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cbx.png Keough726471677875


First NameLast NameTeam
HersonyCanelonAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling
TroelsVintherAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling
ZacharyHughesAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling
KrzysztofMarchewkaAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling
HidetoNakaneAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling
ValentinStoenchevAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling
AlexanderCowanAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling
ViktorFilutasAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling
LukeKeoughAzteca - NBCSN
ChequanRichardsonAzteca - NBCSN
GavinMannionAzteca - NBCSN
German AnibalOrueAzteca - NBCSN
ChristianEgidioAzteca - NBCSN
JordanCheyneAzteca - NBCSN
DadleyCorwinAzteca - NBCSN
UriMartins SandovalAzteca - NBCSN
RaulGranjel CabreraBianchi - Campagnolo
RogerKlugeBianchi - Campagnolo
GertDockxBianchi - Campagnolo
SebastianLangeveldBianchi - Campagnolo
ArmantoArchimandritisBianchi - Campagnolo
MatteoSobreroBianchi - Campagnolo
MaaniAltanzulBNZ Cycling Team
Jean-FrancoisCamierBNZ Cycling Team
NarankhuuBaterdeneBNZ Cycling Team
DylanSunderlandBNZ Cycling Team
JoelYatesBNZ Cycling Team
SamueleMenicucciBNZ Cycling Team
BilguunjargalErdenebatBNZ Cycling Team
JimmyMuhindoBNZ Cycling Team
MarcoGuillenCentovalli - Fiat
SimonPellaudCentovalli - Fiat
CyrileThieryCentovalli - Fiat
ManuelStockerCentovalli - Fiat
IoannidisKiriakidisCentovalli - Fiat
MiltiadisGiannoutsosCentovalli - Fiat
AimilianoVilaCentovalli - Fiat
MarisBogdanovicsCYBEX Platinum
AdelBarbariCYBEX Platinum
KirillPozdnyakovCYBEX Platinum
JakeKeoughCYBEX Platinum
HosseinAlizadehCYBEX Platinum
ErminVan WykCYBEX Platinum
ManuelFumicCYBEX Platinum
CarlosQuinteroCYBEX Platinum
TesfarTeklitDK Zalgiris
DarijusDzervusDK Zalgiris
TushanthaRajapakshageDK Zalgiris
AzizulhasniAwangDK Zalgiris
JhonatanNarvaezDK Zalgiris
SulkhanAkhmaeviDK Zalgiris
NikitaUmerbekovEddie Stobart
DanielThorsenEddie Stobart
FlorisDe TierEddie Stobart
SalvadorMoreno HernandezEddie Stobart
LinusDahlbergEddie Stobart
ShaunLewisEddie Stobart
PavelSivakovEddie Stobart
DanielSaviniEddie Stobart
Sven ErikBystromEquinor Pro Cycling
RudyMolardEquinor Pro Cycling
Carlos AlexandreManarelliEquinor Pro Cycling
AzzeddineLagabEquinor Pro Cycling
MichaelKurthEquinor Pro Cycling
RoryTownsendEquinor Pro Cycling
SyverWaerstedEquinor Pro Cycling
JonathanMcEvoyEuskaltel - Elior
VincenzoNibaliEuskaltel - Elior
ArmindoFonsecaEuskaltel - Elior
EnricMasEuskaltel - Elior
Maral-ErdeneBatmunkhEuskaltel - Elior
AndresPaezEuskaltel - Elior
DavidGauduEuskaltel - Elior
AbderrahimZahiriEuskaltel - Elior
ErikMohsGCN ProTeam
GeoffroyNgandambaGCN ProTeam
Rui PedroVinhasGCN ProTeam
StevenBurkeGCN ProTeam
BramWeltenGCN ProTeam
StefKrulGCN ProTeam
NicolasRocheGlanbia Foods Cycling Project
ConnorMcConveyGlanbia Foods Cycling Project
BenO'ConnorGlanbia Foods Cycling Project
PaulVan der PloegGlanbia Foods Cycling Project
MarkGriffithGlanbia Foods Cycling Project
AlexFrameGlanbia Foods Cycling Project
GeorgeSimpsonGlanbia Foods Cycling Project
JamesCurryGlanbia Foods Cycling Project
DanHollowayMcCormick Pro Cycling
ZigaGroseljMcCormick Pro Cycling
RobertSweetingMcCormick Pro Cycling
MateoFrankovicMcCormick Pro Cycling
PhillipGaimonMcCormick Pro Cycling
Nipuna ShiraManamalageMcCormick Pro Cycling
EthanWeissMcCormick Pro Cycling
ConnorMcCutcheonMcCormick Pro Cycling
MadushankaPereraNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite
TomDiggleNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite
JoaoGasparNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite
Amith UdayaKumaraNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite
MamyrStashNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite
JamesFoucheNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite
KristianSobotaNetia - Vonin
TorkilVeyheNetia - Vonin
PawelFranczakNetia - Vonin
NicolayCherkasovNetia - Vonin
JonasRickaertNetia - Vonin
KristjanJohansonNetia - Vonin
AlexanderKriegerOMV Petrom-albania.al
ChristophTaubelOMV Petrom-albania.al
MarcoCanolaOMV Petrom-albania.al
CsabaPalyiOMV Petrom-albania.al
YlberSefaOMV Petrom-albania.al
JordiMajoralOMV Petrom-albania.al
OnurBalkanOMV Petrom-Albania.al
EmiljanoStojkuOMV Petrom-albania.al
DanielHoelgaardTryg Insurance Cycling Team
NikolasMaesTryg Insurance Cycling Team
JannikSteimleTryg Insurance Cycling Team
GeorgZimmermannTryg Insurance Cycling Team
MikkelHonoreTryg Insurance Cycling Team
JonasVingegaardTryg Insurance Cycling Team
Magnus BakKlarisTryg Insurance Cycling Team
DidierMunyanezaTryg Insurance Cycling Team
OlivierLe GacPhilips
RonanVan ZandbeekPhilips
Eduard AlexanderBeltranSwisslion Cycling Team
LukaPibernikSwisslion Cycling Team
GaborKasaSwisslion Cycling Team
MihaPoljanecSwisslion Cycling Team
Daniel FelipeMartinezSwisslion Cycling Team
Andreas Odie PurnamaSetiawaSwisslion Cycling Team
DamianoCarusoTeam Europcar
MichaelMatthewsTeam Europcar
Heiner RodrigoParra BustamenteTeam Europcar
SauloLayTeam Europcar
RasmusSteroboTeam Europcar
KamilZielinskiTeam Europcar
PatrikTyborTeam Europcar
MarekCaneckyTeam Europcar
OleksandrPrevarTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff
MartinLaasTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff
NicolaeTanovitchiiTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff
VolodymyrDzhusTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff
AdrianNituTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff
WojciechPszczolarskiTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff
KentMainTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff
AliaksandrRiabushenkoTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff
SebastienReichenbachTeam UBS
JoseGoncalvesTeam UBS
JonathanFumeauxTeam UBS
ArnaudGrandTeam UBS
DaniilFominykhTeam UBS
BasilioRamos TiconaTeam UBS
KevinFouquetTeam UBS
MichaelSchärTeam UBS
YevgeniNepomnyachsniyValio - Viking Genetics
OlliKulppiValio - Viking Genetics
JoniKanervaValio - Viking Genetics
SakariLehtinenValio - Viking Genetics
JaakoHänninenValio - Viking Genetics
RistoAaltioValio - Viking Genetics
AleksiHänninenValio - Viking Genetics
SauliPietikäinenValio - Viking Genetics
Kristian HaugaardJensenVolvo acc. by Spotify
JanDieterenVolvo acc. by Spotify
FredrikLudvigssonVolvo acc. by Spotify
LaurensSweeckVolvo acc. by Spotify
HavardBlikraVolvo acc. by Spotify
StenStenersenVolvo acc. by Spotify
IvanSosaVolvo acc. by Spotify
MartijnBuddingVolvo acc. by Spotify
GeorgeBennettXero Racing
StanislauBazhkouXero Racing
TomDavisonXero Racing
CarlNgamoki-CameronXero Racing
MiguelFlorezXero Racing
MingrunChenXero Racing

Ulrich Ulriksen
An attractive parcous for Holloway and our last objective of the season. Hopefully he can finish his great season with a bang. McCormick first team here to support him and a manageable field. So no excuses.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
That's going to be Guillén's very last race at his prime, so I really hope he enjoys these four flat stages and brings home some good results. Given the clash with another flat race, we can "only" bring Stocker for the leadouts - but the Swiss has proven to be great at doing this. In America, Guillén didn't have a chance against the other top CT sprinters - let's turn things around here!
Luis Leon Sanchez
With Moser at the clashing race, Fonseca will have to try his luck here. Not expecting much, hopefully we get amongst the breakaways.
God Awang
Manager of the greatest team in the world
DK Žalgiris
Not good. At all. First, Stocker isn't near to where he should be to lead out his sprinter, and then Guillén doesn't get a decent position either. At least this won't be a completely pointless race, as he secured that 7th place, but we surely need to speed up a whole lot!
Ulrich Ulriksen
Train looked strong just didn't get it quite right. Key to these high bonus sprint races is consistency, if we can get in that position every day things will be OK.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Luis Leon Sanchez
Well, Fonseca fighting for the stage win in this field! I’ll definitely take 3rd there on the opening stage. If by some miracle he can keep this up, I’ll be very happy.
Ad Bot
Posted on 04-08-2020 17:35
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Great result for Guillén! Whereas the positioning wasn't good on stage 1, he was in the perfect place this time. Too bad he couldn't hold on for the win, but I'll happily take this 2nd place!
I'm a bit concerned regarding Stocker, though. I'm used to see him perform perfect leadouts for our sprinters, but he's nowhere to be seen this time... Probably number 3 is missing, so PCM prefers letting Guillén go on his own. Which I won't complain about on this stage Smile
Good first couple stages for Keough who looks to be involved with every stage and hopefully can fight the right combination for a win, and something in the GC.
Luis Leon Sanchez
Not the best 3rd stage and hopefully he doesn’t drop further than 8th in the GC which would be a decent result!
Hum... Really, really bad positioning by Guillén once again - I was really amazed to see him finish 6th nonetheless! Please, Marco, choose the right wheel on the final stage, and get yourself one last win!
4th in GC and points standings is of course a good result for him; we haven't got too many Top 10's so far, so if he stays inside, I won't be complaining too much Wink
Happy to have Hoelgaard taking out the polkadots. Final chance for Maes to launch an attack comes tomorrow, his earlier attempt failed, but maybe he can make this one stick.
Madushanka making moves, love to see it !
Non-Pcmgraphical request center:https://pcmdaily.c...ost_471564

NENT Racing p/b Hootsuite Manager
The fact that God Awang manages to stay with the leading group is madness. Dudes on dope tryna get another contract. Little didhe know his gulag ticket has been booked for a long time now
Manager of the greatest team in the world
DK Žalgiris
Well done, boys! Guillén ends his final "prime time" race on the GC podium - our best rider of the year gets our best individual result, which is quite logical. Too bad he wasn't able to win that 2nd stage - in retrospect, it would've been the GC win...
But I'm more than happy with the 3rd place in GC and (shared) 3rd in the points standings, with Stocker and Thièry adding some minor points to the result as well. The win in the team standings is another nice plus - it's been a really successful race for us, even without a stage win!

Thanks for the reports and congrats to Canelon - no idea how on earth he could take this one, but somehow he did it...
God Awang Pog
Manager of the greatest team in the world
DK Žalgiris
Ulrich Ulriksen
Well the last stage made that a successful tour. You can't win them all and a stage and 2nd on the GC isn't a disaster by any means. The screw up on stage 2 was the kind of inconsistency that hurts in these races. Also, reinforced that I would rather come off wheels that do the lead out. Sweeting was great on S4 but created issues earlier.

Congrats to Canelon and Ivan, I don't think he was that big an outsider, FL+RS he is second only to Holloway in the race. His ACC tied for best in the race. Only on SP is he weaker.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
With the season almost looked winless, this late season win is like a huge relief
Luis Leon Sanchez
Quite happy with Fonseca’s efforts here! Another Top 5 stage result and walking away with 8th in the GC is a pretty good result given the strength of the sprinting field here. Definitely done the job for us while the rest of our sprint team are Absent.
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