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Volta a Portugal Discussion
Why does Bakelandts wait until the mountain stage to have a good day :lol:

Konig continues his great form for us this season, and *should*comfortably be in the top-5 GC after tomorrow. Relatively anonymous race from him with the exception of that one hill stage, he’s done quite well. Brenes in the break was a bit weird as he could have been a good help up the final climb, but oh well. Congrats tastasol, what a win!
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
Well at least Bardet tried. If he hadn't gone back to help Te Brake in those stages, we might actually have had a decent GC result! Shame for Boudat to miss the time limit as well.
Congrats to ryant on the win, and thanks Fabianski for the exciting and thorough reporting! I'm very content with 6th in the GC, and the TT win for Goncalves in his home race is just icing on the cake.
Another good stage by Stake Laengen. Saving this race for us by himself, what a season he's having! Thanks for all your brilliant effort with this race, Fabianski, and big congrats to ryant for the GC win.
Good race by Oomen, not perfect, but much needed points. Thanks again for a great series of reports!
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Thank you for another great report, Fabianski! Also a big congratulations to ryant on the overall win. Didn't expect anyone to beat Monsalve here, making Meintjes' ride even more impressive.

Rock solid from Tvetcov again! Grin 4th overall here must be very decent for a "throwaway lineup", so we'll take it Pfft

That result makes us fight on for a top 10 in the overall standings, which is cool. The more races we can survive inside the top 10 before Tasmania, the better our chance is. Still doubt we can make it, but at least we're still in the mix.
We finally got a leader that doesnt lose GC positions in a time trial Banana

Fantastic race in terms of reports, not so good race in terms of results. I came with big expectations but my team rode far too conservative in the second half of the race where we just rode to conserve a top 20 gc result.
Also a big race by some of the riders riding for teams close to us in the rankings which obviously nothing i enjoy to see.

Congrats to cycleyorkshire and Xero. Love to see both of them on the podium together Grin
A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Well, at least Monsalve managed to take 2nd in the end... Pfft

Mixed emotions at the end of the race here. On the one hand we scored over 250 points, which is good going in an 11 day PTHC race, but on the other hand it feels like we massively underperformed. Monsalve really should be winning races with fields like this, and there's no excuse for Carthy finishing 43rd when seeing how similar riders such as Padun did - 8th in the U25 rankings is frankly embarrassing from him. McCarthy and Lander barely contributed anything, so it seems like a missed opportunity.

In the relegation fight, I have us as now comfortably in 18th, about 140 points clear of T-Mobile and 250 clear of Fablok and Repsol. The only issue is the gaps ahead of us - I have it as 120 points to SPAR (with plenty of Lutsenko scoring opportunities left), but then over 400 points to Evonik and over 500 to Indosat. So realistically we're in a better situation than pre-Volta, but still would say we only have about a 20% chance of staying up.

After all that negativity, something positive to finish on. Congratulations are in order to both ryant and jandal, two managers who have always been a delight to work with and two teams who I always like to see do well - as a Yorkshireman I have to root for cycleYorkshire, and jandal tends to sign riders I really like Pfft

And as for the reports, I can comfortably say that they're the best I've seen in my 8 seasons in the Man-Game. Brilliant work by Fabianski, which made reading them much less painful than they could have been given the results Smile
Bobridge actually better than I expected Grin kinda heartbreaking though, as he missed some good stage results, when he was at his best... Roe with a nice final stage, but the mountain stage was quite weird, with the wrong Bennelong climbers doing well. Dennis disappointing eventually.

Anyway. Winning the team's classification and a stage win is at least something. Obviously far from what we got from Portugal last season. Which had to be expected with Bobridge's new value.

Thanks for the reports!
Well first off that was a couple of brilliant rides from our TT-challenged climbers to only drop one spot between them, Bennett hanging onto the podium is great and about par for our goal for the race so I'm happy with him here - not going to be barrels of points from this race as we might have dreamt due to a slight underperformance on the stage points side of things, especially from Houle, but Houle's stage win and day in yellow and Areruya's very nice 20th + 3rd in U25 chipping in 100 points or so on top means it's a valuable haul for our top 10 fight, not sure how we'll end up given on paper our final part of the season isn't going to be as lucrative as the middle bit aside from this one race, but it's a nice boost.

Congrats to ryant, although obviously we let you win to inflate Meintjes' wage demands unbelievably we may have done it too much and let him promote you to the PT where you can actually pay him that much Pfft Obviously have to be very proud to see a South African doing so well even if he hasn't rode for us before.

Thanks for the kind words jph, a shame you couldn't get what you could have out of this race, will be hoping your riders can rally and stay up now Smile

Absolutely brilliant reports Fabianski as everyone else has said, top quality, epic length and for an 11 day race super impressive effort and also consistency. Also a lot of cool screenshots and variation there Smile Really enjoyable stuff, obviously we were involved a fair bit but loved it regardless!
Disappointed we couldn't get much out from this race after a fantastic start by Caruso and good performances by Henao and Calmejane.

At least the KOM would be a nice bonus, but we'll have to do with Calmejanes 29th place.

Thank you Fabianski for the quality reports! Smile
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Congrats Ryant, Meintjes too strong for the others in the end. Great to see Xero doing well here too. A lot of riders underperforming here, all top puncheurs (Bobridge, Skujins, Bakelandts, Koretzky), Monsalve, Carthy and a few other GC contenders really struggled to make any impact, especially in comparison to last year’s race. Obviously a new game but will be interesting to see if the profile stays the same for next season. I think it could be improved to work better with the new game.

Very happy with Konig in 5th, he rode a very quiet race but was always around the front. He’s had a wonderful season; GT stage wins and performances like this have been a saviour for us. Still a long way to go to safety, but this is definitely a help. Just a shame about 11 wasted race days for Bakelandts and gotta hope that doesn’t bite us in the ass.
Thanks for the fantastic reports fabianski!
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
A bright start for us and then nothing. I think this result, coupled with how the rest of the month has gone more or less puts paid to our chances of staying up...

Great reports Fabianski Smile Wish my riders gave me reasons to enjoy them more!

Congrats to ryant on an excellent race. I think that promotion is now looking very likely!

Always great to see Xero doing well Grin
Catching up a bit after couple busy days.

Would be good if Portugal would at one point get the same format as other races with results in the race thread and without spoilers.

If I understand it, it was to avoid spoilers when the site jumps to the bottom of the thread?
Indeed a bit annoying but once all have read, good to have it edited back to regular.

Spoilers are annyoing whenever you look for something quick or want to copy it all to excel. So need to be avoided normally.
Fabianski wrote:
- Most stages will have the results in a separate post, as the reports would be too long otherwise. I'll put them into spoilers, which I'll remove once the race completely done.

Fabianski wrote:
I'd propose another solution: What about posting all the results in a separate Thread (Volta a Portugal - Results)? We'd not even need spoilers then, and I could copy them into the stage threads once the race done, and delete the results thread afterwards. Would that be OK?

That's all planned already Wink Will do it this week.
Overall, a pretty good race. Happy that we had someone in the break nearly everyday and managed to get a stage win. Over 11 stages, it unfortunately doesn't add up to a lot of points, but considering this is one of those races that could have easily ended up being a zero-pointer for us, I'm quite content.

Thank you for the great reads, Fabianski, and congrats to ryant!
Congrats to ryant. Solid tour by Meintjes.
And great reporting Fabianski
PfftPfftPfft MEINTJES!!!!

Thanks for the congrats guys, a stage win, GC and SC is very much beyond my expectations in this race, it feels really good and I hope I can deliver promotion as well. Smile

Tvetcov in 4th is also a great performance from him, very unexpected but great to see considering he didn't get to show what he was capable of in his last few years for the team.

jandal7 wrote:
Congrats to ryant, although obviously we let you win to inflate Meintjes' wage demands unbelievably we may have done it too much and let him promote you to the PT where you can actually pay him that much Pfft Obviously have to be very proud to see a South African doing so well even if he hasn't rode for us before.

Lol those wages... I dare to think of them Grin Congrats on the podium with Bennett.

Good luck to everyone else in their own fights for the rest of the season. No one likes going down so I hope everyone (especially jph) does well for the rest of the season Smile

Banana John St Ledger in Team Bunzl-Centrica and Team U25Banana

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