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ICL19 - Race Discussion
Dunno why, but I regret my calendar choices and planning...sorta
3 more stages up including the cobbled stage with a video


Herrada and Kittel with a unlucky crash. Quintana was again lucky with the gaps that were given. Fenn was almost able to take over the green jersey for a day, but on the next day he showed that no-one is a match to him.
Liberty Seguros with a very strong TTT. Without Herrada's crash he would be in yellow now. Suntory also good despite already being a man down, but couldn't hold of Grupo Argos with Quintana.
Very unfortunate with the crash, we can't catch a break and very reminiscent of Contador's last two years at Liberty, where he crashed in both Tours - one time in the leader jeresey 5 minutes ahead, and one time in a desperate struggle for the podium completely out of contention to finish 16th in the end.

We will see how Herrada performs in the mountain to see if there are some affects and if a podium is within reach or if the crash takes its toll. Since it happened ont he cobbled stage I am not so bothered about the crash since this stage was designed for a thing like that.. still sucks ofc. In any case, happy with the TTT win which woulda coulda been a minute if it asn't for the crash.

Thanks for all the results, bikex!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Bardet surprising in the front group on the cobbles but couldn’t convert it into a time gap.

Very happy that Bardet didn’t get dropped from the TTT like last year, his TT training paid off. The team limited his losses to Quintana despite being a man down.

Looking forward to the mountains, thanks for the reports and video Bikex.
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More good than bad news for Aviva. Two more breakaway riders, more TV time, very nice. Good TTT, and thanks for the screenshot, Bikex, finally a shot showing Dowsett in his NC jersey. Shame that our new captain Tao Hart was dropped, though, but thankfully he lost less than a minute to his team mates and it was just enough to slip into white. But Peiffer is still breathing down his neck and Colombo and VDP aren't far away, either.

Can't be totally happy that Tao didn't make the top group on the cobbled stage, if Quintana and his COB 60 can do it, so should our man. So actually two suboptimal performances from Geoghegan Hart, but he's now wearing white and defending the jersey should be our top priority.

Shame about the crash involving Herrada and Kittel, but nice to see the two CT sprinters fight it out. Congrats on the TTT win, Shonak!

What the hell was Alaphilippe thinking there, almost costing Quintana a lot. Lucky that Nairo did well to come back. Decent TTT to take yellow, not great though. Time to defend that lead.
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Yes! Finally a win Smile
Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, I remembered this is a goal race for us. And of course we do great on the TTT as well, but GC is gone already.
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Well, considering there is no way my team can do anything in TdF, having Poljański in break on another 2 stages works fine for "TV time". Anacona lost some time on TTT. Not that he can do something in mountains.
Nice to see us joining a few breaks on the last 3 stages. They didn't result in anything, but hopefully we'll continue to be agressive. Smile
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Portugal and San Michel posted on the previous page, and first three stages of Vancouver.

Major upset on the last mountain stage of Portugal, and Pulido surging to 8th + white jersey. He has risen!
Portugal was meh, but at least Ahlstrand has hold onto the Points lead from start to finish, so nice points haul for him. Roche got another Top 3 finish in Stage 10, that's another plus.

Another opening stage win in Vancouver's prologue with Mattias Frank and is leading in the GC (til the big mountain stages) and has the KoM lead which is nice addition and more points for the team
To make up for no update yesterday, I just posted 5 stages of the Tour. Stages 10-14 up: https://pcmdaily....st_1364639

The last one including a video.

It's nice to see some breakaway wins or even some late attacks by not the top GC favorites succeeding. I think results like that were much rarer in earlier seasons and can be attributed to some great race design from Abhishek and also probably to weaker support of some top favorites. Intxausti abandoning was unfortunate, this seems not to be the race of Spanish GC riders. Herrada is now completely out of the picture and the fight for the last podium place is between some riders that couldn't expect to be in contention here. Marcel Kittel still in 14th in GC is kind of annoying. Smile Carbonsports now holding all jerseys besides the yellow.
Great performance by Elissonde so far! Would be delighted with a top 5 but maybe he can make a late push and get a podium so let's hope he can make a good week 3!!
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Was pretty annoyed with Portugal until Ospina finally came good, bare minimum points wise with the win and little else, but certainly better than it was looking for a while GrinGrinGrin
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Poor Herrada! But congrats Credit Suisse, two stage wins! The peloton should not have allowed Peiffer of all people into the breakaway on stage 11, netting him two jerseys, and knockout isn't even following the ICL anymore. And Kittel still 14th, what a joke!

Thanks for the results and video. Tao with a brave attack and it paid off, up to 8th overall, white is back in reach, an exciting fight between him, Colombo and Peiffer. Two more breakaways, too, altogether I'm very happy with the race so far.

Storming downhill attack from Bardet on stage 11 to regain the yellow jersey with a useful lead but he was swinging on stage 13 and was lucky to only loose 30 seconds.

Thanks for the reports and video Bikex.
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we dead, rip liberty X(
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was herrada involved in the intxausti crash, in a separate one or some very strange effects from the crash? He seemed to be doing fine in all the stages prior to that but wjat do i know how cyanide programs these crash after effects lol

thanks for the results, and congratz to vali on some nice stage wins! Shame about knockouts inactivity here, Kittel just blasting through

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
No he was not. The only time I noticed him crashing was in the cobbled stage. No idea what the problem seems to be, maybe he is just sick? If that's a possibility in PCM :lol:
Holy moly, it seems like the guys were actually saving energy in the first 10 stages. Grin With these two stage wins, we basically already achieved our goal for the Tour. Hopefully Cattaneo will continue to fight for the KOM, as that would be an amazing result, even without good gc places.

Thanks for the congrats guys and also thanks to Bikex for the results! Smile
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