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USA Pro Cycling Challenge Discussion
Luis Leon Sanchez
3rd is much more acceptable from Moser. I feel he needs a Top 2 tomorrow if he wants to be in a strong GC position for the prologue!
No, that's not good enough. Not even for an inconsistent sprinter like Guillén. The train seemingly got blown up by a turn, that can happen. Stilly, Guillén should be able to hang on for a better result. Well, maybe on another day.

Thanks for the report, though.
Ulrich Ulriksen
Bad stage for Holloway to choose for his first complete no show of the year. Probably too easy a stage so didn't get played as a favorite. Much tougher stage tomorrow and still in the GC picture so fingers crossed.

Thanks for the report.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
What an anonymous ride it has been for us. A worthy winner up front at least. Congrats GCN!
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No, no, no. That's not good enough, dear Mr. Guillén. Our leadout has done magnificent work in all three stages, but Guillén's just not competitive at this level. That's a real bummer.

But at least, we know that our leadout still works well. Number one on next year's wishlist will be a sprinter with decent resistance, though. Even though it hits us hard in many races, it's actually good for the game that a sprinter with 62 RES doesn't get too many good results.

Thanks for the report. Hoping for Stocker to do an OK stage tomorrow; he'll be our best bet for the GC (which doesn't leave much room for hope, though...). And congrats to Holloway - get this beast out of CT, please!
Well all I can say is that our guys have all managed to get to the finish without being dropped, which is the best of what we could've hoped for. Now it's all up to Van Zandbeek to try and salvage some points from this race in the final stage TT.
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Luis Leon Sanchez
Another better performance from Moser there! Within a shot at the GC! It’ll be interesting because you have a fair few riders with 71-74 Prologue stat who are tight at the top of the GC. A strong day in the saddle will mean a GC win.

Robert also in with a decent shot at a stage win which would be nice.
Ulrich Ulriksen
That was the stage we were looking for. Well timed sprint from Holloway and perfectly managed race from the entire team. Now we need 2 seconds on Bennett in the prolouge and luckily he is one of the weakest in that category. Then hopefully hold off those behind. Good to have Ford lose time. Really have no idea what the time gaps are likely to be.

Thanks for the report, always enjoy shots with the McCormick train dominating the front of the peloton.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
That 3rd place is great!
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Well, getting 2 points out of a race we had really high hopes in pre-season is an absolute disaster. It was a horrible showing especially by Guillén, who did not get a single point. Really disgusted by his results. Yet, he's still our most successful rider this season, which tells a lot about his manager's recruiting talents...

And the Holloway domination goes on... Hating him by now, but congrats nonetheless. He's just a monster in these races.

And thanks for the reports, jph. Couldn't really enjoy them, because of reasons, but thanks for your commitment!
Less breakaway appearances than I had hoped for, but at least Chris Harper tried his luck again. Docker was always going to be destroyed or being nowhere here, so a solid final TT by Gate and a low Top-20 in the GC is fine enough for Jayco's lineup.

Thanks for the reports and congrats to the winners!
Second in the GC for Madushenka, we take those! Thanks for the reports!
Wow Boudat just out-rode Van Zandbeek! Unexpected source for points but 23rd and 2nd in the U25s is a very good result for him. Van Zandbeek disappoints once again though.

Congrats to Ulrich and thanks for the great reports jph Smile
AbhishekLFC wrote:
Wow Boudat just out-rode Van Zandbeek! Unexpected source for points but 23rd and 2nd in the U25s is a very good result for him.

Really looking forward to have Boudat maxed in 2 years, he'll do some good things in prologues Smile And he was by far "my" best rider in this race, shouldn't have loaned him out actually Pfft
A home win is always extra special, congrats!
Igor Boev. What a lad. I should start with a CT team again.
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Luis Leon Sanchez
A disappointing final stage from Robert but Moser did what he had to do!

I'll happily take 3rd in the GC from this race along with 5th in Points! Good to see Moser showing some consistency in the latter sprints after a horror show on stage 1.
Ulrich Ulriksen
Well phew - season's only win goal - check. Have to say got far less enjoyment out of that than winning Down Under with no expectations.

That makes it 9 stage wins and 3 GCs in 25 race days for Holloway. Think I am getting my money's worth.

Thanks for the congratulations and the reports. You can all go back to ignoring McCormick until the next of Holloway's meager race day allocation, which will be when he goes back to terrorizing the PCT teams in the Baltic.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Dissapointed that we weren't in any of the breaks on the road stages, but Kovalev and Christhensen did a good TT, to score some minor points.

Congrats to McCormick, must be awesome to have your home star win your home race Smile And I'm not looking forward to seeing him in the Baltic Chain Pfft

Thanks for another set of great reports jph Smile


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A top 5 GC finish and a win is decent given Mohs indifferent form all season... Another good number of points scored and a Team Goal secured! woop woop

Well done McCormack on the GC win with a dominate Holloway
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