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Tour de France Discussion
Nice to see Groenewegen celebrating after a not so ideal tour so far. Congrats roturn!
A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Well done by Groenewegen and perfect answer by him.

This makes it the GT triple now having won at least a stage in each and up to 5 wins in total I think.

Thanks for the nice report.
Geert accumulates more points here than Kump at the Vuelta, I can't believe it...
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Well, that was pretty dumb. But at least we got the podium I wanted and didn't mess up even worse.

Congrats roturn!

I have pretty high hopes for a breakaway win tomorrow, even though the climbs are hard. Downhill finishes aren't great for the peloton as it often fails to calculate the catch correctly.
We just need a bunch of the decent climbers past position 20 in the GC to give it a go.
Finally something for Groenewegen here...

Stauff needed a couple of spots better here to also get a few points from the pts competition, but I guess 7th is OK.

Vlatos attacking was indeed a funky move. If he was to attack he should go tomorrow in order to survive, but I guess he just wanted to get a mention before leaving the race...

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Good to see all GC riders safe through those flat stages. Congratulations on the win, roturn!

Very much the perfect stage to not try for the breakaway for our team too, if we were to choose pre-race/pre-stage. Hopefully we go again tomorrow and try for it, as that looks like a huge day. Especially I'm hoping to see Lunke try something, as I must admit I wasn't impressed by his Giro participation. Hopefully he's more inspired here.
My riders are not doing bad on the climbs/hills (all things consdering) and my riders are trying to attack on the flat stages. Can't really complain

Congrats on the last stage win Roturn Smile
Thanks for all your congrats.

To be fair, he is overperforming throughout the season, so I can`t really complain (sprinter wise).

But GT wise it really was a pain last two years with him being ignored completely already last season being a top2 sprinter (allowing that Demare solo show in the Giro) and now again underperforming as a top2 sprinter until that stage (allowing the Demare "show"Wink.
Had thought it would be a bit more action between the favourites after Air France kept the peloton so close to the break entering the first climb, but in the end a rather easy day. Sicard of course had to attack. It's getting a bit old now, Romain!

Congrats to danny on a great double, and also a very good ride from Vangstad in third. Also just enough seconds for him to take Aker in the lead in the team classification, but hopefully we can take the lead back tomorrow in the ITT. Need a good day from Phinney now, should he have a chance at keeping yellow all the way to Paris.
Very risky that our 2 best helpers abandon Wellens on a crucial stage on paper. Fantastic result though and probably our first and last 1-2 in the Pro Tour. Really pleased with our display so far, Top 10 with Wellens seems to get more impossible day by day. Thanks for the report and the consistent postings

Slightly disappointing that the favorites were so passive. Guess none of them dared to take the risk of getting into a hectic descent while isolated. Such a scenario might pay off but it can also backfire. Seeing Madrazo's sloppy performance in the first part of the descent tells me it might be for the better that he still had many helpers with him.

Amazing 1-2 for Fablok! Congratulations. Historical stage for them.

Now let's limit our losses in the TT.
At least my guys listened to me about joining the breaks. They send a guy with 53 MO ahead in the mountain stage and a climber with good energy stats on the flat stage. What's wrong with them?
Meanwhile the game decides to gift another team close to me in the rankings a 1-2. Results like this annoy me so much.
Still, congrats sgdanny - special stage for you
Nothing much to say about my team in the last stages.
Impressive and valuable 1-2 by Fablok here.

Obviously as expected a bad idea to send Boom in such group instead of e.g. Koep or even Dekker.

Regarding Velits, good he avoided a time loss, in especially after not being very attentive it seems.

Conor Dunne, our 2m mountain, with a very enjoyable breakaway ride and a great sprint to take good points and show our jersey very well here.
Congrats Fablok! What a day for you.

And beyond that, only minimal points for Sicard and none for Phinney is exactly what we wanted.

We have to bank on Phinney not making too much out of his yellow jersey in the long run, and on Sicard not being among the 5 strongest pure climbers when the mountaintop finishes come though, but besides that, I like our position very much.

Obviously we'll concede 25 points to Phinney tomorrow. That gets the gap down to 49 points, probably quite similar to Sicard then, so with 5 mountain stages afterwards, we need an average finish position of just below 6th from both of them.
Then we could throw away all the flat and hilly stages to breakaways.
Boring stage for us here, but impressive effort from Vlatos. Not even close to dropping out. I guess he is much to tired to actually do well, but one have to hope.

We also need Lecuisinier to smash a few riders in front to get an actual feel of top 5 being achievable.

What a day for sgdanny and Fablok! Congratulations Grin

Also a huge day for us, with Vangstad having the day of his career in the mountains, beating many riders that should be stronger than him on such terrain. Very cool to see, and a very exciting read too, as I had kind of given up on a great stage placing when the names up front were written. Simply a fantastic ride by him,

Also fun to see us lead the way in the teams classification. We'll drop below at least both Grieg and Gazelle in the TT, I expect, but fingers crossed that will serve as some kind of added motivation to join the breakaway fun in the mountains. This was a great start Smile

And thank you for the report, cunego59. You're very right in what you wrote about Vangstad's performance. I obviously enjoyed the report a lot, as the excitement when he came closer and closer to the final mountain top and still survived up front/close to the front, just grew and grew Smile
Fablok - wow! Must be awesome to witness something like that as a manager.

Anyway - halfway through the Tour, still 2nd overall and in contention for the win. Can't complain.
Yes yesterday was amazing

Now today's stage was feared for me, but can't say I'm unhappy with 13th in a ITT! Well done, damage limitation at its finest

Quite a strong outing in the TT by Morton, which is obviously nice and surprising at the same time. Didn't expect him to finish that stage on this position. Also nice to see Canty in the Top-10 for the day. The podium is still within striking distance, so we now need a Morton that we saw earlier in the race. Willing to attack!
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