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Tour of Vancouver - Stage 7

All riders who started are still in the race, which is good news as none of them will miss the team time trial. The final stage is only eighteen kilometer long, so the gaps won't be huge, but the GC riders have to rely on their teammates to get them over the line. The main battle today will be pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gcn.png Pinot versus pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/azt.png Eastman, only five seconds apart at the top of the classification.


The teams start in order of the teams classification, which means pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nvo.png Netia - Vonin goes first. As the only team who started with six riders, they are not expected to do well today.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/epc.png Equinor Pro Cycling at the checkpoint exactly halfway. 10'45, which is seven seconds faster than Netia.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mck.png McCormick Pro Cycling has no riders high up in the GC, so ride without pressure. They post the best time at the split so far: 10'35


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/zal.png DK Zalgiris goes even faster: 10'27.


The first team with a rider high up in the GC is pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bnz.png BNZ Cycling Team with number four Kiserlovski. Unfortunately the team lacks time trial specialists, losing fourteen seconds to Zalgiris already.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ptm.png OMV Petrom-albania.al dives under the time of Zalgiris by eleven seconds, which elevates them to stage contenders.


Cort Nielsen and his team pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/trg.png Tryg Insurance Cycling post the third time at fifteen seconds, gaining ten on BNZ. Kiserlovski doesn't have to fear Dane, being a minute ahead in the GC.

Netia is the first team to reach the finish line: 21'34. They are still last at the checkpoint.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ahe.png Adastra - Hell Energy Cycling showing why they are stage favorites, beating the time set by OMV by a single second.

Equinor finishes in 21'31, beating Netia by three seconds, only to be dethroned by McCormick by eleven seconds.


Third time to pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eue.png Euskaltel - Elior, six seconds down on Adastra.


Zalgiris finishes with a full squad, and as expected take the leading time, 21 minutes dead.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nrh.png NENT Racing p/b Hootsuite with fifth placed Faiers: 10'37 at the split. They lose six seconds to Tryg, with Cort Nielsen twenty seconds behind Faiers. Could be close but I put my money on Faiers keeping his position.

BNZ finishes in 21'24. Despite the bad time, Kiserlovski should hang on to fourth place.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gla.png Glanbia Foods Cycling Project reaches the split in 10'25, fourth time.


As suggested by the intermediate, OMV Petrom smashes the record at the finish line: 20'36. Giogieri needs 55 seconds over Medvedev to gain a position, his team now reaching the split.


10'31 for pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/esc.png Eddie Stobart, losing 14 seconds to OMV Petrom, so Medvedev seems safe. Five teams left, Azteca and GCN up next.

Tryg loses 31 seconds to to OMV Petrom and finishes in 21'07. Cort Nielsen is unlikely to move up or down.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/azt.png Azteca - NBCSN with the unusual sight of Eastman in green instead of yellow: 10'18, three seconds down on the time set by Adastra.


Speaking of Adastra, they approach the finish line. They still have the leading split time but they lose out on OMV Petrom on the finish line, by one second.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gcn.png GCN ProTeam with race leader Pinot is twelve seconds slower than Azteca on the first section. The difference in the GC is only five, so Eastman virtually has yellow back. GCN needs a major pace increase.


Euskaltel was five seconds behind OMV at the split, it becomes eight at the finish line. Nibali loses three additional seconds due to a split, which costs him a GC position to Pogacar, who also wins the youth classification from Borisavljevic. Very disappointing from the Basque outfit.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cen.png Centovalli - Fiat with three riders in the top twenty (Saggiorato seventh, Manfredi tenth, Masnada seventeenth), but no good time trialists. They perform somewhat decently, seventeen seconds behind Adastra's time and only Masnada currently having to worry about his position compared to Pogacar and Nibali.

NENT is only looking at Tryg's finishing time, such that Faiers doesn't lose a place. They were six seconds behind them but halve it on the second part, securing Faiers' fifth place.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cbx.png CYBEX Platinum needs to gain fifty seconds on Centovalli to make Ratiy gain a place. They only beat them by four seconds.


Glanbia finishes in provisional fourth, + 11. Their best rider in the GC is McConvey in sixteenth, who can realistically gain a place on Pirazzi.


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bia.png Bianchi - Campagnolo leads the teams classification and starts last. They post the third slowest time, only beating Equinor and Netia. A reassurance for Valls is that they only lost one second to BNZ and Kiserlovski, so his podium should be safe. Pirazzi on the other hand has already lost a place to McConvey and will lose out more if they don't pick up the pace.

Classification at the checkpoint:
1Adastra - Hell Energy Cycling10'15
2OMV Petrom-albania.al+ 1
3Azteca - NBCSN+ 3
4Euskaltel - Elior+ 6
5Glanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 10
6DK Zalgiris+ 12
7CYBEX Platinum+ 13
8GCN ProTeam+ 15
9Tryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 16
10Eddie Stobarts.t.
11Centovalli - Fiat+ 17
12McCormick Pro Cycling+ 20
13NENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 22
14BNZ Cycling Team+ 26
15Bianchi - Campagnolo+ 27
16Equinor Pro Cycling+ 30
17Netia - Vonin+ 40

Eddie Stobart stops the finish clock at 21'08, which will bring them to tenth place.


Azteca finishes in 20'37, closing in one second on OMV Petrom but still falling one short, tied with Adastra for second place. Missing the stage win is likely forgiven if Eastman wins the GC, which we'll find out when the next team crosses the line


The moment of truth for Pinot. GCN finishes nineteen seconds down on Azteca, confirming what we more-or-less already knew, Eastman wins the Tour of Vancouver!

Centovalli concludes its lackluster team time trial in 21'11. Masnada losing out on Pogacar and Nibali, but might gain one on Pirazzi if Bianchi performs even worse.


CYBEX was seventh after the first split, and finishes faster than Zalgiris who was ahead of them, but slower than GCN who were behind them, so they stay seventh.


Bianchi concluding the stage, and they gain two places compared to the checkpoint to finish thirteenth. It is enough for Pirazzi to stay ahead of Masnada, but Pogacar and Nibali pass him as well.

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ptm.png OMV Petrom-albania.al did not go into the stage as biggest favorite but they come out on top, beating pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ahe.png Adastra and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/azt.png Azteca by a single second.

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/azt.png Ryan Eastman overcomes the five-second deficit pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gcn.png Pinot, turning it into a fourteen-second advantage, to win the Tour of Vancouver. The remainder of the top ten is unchanged from yesterday: pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bia.png Valls on the podium ahead of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bnz.png Kiserlovski, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/nrh.png Faiers, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/trg.png Cort Nielsen, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cen.png Saggiorato, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cbx.png Ratiy, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cbx.png Diaz and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cen.png Manfredi.

Further down, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/gla.png McConvey gains a place to fifteenth, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ahe.png Pogacar three to sixteenth, and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eue.png Nibali one to seventeenth. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bia.png Pirazzi on the other hand losing three places to eighteenth, and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/cen.png Masnada two to nineteenth.

The other classifications where effectively decided yesterday, Eastman winning the points classification, Pogacar the mountains and youth classification, Bianchi the teams classification.



1OMV Petrom-albania.al20'36
2Adastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 1
3Azteca - NBCSNs.t.
4Euskaltel - Elior+ 8
5Glanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 11
6GCN ProTeam+ 20
7CYBEX Platinums.t.
8DK Zalgiris+ 24
9Tryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 31
10Eddie Stobart+ 32
11NENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 34
12Centovalli - Fiat+ 35
13Bianchi - Campagnolo+ 39
14McCormick Pro Cycling+ 44
15BNZ Cycling Team+ 48
16Equinor Pro Cycling+ 55
17Netia - Vonin+ 58

1Csaba PalyiOMV Petrom-albania.al20'36
2Jordi MajoralOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
3Tyron GiogieriOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
4Alexandr BraicoOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
5Manuel BetilsonOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
6Tadej PogacarAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 1
7Riccardo ZoidlAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
8Zachary HughesAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
9Ramunas NavardauskasAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
10Xhuliano KamberajAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
11Ryan EastmanAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
12Peter StetinaAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
13Sergio OrtegaAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
14Christian EgidioAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
15Uri Martins SandovalAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
16Nikolay MihaylovOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
17Oleg BerdosOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 3
18Enrico BattaglinAdastra - Hell Energy Cyclings.t.
19Jordan CheyneAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
20Redi HalilajOMV Petrom-albania.als.t.
21Krzysztof MarchewkaAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 5
22Luke KeoughAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
23Michal KukrleAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 7
24Gavin MannionAzteca - NBCSNs.t.
25Nicola ConciEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
26Armindo FonsecaEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
27Mohammed Al MurawwiEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
28Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
29Maral-Erdene BatmunkhEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
30Vincenzo NibaliEuskaltel - Elior+ 10
31Jaime CastrilloEuskaltel - Elior+ 11
32Felix EnglishGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
33Adam Petrie-ArmstrongGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
34Connor McConveyGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
35Lawson CraddockGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
36Ian RichardsonGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
37Stelly RobertEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
38Tyler BrandtGlanbia Foods Cycling Projects.t.
39Ben O'ConnorGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 13
40Paddy ClarkeGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 16
41Michael O'LoughlinGCN ProTeam+ 20
42Steven BurkeGCN ProTeams.t.
43Thibaut PinotGCN ProTeams.t.
44Vadim RatiyCYBEX Platinums.t.
45Daniel Ricardo DiazCYBEX Platinums.t.
46Pavel PotockiGCN ProTeams.t.
47Jake KeoughCYBEX Platinums.t.
48Sandor SzalontayGCN ProTeams.t.
49Bambang SuryadiCYBEX Platinums.t.
50Carlos QuinteroCYBEX Platinums.t.
51Stef KrulGCN ProTeam+ 21
52Johannes HeiderCYBEX Platinum+ 22
53Azizulhasni AwangDK Zalgiris+ 24
54Aidis KruopisDK Zalgiriss.t.
55Alexandr OvsyannikovDK Zalgiriss.t.
56Alexandr NepomnyachsniyDK Zalgiriss.t.
57Egidijus JuodvalkisDK Zalgiriss.t.
58Michael CumingGCN ProTeams.t.
59Johan Le BonDK Zalgiriss.t.
60Rui Pedro VinhasGCN ProTeams.t.
61Dylan Van BaarleCYBEX Platinums.t.
62Darijus DzervusDK Zalgiriss.t.
63Justas BeniusisDK Zalgiris+ 27
64Simon GeschkeCYBEX Platinum+ 29
65Wolfgang BurmannTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 31
66El Mehdi ChokriTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
67Magnus Cort NielsenTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
68Genki YamamotoTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
69Niklas LarsenTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
70Dmitri MedvedevEddie Stobart+ 32
71Davide MalacarneEddie Stobarts.t.
72Gert JoeaarEddie Stobarts.t.
73Travis MeyerEddie Stobarts.t.
74Shaun LewisEddie Stobarts.t.
75Georg ZimmermannTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
76Julien BerardEddie Stobarts.t.
77Samuel CoronelNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 34
78Thomas FaiersNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
79Gatis SmukulisNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
80Mamyr StashNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
81James PiccoliNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
82Neil Van der PloegEddie Stobarts.t.
83Madushanka PereraNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 35
84Issiaka CisseCentovalli - Fiats.t.
85Maximilian WalscheidCentovalli - Fiats.t.
86Manuel StockerCentovalli - Fiats.t.
87Gino MäderCentovalli - Fiats.t.
88Emil AnderssonEddie Stobarts.t.
89Fausto MasnadaCentovalli - Fiats.t.
90Mathias NorsgaardTryg Insurance Cycling Teams.t.
91Jonas VingegaardTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 37
92Boy Van PoppelNENT Racing p/b Hootsuites.t.
93Gian Piero SignoriniCentovalli - Fiats.t.
94Mirco SaggioratoCentovalli - Fiat+ 38
95James FoucheNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 39
96Dmitry StrakhovBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
97Filippo ZaccantiBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
98Rafael VallsBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
99Stefano PirazziBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
100Romain HardyBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
101Roger KlugeBianchi - Campagnolo+ 40
102Andrea ManfrediCentovalli - Fiats.t.
103Michael StorerBianchi - Campagnolo+ 41
104Armanto ArchimandritisBianchi - Campagnolo+ 42
105Ka Hoo FungMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 44
106Thomas RevardMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
107Daniel HabtemichaelMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
108Noah GraniganMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
109Brendan RhimMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
110Connor BrownMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
111Zeke MostovMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 46
112Alex HoehnMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
113Steele Von HoffBNZ Cycling Team+ 48
114Max Oste-MacdonaldBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
115Narankhuu BaterdeneBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
116Robert KiserlovskiBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
117Joel YatesBNZ Cycling Teams.t.
118Miles ScotsonBNZ Cycling Team+ 50
119Bilguunjargal ErdenebatBNZ Cycling Team+ 51
120Jean-Francois CamierBNZ Cycling Team+ 53
121Carlos Alexandre ManarelliEquinor Pro Cycling+ 55
122Mustafa CarsiEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
123Dietmar Mehr-WenigeEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
124Romain ZingleEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
125Suleiman KangangiEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
126Ivan RovnyEquinor Pro Cycling+ 56
127Adam StachowiakNetia - Vonin+ 58
128Kristian SobotaNetia - Vonins.t.
129Szymon RekitaNetia - Vonins.t.
130Jonas RickaertNetia - Vonins.t.
131Kamil MaleckiNetia - Vonins.t.
132Syver WaerstedEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
133Pawel FranczakNetia - Vonin+ 1'00
134Rory TownsendEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.



1Ryan EastmanAzteca - NBCSN22h21'03
2Thibaut PinotGCN ProTeam+ 14
3Rafael VallsBianchi - Campagnolo+ 2'22
4Robert KiserlovskiBNZ Cycling Team+ 3'01
5Thomas FaiersNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 3'32
6Magnus Cort NielsenTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 3'49
7Mirco SaggioratoCentovalli - Fiat+ 4'49
8Vadim RatiyCYBEX Platinum+ 5'22
9Daniel Ricardo DiazCYBEX Platinum+ 6'00
10Andrea ManfrediCentovalli - Fiat+ 6'42
11Dmitri MedvedevEddie Stobart+ 7'09
12Tyron GiogieriOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 7'32
13Johannes HeiderCYBEX Platinum+ 9'02
14Pavel PotockiGCN ProTeam+ 10'06
15Connor McConveyGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 10'48
16Tadej PogacarAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 11'00
17Vincenzo NibaliEuskaltel - Elior+ 11'03
18Stefano PirazziBianchi - Campagnolo+ 11'07
19Fausto MasnadaCentovalli - Fiat+ 11'14
20Tyler BrandtGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 11'18
21Gavin MannionAzteca - NBCSN+ 11'38
22Romain HardyBianchi - Campagnolo+ 11'47
23Gian Piero SignoriniCentovalli - Fiat+ 11'50
24James PiccoliNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 12'25
25Zachary HughesAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 12'44
26Davide MalacarneEddie Stobart+ 12'52
27Peter StetinaAzteca - NBCSN+ 13'02
28Egidijus JuodvalkisDK Zalgiris+ 13'06
29Julien BerardEddie Stobart+ 13'20
30Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltel - Elior+ 13'24
31Wolfgang BurmannTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 13'40
32Michael CumingGCN ProTeam+ 13'43
33Johan Le BonDK Zalgiris+ 14'09
34Ben O'ConnorGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 15'30
35Filippo ZaccantiBianchi - Campagnolo+ 15'54
36Lawson CraddockGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 15'58
37Riccardo ZoidlAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 16'02
38Enrico BattaglinAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 16'49
39Ka Hoo FungMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 16'54
40Rui Pedro VinhasGCN ProTeam+ 17'00
41Nicola ConciEuskaltel - Elior+ 17'49
42Oleg BerdosOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 17'56
43Redi HalilajOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 18'58
44Shaun LewisEddie Stobart+ 19'15
45Sergio OrtegaAzteca - NBCSN+ 19'45
46Travis MeyerEddie Stobart+ 20'22
47Romain ZingleEquinor Pro Cycling+ 21'11
48Dietmar Mehr-WenigeEquinor Pro Cycling+ 21'25
49Jordi MajoralOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 22'14
50Armanto ArchimandritisBianchi - Campagnolos.t.
51Daniel HabtemichaelMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
52Paddy ClarkeGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 22'19
53Max Oste-MacdonaldBNZ Cycling Team+ 22'50
54Kamil MaleckiNetia - Vonin+ 23'24
55Csaba PalyiOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 23'41
56Carlos QuinteroCYBEX Platinum+ 23'59
57Jean-Francois CamierBNZ Cycling Team+ 24'26
58Gino MäderCentovalli - Fiat+ 24'33
59Georg ZimmermannTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 25'15
60Christian EgidioAzteca - NBCSN+ 25'28
61Uri Martins SandovalAzteca - NBCSN+ 25'30
62Samuel CoronelNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 26'16
63Brendan RhimMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 26'24
64Simon GeschkeCYBEX Platinum+ 26'57
65Adam StachowiakNetia - Vonin+ 27'25
66Thomas RevardMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 27'45
67Dmitry StrakhovBianchi - Campagnolo+ 28'32
68Neil Van der PloegEddie Stobart+ 28'51
69Alexandr BraicoOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 28'55
70Jaime CastrilloEuskaltel - Elior+ 29'46
71James FoucheNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 30'26
72Boy Van PoppelNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 32'00
73Xhuliano KamberajAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 32'23
74Jonas VingegaardTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 32'29
75Ivan RovnyEquinor Pro Cycling+ 33'28
76Steele Von HoffBNZ Cycling Team+ 34'27
77Suleiman KangangiEquinor Pro Cycling+ 35'10
78Michael StorerBianchi - Campagnolo+ 35'24
79Roger KlugeBianchi - Campagnolo+ 35'41
80Aidis KruopisDK Zalgiris+ 36'04
81Alex HoehnMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 36'14
82Michal KukrleAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 36'37
83Gatis SmukulisNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 37'18
84Luke KeoughAzteca - NBCSN+ 37'28
85Krzysztof MarchewkaAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 37'54
86Manuel StockerCentovalli - Fiat+ 38'40
87Jake KeoughCYBEX Platinum+ 38'57
88Joel YatesBNZ Cycling Team+ 39'05
89Gert JoeaarEddie Stobart+ 39'13
90Jordan CheyneAzteca - NBCSN+ 39'16
91Jonas RickaertNetia - Vonin+ 39'51
92Pawel FranczakNetia - Vonin+ 40'31
93Ramunas NavardauskasAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 41'18
94Felix EnglishGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 42'33
95Justas BeniusisDK Zalgiris+ 42'54
96Niklas LarsenTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 43'41
97Connor BrownMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 44'59
98Genki YamamotoTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 45'26
99Manuel BetilsonOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 45'28
100Stef KrulGCN ProTeam+ 46'13
101Dylan Van BaarleCYBEX Platinum+ 46'42
102Mamyr StashNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 46'54
103El Mehdi ChokriTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 47'33
104Michael O'LoughlinGCN ProTeam+ 47'46
105Adam Petrie-ArmstrongGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 48'47
106Bambang SuryadiCYBEX Platinum+ 49'11
107Ian RichardsonGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 49'17
108Alexandr OvsyannikovDK Zalgiris+ 50'39
109Zeke MostovMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 51'01
110Narankhuu BaterdeneBNZ Cycling Team+ 51'49
111Syver WaerstedEquinor Pro Cycling+ 52'24
112Noah GraniganMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 54'24
113Mohammed Al MurawwiEuskaltel - Elior+ 54'30
114Mathias NorsgaardTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 55'09
115Stelly RobertEuskaltel - Elior+ 58'55
116Madushanka PereraNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 1h00'12
117Bilguunjargal ErdenebatBNZ Cycling Team+ 1h00'28
118Issiaka CisseCentovalli - Fiat+ 1h00'59
119Mustafa CarsiEquinor Pro Cycling+ 1h01'51
120Alexandr NepomnyachsniyDK Zalgiris+ 1h02'04
121Szymon RekitaNetia - Vonin+ 1h02'24
122Armindo FonsecaEuskaltel - Elior+ 1h03'19
123Nikolay MihaylovOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 1h04'55
124Miles ScotsonBNZ Cycling Team+ 1h05'27
125Steven BurkeGCN ProTeam+ 1h05'53
126Emil AnderssonEddie Stobart+ 1h06'13
127Maximilian WalscheidCentovalli - Fiat+ 1h07'34
128Maral-Erdene BatmunkhEuskaltel - Elior+ 1h07'36
129Carlos Alexandre ManarelliEquinor Pro Cycling+ 1h11'04
130Rory TownsendEquinor Pro Cycling+ 1h13'29
131Sandor SzalontayGCN ProTeam+ 1h15'39
132Darijus DzervusDK Zalgiris+ 1h19'40
133Kristian SobotaNetia - Vonin+ 1h26'13
134Azizulhasni AwangDK Zalgiris+ 1h35'08



1Ryan EastmanAzteca - NBCSN76
2Luke KeoughAzteca - NBCSN59
3Thibaut PinotGCN ProTeam55
4Filippo ZaccantiBianchi - Campagnolo43
5Thomas FaiersNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite39
6Steele Von HoffBNZ Cycling Team38
7Robert KiserlovskiBNZ Cycling Team36
8Rafael VallsBianchi - Campagnolo33
9Vadim RatiyCYBEX Platinum31
10Tadej PogacarAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling30
11Magnus Cort NielsenTryg Insurance Cycling Team27
12Mustafa CarsiEquinor Pro Cycling26
13Johan Le BonDK Zalgiris25
14Genki YamamotoTryg Insurance Cycling Team25
15Dmitri MedvedevEddie Stobart24
16Kamil MaleckiNetia - Vonin24
17Xhuliano KamberajAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling22
18Issiaka CisseCentovalli - Fiat22
19Mirco SaggioratoCentovalli - Fiat20
20Boy Van PoppelNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite20
21Carlos Alexandre ManarelliEquinor Pro Cycling20
22Andrea ManfrediCentovalli - Fiat19
23Felix EnglishGlanbia Foods Cycling Project18
24Bambang SuryadiCYBEX Platinum17
25Michael StorerBianchi - Campagnolo16
26Mohammed Al MurawwiEuskaltel - Elior16
27Travis MeyerEddie Stobart14
28Armindo FonsecaEuskaltel - Elior14
29Ben O'ConnorGlanbia Foods Cycling Project12
30Pavel PotockiGCN ProTeam10
31Connor McConveyGlanbia Foods Cycling Project10
32Tyron GiogieriOMV Petrom-albania.al9
33Madushanka PereraNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite9
34Daniel Ricardo DiazCYBEX Platinum8
35Gian Piero SignoriniCentovalli - Fiat8
36Paddy ClarkeGlanbia Foods Cycling Project8
37James PiccoliNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite7
38Azizulhasni AwangDK Zalgiris7
39Egidijus JuodvalkisDK Zalgiris6
40Wolfgang BurmannTryg Insurance Cycling Team6
41Dietmar Mehr-WenigeEquinor Pro Cycling6
42Roger KlugeBianchi - Campagnolo6
43Kristian SobotaNetia - Vonin6
44Stefano PirazziBianchi - Campagnolo4
45Shaun LewisEddie Stobart4
46Zeke MostovMcCormick Pro Cycling4
47Romain HardyBianchi - Campagnolo3
48Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltel - Elior3
49Gatis SmukulisNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite3
50Ka Hoo FungMcCormick Pro Cycling2
51Sergio OrtegaAzteca - NBCSN2
52Bilguunjargal ErdenebatBNZ Cycling Team2
53Alexandr NepomnyachsniyDK Zalgiris2
54Vincenzo NibaliEuskaltel - Elior1
55Gavin MannionAzteca - NBCSN1
56Jordan CheyneAzteca - NBCSN1
57Nikolay MihaylovOMV Petrom-albania.al1



1Tadej PogacarAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling44
2Ryan EastmanAzteca - NBCSN42
3Stefano PirazziBianchi - Campagnolo36
4Thibaut PinotGCN ProTeam30
5Travis MeyerEddie Stobart30
6Thomas FaiersNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite21
7Rafael VallsBianchi - Campagnolo20
8Johan Le BonDK Zalgiris20
9Connor McConveyGlanbia Foods Cycling Project18
10Robert KiserlovskiBNZ Cycling Team17
11Vadim RatiyCYBEX Platinum17
12Zachary HughesAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling16
13Dmitri MedvedevEddie Stobart14
14Magnus Cort NielsenTryg Insurance Cycling Team12
15Mirco SaggioratoCentovalli - Fiat12
16Egidijus JuodvalkisDK Zalgiris10
17Shaun LewisEddie Stobart10
18Romain ZingleEquinor Pro Cycling10
19Andrea ManfrediCentovalli - Fiat9
20Filippo ZaccantiBianchi - Campagnolo8
21Dietmar Mehr-WenigeEquinor Pro Cycling8
22Paddy ClarkeGlanbia Foods Cycling Project8
23James PiccoliNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite7
24Ben O'ConnorGlanbia Foods Cycling Project6
25Kamil MaleckiNetia - Vonin6
26Adam StachowiakNetia - Vonin6
27Tyron GiogieriOMV Petrom-albania.al5
28Alexandr BraicoOMV Petrom-albania.al4
29Manuel BetilsonOMV Petrom-albania.al4
30Pavel PotockiGCN ProTeam2
31Michael StorerBianchi - Campagnolo2



1Tadej PogacarAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling22h32'03
2Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltel - Elior+ 2'24
3Ben O'ConnorGlanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 4'30
4Filippo ZaccantiBianchi - Campagnolo+ 4'54
5Ka Hoo FungMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 5'54
6Nicola ConciEuskaltel - Elior+ 6'49
7Jordi MajoralOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 11'14
8Daniel HabtemichaelMcCormick Pro Cyclings.t.
9Kamil MaleckiNetia - Vonin+ 12'24
10Gino MäderCentovalli - Fiat+ 13'33
11Georg ZimmermannTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 14'15
12Brendan RhimMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 15'24
13Thomas RevardMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 16'45
14Dmitry StrakhovBianchi - Campagnolo+ 17'32
15Jaime CastrilloEuskaltel - Elior+ 18'46
16James FoucheNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 19'26
17Xhuliano KamberajAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 21'23
18Jonas VingegaardTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 21'29
19Michael StorerBianchi - Campagnolo+ 24'24
20Alex HoehnMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 25'14
21Michal KukrleAdastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 25'37
22Joel YatesBNZ Cycling Team+ 28'05
23Jonas RickaertNetia - Vonin+ 28'51
24Justas BeniusisDK Zalgiris+ 31'54
25Niklas LarsenTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 32'41
26Connor BrownMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 33'59
27Stef KrulGCN ProTeam+ 35'13
28El Mehdi ChokriTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 36'33
29Michael O'LoughlinGCN ProTeam+ 36'46
30Alexandr OvsyannikovDK Zalgiris+ 39'39
31Zeke MostovMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 40'01
32Narankhuu BaterdeneBNZ Cycling Team+ 40'49
33Syver WaerstedEquinor Pro Cycling+ 41'24
34Noah GraniganMcCormick Pro Cycling+ 43'24
35Mathias NorsgaardTryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 44'09
36Bilguunjargal ErdenebatBNZ Cycling Team+ 49'28
37Szymon RekitaNetia - Vonin+ 51'24
38Miles ScotsonBNZ Cycling Team+ 54'27
39Maral-Erdene BatmunkhEuskaltel - Elior+ 56'36
40Rory TownsendEquinor Pro Cycling+ 1h02'29



1Bianchi - Campagnolo66h36'55
2CYBEX Platinum+ 2'52
3Centovalli - Fiat+ 3'21
4GCN ProTeam+ 5'53
5Azteca - NBCSN+ 6'55
6Eddie Stobart+ 13'49
7Glanbia Foods Cycling Project+ 16'12
8Euskaltel - Elior+ 21'04
9NENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 21'16
10Adastra - Hell Energy Cycling+ 22'56
11Tryg Insurance Cycling Team+ 24'50
12OMV Petrom-albania.al+ 29'15
13BNZ Cycling Team+ 31'54
14DK Zalgiris+ 42'30
15McCormick Pro Cycling+ 46'41
16Equinor Pro Cycling+ 55'44
17Netia - Vonin+ 1h12'53

Manager of Minions
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