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few questions from a beginner
Hello from Vienna

I hope I'm right here in this channel with my concerns. I am new to this game, in this forum, please have a little understanding for me :-) Thanks!

1) I created a team plus driver and sponsor; when I start I get this message
i.imgur.com/RuDlDQe.jpgI use a copy (was pointed out in various tutorials) from WDB 2020 i.imgur.com/h8H6ZZa.jpg
Everything works; what does this error message mean? I'm afraid that the game will crash at some point; after 2 races I would not notice anything faulty. As already mentioned, I only added a team, sponsor, driver and Jersey.

2)It works for all pictures, not for Toni Turek: - / do you have a hint? Did nothing else like the 15 others

3) I looked at the tutorials, but I didn't remember this green or red 1,2; I don't find anything in the guide either; You know that for sure :-)

4) how can I switch back to the water driver here? I can only switch between captain, free and sprinter

and one more question, the water driver distributes the bottles, right? does he do it automatically? within what distance? I assume if a team member is 2 minutes ahead, won't that work? Is there a way to get to water without the leader falling behind? no right? a question of strategy?

5) and the last question, I hope finally :-)
can I see other drivers in the race how they are physically fit, how can I see mine?

That would be, not too bad, for my first 48 hours :-)

Thank you very much for your help AND STAY HEALTHY, TAKE CARE OF YOU

All the best to you, your families and everyone who is important to you

EDIT: ooooh, wrong channell
I'm still using PCM 17 so things may have changed, but...

5) You used to be able to observe an opponent to find that out, but I don't think that's possible anymore.

4) Drag&Drop - drag, say, Waterpipe, over Köfalvi and he'll become his domestique.

3) That's the daily form, the rider get a bonus on his stats. It used to be entirely random, but now (in PCM 17 at least) it's tied to fitness peaks/objectives, though there is still some randomness.

2) Check again, file format, name, etc.

1) Can't say anything about that, sorry.
I can't help you with the first two questions, except that maybe you could post the lines of the .log-file so we have a better idea what the problem could be. You can find that in the MyDocuments -> PCM19 directory. It's a pretty long txt-file, but you can search for CheckDatabase and CheckRaces.

3) The green or red number is the daily form of the rider. It impacts your riders' stats positively or negatively, you can see the + or - behind the stats in the window at the bottom left of the screen. The daily form works in combination with a rider's fitness to give you boosts or decrease in stats. For instance, a +2 at fitness level 99 gives you a higher boost than a +2 at fitness level 85. Same with decreases; if you're at maximum fitness, a -1 daily form might still give you tiny boosts, while at a lower fitness level, -1 is enough to give you significant attribute decreases.

4) you can switch a rider to a water carrier by clicking and holding the name of that rider and dragging him to the leader you want to appoint him to (e.g. drag Turek over to Köfalvi and he'll be his domestique for the race).

For the second part of the question: Any rider only does something automatically when you leave him with the "strategy" (or "automatic", whatever it's called) assignment. If they have that assignment and they are a water carrier, they will automatically drop back to get water once the riders in his group are running out (you can see the water bottle symbol slowly going from blue to white). A water carrier gives bottles to all of your riders in the group, by the way, not just the leader he's assigned to. Also, if they are on automatic, one of the riders who are dedicated to each leader will usually protect him. For any rider that is not on the automatic assignment, the strategy you did before the race doesn't matter at all, then you're responsible for everything he does.

As for the distance, fetching water only works for the riders within one group. If you have a leader alone in front of the peloton with no domestiques, he has to go get water himself. That's why strong domestiques are important, as is a good strategy (for instance make sure your leader has a full water bottle before he attacks).

5) That is only possible in Pro Cyclist mode once you've unlocked a certain skill. If I remember correctly, a few years back there was an "observe" feature in career mode as well, but this is gone now.

‚ā¨dit: Argh, the rare Zabel'd Pfft Oh but since you've mentioned the influences for daily form: in addition to fitness peaks and objectives, there's also fatigue, favorite race and favorite/least favorite weather. In the preview screen of any race, you can find "predictors" of your riders' daily form and there's an info tool tip next to it which shows you all the possible influences.
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1) As I recall playing the World DB the message came even with the "original" World DB (you could try that) and it doesn't affect anything (I remember having read this somewhere too). You should be fine by just clicking OK and never think about it afterwards.
Thanks a lot!
You are great class! Cool
Then everything is cleared for me!

I do not regret the purchase, although I have little or no idea about cycling!
now saudi-tour :-D
OH, only one question, like Columbo :-)

musst i take a country as teamchef?
Yes, that is obligatory. You get to choose between the country of your team and the country of your strongest (highest ovr) rider. If that's the same, then that's your only choice ^^

Being the manager of a national team only means controlling them at the World Championships and choosing the team for it, narrowing it down at different points in the season. If you don't want to do anything, then you can just select random riders and simulate the WC.
Toni Turek Picture works, i take a new one
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