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Cofidis, Solutions Cyclistes
Tour de Romandie | 28.04. - 03.05.2020

i.imgur.com/bsmtpIi.png i.imgur.com/n6h5U2y.png i.imgur.com/n6h5U2y.png i.imgur.com/5yvC8Lp.png i.imgur.com/FdiHx8H.png i.imgur.com/bsmtpIi.png
N. Haas M. Le Turnier A. Perez N. Berhane
S. Consonni D. Touzé S. Rossetto

Stage 1 i.imgur.com/bsmtpIi.png
1. Bauke MollemaTrek - Segafredo4‘21
2. Tom BohliUAE Team Emirates+ 4
3. Remco EvenepoelDeceuninck-Quick Step+ 5
32. Stéphane RossettoCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 21

Stage 2 i.imgur.com/n6h5U2y.png
1. Tony GallopinAg2r La Mondiale4h52‘09
2. Emanuel BuchmannBORA - hansgrohes.t.
3. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineoss.t.
4. Nathan HaasCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
1. Natnael BerhaneCofidis, Solutions Crédits16
2. Sébastien ReichenbachGroupama - FDJ6
3. Loic VliegenCircus - Wanty Gobert6

Stage 3 i.imgur.com/n6h5U2y.png
1. Simone ConsonniCofidis, Solutions Crédits4h01‘34
2. Marc HirschiTeam Sunwebs.t.
3. Tony GallopinAg2r La Mondiales.t.
1. Natnael BerhaneCofidis, Solutions Crédits35
2. Mads Würtz SchmidtIsrael Start-Up Nation15
3. José Joaquin RojasMovistar Team12

Stage 4 i.imgur.com/5yvC8Lp.png
1. Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo-Visma4h03‘41
2. Bauke MollemaTrek - Segafredos.t.
3. Tony GallopinAg2r La Mondials.t.
7. Nathan HaasCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
1. Natnael BerhaneCofidis, Solutions Crédits35
2. Mads Würtz SchmidtIsrael Start-Up Nation15
3. Daniel OssBORA - hansgrohe14

Stage 5 i.imgur.com/FdiHx8H.png
1. Tony GallopinAg2r La Mondial4h55‘46
2. Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo-Vismas.t.
3. Bauke MollemaTrek - Segafredos.t.
34. Natnael BerhaneCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1‘33
1. Natnael BerhaneCofidis, Solutions Crédits51
2. Daniel OssBORA - hansgrohe24
3. Jan BakelandtsCircus – Wanty Group22

Stage 6 i.imgur.com/bsmtpIi.png
1. Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo-Visma21‘18
2. Tanel KangertEF Pro Cycling+ 3
3. Remco EvenepoelDeceuninck-Quick Step+ 6
45. Stéphane RossettoCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1‘25

1. Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo-Visma18h18‘52
2. Bauke MollemaTrek - Segafredo+ 2
3. Remco EvenepoelDeceuninck-Quick Step+ 8
4. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+ 47
5. Tanel KangertEF Pro Cycling+ 49
23. Nathan HaasCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 5'32
1. Natnael BerhaneCofidis, Solutions Crédits51
2. Daniel OssBORA - hansgrohe24
3. Jan BakelandtsCircus – Wanty Group22
For the first time this season, we didn’t have anyone for the GC. Given that, I’m very happy with a stage win for Consonni and the polkadots for Berhane. Other than that, a quiet race for us.
The stage win was a huge bonus.
Hilly classics were very good!
I enjoy reading this story so much, the format is so nice and well structured.
@LLDS: It was more than I had hoped for, certainly! Consonni is having an exceptional season.

@VoetsT: I'm very glad to hear that Smile

Eschborn - Frankfurt | 01.05.2020
E. Viviani F. Sabatini A. Viviani J. Vermote
E. Finé E. Morin V. Lafay
1 Sonny ColbrelliBahrain - McLaren6h01‘35
2 Matteo TrentinCCC Teams.t.
3 Elia VivianiCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
4 Dario CataldoMovistar Teams.t.
5 Alex AranburuAstana Pro Teams.t.
To be hones, this was a bit of an oversight in planning. I thought this was a flat race, so we sent Elia Viviani as our leader. But it turned out to be quite hilly. Viviani still miraculously managed to hang on and finish in the first group, but he didn’t have enough energy to beat the best punchy sprinters. Still a great result.

Giro d‘Italia | Preview
The first grand tour of the year is coming up and I thought this warrants an actual preview. First, a quick overview of the stages:
The Route

The 2020 Giro is a mountain-heavy race. Of the 8 mountain stages, 7 are mountain top finishes, plus one of the time trials is up a climb as well. Another is a team time trial.

6 stages are classic sprint stages, 2 hilly stages end on a flat road and could lead to sprints while the other 2 are hilltop finishes. The remaining time trial on the final day in Milano is entirely flat.

Note: This is not the real 2020 route.
Team Cofidis
LeaderSprint TrainFree Elements
Elia Viviani Simone Consonni Natnael Berhane
Fabio Sabatini Luis Angel Maté
Damien Touzé Stéphane Rossetto
Julien Vermote

We're starting this race in Torino with one primary goal: getting Elia Viviani as many stage wins as possible - and, unless one of the climbers takes it, the points jersey. There have been courses with more explicit chances for pure sprinters, but Viviani has shown that he can survive a few hills, so we're looking at a total of 8 stages we target for him.

With Consonni and Sabatini, we brought a strong sprint train. Both have won stages on their own already this year, Consonni was especially strong, but now they form a potent sprint train with Touzé and Vermote as additional helpers.

This focus on the sprints leaves us without a candidate for the general classification. We have three riders in Berhane, Maté and Rossetto who are supposed to seek their fortune in breakaways and especially for the former two, the mountain jersey could be an objective. But both aren't among the premier climbers, even compared to better domestiques on other teams, so we'll have to see about that.
GC Contenders
Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo-Visma
Steven KruijswijkTeam Jumbo-Visma
Richard CarapazTeam Ineos
Tadej PogacarUAE Team Emirates
Miguel Angel LópezAstana Pro Team
Vincenzo NibaliTrek - Segafredo
Mikel LandaBahrain - McLaren
Marc SolerMovistar Team
Rigoberto UránEF Pro Cycling
Rafal MajkaBORA - hansgrohe

There are some really fine riders here to fight for the pink jersey. Jumbo-Visma is the only team with a bona fide dual threat as Ineos has left their trio of Bernal, Froome and Thomas at home, but Carapaz is still the defending champion, so it's not like they're coming empty handed.
Sam BennettDeceuninck-Quick Step
Fabio JakobsenDeceuninck-Quick Step
Àlvaro HodegDeceuninck-Quick Step
Alexander KristoffUAE Team Emirates
Jasper PhilipsenUAE Team Emirates
Caleb EwanLotto Soudal
John DegenkolbLotto Soudal
Pascal AckermannBORA - hansgrohe
Jakub MareczkoCCC Team
Luca MezgecMitchelton-Scott
Giacomo NizzoloNTT Pro Cycling
Mark CavendishBahrain - McLaren

Unfortunately for us, this field of sprinters is packed. And more than one team has a really strong core with at least two quick guys, in the case of Quick Step even three. Our rivals Pascal Ackermann and Giacomo Nizzolo are here as well as a plethora of other strong riders to compete with Viviani.
I really miss playing PCM Sad Damn you Adulthood (Shakes fist at sky)
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
Good luck in the Grio. Seems like you will get some serious competion for the sprints Pfft
3 stage wins should be the goal I guess, but I can see you even taking 5 or sth like that - mountains will be very tough to compete in with that line-up though...
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@ringo182: I feel you! Currently having the first free-ish couple of weeks in a while and as you can see, I'm catching up for a lot, a lot of weeks without PCM before Pfft Maybe you can find some joy in the shared experience Wink

@VoetsT: It will be tough, but we'll try our best!

@Croatia14: Expectations are high Grin But I guess our previous results demand nothing less ... let's see how it goes.

Giro d’Italia, Week One | 09.05. - 15.05.2020

Stage 1 i.imgur.com/bsmtpIi.png
1. Team Jumbo-Visma21‘10
2. Team Ineos+ 13
3. UAE Team Emirates+ 22
17. Cofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1‘46

Stage 2 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png
1. Simone ConsonniCofidis, Solutions Crédits4h17‘01
2. Caleb EwanLotto Soudals.t.
3. Fabio JakobsenDeceuninck-Quick Steps.t.
4. Elia VivianiCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

Stage 3 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png
1. Caleb EwanLotto Soudal4h24‘04
2. Fabio JakobsenDeceuninck-Quick Steps.t.
3. Alexander KristoffUAE Team Emiratess.t.
14. Elia VivianiCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

Stage 4 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png
1. Caleb EwanLotto Soudal5h24‘08
2. Elia VivianiCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
3. Fabio JakobsenDeceuninck-Quick Steps.t.

Stage 5 i.imgur.com/5yvC8Lp.png
1. Wilco KeldermannTeam Sunweb5h14‘04
2. Michal KwiatkowskiTeam Ineoss.t.
3. Richard CarapazTeam Ineoss.t.
20. Elia VivianiCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

Stage 6 i.imgur.com/n6h5U2y.png
1. Michal KwiatkowskiTeam Ineos5h09‘34
2. Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo-Vismas.t.
3. Richard CarapazTeam Ineoss.t.
16. Simone ConsonniCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1‘50

Stage 7 i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png
1. Eduardo SepúlvedaMovistar Team3h09‘48
2. Neilson PowlessEF Pro Cyclings.t.
3. Vegard Stake LaengenUAE Team Emiratess.t.
6. Luis Angel MatéCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 53

1. Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo-Visma29h37'35
2. Richard CarapazTeam Ineos+ 24
3. Wilco KeldermannTeam Sunweb+ 1‘33
4. Rigoberto UránEF Pro Cycling+ 1‘59
5. Domenico PozzovivoNTT Pro Cycling+ 2‘15
40. Luis Angel MatéCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 4'51
1. Caleb EwanLotto Soudal74
2. Fabio JakobsenDeceuninck-Quick Step52
3. Michal KwiatkowskiTeam Ineos45
6. Elia VivianiCofidis, Solutions Crédits38
1. Vegard Stake LaengenUAE Team Emirates46
2. Eduardo SepúlvedaMovistar Team46
3. Kevin RiveraAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec40
5. Luis Angel MatéCofidis, Solutions Crédits17
What a weird opening week for us. After we got the TTT over with, we were determined to show Viviani's strength on stage two. Our train was going strong, but Viviani got caught in traffic. It didn't matter though, because our train was so strong that Consonni just finished it for us.

Unfortunately, the next two stages didn't go as well for us. We were in bad position on a small hill towards the end of stage three and didn't recover in time and then Ewan proved too strong on stage four, eventhough a second place is respectable. But especially stage three might already have been a backbreaker for the points classification.

Once we hit steeper slopes, Luis Angel Maté tried his best in breakaways. He got to wear the blue jersey for one day but lost it on the first big mountain stage. He was in the breakaway that eventually even took the stage but he wasn't strong enough to cross any of the summits first. We'll see how much he can do in upcoming stages.
Giro d’Italia, Week Two | 16.05. - 23.05.2020

Stage 8 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png
1. Caleb EwanLotto Soudal5h09‘13
2. Elia VivianiCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
3. Damien TouzéCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

Stage 9 i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png
1. Daniel Felipe MartínezEF Pro Cycling4h56‘36
2. Joey RosskopfCCC Teams.t.
3. Kevin RiveraAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 1‘26
43. Stéphane RossettoCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 5‘39

Stage 10 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png
1. Elia VivianiCofidis, Solutions Crédits3h46‘38
2. Caleb EwanLotto Soudals.t.
3. Sam BennettDeceuninck-Quick Steps.t.

Stage 11 i.imgur.com/5yvC8Lp.png
1. Alexis VuillermozAg2r La Mondiale4h00‘36
2. Krists NeilandsIsrael Start-Up Nations.t.
3. Eros CapecchiBahrain - McLarens.t.
24. Elia VivianiCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1‘31

Stage 12 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png
1. Giacomo NizzoloNTT Pro Cycling4h21‘50
2. Sam BennettDeceuninck-Quick Steps.t.
3. Phil BauhausBahrain - McLarens.t.
7. Simone ConsonniCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

Stage 13 i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png
1. Richard CarapazTeam Ineos4h41‘54
2. Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 13
3. Wilco KeldermannTeam Sunwebs.t.
19. Luis Angel MatéCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1‘32

Stage 14 i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png
1. Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo-Visma6h16‘25
2. Jan PolancUAE Team Emiratess.t.
3. Tiesj BenootTeam Sunweb+ 20
52. Luis Angel MatéCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 10‘15

1. Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo-Visma63h54‘04
2. Richard CarapazTeam Ineos+ 37
3. Rigoberto UránEF Pro Cycling+ 3‘30
4. Vincenzo NibaliTrek - Segafredo+ 3‘33
5. Wilco KeldermannTeam Sunweb+ 6‘32
40. Luis Angel MatéCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 34‘56
1. Caleb EwanLotto Soudal133
2. Elia VivianiCofidis, Solutions Crédits88
3. Michal KwiatkowskiTeam Ineos77
Man, that win on stage 10 felt good for Elia Viviani. After coming up short once more two days earlier, this time everything worked well. All the more frustrating was then Stage 12 with Viviani getting stuck in traffic again in what would have otherwise been a perfect leadout, especially with Ewan showing weakness. The points jersey is out of reach as there’s only one more stage in the final week in which a sprint is even a possibility.

So lots of mountains still to come and we haven’t done all that well in that department. Both Berhane and Maté have been in breakaways but haven’t been strong enough to hold on all the way - or collect meaningful points for the mountain classification. We’ll see if things change but I don’t have high high hopes.
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Consonni wow! Viviani sadly not in his perfect outings though...
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I guess you can't complain much with 2 wins, but a 3rd one would be nice, right? Wink
@Croatia14: What Consonni is doing this season is probably the most positive surprise of them all. Really great to see. But yes, Viviani has fallen a bit short of expectations.

@purepasd: A third would be very nice, but the final week doesn't suit us very well. But let's just see:

Giro d’Italia, Week Three | 24.05. - 31.05.2020

Stage 15 i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png
1. Sébastien ReichenbachGroupama – FDJ6h58‘16
2. Richard CarapazTeam Ineos+ 20
3. George BennettTeam Jumbo-Vismas.t.
23. Luis Angel MatéCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 2‘08

Stage 16 i.imgur.com/GGZxiKb.png
1. Richard CarapazTeam Ineos30‘16
2. Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 2
3. Steven KruijswijkTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 5
29. Luis Angel Maté Cofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1‘06

Stage 17 i.imgur.com/FdiHx8H.png
1. Remco EvenepoelDeceuninck-Quick Step6h00‘36
2. Louis MeintjesNTT Pro Cyclings.t.
3. Giulio CicconeTrek - Segafredos.t.
4. Luis Angel Maté Cofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

Stage 18 i.imgur.com/n6h5U2y.png
1. Joey RosskopfCCC Team3h41‘23
2. Kristian SbaragliAlpecin - Fenixs.t.
3. Davide GabburoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermecs.t.
4. Stéphane Rossetto Cofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

Stage 19 i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png
1. Sébastien ReichenbachGroupama – FDJ6h38‘59
2. Domenico PozzovivoNTT Pro Cyclings.t.
3. Giulio CicconeTrek - Segafredos.t.
20. Julien VermoteCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1‘57

Stage 20 i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png
1. Thomas De GendtLotto Soudal5h09‘34
2. Carl Fredrik HagenLotto Soudals.t.
3. Mikel NieveMitchelton-Scotts.t.
6. Luis Angel MatéCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1‘12

Stage 21 i.imgur.com/bsmtpIi.png
1. Tony MartinTeam Jumbo-Visma36'18
2. Joey RosskopfCCC Team+ 8
3. Remco EvenepoelDeceuninck-Quick Step+ 14
40. Elia VivianiCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 2'06

1. Richard CarapazTeam Ineos94h20‘49
2. Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 19
3. Vincenzo NibaliTrek - Segafredo+ 5‘24
4. Wilco KeldermannTeam Sunweb+ 8‘10
5. Marc SolerMovistar Team+ 10‘20
6. Steven KruijswijkTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 11'40
7. Tadej PogacarUAE Team Emirates+ 13'56
8. Sébastien ReichenbachGroupama - FDJ+ 14'09
9. Rafal MakjaBORA - hansgrohe+ 14'32
10. Mikel LandaBahrain - McLaren+ 16'53
30. Luis Angel MatéCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 42‘13
1. Caleb EwanLotto Soudal141
2. Richard CarapazTeam Ineos135
3. Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo-Visma116
5. Elia VivianiCofidis, Solutions Crédits89
Three times we had riders in the successful breakaway, but in all three cases they weren’t able to finish with a win or a podium spot. Not great, but decent results considering we had no ambitions for the mountains but to go into breakaways. Especially Maté did very well competing with very strong riders on a tough day in the mountains on stage 17 and showed endurance by making it to another breakaway on stage 20.

The stage with Rossetto in the break was the one Viviani could have targeted and in hindsight, maybe that strategy was more promising, but it was a tough stage and other riders should get their shots as well, so I’m not mad about it. All in all, we leave with two stage wins and a few more Top 3 and Top 10 places. One win by Viviani is certainly a disappointment, especially with all the ressources we allocated for him and eventhough this was a really tough field. Still, at least he got the one and in conjunction with Consonni’s this is, all things considered, an okay race. And we’ve had so many races in which we exceeded expectations that we can be somewhat content here.

The GC was a duel, that much became clear quickly. Roglic led for most of the race, Carapaz took the pink jersey on the final mountain stage and surprisingly defended it one day later in the concluding time trial, beating Roglic on that stage by two seconds. It was a showdown between Jumbo-Visma and Ineos, which could also be what we can expect come July at the Tour de France.

Cofidis Continental Race Highlights - May
Win Tour de l’Ain, Stage 2 Christophe Laporte
2nd Tour de l’Ain Christophe Laporte
2nd Tour de l’Ain, Stage 1 Christophe Laporte
3rd Tour de l’Ain, Stage 3 Christophe Laporte
5h Boucles de la Mayenne Marco Mathis
The Tour de l’Ain was a duel between Laporte and Danny Van Poppel, which the latter unfortunately wrapped up with two stage wins compared to Laporte's one. Still a solid start to Laporte’s Tour prep. Marco Mathis showed some more promise with a fifth overall in the Boucles de la Mayenne after a solid opening time trial.
Edited by cunego59 on 15-02-2020 19:10
Critérium du Dauphiné | 31.05. – 07.06.2020

i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png i.imgur.com/bsmtpIi.png i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png i.imgur.com/5yvC8Lp.png i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png
C. Laporte K. Vanbilsen P. Perichon A. Viviani
G. Martin N. Edet J. Hansen

Stage 1 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png
1. Cees BolTeam Sunweb3h29‘19
2. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
3. Michael MorkovDeceuninck-Quick Steps.t.

Stage 2 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png
1. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits4h05‘16
2. Nacer BouhanniTeam Arkea - Samsics.t.
3. Edward TheunsTrek - Segafredos.t.

Stage 3 i.imgur.com/bsmtpIi.png
1. Team Ineos29‘30
2. CCC Team+ 19
3. Mitchelton-Scott+ 21
16. Cofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1‘30

Stage 4 i.imgur.com/8Ne0HYJ.png
1. Juan Sebastián MolanoUAE Team Emirates5h36‘51
2. Reinhardt J. V. RensburgNTT Pro Cyclings.t.
3. Edward TheunsTrek - Segafredos.t.
9. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

Stage 5 i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png
1. Egan BernalTeam Ineos4h30'14
2. Chris FroomeTeam Ineoss.t.
3. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineoss.t.
4. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

Stage 6 i.imgur.com/5yvC8Lp.png
1. Marc HirschiTeam Sunweb4h50'01
2. Warren BarguilTeam Arkea - Samsics.t.
3. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineoss.t.
11. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

Stage 7 i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png
1. Egan BernalTeam Ineos3h29‘19
2. Winner Andrew AnacondaTeam Arkéa - Samsic+ 28
3. Thibaut PinotGroupama - FDJs.t.
10. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1'26

Stage 8 i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png
1. Omar FraileAstana Pro Team4h21'38
2. Ruben GuerreiroEF Pro Cycling+ 1'44
3. Rémi CavagnaDeceuninck-Quick Steps.t.
18. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 3'41

1. Egan BernalTeam Ineos32h38‘38
2. Thibaut PinotGroupama - FDJ+ 53
3. Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+ 2'02
4. Wout PoelsBahrain - McLaren+ 2'23
5. Tom DumoulinTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 3‘05
8. Guillaume MartinCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 3'28
Guillaume only just started his racing here after more than two months off, so it was a decent start for him. Without the TTT, he'd comfortably made the Top 5. He tried to attack alongside Thibaut Pinot on the final stage but in contrast to Pinot, he wasn't able to follow through. But it was still a good test.

We also added a stage win and a second place for Christophe Laporte, who will be our sprinter for Le Tour. A promising effort - although we also had a stage derailed by bad positioning, so that is still something I'm working on.
Herrada did great in the Ardennes but I think overall the Giro was a bit disappointing. Viviani probably should have done better, although Consonni did great, and stage wins are still decent.

Dauphine was good as well. Laporte and Martin both riding well in the (Im assuming) tune up for the Tour for both of them.
Viviani was disappointing indeed. He'll have a chance to redeem himself at the Vuelta Wink and yes, Martin and Laporte are prepping for the Tour.

Tour de Suisse | 06.06. – 14.06.2020

i.imgur.com/bsmtpIi.png i.imgur.com/n6h5U2y.png i.imgur.com/5yvC8Lp.png i.imgur.com/n6h5U2y.png i.imgur.com/n6h5U2y.png i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png i.imgur.com/bsmtpIi.png i.imgur.com/FdiHx8H.png
N. Haas A. Perez Jo. Herrada M. Mathis
S. Consonni D. Touzé S. Rossetto

Stage 1 i.imgur.com/bsmtpIi.png
1. Jonathan CastroviejoTeam Ineos9'56
2. Stefan KüngGroupama - FDJ+ 3
3. Jan TratnikBahrain - McLarens.t.
8. Marco MathisCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 12

Stage 2 i.imgur.com/n6h5U2y.png
1. Nathan HaasCofidis, Solutions Crédits4h05‘16
2. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Step+ 55
3. Gianni MosconTeam Ineoss.t.

Stage 3 i.imgur.com/5yvC8Lp.png
1. Simone ConsonniCofidis, Solutions Crédits3h49'52
2. Dylan GroenewegenTeam Jumbo-Vismas.t.
3. Fernando GaviriaUAE Team Emiratess.t.

Stage 4 i.imgur.com/n6h5U2y.png
1. Nathan HaasCofidis, Solutions Crédits3h53‘28
2. Damiano CarusoBahrain - McLarens.t.
3. Wout Van AertTeam Jumbo-Vismas.t.

Stage 5 i.imgur.com/n6h5U2y.png
1. Michael MatthewsTeam Sunweb4h40'30
2. Nathan HaasCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
3. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Steps.t.

Stage 6 i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png
1. Alexandre GeniezAg2r La Mondiale3h09'18
2. Alessandro De MarchiCCC Team+ 22
3. Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Teams.t.
20. Nathan HaasCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1'55

Stage 7 i.imgur.com/s6IpImK.png
1. Wilco KeldermanTeam Sunweb6h18'19
2. Richard CarapazTeam Ineos+ 40
3. Alessandro De MarchiGroupama - FDJs.t.
6. Nathan HaasCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 2'03

Stage 8 i.imgur.com/bsmtpIi.png
1. Filippo GannaTeam Ineos23'19
2. Nelson OliveiraMovistar Team+ 3
3. Wout Van AertTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 10
23. Marco MathisCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 39
66. Nathan HaasCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1'10

Stage 9 i.imgur.com/FdiHx8H.png
1. Fabio AruUAE Team Emirates3h29‘19
2. Michael KwiatkowskiTeam Ineos+ 2'08
3. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Steps.t.
35. Nathan HaasCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 3'31

1. Wilco KeldermanTeam Sunweb31h04'08
2. Richard CarapazTeam Ineos+ 1'42
3. Bob JungelsDeceuninck-Quick Step+ 3'12
4. Steven KruisjwijkTeam Jumbo-Visma+ 3'22
5. Nathan HaasCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 3'49
1. Nathan HaasCofidis, Solutions Crédits36
2. Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck-Quick Step21
3. Nelson OliveiraMovistar Team18
So this was unexpectedly spectacular. We came here with half a squad coming from the Giro and half a squad - around Haas - targeting this race, but for stage wins, not for the overall. Well, we got both! Haas won stage two in a solo escape, collecting a minute on the peloton.

We expected to lose the yellow jersey on the first major mountain stage, but Nathan was feeling so well that he even attacked! He didn't time it well and was spent towards the finish, but he still managed to hang on to yellow. On stage 7, he reversed that approach, riding entirely his own pace, losing touch to the peloton early but coming back to overtake almost everyone and finish sixth on a mountain top finish!

Unfortunately, that same strategy didn't serve him well on the final stage. He again fell behind early on the final mountain, which was followed by a longer descent towards the finish. However, he didn't feel as good that day and miscalculated the climb, so he was almost two minutes behind a still pretty large pack at the summit. Eventually, he would only lose two places though and stay in the Top 5, an insane accomplishment on this route.

Additionally, he took the points classification and we got another stage win from Consonni, his fifth in a World Tour stage race this year! I'd say we're ready for the Tour, but none of these riders are going to France. Still - another fantastic race.
Finally caught up with what has happened so far, and there's so much to like about these first months: Viviani's Tirreno stage wins and GC triumph, Martin's P-N, Catalunya and Dauphiné stage wins and GC results, Herrada's solid Ardennes campaign, Consonni outperforming his lead sprinter at times, an aggressively raced yet not exceptionally fruitful Giro, Haas powering into the Suisse GC top 5...

Keep it coming!


That does read pretty well as a roundup Smile Good to have you here, and don't worry, there are still a lot of posts pre-written to keep this going Wink

National Championships | 19.06. - 24.06.2020

1. Rémi CavagnaDeceuninck-Quick Step58'24
2. Arnaud DémareGroupama - FDJ+ 31
3. Benjamin ThomasGroupama - FDJ+ 43
5. Pierre-Luc PérichonCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1'13
1. Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits6h08'11
2. Nacer BouhanniTeam Arkéa - Samsics.t.
3. Bryan CoquardB&B Hotels - Vital Concepts.t.

1. Marc SolerMovistar Team57'33
2. Jesús HerradaCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 36
3. Jonathan CastroviejoTeam Ineos+ 57
1. Iván García CortinaBahrain - McLare4h54'52
2. Jon AberasturiCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
3. Jesús HerradaCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

1. Filippo GannaTeam Ineos44'12
2. Gianni MosconTeam Ineos+ 5
3. Alessandro De MarchiCCC Team+ 9
40. Elia VivianiCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1'41
1. Giulio CicconeTrek - Segafredo5h12'28
2. Gianluca BrambillaTrek - Segafredo+ 19
3. Vincenzo NibaliTrek - Segafredos.t.
32. Elia VivianiCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1'22

1. Wout Van AertTeam Jumbo-Visma48'02
2. Yves LampaertDeceuninck-Quick Step+ 5
3. Senne LeysenAlpecin-Fenix+ 11
40. Piet AllegaertCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 2'49
1. Greg Van AvermaetCCC Team6h12'10
2. Xandro MeurisseCircus - Wanty Goberts.t.
3. Jens KeukeleireEF Pro Cyclings.t.
5. Dimitri ClaeysCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

1. Tony MartinTeam Jumbo-Visma48'02
2. Lennard KämnaBORA - hansgrohe+ 11
3. Nils PolittIsrael Start-Up Nation+ 13
9. Marco MathisCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 56
1. Phil BauhausBahrain - McLaren4h39'32
2. André GreipelIsrael Start-Up Nations.t.
3. Max WalscheidNTT Pro Cyclings.t.
31. Marco MathisCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

1. Natnael BerhaneCofidis, Solutions Crédits40'22
2. Mekseb DebesayBike Aid+ 28
3. Yacob DebesayGroupama - FDJ Continental Team+ 53
1. Natnael BerhaneCofidis, Solutions Crédits5h25'05
2. Henok MulubrhanNTT Continental Cycling Team+ 22
3. Nahom DesaleBEAT Cycilng Club+ 1'30

1. Martin Toft MadsenBHS - PL Beton Bornholm45'42
2. Mads PetersenTrek - Segafredos.t.
3. Rasmus QuaadeRiwal - Readynez Cycling Team+ 4
43. Jesper HansenCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 5'54
1. Andreas KronRiwal - Readynez Cycling Team5h10'44
2. Jonas GregaardAstana Pro Teams.t.
3. Julius JohansenUni-X Norwegian Development Teams.t.
13. Jesper HansenCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 51

Cofidis Continental Race Highlights - June
2nd La Route d‘Occitanie, Stage 1 Christophe Laporte
3rd La Route d‘Occitanie, Stage 2 Guillaume Martin
4th La Route d‘Occitanie Guillaume Martin
Let's have a look at the NCs first: I knew there was nothing for us in Italy, Germany or Denmark, so that was fine. The Belgian road race was the first somewhat close call with Claeys in the final group, but others were superior sprinters.

Jesús Herrada made the podium twice in Spain and I felt like he really had a shot in the road race but he came up just short. But then, we got the big one! In a great sprint, Christophe Laporte took the French national championship! I can't wait to have him riding Le Tour in that jersey.

To finish things off, Natnael Berhane fulfilled his role as the favorite in his home country and won the double. On the continental circuit, we only really had one race of importance as Martin and Laporte finished their Tour preparations at La Route d'Occitanie. No win, but a couple of podiums and a fourth overall are decent results.

If you're interested in the champions of any other nation, let me know. Other than that, coming up next is ... Le Tour!
Can't wait for the Tour de France.
Martin for the win.
I have high hopes, too, but the win is maybe a bit much Martin Wink I'd be happy with a win or two. But here's a closer look at what you can look forward to:

Tour de France | Preview
As we had for the Giro, here's a detailed preview of the 2020 Tour de France!
The Route

Where the Giro had an abundance of mountain top finishes, this Tour de France route is lighter on the mountains in general. We have nine pure flat stages and another that is classified as hilly but could end in a bunch sprint, so a lot of exposure and opportunities for sprinters.

Note: This is the 2017 route.
Team Cofidis
LeadersSprint SupportMountain Support
Christophe Laporte Pierre-Luc Périchon Nicolas Edet
Guillaume Martin Kenneth Vanbilsen Jesper Hansen
Natnael Berhane
Victor Lafay

We have a duo that will lead our team. Cristophe is one of the faster riders in the peloton and with so many flat stages, there are plenty of opportunities to compete for stage wins and, who knows, maybe even the green jersey. His sprint support isn't as strong, so he'll likely have to latch on to faster riders' wheels in the finales, but Périchon and Vanbilsen should be able to get him towards the front at least.

Considering all the strong climbers present, I've decided that Guillaume's goal for this race is going to be the polkadot jersey for the best climber and, along the way, hopefully a stage win or two. This is also due to the fact that a stage win is our sponsor's most important goal of the season and we want them to be happy, so they hopefully give us more money!

I'm optimistic that Laporte can complete the goal on his own, but this way we have another strategy and I think the polkadots is more prestigeous (and more fun!) than fighting for a finish somewhere in the Top 7-12 range, and even that is really best case.

Nicolas Edet and Jesper Hansen are the main supporters for Guillaume, either going into breakaways with him, protecting him when he's not up front or catching other riders in the fight for mountain points.

Berhane already has the Giro in his legs and Lafay is starting his very first Grand Tour, so expectations are rather low for them.
GC Contenders
Egan BernalTeam Ineos

Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos
Tom DumoulinTeam Jumbo-Visma


Chris FroomeTeam Ineos
Vincenzo NibaliTrek - Segafredo
Romain BardetAg2r La Mondiale


Thibaut PinotGroupama - FDJ
Mikel LandaBahrain - McLaren
Marc SolerMovistar Team
Simon and Adam YatesMitchelton-Scott


Nairo QuintanaTeam Arkéa - Samsic
Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Team
Dan MartinIsrael Start-Up Nation
Michael WoodsEF Pro Cycling
Emanuel BuchmannBORA - hansgrohe

Ineos is obviously the dominating team here with three of the Top 6 favorites - the winners of the previous three editions. But there are a lot of strong climbers and stage racers here to challenge them. With relatively few mountain stages and 33 kilometres of time trialing, everything is on the table.
Caleb EwanLotto Soudal

Dylan GroenewegenTeam Jumbo-Visma
Fernando GaviriaUAE Team Emirates


Arnaud DémareGroupama - FDJ
Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohe
Phil BauhausBahrain - McLaren


Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits
Michael MatthewsTeam Sunweb
Bryan CoquardB&B Hotels - Vital Concept
Max WalscheidNTT Pro Cycling


André GreipelIsrael Start-Up Nation
Kristoffer HalvorsenEF Pro Cycling
Matteo TrentinCCC Team
Daniel McLayTeam Arkéa - Samsic
Niccolo BonifazioTeam Total Direct Energie

A lot of the best sprinters are here. Ewan is the fastest, but he's also coming off the Giro, which might hurt him in the long run. Apart from him, Groenewegen and Gaviria are the top favorites, with Laporte comfortably in the second-to-third tier.
Since this is Le Tour, reports are going to be a little bit more detailed, with three stages in one post instead of seven, actual screenshots of the profiles and a few more screenshots in general. I think the occasion demands it, hope you'll enjoy!
Nathan Haas you stunning beauty! Also I love the support for your French guys at Le Tour. I think your week should be 2-3, when Laporte and Martin can work their skillsets best and score from breakaways. 2-3 Stage Wins and Polka-Dot maybe? Cool
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