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Tour of Qatar Discussion
What a ride by Katrasnik!! <3
What a win Grin

And a great report!

For my team it is very good to see Fiedler that far in front, could snatch a good GC position on the last stage then
Nothing special from Grosu. And on the downside, Hoswon losing time as well.
Holy shit what a horrible result.

Not that this is gonna have a tangible effect on our season as a whole or anything considering this is just a 'filler' race for us, but damn, you would think that out of 8 riders with solid backup stats for a race like this, at least one of them could hang in the first part of the peleton/position themselves near the front.

Luck really doesn't look to be on our side so far, but surely it must mean that the only way is up from here... right?

Thanks for the terrific report Fabianski though, really high quality stuff. And obviously congrats Croatia, amazing resilience by your guy.
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SportingNonsense wrote:
Just one minor point is that for the most of interest shot to me - Gesbert winning the intermediate - there isn't really any need to include the car in that shot.

Thanks for the hint, I'll try to pay more attention. I think I just wanted to try the fixed sprint camera there, and as there seems to be no way for zooming, well, the car was on the picture.

@All: Thanks for your motivating feedback, I'll try to keep going Smile Well, considering Badaling and Qatar stage 1, it might be better for some managers if I did more PCT or CT reporting Cool
Fabianski wrote:
SportingNonsense wrote:
Just one minor point is that for the most of interest shot to me - Gesbert winning the intermediate - there isn't really any need to include the car in that shot.

Thanks for the hint, I'll try to pay more attention. I think I just wanted to try the fixed sprint camera there, and as there seems to be no way for zooming, well, the car was on the picture.

You are doing just fine, SN just trying to be helpful.

But you can zoom in -
1. as you may already know F6 will scroll trough the different camera options,
2. you also have the option of say chose the 3rd rider, to make a shot of the first rider close up - that often make miracles.
3. I dont know what pic tool you use - but there is also the option to Zoom in pic tool after you took the shot - im my experience the easy choice as you can keep the UI active and gut it out later.
I've never heard of the guy who won. Is he any good? Wink
Great preview and report of the first stage Fabianski. Nice to see Guerao in the mix in the sprint. 5th is a great start into the race, even though the podium was only missed closely. Unfortunately with Brändle and Van Winden two of my strong time trialists already lost time but at least Leung is still in the running and three of my riders finished in the first group so a good result in the teams GC is still on the table.
Congrats Croatia!
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Another very good report and also fantastic job hiding the graphics problems! Pfft After seeing how they looked normally I thought it would be awful but you'd barely notice how bad it was Grin
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If you want to have a good laugh, here's what it actually looks like:

The good news is that Tamijo has already fixed it for next season Smile
Katrasnik did well, the others did nothing...well...
Terrible positioning ruining another stage for me :/
And i cant comprehend why its Blythe to chase so early. He is needed later as a leadout rider and still good in gc whereas my cobblers that were caught behind the s1 split should have done that job.

Must say im not too impressed with the first glimpses of the sprint AI although its of course too early to really say a lot.
A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!


And we're back, perhaps for good? Great late sprint by Guardini, perfect timing

Ouch! We simply have to do better, and at the very least give Swift a hand in the sprints. I struggle to understand why we didn't, especially when there was four trains functioning.

Not a promising sign of what's to come. We really need something from this race, meaning we must step up as a team. I guess the good thing is that with Katrasnik winning the first stage, on one has ran away with the GC just yet, as he's unlikely to get more bonus seconds.

Big win, and a very surprising one I must say in this field, for Howard. Congratulations, tsmoha!
Thanks, ember! Howard looked strong yesterday, so I was optimistic for him. But of course couldn't expect a win, that is indeed a big one. Seems like he's back in his Vuelta shape from last season. Hopefully he will continue to score bonifications or more Smile

Thanks for the report! For some reason the site is quite slow on my side right now, so I can't read it properly (pictures loading for ages). Will re-read for obvious reasons tomorrow. Also nice to see Oram that active.
Nothing for us today, probably a common thing until the epilogue, given that Zmorka is very likely treated as GC favourite, so no breakaways and him being well positioned in the bunch
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Congrsts to tsmoha on the victory. And once again, a very well done and thorough report fabianski
TheManxMissile wrote:
Choo Choo!!! All aboard the relegation train! Next stop, the CT, because we're just that bad!

This train will no longer be stopping in the CT, instead going direct to CTDiv.2!
Should I bring Van Poppel here? No, there's no way Grosu is going to get a train Sad

Good team effort to bring Grosu on the podium.
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