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Tour of Qatar Discussion
Hopeing for a stage win here, that is all. Its boring to watch riders just riding together and then sprint at the end anyway. Who need sprinters?
knockout wrote:
roturn wrote:
SotD wrote:
As some mention we don't quite have the FL stat to match others if they really want to put the hammer down in the crosswinds. I do remember reading somewhere (SN I think) that crosswinds wouldn't be as hard this Qatar as the previous versions.

Wind indeed is less than in other years.

Why would one do that? That's 90% of what makes Qatar interesting ...
Its like taking out the hills of Nederlands and making it a completely flat race... :/

Can you hear me echoing your point? Cool
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I'm here so I won't get fined as a wise man once said, I don't expect a significant point haul from this, brought my full 'train' just in case (not that it will ever get formed or I expect my riders to ever crack a top 20 in a sprint) as well as two time trialists, but I'll be totally ok with just the points you get for finishing the race.
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The only fun thing about this is that it is my first PT race - we keep our goals at this level: Some Campari riders will be in one of the pic's Wink

Great preview - we got mentioned and that proves you covered even the most unlikely.
Groenewegen sprinting is already best news, when comparing to the 2018 Qatar, where neither him nor Swift was doing anything.

Van der Hoorn in the break also is a 2/2 for my team in this season so far.

Other than that...puh. Lost all the others behind the split. So GC wise all hope is on Groenewegen now, which makes a rather bad debut for Paillot obviously. Or just saving energy for the ITT stage itself.

Congrats to croatia for this surprise win.
Katrasnik wow, what a ride Banana
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3 riders in the first group. Checked!
Nizzolo not sprinting. Checked!
Zmorka in front. Checked!
Salas dropped. Meh Sad

Fantastic report Fabianski Grin
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Fun to be my boys so present in this PT race, compared to how bad they have been doing in PCT - hope its good new for coming races.

Fantastic report
With Goldstein not even in the first group and Guardini being nowhere near the top 10. I guess our race is over. I hope we still can get some points from a successful breakaway, but that's all


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First off. Great report! Smile

Second, Gasper Katrasnik, WOW. Making us very proud Banana
Big, big report. Thank you, Fabianski!

Wow, Katrasnik with a surprise win. Congratulations, Croatia! Obviously I'd rather take the results without a breakaway win, but still a very good sprint by Swift, which is promising!

Also very happy to see all our eight riders in the first peloton. Judging from the pictures, I think I disagree with the report saying Swift should be unhappy with the team's work. I think they did great, chasing all day, and also kind of pulling the breakaway back with Oss' last effort with two kilometers to go. Just a pity Turek, Haddi and the line with chasers couldn't be right at his wheel. If they had been, I think Swift could have sprinted for the win.

At least an encouraging start, now let's go and do it all again, having the team up front in the peloton and playing a part in the chase and the final kilometers Smile
No idea how to rate the stage:

- The split was great for me. Some guys that surely would have hurt my scoring dropped while my key riders (mainly Van Stayen and Stoltz but also Dzama, Blythe and Riesebeek) are all in the front group.
- Katrasnik winning for Isostar is amazing. Congrats Croatia! We are all lime on this blessed day!
- Blythe and Dzamastagic were right where they needed to be with 5km but didnt do anything at all. Stoltz and Riesebeek should have participated in the chase because why the fuck would they not do that?
- Van Stayen terribly positioned
- no bonus seconds for Van Stayen
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Well we didn't expect a lot from the race and thought Kalaba or Per would be our main riders going for the u25 classification for us. Everybody lost time. Except for one guy. One brave man; GASPER FUCKING KATRASNIK!!


This turns a stage to rant on into a stage of beauty. I love how the full team chased to get him into the break and then he delivered. What a result for us!!

Thanks for all the congratulations guys! And thank you very much for a stellar report Fabianski.
A shame that we missed the podium because of an escapee taking the stage, but congrats to the winner.

Still good stuff from Howard, who already got me kinda angry, when he was further back, when the sprint went off. Nice speed then and a tough one in the sprint for third. Won't complain though, as he got some valuable bonifications in the end.

Lost some minor TT/GC hopes in the split, but Dennis finished safely in the main group, which is good. Just keep riding at the front of the group, Rohan.
Suprising stage. Congrats to Croatia on the win. Really getting the absolutely max out of a stage like that with that win!

We lost quite a few riders in the split. Norman Hansen being behind sucks a bit, but we did at least have Kragh Andersen and Wisniowski in the front group, so all in all with a couple of other TTers losing time, I think we should be happy. Hoping for some break action the next days!
Awesome to see Teunissen put up a great fight with the BOTD and get a top 10 as reward. Grin
That’s certainly not what I thought would happen. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come this season, with lazy pelotons gifting victories to breaks a much more common occurrence. There was no chance a break shoulda made it today. Alas, congrats Croatia on an incredibly gutsy win!

Thanks for the report.
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Choo Choo!!! All aboard the relegation train! Next stop, the CT, because we're just that bad!
Don't like to see breakaways winning on the opening flat stage of a race, especially for a race like Qatar.

It almost delivered a podium for Gesbert but the sprinters swept him up, deservedly so. Disappointing to see Kneisky as first of Group 2 as he was strong enough not to be there, and that ends any hope of a minor GC result.

Great depth of reports so far Fabianski, thanks for starting so prominently. Just one minor point is that for the most of interest shot to me - Gesbert winning the intermediate - there isn't really any need to include the car in that shot.
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