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Down Under Classic
2019 Down Under Classic


Welcome to the racing circuit of Albert Park, in the streets of Melbourne, for the opening race of the 2019 PCT season, and the first HC event of the year. 14 laps around the circuit, for a total of 75,3 kms. Who will succeed Erik Mohs in the palmares of this race?

Everything is set for the start... Lights out and away we go!


First attacks come from pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/sct.png Groselj and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bgc.png Rodrigues


Some riders are trying to reach the leading duo, like pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/p4e.png Orlov, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/vvg.png Kulppi or pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/duo.png Kopfauf, but the high pace in the race won't allow them to stay between groups for long, and would eventually being brought back by the bunch


pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/sct.png Groselj is the strongest of the breakaway duo, and with 34 kms to go (8 laps to go), he drops Rodrigues and tries to go solo now. Meanwhile, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/spr.png Muhlberger has attempted to make it to this group, but so far his attempt is unsuccesfull


But Groselj's solo adventure wouldn't last for long, as with still 20 kms left in the race, the bunch finally caught him. Time for the teams to start setting up their trains


The "ring" of the final laps is being heard as the riders pass by the finish line for the final time before the sprint. Less than 6 kms to go, and so far it's Europcar dominating things, with 6 riders between the first 10 of the group. No other team is trying to challenge them, as it seems like other sprinters are happy with sitting on Lo Cicero's wheel and work from there


That's what we talked about in our race preview!! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/xr0.png Rowe with a big daring move in the final 5 kms! Europcar seems to be very well set-up, but can the Welshman make it to the end?


Surely won't help Rowe that pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/yor.png Tennant is trying to go after him, but his nule punch is making him look like he's just being another team-mate for Lo Cicero. pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/lpu.png Vanbilsen following Tennant, and next to him are pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/isa.png Feng, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/rak.png Arashiro and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/and.png Sakala, all of them that were mentioned in our preview!

Europcar has four men in line, led by Tybor and Aberasturi, and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eur.png Modolo and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eur.png Lo Cicero as the final guys for the sprint. Guarnieri and Degenkolb seem to be fighting for the Italian's wheel, as the winner of this "battle" could well be the race winner


Not looking good for Rowe now, his advantage is very slim, "thanks" to Tennant, who now drops back disappointed.

Coming back to the sprinters, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/del.png Guarnieri has won the "battle" for Lo Cicero's wheel, and Degenkolb comes as big loser, as also Avelino has gone through. Kip, Saber and Makismov are well positioned, with Ciolek appearing shortly in the left side of the screen


Better luck next time for Luke Rowe... He's got caught just when Modolo takes over and might just start to do the lead-out for Lo Cicero. It also looks like Saber is trying to advance some places, in order to put himself in Degenkolb's wheel


More than a ead-out, it looks like pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eur.png Modolo is going himself for the race win! It's unsure if Lo Cicero is trying to purpousedly leave a gap for others to close, or if there was mis-comunication between lead-out and sprinter.


Modolo goes through the final chicane and is entering the last 500 metres in a very good position for himself! It seems like only 5 other riders can challenge the Italian for the race win today; his team-mate pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eur.png Lo Cicero, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/del.png Guarnieri, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/duo.png Avelino, pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/itd.png Degenkolb and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/phi.png Saber. Anyone else is too far already to comeback at this point


Modolo is starting to slow down with 200 metres to go! And it's not his team-mate the one is the prime position anymore, it's pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/del.png Guarnieri, who is looking like the strongest challenger for the win right now! Degenkolb has the speed, but has some ground to cover to get even to Guarnieri...


Surely pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eur.png Modolo isn't going to win the race, as pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/del.png Guarnieri is taking the lead from him with just 100 metres left. But can the Italian hold his speed to get a big win in Albert Park?


Yes he does! pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/del.png Jacopo Guarnieri is the winner of the 2019 Down Under Classic!! Amazing way for his team, Delvaux, to start his maiden season in PCT!


Degenkolb sprints to second place today. Not what he was looking for, but still a decent showing


"Disaster" for Europcar, as at the end both Modolo and Lo Cicero finish last of the 6-rider group that fought for the win today. The final podium spot goes to Avelino, who denies Saber of a podium finish, just like it happened to the Moroccan in 2018


Kip with a great seventh place makes his contract already worth for Andorra, beating Ciolek, Vanderbiest and 2016 winner Kupfernagel, who all get a Top10 spot in the race. Outside of it we see Lay, Maksimov and Rowe, who incredibly managed to sprint to a decent result after his late attack.


Big disappointment for both Mohs and Cavendish, as neither can crack the Top15 today


Now we see Jacopo Guarnieri in the podium as he gets the trophy of race winner here in Melbourne! The Italian starts the season in the same level as he finished it in 2018; winning!


Race Results

1Jacopo GuarnieriDelvaux1h38'47
2John DegenkolbIberia - Team Degenkolbs.t.
3Oscar AvelinoDuolingos.t.
4Lahcen SaberPhilipss.t.
5Sascha ModoloTeam Europcars.t.
6Ivano Lo CiceroTeam Europcars.t.
7Ismael KipAndorra Cycling Projects.t.
8Gerald CiolekSwisslion Cycling Teams.t.
9Romain VanderbiestCarrefour - ESPNs.t.
10Danilo KupfernagelBerg Cycless.t.
11Saulo LayTeam Europcars.t.
12Roman MaksimovENI - MOLs.t.
13Luke RoweXero Racings.t.
14Yudai ArashiroRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
15Kenneth VanbilsenLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
16Erik MohsGCN ProTeams.t.
17Kris BoeckmansCampari/Asahi developments.t.
18Mark CavendishKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
19Matti ManninenValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
20R√ľdiger SeligDelvauxs.t.
21Luka MezgecSwisslion Cycling Teams.t.
22Kenji ItamiRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
23Fabio SilvestreBerg Cycless.t.
24Yanjanani SakalaAndorra Cycling Projects.t.
25Ben HermansDelvauxs.t.
26Jon AberasturiTeam Europcars.t.
27Andrew TennantcycleYorkshires.t.
28Sandor SzalontayGCN ProTeams.t.
29Blel KadriCampari/Asahi developments.t.
30Morne Van NiekerkXero Racings.t.
31Juan Abenhamar Gallego MartinIberia - Team Degenkolbs.t.
32Roman LutsyshynTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroffs.t.
33Michael MatthewsTeam Europcars.t.
34Chun Kai FengISA - Hexactas.t.
35Stylianos FarantakisENI - MOLs.t.
36Yannick MartinezENI - MOLs.t.
37Patrick BerczCarrefour - ESPNs.t.
38Ryoma NonakaRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
39Wesley KrederKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
40Maciej UlanowskiTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroffs.t.
41Martin MahdarTeam Europcars.t.
42Youcef ReguiguiBerg Cycless.t.
43Risto AaltioValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
44Thomas BoudatPhilipss.t.
45Jasper BovenhuisPhilipss.t.
46Patrik TyborTeam Europcars.t.
47Remco Te BrakePhilipss.t.
48Oleksandr PolivodaTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroffs.t.
49Shane ArchboldDuolingos.t.
50Ahmad ArissolISA - Hexactas.t.
51Krisztian LovassyENI - MOLs.t.
52Ivan Garcia CortinaIberia - Team Degenkolbs.t.
53Ramon DomeneIberia - Team Degenkolbs.t.
54Christophe LaporteCarrefour - ESPNs.t.
55Daniel SchornCarrefour - ESPNs.t.
56Trond LarsenValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
57Patrick NaudCampari/Asahi developments.t.
58Pedro Merino CriadoIberia - Team Degenkolbs.t.
59Ian StannardcycleYorkshires.t.
60Alfredo BalloniENI - MOLs.t.
61William FordcycleYorkshires.t.
62Jingbiao ZhaoRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
63Sonny ColbrelliAndorra Cycling Projects.t.
64Salah Eddine MraouniISA - Hexactas.t.
65Jocelyn BarcycleYorkshires.t.
66Jiankun LiuRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
67Albert KirevaAndorra Cycling Projects.t.
68Wout Van AertLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
69Gabriel CullaighcycleYorkshires.t.
70Matteo PelucchiLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
71Yuma KoishiCampari/Asahi developments.t.
72Francisco LascaCampari/Asahi developments.t.
73Jan BrockhoffIberia - Team Degenkolbs.t.
74Gunnar Dahl-OlsenAndorra Cycling Projects.t.
75Johann van ZylKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
76Sven VandousselaereISA - Hexactas.t.
77King Lok CheungRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
78Kobe VanoverscheldeENI - MOLs.t.
79Sondre Holst EngercycleYorkshires.t.
80Oleksandr GolovashTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroffs.t.
81Emerson SantosISA - Hexactas.t.
82Jakub MareczkoLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
83Daniel JuarezISA - Hexactas.t.
84Ricardo VilelaBerg Cycless.t.
85Geoffroy NgandambaGCN ProTeams.t.
86Lionel CoutinhoBerg Cycless.t.
87Tom Van AsbroeckLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
88Robert BushISA - Hexactas.t.
89Isaac BolivarISA - Hexactas.t.
90Marc HirschiSauber Petronas Racings.t.
91Niccolo BonifazioLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
92Tom Jelte SlagterSauber Petronas Racings.t.
93Jenthe BiermansLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
94Laurens De VreeseKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
95Filippo RocchettiCampari/Asahi developments.t.
96Mikiel HabtomXero Racings.t.
97Raymond KrederSwisslion Cycling Teams.t.
98Georgos TzortzakisAndorra Cycling Projects.t.
99Zhihui JiangAndorra Cycling Projects.t.
100Scott ThwaitescycleYorkshires.t.
101George AtkinscycleYorkshires.t.
102Steven BurkeGCN ProTeams.t.
103Yoeri HavikPhilipss.t.
104Ryan GibbonsPhilipss.t.
105Libin ChenDuolingos.t.
106Carlo NoiaSauber Petronas Racings.t.
107Dominik NeumanENI - MOLs.t.
108Wouter WippertPhilipss.t.
109Rei OnoderaRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
110Nejc KosicIberia - Team Degenkolbs.t.
111Szymon SajnokLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t.
112Sergio HiguitaXero Racings.t.
113Willi WillwohlKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
114Oskari VainionpääValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
115Jaako HänninenValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
116Kevin FeiereisenCarrefour - ESPNs.t.
117Kamil ZielinskiTeam Europcars.t.
118Fabien GrellierKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
119Darren YoungTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroffs.t.
120Riccardo PuttiSauber Petronas Racings.t.
121Gregory HugentoblerSauber Petronas Racings.t.
122Arvid de KleijnXero Racings.t.
123Michael VanderaerdenValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
124Vegard BreenDelvauxs.t.
125Petr RikunovTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroffs.t.
126Matteo MoschettiCampari/Asahi developments.t.
127Alan BanaszekCarrefour - ESPNs.t.
128Jose FernandesBerg Cycless.t.
129Gregor MuhlbergerSauber Petronas Racings.t.
130Carl Ngamoki-CameronXero Racings.t.
131Juan Jose Lobato del ValleDelvauxs.t.
132Dylan KennettXero Racings.t.
133Nils SchomberXero Racings.t.
134Ryan ChristensenDelvauxs.t.
135Yosukue MatsumotoCampari/Asahi developments.t.
136Jamal HibatullahSauber Petronas Racings.t.
137Miha PoljanecSwisslion Cycling Teams.t.
138Lars Van der HaarDelvauxs.t.
139Dan McLayGCN ProTeams.t.
140Georgios BouglasDuolingos.t.
141Tomohiro HayakawaRakuten Pro Cyclings.t.
142Daniel MoriczENI - MOLs.t.
143Ben KingIberia - Team Degenkolbs.t.
144Jovan ZekavicaSwisslion Cycling Teams.t.
145German Nicolas TivaniCarrefour - ESPNs.t.
146Tim MerlierDuolingos.t.
147Ivo OliveiraDuolingos.t.
148Bram WeltenGCN ProTeams.t.
149Callum ScotsonSwisslion Cycling Teams.t.
150Michael O'LoughlinGCN ProTeams.t.
151Westley GoughKraftwerk Man Machine+ 3'08
152Stef KrulGCN ProTeams.t.
153Matic GroseljSwisslion Cycling Teams.t.
154Olli KulppiValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
155Aliaksandr RiabushenkoTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff+ 3'52
156Adria UrcelayAndorra Cycling Projects.t.
157Sauli PietikäinenValio - Viking Geneticss.t.
158Nandra Eko WahyudiSauber Petronas Racings.t.
159Rui OliveiraDuolingos.t.
160Sang Hong ParkKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
161Andriy OrlovTeam Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroffs.t.
162Gregory DanielDelvauxs.t.
163Joao RodriguesBerg Cycless.t.
164Amaro AntunesBerg Cycless.t.
165Jan Drago PetelinCarrefour - ESPNs.t.
166Matija MestricSwisslion Cycling Teams.t.
167Markus KopfaufDuolingos.t.
168Rok KorosecPhilipss.t.

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