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[PCT/CT] Race Planners 2019
Race day wise can just compare numbers to be sure.

Race clash wise I prefer not to rely on the macro anyway - my strategy is to identify the clashes, then highlight the file in different colours if they clash. E.g. I'll give both Dauphine and Suisse a pale blue background; Tirreno, Nice and Duche a pale green background.

If you really want the file fixed, that can be arranged on a one by one basis, but it's a lot of work to fix it for everyone.
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I have the planner sent, I checked the clashes but had some riders at red after running it so it's possible I got something wrong. If everything is right the planner is complete but I don't know what to change if it isn't.
Sorry for my late response. Had some busy days recently but started to check planners and some of you got a response as well already.

In case of clashing races in there I use to give some information or even a picture or a file which shows it.

But as SN said, easiest is for you to mark the clashing races somehow and not rely on the macro only. This is how I basically check your files as well then making some marks here and there.
PCT and CT Planners look a bit better than PT but also quite a few missing still.

So please get them finished soon.

This also means that ALL team planners are checked or responded with a PM in case of mistakes. Obviously just checked IF a PM was sent to Mangame-Admin.
So IF you have sent a PM AND did not get a response, your planner was fine. Wink

Loan clauses etc. will be checked later and in case they are not succeeded, a fix might be needed then.
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Sorry for the hold up, should have my stuff fixed by Saturday/Sunday, been really busy with uni work recently.
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Will get mine in today or tomorrow afternoon. It's done, just wanna check that my talents are all getting where they need to and that I didn't unwittingly screw up a lineup somewhere.
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If it may be of some use to anyone, I just checked the race clash indications in the Profiles against the calendar. The following indications are not correct:
- Tour of Southland (C1): There's a race clash with MSR indicated in the profile, but MSR is one day before according to the calendar (and no clash indicated in MSR profile)
- Jelajah SKL (C1): In the profile, the clash with Kuurne - Bruxelles - Kuurne (HC) is missing. In the profile of KBK, the clash is listed, which is according to the calendar.
- Tour of South Africa (C1): In the profile, the category of the clashing Tour of Vancouver is wrong (C2, should be C2HC)
- USA Pro Cycling Challenge: In the profile, there's a clash with Nantahala Classic (which moreover has the wrong category indicated, C2 instead of C1), but according to the calendar, Nantahala is one day before.

Just very few mistakes, given the huge number of races and clashes! Thanks a lot, these indications were really helpful!
I found one more problem with the planner - at least with mine: It flags a clash for Tour of Ukraine (HC) and GP Liechtenstein (PT), but they actually don't clash.
However, if any team should be concerned by that, it would be Minions and Popo4ever, as they got a WC for Liechtenstein. Don't know which HC bands they got, though. If you have both races in your planner, you may want to check for this.
(@roturn, in my planner, it's column BM in Sheet2 that should not be there. Furthermore, columns DJ and DK are identical and flag the Clash of TdF and Vilnius)
Edited by Fabianski on 10-10-2019 16:52
If the calendar file and race profiles threads disagree: the calendar file should be viewed as the correct indication.
Hope to get in done during the weekend
Is there a hard deadline yet? Aiming to finish early next week.
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
The faster the better.

Once I have worked on other parts and am finished with those, all planners ideally are in!

I have made myself some formulas now to double check the race planners in faster time. This way I can give you faster response and directly mention the race clash without individually searching for them.
Can't find the limitation of PCT riders in C1 races ?
Tamijo wrote:
Can't find the limitation of PCT riders in C1 races ?

No limits for that, only for C2 races?

For C2: The restrictions on riders they can enter into C2 races will be adjusted, to make more riders available. It will now be a maximum OVL of 74.49, with stat restrictions on Cobbles and TT having a max of 77 in any of those categories in races that feature this terrain.

Thanks - and yes it was C2 I meant
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I apologize for the delay, last week or so has been super busy and I just haven't had the time to do it properly. Will make it over this weekend.
2 1/2 PCT managers missing and 7 CT managers.

Please send in your planners as soon as possible to avoid missing out on early season races!
If we already submitted it and didn't get any feedback, can we assume everything (including loan clauses) is fine?
Yes. All loans are checked from planners in and they work fine IF Avenir is given later.

Later I will make a list with managers missing. Not really as "list of shame" but also for you to check if you have sent it in in case you have thought so.
Edited by roturn on 17-10-2019 08:45
Come on PCT, let's get it done first Cool
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