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[PCT/CT] Race Planners 2019
So, planning is almost done.
One (hopefully) last question: Will the planner be checked for fulfillment of the loan clauses? I calculated everything multiple times (of course including Avenir points - just must not miss nominations), so I'm pretty sure I got it right, but not 100% sure. And what would happen if I indeed failed to fulfill a clause? I mean, if I mess my maths up for one of my own riders, I have to live with it myself. But if I mess up for a loaned-out rider, another manager will be quite unhappy...
Intention will be to check them and require changes if any loan clause is not met.
All of you should now have the planner in your dropbox.

So please work on them and upload them filled to your dropbox again with a PM to Mangame-Admin once you have done.
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Nearly done. I just need to do the math on some riders.
Is there a DB post transfers and training yet?
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
It should alert when I assign a rider to many racedays right?

Seems like that does not work or me atleast even tried to run "check race clashes" but that dont give any alert either.

Jurgen Roelandts have 59 RD in PCT and have a signed him for 61 RD and yet no alert.

I could plan the season and keep track on the Race Days myself but I could make a mistake that dont get noticed.
You're right, and it looks like this might be an issue with all team's planners.

It can be manually fixed - unhide Column ER, put the following formula in Cell ER5 "=IF(E5>D5,1,0)", and drag that formula down the column.

Else you'll just need to keep an eye on it yourself.
Will that solve the issue I had where it told me riders had too many days when they were nearly 30 days under?
sammyt93 wrote:
Will that solve the issue I had where it told me riders had too many days when they were nearly 30 days under?

It will, yes.

That column should be formulas. The files I've looked at now just have it hard-coded to 0s, and it looks in your file that there are a few rows with it hard-coded to 1s.
If my case it is =IF(E5>D5;1;0) so , replaced by ;

May be the same for others.
Changing column ER won't unfortunately help that much.
I already contacted roturn, as the cause of this is a mistake in the Macro that calculates the race clashes. Apparently, there's one race more in the calendar than last season, but the Macro wasn't updated. So the Macro writes the result of the race clash test into column ER instead of ES.
If you put that formula into ER, it will probably be overridden if you check again for race clashes. So don't rely on this solution. Roturn told me he would fix it in the file he'd use to check our race planners, but there won't probably be a correct file for each of us.

The wrong field the Macro uses is the cause for the incorrect message; it displays "too many RDs" instead of "Race Clash". The race clash column will actually never contain an error. So we have to be extra careful!

If you want to play around with the Macro, you should make it write the result into column 149 (ES) instead of 148 (ER).
Edited by Fabianski on 05-10-2019 23:23
Are we waiting for an updated file - or expected to solve this race clash / race day issue on our own ?
I don't think there will be an updated file, as it has to be created individually for each team.
Race clash detection actually works, it just writes to the wrong column. As a quick fix, you can use the solution that SN presented, but write the formula to column ES instead of ER. So it will flag a race clash when the rider uses too many RDs, and it will flag too many RDs when there is a race clash. I think we should be able to work with that for this time. In any case, I've uploaded my planner several days ago, so I won't need a new file anyway.
Dont understand why there must be a file for each team?
Race clashes is the same for everyone.
Tamijo wrote:
Dont understand why there must be a file for each team?
Race clashes is the same for everyone.

But different schedule for (almost) every team?
Ohh. Then I guess i'll have to figure it out myself.
Tamijo wrote:
Ohh. Then I guess i'll have to figure it out myself.

For my file the "race clashes" worked fine when I tested to put one rider in two races at the same day.(without changing any formulas) But the racedays did not work but that is very easy to keep track on yourself.
Actually, the same file is used as a basis for every team's planner. Then, for every team, they set a "1" for every race you participate in, in Row 4. You see that when you select any of the columns in Row 4.
Then, there's a Macro named "Hiding", which will hide all races you don't participate in. And voilĂ , you've got a different file for every team.

However, all the races are there, they're just hidden. Hence, all the columns are the same for every single planner file. That's why SN could tell exactly where to insert the formula, as it's the same for everyone.

Tamijo wrote:
Ohh. Then I guess i'll have to figure it out myself.

I'd love to help you with your planner, but I surely shouldn't see it now. But if you go with my proposition of putting the formula "=E5>D5;1;0" in the (hidden by default) column ES, cell 5, and then copy it to the cells below, you'd have a more or less working file. As I said, it would say "Error" in the "Race Days Used" column when there's a clash (and you execute the Check Race Clashes Macro), and it would say "Error" in the "Race Clashes" column when a rider uses too many RDs.

Personally, I just checked columns D and E manually, without any formula. As I haven't got feedback on my planner yet, I guess it was all fine. So yeah, there might be a "comfort" feature missing, but I think every manager will be able to compare two numbers. There will just not be a red flag when you assign too many RDs. But imho that's doable Smile

@viking: Did it really say "Race Clash" or "Too many RDs"? When I had a race clash, it said that one or more riders were above their RD allocations. Azerbaijan mentioned that "flagging issue" already way earlier.

Here is a picture when I put a rider in two races at the same day hence race clashe and with that race he also came over his max Racedays but that dont give an error

OK, that's indeed correct. Then I have to take back what I said concerning all having basically the same file. Maybe it's different for PCT.

Well, the important thing is that the race clash check somehow works for all of us, no matter what error message it finally displays (for me, it definitely says that I'm above RD allocation). And that we must be careful, as the RD check does not seem to work. So in your case, I think SN's solution (add formula to colum ER) should work; in my case, it wouldn't. Sorry for the confusion. In the future, I won't suppose that everyone has got the same file Wink
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