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[PCT] Valio - Viking Genetics
Congrats to recruiting him, i was after him too, but you deserved more Smile
Viking: Thanks. I love making exotic NC's Wink

jaxika: I know, and felt pretty bad with such a late counter bid just had to make things move around a bit before getting back into it.


Welcowme Yevgeni, Sameera, Sachin, Michael and Martins!

Yevgei Nepomnyachsniy

Yevgeni joined us as part of a deal that saw Leopold Konig leave after a years valued service in CT. More about that later.

Yevgeni doesn't make our squad any younger, but after the recruitment of Talansky this was key in making the squad a bit more diverse with Nepomnyachsniy a strong TT'er with good skills in hilly terrain. A skillset that will come in handy several times over the season just as he can boost our TTT roster nicely.

Sameera Chatarunga

After having failed to secure a big cobbled leader as hoped we were taken in by the Sri Lankan champion. Not just because we love NC's but also because he is a veery strong cobbler, who with his aggressive style of racing could be a good companion for Olli Kulppi taking a bit of the pressure away from our shy Finnish classics hero.

Then you might think that Sri Lanka is an odd fit for a Finnish team. That would be correct, but we are also very much a bovine team (in case you had missed that somehow) and few nations hold cows in such high esteem as Sri Lanka.

Sachin Dulanjana

Moving from Sri Lanka to Finland is a big step so we let Sameera bring a friend, even though they won't get to race together very often.

Sachin haven't just joined us for the sake of his passport though. In fact he is a very competent helper for stage races and will even bee part of our TTT setup. On top of that only 24 years old so he has many good years ahead of him.

Michael Vanderaerden

We never really planned to go after a sprinter, but within hours we lost Liepins and got the chance to swap Vinther for a slightly faster guy to fill the gap left by the Latvian.

Vanderaerden isn't a man for the future, but with good recovery and good skills on the flat as well as a strong sprint he will fulfil the role of support for Manninen in key races as well as getting the chance to sprint for himself in select stage races, where we don'e expect to see the biggest sprinters on the startlist.

Martins Blums

Martins joins us on loan from our good friends at Evonik - ELKO and will mainly be a helper for the lumpier terrain, but can in fact be of some use pretty much everywhere.

Edited by Atlantius on 30-09-2019 10:07


Svensk Proffscykling - Your gateway to news about Swedish Cycling
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Welcowme Trond, Sauli & Jesper!

Trond Larsen

Despite being 29 years old and is likely to be as good as he'll ever get Trond Larsen will now get to ride his first season in the pro ranks.

He is far from a world beater, but he is a solid helper, especially on the flats, and will even be an important rider in our TTT lineup. Should he find himself in a breakaway that lasts all the way he even has the kick needed to finish things.

Sauli Pietikäinen

Is Sauli the biggest Finnish talent ever?
No. I doubt even his mom would claim that, but he does have a very interesting skillset being strong on hills, TT and having a decent kicker. His career projectory will likely see him turn into Jaako Hänninens shadow.

Jesper Lindahl

To be honest Jesper Lindahl was supposed to only get a stagiare contract, but when we found ourselves with a spare 40k towards the end we decided to give him a full contract anyway.

In the future we expect him to develop into a versatile domestique kind of rider for different kinds of classics. Don't expect him to ride a full race program this year though as we largely consider him a stagiare+.


Svensk Proffscykling - Your gateway to news about Swedish Cycling
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As per tradition we will go through the herd looking at each group, but first a fond farewell to the three rider leaving us in the transfer window.

Leopold König was only with us for a year, but was instrumental in our swift return to PCT as well as in our effort to have more scoring options this year. He really managed to make his mark on the team in short time.
We sold him to Isostar - Limebike, who then transferred him to Indosat Ooredoo - ANZ.

Emils Liepins clearly wanted to return to Latvia and Evonik - ELKO. We had high hoped for the Manninen/Liepins duo in CT, but Emils was rarely there when needed and didn't strike when given the chance for himself either. The silver medal at the nationals was just another sign of which team we wanted to race for the coming season...

Troels Vinther have been with us for three good years providing some fine leadouts for our sprinters. He will spend the last year at his peak in CT with Adastra - Hell Energy Cycling.

Mountain Moohs


Our climbing department have two new leaders this year (again).
Andrew Talansky the most proficient climber with Yevgeni Nepomnyachsniy more focused on the stage races where a good TT is crucial and pure climbing skills less essential but still important for the overall.
They should be able to get decent support both of them even in the rare race clash.

Hillbilly Bulls


Gautier is obviously the undisputed leader whenever we hit the hills. Despite winning the CT ranking last year he wasn't dominant on the C2 scene. In fact he did better against PCT competition in C1 so we are optimistic that he will be able to carry on - this time wearing the French champions jersey as further evidence of his class.

His support is strengthened a bit by Kanervas development, but in all honestly it would not have hurt with another strong helper, doesn't matter much if he continues being the first attacker of the favourites though!



Whenever sprinting is on the scheme Manninen is our leader. Sure he didn't have a magnificent season last year, but he still is the best Finnish rider and as such he gets to lead our team on his favourite terrain by default.

On paper his support looks weaker than last year, but we expect that our train wouldn't be allowed very often anyway just as it can't be mainly our responsibility to control things all day this year.
Vanderaerden will be with Manninen in key races, but also allowed his own chance in some races where we expect a weaker sprint field.

Cattle against the clock


In Marcel Kittel we have the strongest TT'er we've ever had and several races on our calendar where we expect him to be a key rider. Of course TT'ers are always a gamble, but we feel good about this one.

Pökälä will be allowed to ride his chances as well and Hänninen will be targeeting the shorter TT's while gathering experience for when he is expected to become one of the worlds best prologue riders in the future.



Olli Kulppi have had two seasons with sole leadership and clearly not enjoyed it. We had hoped to sign a big leader, but didn't find the cash to back up our hopes.

In stead we have given him a strong and aggressive companion in the Sri Lankan champion Chatarunga. That definitely doesn't bring us up high on the favourite lists, but hopefully it will make us better at the underdog role to have two cards to play.



These three shall mainly be focusing on their development this year. Especially Jaako Hänninen has priority to get into the races he needs to develop best possible.

How much Jesper Lindahl races will depend on a lot of other factors as his contract in many ways can be seen as an expanded stagiare contract.

Out on pasture


Two of our calves have been sent to pasture elsewhere to help them grow as fast as possible.

Kaislavuo will be jumping to PT with classic outfit EA Vesuvio after a year in CT followed by a year at an amateur team. Will he be able to continue his streak with one win each year?

Hannes Bergstrom Frisk will be gathering experience with the new Danish CT outfit Tryg Insurance Cycling Team. Seems like a good safe environment for him this year.


Svensk Proffscykling - Your gateway to news about Swedish Cycling
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Svensk Proffscykling - Your gateway to news about Swedish Cycling
Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Web
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