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Xero Racing | PCT'19 | Finishing Touches
AbhishekLFC wrote:
A great flurry of signings to close out the transfer window. Great pickup with Higuita and some intriguing stagiares as well. Grmay should serve you well as a domestique. You've taken a big step towards promotion with this transfer window imo Grin

Thanks! Yeah interested in all four stagiaires and will think on their future a lot this season I suppose. Sadly overpaid for Higuita but hopefully he can be a great rider for us in the future. And looking forward to having Grmay, crucial pickup for us this window to have a lieutenant and also second climber for race clashes.

As said to Croatia I'm not sure about promotion but will agree that whilst progress may not be huge, I believe the further building of the core and transition to younger leaders and riders is a step towards a brighter future!
I really really like Higuita! Apart from that I'm not the biggest fan of the signings, Florez, Chen and Sunnatov are nice but have a long way to go, and the others are domestiques really. Will be interesting to see how you'll level up all your talents...
Congrats on Higuita. Was hoping to sign him, but decided he wasnt worth it once he was nearing 200k. I think Huynh would be best trained in prologue, but I had also planned to train up his hill stat too, when he was with us.
@Croatia - Yeah Higuita is very cool Grin I'm not 100% happy with how my last few days went either. Not having any problems in planning with my full contract talents but obviously most stagiaires except Huynh won't get up.

@valverde - Cheers! Yeah Higuita went way too high but I had the money there and did it Pfft Huynh is interesting, Track-Sprint is very nice in terms of his SPR and RES combined with 69HI, but the prologue gain to 75 isn't quite worth it. Another reason I like that less is his 71FL, as a 3rd-4th man in the train probably I would probably like more FL. 75ACC isn't great either. But still with the RES interesting to consider that still against the punchy sprint/baroudeur type.

Training Camp

For the first time in our team's history we have saved money during transfers to invest in our current riders, with one of our leaders attending a special training programme in the off-season. It was a much-needed training for our squad and one we have wanted to invest in for a while now. It's time to re-meet:


George Bennett
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Posted on 14-10-2019 21:28
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Bennett at 80 MO could very well be interesting to follow!
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Damnnnn strong Kiwi!!!
He only really lacks the TT skills now. With that REC he'd be very solid in Grand Tours.
About time! But really cool stuff! Smile

Who said you needed Meintjes? Pfft Just a few more years training TT and you'll be there! Wink

In all seriousness, he should be a nice sleeper option for the less well attended races

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@whitejersey - Yeah I hope he can become a more prominent rider in his niche of races and provide some entertainment Grin

@tsmoha - Yihaa indeed! Must say your reaction was the one I was most looking forward to seeing Grin And I guess you can contain the jealousy of another 80+ Oceanic rider existing due to your own awesome training this off-season Pfft

@Jakstar - Cool

@valverde - Yeah it's a shame I didn't have the money when he was a bit younger to turn him into a more rounded stage racer, at 28 I'm not sure if I'll take him further now. But I do love his MO/HI and you're right that some TT would complete the package Grin Thankfully I can avoid TT-heavy stuff with him. Hopefully before he declines we get to see him in a GT or two Pfft

@SotD - Haha, about time indeed! Thanks Smile

@ryant - Oh I still need Meintjes very much Wink

And yeah I'm hoping his calendar is the right one to make use of other people's planning and his own skills, but that's what everyone wants anyway so maybe I've totally failed Grin Luckily since he already did so well in those events last year with 350+ points and 78MO, 80MO should lift him up even higher!
The much awaited boost to the home hero Grin Bennett should be great with his update this season. Looking forward to following your team and riding alongside in the peloton.
Nice to see George finally get the training we all wanted to see, hopefully this really helps both him and your squad
@Abhishek - There's been a lot of desire to do it from my side and also other managers cheering for it, so it's cool to finally give our Kiwi the boost he deserves! Yeah hoping he can step up his MO/HI game from competing in 5-7th to pushing those top guys for the podiums, but it depends a lot on startlists. Thanks a lot, as always can't wait to ride alongside you, especially now our leaders will clash a little bit less Pfft

@sammy - Yeah it was much needed in this squad and much wanted in this team, so I share your hope that this is an important training!
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