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[CT'19] Centovalli - Fiat | March Preview


Welcome to the newly founded Centovalli - Fiat cycling team, which has been provided with a CT license for the 2019 season.

In order to futher promote cycling in Switzerland, Swiss-Cycling has been looking for and finally found a partner in Ticino Turismo, the touristic organization of the italian-speaking part of Switzerland. Ticino Turismo's goal is to promote the beautiful region of Centovalli ("hundred valleys"), in cooperation with the regional transport company. Aldo Rampazzi, president of Ticino Turismo, says: "We want the world to get to know our beautiful canton of Ticino even better - and especially Centovalli. You're looking for mountains? Lakes? Rivers? Quiet and untouched places? You can find it all in Centovalli!"

As the principal railway line of Centovalli, connecting Locarno and Domodossola (I), runs through the italian region of Piemonte as well, the goal was to get a secondary sponsor from this region as well. Finally, the project leaders were able to convince a big name to make its come-back to cycling - Fiat automobiles. Having already sponsored a cycling team from 1977 to 1979, Fiat's president Olivier François explains Fiat's comeback: "We love racing. That's why. Four wheels, two wheels - racing is our passion. We want to bring this passion to cycling - and we're looking forward to this new adventure!". However, in contrast with their first appearance, where they tried to win Le Tour de France with Eddy Merckx, they will start with a small continental team this time.

To underline the statement of Mr. François concerning passion, the jerseys will be produced by "Cuore" - which means "Heart" in Italian. And passion meets professionalism, as the team will be provided with BMC bikes, produced in Switzerland. The Fiat wind tunnel, which the team will be happy to use, may be an additonal advantage in the fight for seconds.
As the team does have its headquarters in Switzerland, there must be at least one more sponsor out of: banks, watches, cheese, or chocolate. The team has finally signed with Mondelez Switzerland, which will be present on the jerseys with their famous "Toblerone".

Even though the team manager, Mr. Fabianski, is now well known in the cycling family yet - the primary "Directeur sportif" is - the team is proud to announce the signing of Ticino's "local hero" Rubens Bertogliati. As a former professional, he does know very well what it takes to be a pro.

It will be his and Mr. Fabianski's task to scout, sign and train local riders. Well, more or less local - the focus will be on Swiss and Italian cyclists; spots for international riders will however always be open as well. The team also hopes for good cooperation with the other Swiss teams, in order to reach Swiss Cycling's goal - promote cycling in Switzerland. On a longer term, we certainly hope to promote at least to PCT; however, on short and mid term we will more act as a development team and try to help out the established Swiss teams.

We're looking forward to our first season and would like to thank again the MGUCI for providing us with a CT license!
Edited by Fabianski on 27-12-2019 16:02
Roster 2019

Marco Guillen675861566662696181825457564.10032
Jan-Andre Freuler697275687375725967756775694.10027
Fausto Masnada707575717473716063726971684.0026
Mirco Saggiorato687773667274735058727166664.10031
Gian Piero Signorini597869656672735356746862654.10031
Andrea Manfredi697865656873725462737773654.10027
Simon Pellaud706577667468715565707167664.10027
Cyrile Thiery727074667373706072737774654.10029
Issiaka Cisse745363677367786378777359654.10028
Manuel Stocker756065697173765976776565714.10027
Patrick Gamper706265697072667063707171691.0022
Maximilian Walscheid695562616970646174756166713.0126
Gino Mäder687066686870706467636967691.0022
Alessandro Fedeli666469616665605764676262631.0023
Loaned out
Fabian Lienhard726573667571685573757669704.5825
Leonardo Basso726772717672727171696269714.2626
Thomas Boudat695167616970695874746265743.0025
Andrea Vendrame706071577071716069716466693.0025
Loaned in
Riccardo Minali675257566970695973736273642.4924
Ioannidis Kiriakidis676869706869686263706973702.3422
Miltiadis Giannoutsos657168667072685764657466712.5622
Pascal Eenkhoorn696967647072736564686666701.0022
Aimiliano Vila696569636869705466676968631.0022

Edited by Fabianski on 07-10-2019 15:26
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Race Schedule

Start End RaceCategory
10-Jan Clasico San CristobalC2
22-Jan31-Jan Vuelta al TachiraC2
31-Jan Great Ocean Road ClassicC2HC
01-Feb07-Feb Tour de LangkawiC2HC
22-Feb Gisborne GPC2
25-Feb27-Feb Hong Kong ChallengeC2
15-Mar Apex Mountain ClassicC1
18-Mar Geraardsbergen-BosbergC2HC
22-Mar27-Mar Tour of EritreaC2HC
04-Apr09-Apr Tour de VineyardsC2HC
08-Apr Coppa PlacciC2
18-Apr Betonexpressz GPC2HC
26-Apr Lincoln GPC2HC
27-Apr GP WallonieC1
28-Apr30-Apr Corsica InternationalC1
02-May07-May Tour of RomandieC1
04-May05-May Windhoek ITTC2HC
12-May14-May Tour du FasoC2HC
19-May21-May Giro del TrentinoC2
13-Jun19-Jun Tour of VancouverC2HC
18-Jun23-Jun Tour of South AfricaC1
24-Jun Paris - Tours ExpoirsU23
01-Jul08-Jul Tour de San LuisC2
16-Jul20-Jul Tour of BulgariaC2
23-Jul Vilnius GPC2HC
26-Jul Nantahala ClassicC1
27-Jul30-Jul USA Pro Cycling ChallengeC2
31-Jul Liège - Bastogne - Liège U23U23
01-Aug06-Aug Benelux ChallengeC2HC
07-Aug13-Aug Int. Österreich RundfahrtHC
09-Aug Rio Vista ChinesaC2
20-Aug21-Aug Grands Prix CyclistesC2HC
23-Aug31-Aug Tour de l'AvenirU23
01-Sep05-Sep Tour of BritainC1
01-Sep Philadelphia International Champ.C2HC
10-Sep13-Sep Euskal BizikletaC2HC
24-Sep Transfagarasan GPC2HC
29-Sep Milano - TorinoC1
29-Sep GP YekaterinburgC2HC
30-Sep Ronde van Vlaanderen BeloftenU23
03-Oct GP LuganoHC
03-Oct Giro dell'EmeliaHC
06-Oct10-Oct Herald Sun TourC2HC
06-Oct09-Oct Course de SolidarnoscC2HC
18-Oct Züri MetzgeteC2HC

Races in bold font are goal races.

Edited by Fabianski on 31-10-2019 09:07

Züri Metzgete (C2HC)Win
Giro del Trentino (C2)Top 5
Coppa Placci (C2)Top 10
Tour of Bulgaria (C2)Top 10
Team StandingsTop 15

Edited by Fabianski on 31-10-2019 09:04

2019 jersey revealed!

Here it is, our first jersey! Credits go to famous jersey designer Mr. hillis91 for his great work!

The jersey has a simple, yet beautiful and carefully elaborated design - this is where it meets Centovalli - a simple, natural valley, yet beautiful. We recognize the logo of the company running the Centovalli railway. If we take a closer look, we can see a valley in the lower part of the shirt - as well as some rails. Of course, the sponsor's own logo - along with some variations of it - is not missing either. Ticino Turismo is absolutely happy with our jersey, which is great!

Fiat as our secondary sponsor is well recognizable as well. The choice of their still well-known (maybe the best-known?) 70's logo is a tribute to their first appearance in cycling. We can as well see a variation of the current logo on the shorts. We hope our riders will be motivated by the Fiat logo on their legs in order to supply some horsepower on their own.

In each case, they will be riding with heart; our jersey manufacturer, Cuore, did a great job, and their logo fits well on these jerseys. Thanks also to our bike sponsor, BMC - we hope other riders will often see their logo, as it's on the back of our jersey.
And if you take another close look, you'll even find some chocolate on our jersey. Don't be worried, it won't be our riders' main food, but our sponsor, Mondelez Switzerland, will certainly provide us with some energy.

We're really looking forward to our initial CT season and we can't wait seeing our new hires in these jerseys!
Edited by Fabianski on 03-09-2019 20:35

totallympics.com/uploads/monthly_2016_04/medal_gold_3.png.a498b578d96dba9e096b1ac17ea38c78.png Wins totallympics.com/uploads/monthly_2016_04/medal_gold_3.png.a498b578d96dba9e096b1ac17ea38c78.png

Marco Guillén Tour de LangkawiStage 6
Jan-André Freuler Hong Kong ChallengeStage 1

totallympics.com/uploads/monthly_2016_04/medal_silver_3.png.a52dffd914a06e0156a96fb36a310402.png 2nd Places totallympics.com/uploads/monthly_2016_04/medal_silver_3.png.a52dffd914a06e0156a96fb36a310402.png

Issiaka Cissé Vuelta al TachiraStage 5

totallympics.com/uploads/monthly_2016_04/medal_bronze_3.png.0fcf772c640bcc85b140575cf01c0cf5.png 3rd Places totallympics.com/uploads/monthly_2016_04/medal_bronze_3.png.0fcf772c640bcc85b140575cf01c0cf5.png

Issiaka Cissé Vuelta al TachiraStage 3
Cyrille Thièry Vuelta al TachiraStage 10

Top 10 Places

4th Mirco Saggiorato Vuelta al TachiraStage 6
4th Andrea Manfredi Vuelta al TachiraStage 7
4th Marco Guillén Tour de LangkawiStage 2
4th Marco Guillén Tour de LangkawiPoints
5th Marco Guillén Great Ocean Road Classic
6th Centovalli - Fiat Vuelta al TachiraTeam
6th Marco Guillén Tour de LangkawiStage 7
6th Fausto Masnada Hong Kong ChallengeStage 1
6th Jan-André Freuler Hong Kong ChallengePoints
7th Mirco Saggiorato Vuelta al TachiraStage 8
7th Pascal Eenkhoorn Tour de LangkawiU25
8th Issiaka Cissé Vuelta al TachiraStage 1
9th Mirco Saggiorato Vuelta al TachiraGC
9th Pascal Eenkhoorn Vuelta al TachiraU25
10th Issiaka Cissé Vuelta al TachiraPoints
10th Issiaka Cissé Vuelta al TachiraStage 2
10th Issiaka Cissé Tour de LangkawiStage 4
10th Centovalli - Fiat Tour de LangkawiTeam

All Results

Clasico San Cristobal - C2

Simon Pellaud15
Fausto Masnada23
Pascal Eenkhoorn70
Ioannidis Kiriakidis87
Patrick Gamper142
Gino Mäder127
Aimiliano Vila129
Maximilian Walscheid173

Vuelta al Tachira - C2

Mirco SaggioratoS1: 38, S2: 41, S3: 41, S4: 16, S5: 27, S6: 4, S7: 28, S8: 7, S9: 23, S10: 12, GC: 9
Gian Piero SignoriniS1: 45, S2: 44, S3: 40, S4: 114, S5: 121, S6: 18, S7: 19, S8: 35, S9: 42, S10: 121, GC: 34
Andrea ManfrediS1: 35, S2: 34, S3: 21, S4: 22, S5: 41, S6: 20, S7: 4, S8: 15, S9: 15, S10: 45, GC: 11
Cyrile ThieryS1: 116, S2: 97, S3: 73, S4: 11, S5: 82, S6: 15, S7: 57, S8: 43, S9: 71, S10: 3, GC: 51
Issiaka CisséS1: 8, S2: 10, S3: 3, S4: 48, S5: 2, S6: 106, S7: 137, S8: 138, S9: 124, S10: 74, GC: 125, Points: 10
Pascal EenkhoornS1: 127, S2: 126, S3: 69, S4: 75, S5: 102, S6: 59, S7: 78, S8: 69, S9: 75, S10: 82, GC: 66, U25: 9, U25 jersey: 1 stage
Gino MäderS1: 123, S2: 127, S3: 121, S4: 25, S5: 137, S6: 95, S7: 65, S8: 33, S9: 89, S10: 66, GC: 78
Alessandro FedeliS1: 37, S2: 38, S3: 50, S4: 119, S5: 32, S6: 105, S7: 105, S8: 109, S9: 101, S10: 133, GC: 109

Great Ocean Road Classic - C2HC

Marco Guillen5
Manuel Stocker67
Maximilian Walscheid128
Ioannidis Kiriakidis112
Miltiadis Giannoutsos110
Patrick Gamper75
Aimiliano Vila102
Riccardo Minali94

Tour de Langkawi - C2HC

Marco GuillenS1: 69, S2: 4, S3: 113, S4: 12, S5: 81, S6: 1, S7: 6, GC: 98, Points: 4
Gian Piero SignoriniS1: 96, S2: 49, S3: 16, S4: 90, S5: 43, S6: 108, S7: 120, GC: 30
Andrea ManfrediS1: 53, S2: 55, S3: 14, S4: 28, S5: 15, S6: 23, S7: 63, GC: 12
Issiaka CisséS1: 103, S2: 16, S3: 121, S4: 10, S5: 105, S6: 11, S7: 11, GC: 120
Manuel StockerS1: 22, S2: 44, S3: 94, S4: 13, S5: 57, S6: 17, S7: 26, GC: 75
Patrick GamperS1: 100, S2: 67, S3: 79, S4: 122, S5: 92, S6: 86, S7: 64, GC: 78
Pascal EenkhoornS1: 26, S2: 87, S3: 71, S4: 132, S5: 31, S6: 107, S7: 87, GC: 62, U25: 7
Alessandro FedeliS1: 63, S2: 73, S3: 84, S4: 131, S5: 116, S6: 65, S7: 130, GC: 117

Gisborne GP - C2

Simon Pellaud14
Jan-Andre Freuler48
Pascal Eenkhoorn115
Ioannidis Kiriakidis117
Gino Mäder118
Aimiliano Vila159
Maximilian Walscheid172
Riccardo Minali182

Hong Kong Challenge - C2

Jan-Andre FreulerS1: 1, S2: 49, S3: 34, GC: 24, GC jersey: S2, Points jersey: S2, S3, Points: 6
Fausto MasnadaS1: 6, S2: 29, S3: 25, GC: 15
Simon PellaudS1: 103, S2: 80, S3: 105, GC: 101
Cyrille ThieryS1: 72, S2: 62, S3: 75, GC: 71
Patrick GamperS1: 107, S2: 52, S3: 132, GC: 116
Pascal EenkhoornS1: 129, S2: 111, S3: 95, GC: 114
Gino MäderS1: 94, S2: 72, S3: 92, GC: 92
Alessandro FedeliS1: 126, S2: 145, S3: 111, GC: 122

Apex Mountain Classic - C1
Geraardsbergen-Bosberg - C2HC
Tour of Eritrea - C2HC
Tour de Vineyards - C2HC
Coppa Placci - C2
Betonexpressz GP - C2HC
Lincoln GP - C2HC
GP Wallonie - C1
Corsica International - C1
Tour of Romandie - C1
Windhoek ITT - C2HC
Tour du Faso - C2HC
Giro del Trentino - C2
Tour of Vancouver - C2HC
Tour of South Africa - C1
Paris - Tours Expoirs - U23
Tour de San Luis - C2
Tour of Bulgaria - C2
Vilnius GP - C2HC
Nantahala Classic - C1
USA Pro Cycling Challenge - C2
Liège - Bastogne - Liège U23 - U23
Benelux Challenge - C2HC
Int. Österreich Rundfahrt - HC
Rio Vista Chinesa - C2
Grands Prix Cyclistes - C2HC
Tour de l'Avenir - U23
Tour of Britain - C1
Philadelphia International Champ. - C2HC
Euskal Bizikleta - C2HC
Transfagarasan GP - C2HC
Milano - Torino - C1
GP Yekaterinburg - C2HC
Ronde van Vlaanderen Beloften - U23
GP Lugano - HC
Giro dell'Emelia - HC
Herald Sun Tour - C2HC
Course de Solidarnosc - C2HC
Züri Metzgete - C2HC
Edited by Fabianski on 27-12-2019 14:22
Really interesting opening post. Looking forward to how you develop this project Smile
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
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3x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x3
Thanks for your kind words. I'm myself unsure about how it will work out. First, Team UBS being relegated is a really bad thing for Swiss cycling - and for my team (I was hoping for some loaning opportunities when I first started thinking about my project). Second, Gustavovskiy changing his team's nationality and focusing more on Switzerland came as a surprise to me, and this will make competition for Swiss riders even harder. This makes me think that in the first season I'll probably have to focus more on italian riders - although with Bianchi – Campagnolo and Glanbia Foods Cycling Project there are two completely new italian teams as well... Interesting transfer period coming up Smile
The first post looks intriguing. Will be interesting to see how many swiss riders you'll get with all those bigger teams interested in the market. Kinda expect a pm come transfers Pfft
A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Fabianski wrote:
Thanks for your kind words. I'm myself unsure about how it will work out. First, Team UBS being relegated is a really bad thing for Swiss cycling - and for my team (I was hoping for some loaning opportunities when I first started thinking about my project). Second, Gustavovskiy changing his team's nationality and focusing more on Switzerland came as a surprise to me, and this will make competition for Swiss riders even harder. This makes me think that in the first season I'll probably have to focus more on italian riders - although with Bianchi – Campagnolo and Glanbia Foods Cycling Project there are two completely new italian teams as well... Interesting transfer period coming up Smile

Italy and Switzerland have definitely become much sought out destinations, but I think you'll be warmly surprised as to the number of Swiss riders entering our ranks.

Interesting choice of sponsors. Best of luck. Hope this first season treats you well!
Manager of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/duo.png Duolingo pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/duo.png
knockout: No comment on that until transfers start, don't want to break the rules already now Pfft

Gustavovskiy: Thanks. I really hope there'll be enough decent Swiss riders for all of us. Being only a CT team, I'll certainly not be in the pole position for the most interesting ones, but let's see.

Goals are submitted, let's just try to find the best riders to accomplish them :lol:
Pre-Transfer press release

Before the official MGCUI transfer window opens tonight, team manager Mr. Fabianski stated which types of riders he hopes to welcome in his squad in the next few days:
Looking at our sponsors' nationalities, it should be clear that our main focus will be Swiss and Italian riders. As the project is backed by Swiss Cycling, they'd like us to contract some Swiss talents, in order to give them a possibility to develop and later be successful on higher levels.
On the other hand, both Ticino Turismo and Fiat would love to see our jersey as often as possible, i.e. we should also have riders that could be shining from the first season on. So we've got a few names in mind who are no young talents anymore, but already strong and experienced riders - both Swiss and Italian.
Furthermore, we'll consider the other neighbouring countries as well, which means we might offer a place to German, Austrian, or French riders. And if there should be a rider from a more distant country where we simply can't say "No", we'd of course consider a transfer as well. But the focus will definitely be more regional than for other teams.
Of course we'll mainly be looking at the Free Agent market, as we don't have the budget to afford huge transfer expenses. But there definitely is room for some - maybe surprising - moves. We're as excited as every other team - let the show begin!

And now, go ahead and crush my plans Pfft
I love it! A clear plan to promote Swiss cycling with an Italian twist also. I also love the jersey with all the little details, but still a very clean look Cool

I very much look forward to seeing your team in action, good luck Smile
@redordead Thanks! Let's see these next few days who we will watch wearing this jersey throughout the upcoming season Smile
And good luck to you as well!
Hey! I haven't been as up to date in the Teams HQ area as I should be lately, but I noticed someone bidding on Swiss riders so I did some extra research Grin

Welcome to the game! I really like your team concept, your opening post is great, and the jersey is top notch. I hope we can work together going forward. The other Swiss team is Sauber (run by sammy), and fortunately we have a really strong history of working together and helping each other out when we can. Hope we can work together as well, and hope you're able to build a good core of Swiss riders to start out with.
Thanks. I seem to have forgotten a bit about my own HQ as well... Embarassed

I too hope we'll be able to collaborate well. It was a shame seeing you go down to PCT by a ridiculous 4 points, but I hope you'll be going up again this season!
Hope you aren't too mad at me for "stealing" Saggiorato. At least, he won't be leaving his home country Smile
As you can see in the (updated) roster, the "good core of Swiss riders" has worked out quite well, although for the moment there's just one really young guy. Let's see how transfers continue...
Congratulations on some really nice signings so far, I'm especially jealous of Pellaud and Gino so far, would have loved to have got both of them but you snapped them up before I was able to make a move.

Hopefully we get enough talents coming through in the next few years for us to work together and not end up inflating their wages too much.
Thanks. Congrats to you on Hirschi! He was someone I hoped joining us in my wildest dreams, but I was done with this idea when I first peeked into the FA thread... At least I got Gino. He surely won't be as strong as Marc, but is still a potential 77Mo, which isn't that bad. Pellaud is a nice rider as well, hope he's going to get some minor points on hilly races.

Yeah, I too hope we can find some way to collaborate. We'll have to do some serious scouting to get enough riders into the game Wink
The first look at the roster looks really cool. Love what you seem to be building. I hope Lienhard will serve you well as part of a hopefully long future Grin
A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Top signing confirmed

Dear visitor
First of all, we'd like to apologize for not having presented our previous signings. We'd especially like to present our excuses to the riders, who did not receive the welcome they deserved. But be assured that every single one of them will be duly presented before the season starts!

But now to the most important deal confirmation of last night: After a serious "bidding war" (well, at least for a CT team, there were important numbers in play), we are proud to announce that Fausto Masnada finally signed for Centovalli - Fiat! As a Bergamo, Lombardy native, the proximity to Ticino may have been one reason for him joining our team, the other being certainly that we really let him know we wanted him. Well, it was not just us, but our sponsors from Fiat made of him one of our top transfer targets. And our last offer - the highest possible wage we could afford - finally won him for us!

Fausto is only 26 years old, has XP level 4 and will be a good GC contender in CT due to his capabilities on both mountains and hills. This comes with a decent TT, and some nice physical stats. We are sure we'll see some greate racing from him!
However - will he be wearing our jersey this year already? We would love to make a loan deal so he could get some more high-level experience, but we're not sure if anyone will be interested given his wage. If we find a deal, great, else we'd be looking forward to see him ride in our colors! Stay tuned for more news...
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