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Claudio Rusconi | S2 | Tour of Norway

I'm not the favourite for today. But I'm somehow 2nd in GC now and I'm the leader of youth classification.

Three climbs to go. 37 km left and 54 riders in the front group.


Those roads are so narrow! I'm behind somehow.


I can't believe that I was dropped on that stupid climb. What a rookie mistake!


I'm so angry at myself now...


Top 15:
1Egan BernalTeam INEOS4h20'09
2Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Teams.t.
3Richard CarapazBahrain - Meridas.t.
4Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick-Steps.t.
5Mikel LandaMovistar Teams.t.
6Jack HaigMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
7Geraint ThomasTeam INEOS+ 22
8Thibaut PinotGroupama - FDJs.t.
9Tom DumoulinTeam Sunwebs.t.
10Michal KwiatkowskiTeam INEOSs.t.
11Ivan SosaTeam INEOS+ 2'13
12Warren BarguilTeam Arkéa - Samsics.t.
13Laurens De PlusTeam Jumbo - Visma+ 2'47
14Rafal MajkaMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
15Adam YatesBORA - hansgrohes.t.
26Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias+ 6'07


So. I guess it's over for me. Can't do much right now. I'll just try to grab some points at the finish and try to get a podium again.

It's time to start the final climb for today.


I'm trying to attack. Can't win it sadly since there is one rider almost 3 minutes up front.


I did catch him!


Almost! But it's another 2nd place in this race. I did gain some seconds, but I was so much behind in GC that no one followed my attack.


Top 15:
1Michael WoodsEF Education First4h01'45
2Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
3Egan BernalTeam INEOS+ 43
4Ivan SosaTeam INEOSs.t.
5Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick-Steps.t.
6Laurens De PlusTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
7Michal KwiatkowskiTeam INEOSs.t.
8Rafal MajkaMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
9Thibaut PinotGroupama - FDJs.t.
10Davide FormoloMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
11Richard CarapazBahrain - Meridas.t.
12Rigoberto UranEF Education Firsts.t.
13Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Teams.t.
14Mikel LandaMovistar Teams.t.
15Sergio Andres HiguitaEF Education Firsts.t.

That stage isn't that hard, so I just tried to finish on the highest place possible.

I did attack again. There is nothing I can lose right now. I joined an early break now with 24 km to go.


8 km to go! I'm going for the solo win right here!


That was an awesome attack! I dropped everyone from the break and no one in the peloton followed me. I'm really happy that at least I grab a stage win with no chance in GC now.


Top 15:
1Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias4h42'42
2Toms SkujinsTrek - Segafredo+ 1'51
3Ion IzagirreGroupama - FDJs.t.
4Tim WellensLotto Soudals.t.
5Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick-Steps.t.
6Sergio Andres HiguitaEF Education Firsts.t.
7Kasper AsgreenDeceuninck - Quick-Steps.t.
8Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick-Steps.t.
9Dylan TeunsBahrain - Meridas.t.
10Damiano CarusoBahrain - Meridas.t.
11Laurens De PlusTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
12Nairo QuintanaMovistar Teams.t.
13Rohan DennisBahrain - Meridas.t.
14Richard CarapazBahrain - Meridas.t.
15Davide FormoloMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.


An ITT to finish this race. I can't lose anything again, so I'll just ride that safely.

B. Jungels caught me.


Top 15:
1Remco EvenepoelDeceuninck - Quick-Step25'41
2Tom DumoulinTeam Sunweb+ 3
3Rohan DennisBahrain - Merida+ 6
4Jonathan CastroviejoTeam INEOS+ 7
5Geraint ThomasTeam INEOS+ 16
6Marc SolerMovistar Team+ 18
7Mikel LandaMovistar Team+ 31
8Egan BernalTeam INEOS+ 33
9Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+ 35
10Pavel SivakovTeam INEOSs.t.
11Rigoberto UranEF Education Firsts.t.
12Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick-Step+ 38
13Kasper AsgreenDeceuninck - Quick-Step+ 40
14Tim WellensLotto Soudal+ 46
15Emanuel BuchmannBORA - hansgrohes.t.
113Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias+ 2'58

I'm not happy with my GC performance since I made some stupid rookie mistake. But I can be satisfied with my stage results. Because of my GC place I could grab my first WT stage win and two 2nd places. I finished 2nd in points classification. At the end, I'm positive about this race in future.

Final general classification:
1Tom DumoulinTeam Sunweb21h44'06
2Mikel LandaMovistar Team+ 6
3Egan BernalTeam INEOS+ 8
4Geraint ThomasTeam INEOS+ 13
5Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick-Step+ 28
6Richard CarapazBahrain - Merida+ 36
7Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Team+ 42
8Jack HaigMitchelton - SCOTT+ 46
9Michal KwiatkowskiTeam INEOS+ 1'06
10Rafal MajkaMitchelton - SCOTT+ 3'08
11Laurens De PlusTeam Jumbo - Visma+ 3'16
12Bob JungelsDeceuninck - Quick-Step+ 3'30
13Adam YatesBORA - hansgrohe+ 3'37
14Davide FormoloMitchelton - SCOTT+ 4'47
15Remco EvenepoelDeceuninck - Quick-Step+ 5'16
19Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias+ 6'06

Quick hilly classic right after I finished Basque Country. And this is the last one day classic for some time. Five stage races with three stages each coming, and then 6 stages in Norway if I'm not mistaken.

20 km to the finish right before the final attempts at those climbs. Only 19 riders in the front group.




I did join the four riders that tried to attack. We dropped everyone.


They attacked again! I have no power to follow them.


They were too good for me. But I did my job well and finished 4th while being completely out of energy.


Top 15:
1Eduard PradesMovistar Team4h18'30
2Laurens De PlusTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
3Alexey LutsenkoCCC Pro Teams.t.
4Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias+ 31
5Jonathan LastraCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
6Mikel BizkarraEuskadi Basque Country - Murias+ 3'06
7Merhawi KudusCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 4'04
8Enrique SanzBurgos - BH+ 4'41
9Antwan TolhoekTeam Jumbo - Visma+ 5'24
10Timo RoosenTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
11Jan TratnikCCC Pro Teams.t.
12Jonas VingegaardTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
13Raul AlarconMovistar Teams.t.
14Lucas HamiltonCCC Pro Teams.t.
15Antonio PedreroMovistar Teams.t.


First out of five stage races with the same amount of days - 3. What a fun time this is going to be. First stage here in Spain is flat for sprinters.

Decent start of this race.


Top 15:
1Edward TheunsElkov - Author4h30'16
2Giovanni LonardiNIPPO Vini Fantini Faizanès.t.
3Eryk LatonHagens Berman Axeons.t.
4Jon AberasturiCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
5Carlos BarberoMovistar Teams.t.
6Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
7Arnaldo da CostaElkov - Authors.t.
8Tosh Van der SandeLotto Soudals.t.
9Jay McCarthyBORA - hansgrohes.t.
10Andrey AmadorBORA - hansgrohes.t.
11Antoine DuchesneGroupama - FDJs.t.
12Miles ScotsonGroupama - FDJs.t.
13Mikel BizkarraEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
14Garikoitz BravoEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
15George BennettTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.


Another flat stage for sprinters.

I'm actually surprised here. FDJ had a big train for their leader, but since I started my sprint a bit early, no one was able to catch me before the finish. Group was also surprisingly not that big so that also made an impact in the final sprint. But, I won the stage!


Top 15:
1Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias3h59'01
2Pierre RollandGroupama - FDJs.t.
3Edward TheunsElkov - Authors.t.
4Arnaldo da CostaElkov - Authors.t.
5Andrey AmadorBORA - hansgrohes.t.
6Jay McCarthyBORA - hansgrohes.t.
7Harm VanhouckeLotto Soudals.t.
8Tosh Van der SandeLotto Soudals.t.
9Miles ScotsonGroupama - FDJs.t.
10Romain SeigleGroupama - FDJs.t.
11Danny Van PoppelTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
12Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohes.t.
13Rudy MolardElkov - Authors.t.
14Antoine DuchesneGroupama - FDJs.t.
15Eryk LatonHagens Berman Axeons.t.


This stage will decide everything. This won't be that selective but I might have a chance for top 10 and in final GC too. Especially after yesterday stage.

10 km to the finish; the group is not that big.


M. Iturria with an amazing job - 5 km to the finish we might get away!


What an increcible day! Double victory! I won the 3rd stage and final GC too. Brilliant job by my team. Especially Mikel Iturria did a fantastic job right before the final climb for today. Thank You.


Top 15:
1Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias4h54'51
2Daniel Felipe MartinezEF Education Firsts.t.
3Antwan TolhoekTeam Jumbo - Visma+ 14
4Floris De TierTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
5Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohes.t.
6Andrey AmadorBORA - hansgrohes.t.
7Jonas VingegaardTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
8Gregor MühlbergerBORA - hansgrohes.t.
9Viktor VerschaeveLotto Soudals.t.
10Jelle VanendertCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
11Roman KreuzigerElkov - Authors.t.
12Rudy MolardElkov - Authors.t.
13Pierre RollandGroupama - FDJs.t.
14Harm VanhouckeLotto Soudals.t.
15Tobias LudvigssonGroupama - FDJs.t.

Final general classification:
1Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias13h23'48
2Daniel Felipe MartinezEF Education First+ 14
3Edward TheunsElkov - Author+ 20
4Pierre RollandGroupama - FDJ+ 28
5Antwan TolhoekTeam Jumbo - Visma+ 30
6Andrey AmadorBORA - hansgrohe+ 34
7Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohes.t.
8Harm VanhouckeLotto Soudals.t.
9Jelle VanendertCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
10Kevin GenietsGroupama - FDJs.t.
11Rudy MolardElkov - Authors.t.
12Viktor VerschaeveLotto Soudals.t.
13Tobias LudvigssonGroupama - FDJs.t.
14Mikel IturriaEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
15Gregor MühlbergerBORA - hansgrohes.t.


Another 3 stages in Spain. We open this race with mountain ITT. This race is much more difficult than the previous one.

I actually had to sim this stage. I couldn't actually play it because no one really "started" an ITT. Just no one rode from the ramp, and if actually someone did, in few seconds he was "brought back". Lame...

Simulated Top 15:
1Lennard KämnaTeam Sunweb15'39
2Eduard PradesMovistar Team+ 5
3Merhawi KudusCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 9
4Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohe+ 10
5Tejay Van GarderenEF Education First+ 14
6Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias+ 18
7Jesús Angel NanclaresFundación Euskadi+ 21
8Giulio CicconeMitchelton - SCOTT+ 24
9Andrey AmadorBORA - hansgrohe+ 26
10Omar FraileMitchelton - SCOTT+ 31
11Daniel Felipe MartinezEF Education Firsts.t.
12Tanel KangertEF Education Firsts.t.
13Gregor MühlbergerBORA - hansgrohe+ 36
14Mathias FrankTeam Vorarlberg Santic+ 38
15José Manuel DíazTeam Vorarlberg Santic+ 42


2nd stage is categorized as hilly. Few difficulties and the downhill to the finish. It can be interesting.

14 km to go - I'm trying to get away with a high tempo.


Not many riders at the top of the climb - 9.2 km to the line.


Very good sprint, but someone was just a bit faster. Really close.


Top 15:
1Loïc VliegenWanty - Gobert Cycling Team4h02'18
2Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
3Andrey AmadorBORA - hansgrohes.t.
4Wilco KeldermanTeam Sunwebs.t.
5Eduard PradesMovistar Teams.t.
6Jonas VingegaardTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
7Lennard KämnaTeam Sunwebs.t.
8Giulio CicconeMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
9Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohes.t.
10Omar FraileMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
11Tejay Van GarderenEF Education Firsts.t.
12Daniel Felipe MartinezEF Education Firsts.t.
13Gregor MühlbergerBORA - hansgrohe+ 1'49
14Florian StorkTeam Sunweb+ 2'12
15Luis Mas BonetMovistar Teams.t.


Last stage of this race ends with a short, but really steep Pena Cabarga. More than 150 km of relatively flat terrain and then 5.9 km climb with an average of 9.1%. Ouch.

6 km to go. We start the final climb for today.


1.5 km to go.


What a hell of the finish that was. I managed to grab a 3rd place, but I couldn't do more than that.


Top 15:
1Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohe4h09'03
2Lennard KämnaTeam Sunwebs.t.
3Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
4Merhawi KudusCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
5Tejay Van GarderenEF Education Firsts.t.
6Jonas VingegaardTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
7Wilco KeldermanTeam Sunweb+ 26
8Omar FraileMitchelton - SCOTT+ 37
9Eduard PradesMovistar Teams.t.
10Giulio CicconeMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
11Jelle VanendertCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 52
12Andrey AmadorBORA - hansgrohes.t.
13Jonathan CaicedoEF Education Firsts.t.
14Loïc VliegenWanty - Gobert Cycling Teams.t.
15Floris De TierTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.

I can say that this race was a fun experience. I finshed 3rd in GC which I can be happy about. More points scored for me and my team in continental ranking.

Final general classification:
1Lennard KämnaTeam Sunweb8h26'54
2Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohe+ 6
3Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias+ 14
4Tejay Van GarderenEF Education First+ 20
5Eduard PradesMovistar Team+ 48
6Giulio CicconeMitchelton - SCOTT+ 1'07
7Omar FraileMitchelton - SCOTT+ 1'14
8Jonas VingegaardTeam Jumbo - Visma+ 1'15
9Andrey AmadorBORA - hansgrohe+ 1'20
10Wilco KeldermanTeam Sunweb+ 1'24
11Merhawi KudusCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 2'27
12Daniel Felipe MartinezEF Education First+ 3'37
13Loïc VliegenWanty - Gobert Cycling Team+ 3'40
14Floris De TierTeam Jumbo - Visma+ 4'23
15Mathias FrankTeam Vorarlberg Santic+ 4'25


Again three stages in Spain. This time we open this race in a hilly terrain.

32 km to the finish. I made a lot of riders drop on that long climb. They will probably catch us on flat, but still.


12 km to go. Actually my work was good enough to hold our lead. Only 8 riders will probably fight for a stage win.


I was not that fast on the finish, but that 7 riders with me will fight for a final GC victory, probably.


Top 15:
1Loïc VliegenWanty - Gobert Cycling Team4h29'23
2Gorka IzagirreAstana Pro Teams.t.
3Jens KeukeleireLotto Soudals.t.
4Daniel Felipe MartinezEF Education Firsts.t.
5Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
6Omar FraileMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
7Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohes.t.
8Floris De TierTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
9Luka MezgecMitchelton - SCOTT+ 52
10Anthony MaldonadoCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
11Luis Mas BonetMovistar Teams.t.
12Gregor MühlbergerBORA - hansgrohes.t.
13Kosta KonerdingTeam Katusha Alpecins.t.
14Simon ClarkeEF Education Firsts.t.
15Nathan HaasTeam Katusha Alpecins.t.


That stage is a bit easier. Flat for the sprinters. I'm also a leader of the best climber of the race. But only for today since the breakaway took that jersey from me.

Our train for the final sprint made a split in the peloton.


I couldn't finish their job. I finished inside top 10, but there weren't any gaps at the finish.


Top 15:
1Jonas KochCCC Pro Team3h19'56
2Luka MezgecMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
3Rick ZabelTeam Katusha Alpecins.t.
4Herman DahlIsrael Cycling Academys.t.
5Loïc VliegenWanty - Gobert Cycling Teams.t.
6Milan MentenCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
7Erik BaskaBORA - hansgrohes.t.
8Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
9Gorka IzagirreAstana Pro Teams.t.
10Omar FraileMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
11Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohes.t.
12James WhelanEF Education Firsts.t.
13Jens KeukeleireLotto Soudals.t.
14Floris De TierTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
15Daniel Felipe MartinezEF Education Firsts.t.


Last stage is again flat. This time on some small route in Madrid. I hope I can defend my 4th place in GC.

8 km to go - look at our train.


It seems like the peloton wasn't interested in the final sprint. The breakaway won it.


Top 15:
1Jorge CuberoBurgos - BH2h28'57
2Javier MorenoEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
3Stef KrulTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
4José Joaquin RojasMovistar Teams.t.
5Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias+ 45
6Benjamin PradesTeam UKYOs.t.
7Juan Leandro BosqueFundación Euskadis.t.
8Guillaume Van KeirsbulckCCC Pro Teams.t.
9Gotzon UdondoEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
10James WhelanEF Education Firsts.t.
11Sander ArméeCCC Pro Teams.t.
12Jens KeukeleireLotto Soudals.t.
13Gorka IzagirreAstana Pro Teams.t.
14Loïc VliegenWanty - Gobert Cycling Teams.t.
15Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohes.t.

It was yet another decent race from our team. I was able to finish all three stages inside the top 10 and I finished the whole race as 4th in GC.

Final general classification:
1Loïc VliegenWanty - Gobert Cycling Team10h18'49
2Gorka IzagirreAstana Pro Team+ 5
3Jens KeukeleireLotto Soudal+ 8
4Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias+ 9
5Omar FraileMitchelton - SCOTT+ 12
6Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohes.t.
7Daniel Felipe MartinezEF Education Firsts.t.
8Floris De TierTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
9Jonas KochCCC Pro Team+ 54
10Luka MezgecMitchelton - SCOTT+ 58
11Nathan HaasTeam Katusha Alpecin+ 1'04
12Kosta KonerdingTeam Katusha Alpecins.t.
13Simon ClarkeEF Education Firsts.t.
14Luis Mas BonetMovistar Teams.t.
15Gregor MühlbergerBORA - hansgrohes.t.


Now we are in Aragon. Flat stage with a bit of a "twist" at the finish.

What a powerful sprint! Lotto Soudal was looking like they are going to win it. They have been controlling the race for the last 20 km, but that difficulties for the finish made it a bit harder. It was an explosive sprint by me and I cannot be happier, because I won again!


Top 15:
1Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias4h30'13
2Andreas StokbroElkov - Authors.t.
3Jens KeukeleireLotto Soudals.t.
4Marco HallerTeam Katusha Alpecins.t.
5Omar FraileMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
6Daryl ImpeyMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
7Joao RodriguesW52 / FC Portos.t.
8Sebastian MolanoUAE Team Emiratess.t.
9Jan PolancUAE Team Emiratess.t.
10Carlos BarberoMovistar Teams.t.
11Jonas KochCCC Pro Teams.t.
12Merhawi KudusCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
13Gino MäderMovistar Teams.t.
14Lucas HamiltonCCC Pro Teams.t.
15Roman KreuzigerElkov - Authors.t.


Pure flat stage for sprinters. Can I again outsprint them?

Not really. I was too far to even hope for something similar to stage 1. And those sprinters were too fast today.


Top 16:
1Jonas KochCCC Pro Team4h30'37
2Sebastian MolanoUAE Team Emiratess.t.
3Alex FrameTrek - Segafredos.t.
4Carlos BarberoMovistar Teams.t.
5Jon AberasturiCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
6Marco HallerTeam Katusha Alpecins.t.
7Andreas StokbroElkov - Authors.t.
8Omar FraileMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
9Daryl ImpeyMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
10Jan PolancUAE Team Emiratess.t.
11Merhawi KudusCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
12Gino MäderMovistar Teams.t.
13Luis León SánchezEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
14Adam BlytheLotto Soudals.t.
15Roman KreuzigerElkov - Authors.t.
16Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.


I'm currently 2nd in GC so I'm in really good position before this stage. I don't actually like that type of climbs that are not regular. We'll see.

We are on the bottom of the final climb.


5 km to go. Not many are following my tempo.


Last one! Who out those three will win it?


I can't believe it! I did it again. I saved a bit of energy for the final push and it was enough to grab another stage win!


Top 15:
1Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias3h42'21
2Jan PolancUAE Team Emirates+ 10
3Omar FraileMitchelton - SCOTT+ 30
4Roman KreuzigerElkov - Author+ 54
5Merhawi KudusCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 1'34
6Fabio FellineTrek - Segafredo+ 2'04
7Hernan AguirreTeam UKYO+ 2'33
8Lucas HamiltonCCC Pro Team+ 3'48
9Gino MäderMovistar Teams.t.
10Oscar GonzalezFundación Euskadi+ 4'18
11Valerio ContiUAE Team Emirates+ 5'16
12Nans PetersMovistar Team+ 5'24
13Jóni BrandãoTeam Jumbo - Vismas.t.
14Jesus Del PinoVito-Feirense-Pnb+ 6'08
15Joao RodriguesW52 / FC Porto+ 6'35

It was an incredible performance. I won 2 stages, final GC, points classification, and I was the best climber too. I can only thanks my team-mates for an awesome job they did.

Final general classification:
1Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias12h42'50
2Jan PolancUAE Team Emirates+ 25
3Omar FraileMitchelton - SCOTT+ 47
4Roman KreuzigerElkov - Author+ 1'15
5Merhawi KudusCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 1'55
6Fabio FellineTrek - Segafredo+ 2'25
7Hernan AguirreTeam UKYO+ 2'54
8Gino MäderMovistar Team+ 4'09
9Lucas HamiltonCCC Pro Teams.t.
10Oscar GonzalezFundación Euskadi+ 4'39
11Valerio ContiUAE Team Emirates+ 5'37
12Jóni BrandãoTeam Jumbo - Visma+ 5'45
13Nans PetersMovistar Teams.t.
14Jesus Del PinoVito-Feirense-Pnb+ 6'29
15Jelle VanendertCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 6'54


Are you tired of those races? Yes? I'm sorry, there is one more to go. This time we open this race with a short ITT.

It was a decent start. I thought I'll lose more time on that short ITT so I'm satisfied.


Top 15:
1Alex DowsettTeam Katusha Alpecin5'56
2Josef CernyMitchelton - SCOTT+ 2
3Rudy MolardElkov - Authors.t.
4Cameron MeyerMitchelton - SCOTT+ 3
5Joaquín MateoMinsk Cycling Clubs.t.
6Riccardo ZoidlCCC Pro Teams.t.
7Owain DoullTeam INEOS+ 4
8Martijn TusveldTeam Sunweb+ 5
9Amaro AntunesCCC Pro Teams.t.
10Xandro MeurisseWanty - Gobert Cycling Teams.t.
11Thomas De GendtMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
12Nicolae TanovitchiiTeam Novak+ 6
13Jetse BolTeam Sunwebs.t.
14Artem NychAmore & Vita - Prodirs.t.
15Vegard Stake LaengenDukla Banská Bystricas.t.
26Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias+ 8


Both remaining stages are flat, so I don't think I can grab a decent GC place now. Unless I can outsmart those sprinters again.


Top 15:
1Sean De BieWanty - Gobert Cycling Team4h24'07
2Luka MezgecMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
3Andreas StokbroElkov - Authors.t.
4Mihkel RäimEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
5Rick ZabelTeam Katusha Alpecins.t.
6Kristoffer HalvorsenTeam INEOSs.t.
7Xandro MeurisseWanty - Gobert Cycling Teams.t.
8Joaquín MateoMinsk Cycling Clubs.t.
9Marco HallerTeam Katusha Alpecins.t.
10Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
11Jetse BolTeam Sunwebs.t.
12Kamil GradekCCC Pro Teams.t.
13Riccardo ZoidlCCC Pro Teams.t.
14Rudy MolardElkov - Authors.t.
15Guillaume Van KeirsbulckCCC Pro Teams.t.


I wasn't able yesterday to get neither into a break or high stage place. Maybe today?

I actually did get into a today's break, but it costed me a lot of energy. I won first intermediate sprint. And second actually too. That gave me 6" bonus seconds. I was caught with 27 km to the finish. I now need to hold my place in the peloton so I don't lose time at the finish.


I barely did it.


Top 15:
1Luka MezgecMitchelton - SCOTT4h04'14
2Kristoffer HalvorsenTeam INEOSs.t.
3Joaquín MateoMinsk Cycling Clubs.t.
4Andreas StokbroElkov - Authors.t.
5Sean De BieWanty - Gobert Cycling Teams.t.
6Mihkel RäimEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
7Jonas KochCCC Pro Teams.t.
8Martijn TusveldTeam Sunwebs.t.
9Jetse BolTeam Sunwebs.t.
10Marco HallerTeam Katusha Alpecins.t.
11Vyacheslav KuznetsovTeam Katusha Alpecins.t.
12Fabian LienhardElkov - Authors.t.
13Xandro MeurisseWanty - Gobert Cycling Teams.t.
14Steven LammertinkTeam Sunwebs.t.
15Josef CernyMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
20Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.

Those bonus seconds give me a chance to finish this race on 7th place. I think it's good place considering an opening ITT and 2 flat stages.

Final general classification:
1Luka MezgecMitchelton - SCOTT8h34'15
2Joaquín MateoMinsk Cycling Club+ 1
3Sean De BieWanty - Gobert Cycling Teams.t.
4Alex DowsettTeam Katusha Alpecin+ 2
5Josef CernyMitchelton - SCOTT+ 4
6Rudy MolardElkov - Authors.t.
7Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
8Riccardo ZoidlCCC Pro Team+ 5
9Cameron MeyerMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.
10Owain DoullTeam INEOS+ 6
11Xandro MeurisseWanty - Gobert Cycling Team+ 7
12Martijn TusveldTeam Sunwebs.t.
13Amaro AntunesCCC Pro Teams.t.
14Kristoffer HalvorsenTeam INEOSs.t.
15Thomas De GendtMitchelton - SCOTTs.t.


Now it is a time for something different. Stage race in Norway. Route isn't very challenging so I don't expect to finish this race on high GC place. First stage is relatively flat, for sprinters.

Decent sprint to finish inside top 10.


Top 15:
1Alberto DaineseBahrain - Merida4h08'46
2Sacha ModoloEF Education Firsts.t.
3Fridtjof RøinasJoker Fuel of Norways.t.
4Jonathan HivertTeam Total Direct Energies.t.
5Timothy DupontWanty - Gobert Cycling Teams.t.
6August JensenTeam Coops.t.
7Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
8Rudy MolardElkov - Authors.t.
9Michael KukrleElkov - Authors.t.
10Arthur VichotVital Concept - B&B Hotelss.t.
11Colin JoyceTEAM Schreibers.t.
12Boy Van PoppelRoompot - Charless.t.
13Kristoffer SkjerpingUno-X Norwegian Development Teams.t.
14Michael GoglTrek - Segafredos.t.
15Elmar ReindersRoompot - Charless.t.


Another flat stage, but this time a bit different. Those really short "climbs" taken on fast pace might split the peloton.

I said the splits might happen. My high pace made me escape a bit from the peloton - 3.5 km to go!


I did it! It's yet another prove that on flat terrain I can fight for a stage win.


Top 15:
1Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Murias4h29'07
2Lilian CalmejaneTeam Total Direct Energies.t.
3Alberto DaineseBahrain - Meridas.t.
4Kristoffer SkjerpingUno-X Norwegian Development Teams.t.
5Joao RodriguesW52 / FC Portos.t.
6Rudy MolardElkov - Authors.t.
7Fabian LienhardElkov - Authors.t.
8Alexander EdmondsonTeam Dimension Datas.t.
9Alexis VuillermozAG2R La Mondiales.t.
10Mads Würtz SchmidtTeam Dimension Datas.t.
11Mikael ChérelAG2R La Mondiales.t.
12Fridtjof RøinasJoker Fuel of Norways.t.
13Jonathan HivertTeam Total Direct Energies.t.
14Markus HoelgaardUno-X Norwegian Development Teams.t.
15Odd Christian EikingWanty - Gobert Cycling Teams.t.


Yet one more flat stage which is not fully flat. I'm currently 2nd in GC and the goal for Tour of Norway is me finishing in the top 30. I think I can do it.

We are on the final short climb for today - 6.7 km to the finish.


L. Calmejane in the move!


It was really close to a podium place. I was blocked right before the finish and I think that costed me some bonus seconds in the GC.


Top 15:
1Timothy DupontWanty - Gobert Cycling Team4h58'19
2Fridtjof RøinasJoker Fuel of Norways.t.
3Ivan Garcia CortinaBahrain - Meridas.t.
4Claudio RusconiEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.
5Rudy MolardElkov - Authors.t.
6Sacha ModoloEF Education Firsts.t.
7Jonathan HivertTeam Total Direct Energies.t.
8Kristoffer SkjerpingUno-X Norwegian Development Teams.t.
9Fabian LienhardElkov - Authors.t.
10Joao RodriguesW52 / FC Portos.t.
11Rohan DennisBahrain - Meridas.t.
12August JensenTeam Coops.t.
13Elmar ReindersRoompot - Charless.t.
14Michael GoglTrek - Segafredos.t.
15Lilian CalmejaneTeam Total Direct Energies.t.
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