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[CT] Euskaltel - Elior: April Preview
Luis Leon Sanchez
March Preview

Circulo de Juarez

Moreno Moser
Armindo Fonseca
Enric Mas
Fabio Jakobsen
Jaime Castrillo
Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul Halil
Maral-Erdene Batmunkh
Mohammed Al Marrawi


Fabio Jakobsen
Andres Paez
David Gaudu
Nicola Conci
Jaime Castrillo
Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul Halil
Maral-Erdene Batmunkh
Mohammed Al Marrawi

Tour of Eritrea

Milos Borisavljevic
Vincenzo Nibali
Ruben Fernandez
Armindo Fonseca
Enric Mas
Fabio Jakobsen
Andres Paez
Nicola Conci

Write-Up: We start with a flat 5-stage race in Mexico which should be a great opportunity for Moser to add to his stage win tally and pick up a strong GC result. As it's a C2 race, he should be a favourite, especially with the support of Fonseca, Jakobsen and more.
The second race, our only classic of the month, is a cobbled one. We don't exactly have the riders to score heavily but we can hope for something from Batman in this C2HC race.
We end our relatively short month with 6 stages in Africa at the Tour of Eritrea. This is likely to be a meeting of the top stage racers in the CT division. It's combination of hills and mountains should make for an interesting race! Our GC hopes lie with Nibali and Borisavljevic. If Nibbles can continue his fine form then we could be in for a strong result here. Fonseca and Jakobsen attend to give it a go in the couple of sprinters stages.
Luis Leon Sanchez
Tour de Langkawi Review

Stage 1

It's a prologue to start us off in Malaysia.

The prologue ended with none of our riders getting screen time but young Dutchman Fabio Jakobsen finished in a very respectable, and somewhat surprising, 5th place, only 3 seconds off the day’s winner Michael Ford. Borisavljevic, Moser and Robert finished 27th, 28th and 29th 9 seconds off the pace.

Stage 2

The first open road stage would be the first opportunity to see Moser in action in Malaysia.

Robert was sent to the front during the stage to keep the break in check.

With not long to go, it was Conci on the front ahead of Jakobsen and Moser with Fonseca straggling behind which was a bit worrying for the train.

Conci made way for Jakobsen to take the lead, Fonseca has put himself back in front of Moser where he needs to be.

With only 600m to go, it was Fonseca really getting into this lead-out.

It was then on Moser to deliver from a decent position but with others also fighting for the win.

200m to go and Moser peels ahead of the competitors.

And he wins it! It’s a very narrow margin to Cabrera but he’s done it. With it, he takes the GC lead and into 2nd in the Points classification.

Stage 3

The first mountain stage meant we were expecting to see Moser lose his jersey. Our hopes then shifted to Nibali and Borisavljevic to fight for a good GC result.

Our only action prior to the day’s climb was Moser sprinting for the points at the intermediate sprint which he won ahead of former rider Vingerling. Thus giving him the lead in the Points classification going into Stage 4.

Nibbles in the background was keeping the pedals rolling and staying in the front group.

With not long to go, he was up in the Top 3 sticking to the wheels of those with him.

Under the kite with 1km to go and Nibbles sits in prime position in 2nd with Borisavljevic only just back on the right-hand side.

And we’ve won again! The 35yr old Italian Legend takes a narrow victory ahead of Ratiy and Faiers. With this, he moves into the GC lead by 10 seconds. He also moves into 3rd in the Points classification and takes the lead in the KOM classification.

Borisavljevic, in his wonderful NC jersey, managed a very commendable 5th which put him into 4th in the GC and 1st in the Youth classification.

Stage 4

It was back to the flats for Stage 4 where we would see if Moser can back up his performance from Stage 2 and retain the Points jersey.

It’s Borisavljevic, for whatever weird reason, looking after Moser going into the sprint as Fonseca tries to make his way forward.

Fonseca moves up next to Moser but they’ve got some work to do!

Fonseca is first under the kite with Moser in his wheel.

It looks like Moser’s fight against the wind earlier on has led to his lack of legs here as he begins to drift backwards.

Krieger of OMV Petrom takes the win.

Moser takes a respectable, but disappointing, 6th which ensures that he holds onto the Points jersey with a slender lead.

Stage 5

After the easier Stage 4, it’s time for the real tester in Malaysia. The stage which you have to expect will decide the overall GC.

Nibbles, here in bright Yellow, was able to hold onto the initial surge. Borisavljevic failed to do so and dropped down the road.

Kwiatkowski would take the win and the GC lead.

Nibali finished 6th on the stage, losing 1’33 to Kwiat and 1’12 to Pinot, Valls, Cort Nielsen and Faiers.

Nibali dropped to 5th in the GC. Borisavljevic lost time and dropped to 11th in the GC but retains his lead in the U25 classification. Nibali loses his hold of the KOM. Moser remains in the Points jersey while the Team drops to 2nd in the Teams classification.

Stage 6

It’s a slightly bumpy stage but you would have to expect this will be decided by a sprint, although a breakaway may have something to say about that. Moser would likely have a fight on his hands to hold onto the Points jersey.

It was an awful effort from the team as Moser finished 15th in the stage and lost his lead in the Points classification. Management is not impressed and is expecting much better on the final stage.

Stage 7

The final stage here in Malaysia and it’s flat and a chance for redemption. It was a disgraceful performance from Moser and the team the previous day. This is the final opportunity to redeem themselves and for Moser to bring the Points jersey home.

The break was still ahead within the final kilometre but Fonseca and Moser were still fighting on!

In the end, Moser took 5th.

In the final GC, Vincenzo Nibali took a very respectable 5th while Milos Borisavljevic finished just outside the Top 10 in 11th. In the Points classification, Moser finished 3rd which is acceptable, albeit disappointing. Borisavljevic won the U25 classification with Nicola Conci in 4th. Our Team finished 2nd in the Teams classification.

Final GC
1Michal KwiatkowskiNetia - Vonin23h28'02
2Thomas FaiersNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 7
3Rafael VallsBianchi - Campagnolo+ 55
4Thibaut PinotGCN ProTeam+ 1'08
5Vincenzo NibaliEuskaltel - Elior+ 1'09
11Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltel - Elior+ 4'09
32Ruben FernandezEuskaltel - Elior+ 8'50
56Nicola ConciEuskaltel - Elior+ 12'43
97Fabio JakobsenEuskaltel - Elior+ 21'04
114Moreno MoserEuskaltel - Elior+ 24'55
118Armindo FonsecaEuskaltel - Elior+ 26'23
127Stelly RobertEuskaltel - Elior+ 31'56
Looks like some good performances in Langkawi, but somewhat disappointing after holding both the leaders and points jersey.

Too bad Milos couldn't crack the top 10, but getting the U25 jersey in stage races could become a common occurrence Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
Luis Leon Sanchez
Hong Kong Challenge Review

Stage 1

A hilly profile, with some longer climbs, to start us off here in Hong Kong.

Nibali would be the man on the front on the final climb, working to drop those pure puncheurs.

It ended in a reduced bunch sprint of 42 riders where Freuler took the win. Borisavljevic finished in 9th, Nibali in 16th while Fernandez also finished in the front group. Rui Costa lost 3’47 which would hurt his GC aspirations.

Stage 2

The second stage was a 22km TT which would no doubt be important for the GC.

Our own French TT champion, Robert, would eventually finish the stage in 8th.

A solid effort from Rui Costa to finish 5th on the stage. He would need a great day tomorrow to finish in a good GC position.

Vincenzo Nibali would finish 9th on the stage to move to 4th in the GC, 16 seconds behind race leader Ratiy.

A respectable time from Borisaljevic to take 11th in the stage and move to 6th in the GC.

Stage 3

The hilly profile may actually suit the climbers so this final stage should be an interesting one for the GC fight.

2.8km to go and it’s Nibali leading the front group past the last of the escapees from the breakaway.

There would be an attack from Abreu with 2.4km to go.

Only 9 riders remain in the front group. Nibali ready to pounce. But it’s Kwiatkowski who launches the attack with 2.2km to go.

Nibali not only catches the Netia man but keeps leading the group towards the line, but others are struggling and it’s down to a handful.

Pinot would attack Nibali with 1km to go.

The Frenchman taking the stage win but the GC fight is not over yet.

Nibbles would lose 25 seconds to the stage winner but still finish a respectable 2nd on the stage.

AND HE HAS DONE IT! NIBBLES!!! It’s our first GC win since our first year as a Team in the CT and we could not be happier!

A race predicted to go to the puncheurs would end up being won by the climbers and Nibali benefits from it all to win by 27 seconds ahead of Abreu of Team UBS and Ratiy of CYBEX.

Borisavljevic lost time on the final stage to drop to 22nd in the GC but he still took the win in the U25 classification. Conci and Mas finished 3rd and 4th in the same classification. Nibbles also took 4th in the Points classification and 5th in the KOM.

Final GC
1Vincenzo NibaliEuskaltel - Elior10h11'29
2Jorge AbreuTeam UBS+ 27
3Vadim RatiyCYBEX Platinum+ 1'05
22Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltel - Elior+ 6'23
40Ruben FernandezEuskaltel - Elior+ 8'38
56Rui CostaEuskaltel - Elior+ 12'34
57Nicola ConciEuskaltel - Elior+ 12'36
63Enric MasEuskaltel - Elior+ 12'51
140Mohammed Al MurawwiEuskaltel - Elior+33’39
155Stelly RobertEuskaltel - Elior+ 42'44
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The Top 3 in GC are all former cyclists of mine. Pretty cool.

Congrats on the win with Nibali.
Luis Leon Sanchez
Rest of February Review

Tour de Langkawi

We have already covered this race but here are the highlights.

Moser won Stage 2 on his way to 3rd in the Points classification.

Nibali won Stage 3 on his way to 5th in the GC.

Borisavljevic won the U25 classification where Conci finished 4th. All of this contributed to us finishing 2nd in the Teams classification.

Hong Kong Challenge

This race has also been covered but we have to mention it again! A consistent performance from Nibali, including 2nd on the final stage, led us to our first GC win in years!

Tour de Slovenie

Stage 1

The opening stage would be a 38km Team Time Trial. A potential early decider in the GC fight.

Our riders put in a good fight as we finished 6th on the stage, 53 seconds behind Duolingo.

Stage 2

An interesting profile which could throw up a few different results.

We had some of our riders near the front of the chase to pursue the favourites.

Gautier took the win. Costa finished 13th, losing 1’15 in a group which McEvoy, Nibali and Gaudu finished in. The latter taking the lead in the U25 classification.

Stage 3

A flatter 3rd stage to give the GC men a rest.

Houle took the stage win in a messy stage. Costa managed 11th.

Stage 4

It’s a long 52.9km TT now.

Robert would finish the stage in 13th, a respectable performance.

Durbridge would win the stage. Costa was awful down in 68th, behind even Castrillo and Nibali.

Stage 5

The final stage would certainly shake up the GC and give our riders a final chance.

1km to go and we have Costa and Gaudu in decent positions going into the final stretch.

500m to go, Costa still in with a shot.

Chiarello wins the stage.

A tiring Costa finished 9th.

A classification of interest to us was the U25 where Cosnefroy, loaned out to Iberia, took the win. Gaudu managed a respectable 4th.

Sepulveda won the GC. Rui Costa managed a Top 10 to finish 9th. Nibali was impressive for 17th. Gaudu took a decent 34th while Castrillo squeezed into the scoring places in 50th.

1Eduardo SepulvedaISA - Hexacta14h04'10
2Chen ShikaiRakuten Pro Cycling+ 16
3Ion IzagirreIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 43
9Rui CostaEuskaltel - Elior+ 3'42
17Vincenzo NibaliEuskaltel - Elior+ 5'59
31Benoit CosnefroyIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 7'37
34David GauduEuskaltel - Elior+ 7'50
50Jaime CastrilloEuskaltel - Elior+ 9'34
57Jonathan McEvoyEuskaltel - Elior+ 10'22
63Ruben FernandezEuskaltel - Elior+ 11'38
65Andres PaezEuskaltel - Elior+ 11'47
137Stelly RobertEuskaltel - Elior+ 26'49

Ras Tailteann

Stage 1

It’s a long, flat one to start us off.

Guarnieri would take the win. Moser would finish a disappointing 22nd.

Stage 2

Shorter and about as flat.

Conci tried to join the break of the day but he was unsuccessful.

30-odd kilometres to go and Al Murawwi tries his luck but it isn’t successful due to the high pace in the peloton only kilometres later.

CT beast, Holloway, would take the stage win. Moser would finish outside the Top 50…

Stage 3

Final stage, final opportunity.

Al Murrawi was part of the early action here but he wasn’t able to stay away from the peloton.

Cavendish took the last stage here. Moser again not making the Top 50.

It was a horror show for us here in this C1 race which did have a packed field of quality sprinters.

1Mark CavendishKraftwerk Man Machine12h45'26
2Gerald CiolekSwisslion Cycling Team+ 5
3Danilo KupfernagelBerg Cycles+ 7
57Moreno MoserEuskaltel - Elior+ 37
62Armindo FonsecaEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
79Maral-Erdene BatmunkhEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
87Fabio JakobsenEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
118Enric MasEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
128Nicola ConciEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
139Mohammed Al MurawwiEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
150Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul HalilEuskaltel - Eliors.t.

Gisborne GP

A hilly profile meets the riders on New Zealand’s East Coast. With a strong field, it would be a fight for the win!

Our riders contributed to the chase in the peloton to track down the breakaway.

We’ve got a bunch of riders remaining in the 31 man peloton with 3km to go.

Costa is in the line of favourites at the front with not long to go.

He’s now tiring with a couple 100 metres remaining.

The main favourite, Chaves, would take the win while Costa rolled over the line in a rather disappointing 10th.

1Johan Esteban ChavesAzteca - NBCSN6h03'36
2Travis MeyerEddie Stobarts.t.
3Sven Erik BystromEquinor Pro Cyclings.t.
10Rui CostaEuskaltel - Elior+15
20Vincenzo NibaliEuskaltel - Elior+ 1'48
27David GauduEuskaltel - Elior+ 2'47
38Ruben FernandezEuskaltel - Elior+ 3'29
39Andres PaezEuskaltel - Elior+ 3'37
70Nicola ConciEuskaltel - Elior+4’19
168Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul HalilEuskaltel - Elior+12’44

Tour of Southland

Stage 1

The opening stage would be one of few opportunities for Moser to sprint for the stage win. Although it wouldn’t be easy as it was a strong field.

In the sprint, Moser was fighting to get to the front after starting his sprint from a long way back.

Stallaert would take the win for Volvo but Moser would manage 4th, apparently with the highest speed of many of the sprinters after coming from so far behind.

Stage 2

It was then to a pan flat stage with a bump at the end.

Di Maggio would take the win. McEvoy and Paez would finish 37th and 45th, losing 1’37 each.

Stage 3

It was back to the more favourable terrain on stage 3. Surely another chance for Moser?

A high pace during the day would result in a split which left Moser in the wrong group.

It would be Maksimov who took the win. Moser nowhere to be seen after the earlier split.

Stage 4

The last GC deciding stage was then there to greet the riders.

Pichon would take a tight win. Paez and McEvoy losing 2’52 in 48th and 56th. Not their race.

Stage 5

The final stage would be the chance for Moser to show what he’s capable of.

There was concern earlier in the stage as Moser was caught out in a split.

5km to go, the break will be caught, and the peloton is back together so Moser is in with a chance.

McEvoy dragged Moser straight to the front to put him in a great position going into the final kilometres.

The break is passed with 2km to go and Moser is 3rd in the line, in a prime position.

600m to go and Moser peels out to rival the Russian stage winner from stage 3.

200m to go and Moser is looking to be the strongest.

And he does so, with enough of a gap to celebrate his second stage win this season already!

The stage win was necessary in what was otherwise a disappointing race. The win lifted him to 3rd in the Points classification. GC wise we got nothing. Paez did however manage to finish 3rd in the U25 classification.

1Dimitri ClaeysMinions16h22'08
2Laurent PichonCampari/Asahi development+ 8
3Kristian Haugaard JensenVolvo acc. by Spotify+ 16
45Jonathan McEvoyEuskaltel - Elior+ 4’41
46Andres PaezEuskaltel - Elior+ 4’41
77Armindo FonsecaEuskaltel - Elior+ 6’14
82Jaime CastrilloEuskaltel - Elior+ 6’14
99Moreno MoserEuskaltel - Elior+ 7'02
103David GauduEuskaltel - Elior+ 7’05
119Fabio JakobsenEuskaltel - Elior+ 7’22
LastMohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul HalilEuskaltel - Elior+ 25'18

Manager Comment: Overall, it’s been a busy and exciting month for the team. We had mixed results throughout but 3 stage wins, a GC and 2 U25 classifications ensured good points were scored throughout. If our riders continue this form then we could be in for the successful season we were hoping for at the beginning of the year!

Rider of the Month: It’s a close one between Moreno Moser and Vincenzo Nibali. Moser managed 2 great stage wins but a GC win in Hong Kong as well as a stage win and 5th in the GC in Langkawi means the older of our Italians takes it this month. He continues to overperform in the division.

Performance of the Month: An easy one here with the GC win in Hong Kong for Nibbles. An incredibly surprising, yet fairly dominant, win for the Italian will go down in history for us.

Disappointment of the Month: Moser’s no show in Ireland hurt us a bit, although it was in a strong field. Costa’s 10th in Gisborne is one of our bigger disappointments this month as we really need and expect better from him.
Ulrich Ulriksen
Luis Leon Sanchez wrote:

We start with a flat 5-stage race in Mexico which should be a great opportunity for Moser to add to his stage win tally and pick up a strong GC result. As it's a C2 race, he should be a favourite, especially with the support of Fonseca, Jakobsen and more.

Holloway skipping Juarez so Moser looking better as a favorite. Good luck in March, enjoyed the Feb review and March preview.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Solid results topped by Nib's GC win, a great start surely.
Luis Leon Sanchez
March Review

Circulo de Juarez

Stage 1

It’s a flat race and, not surprisingly, it’ll likely be one for the sprinters. A first chance for them all to show what they’re capable of.

Coming into the finale, Moser is a bit too far back from first look.

Moser nowhere to be seen.

Canelon takes the win ahead of Cabrera and Mohs. Moser is very disappointing in 11th.

Stage 2

Slightly shorter, we really need better from Moser here who is sitting in 15th in the GC.

This time, our guys are a bit more involved.

And it’s not looking so good for us anymore as the stronger men on the day pull away.

Moser has made up ground but it’s far too much with only 100m to go.

This time it’s Carsi who takes the win in front of Boivin and Krieger. Moser again disappointing in 10th.

Stage 3

Moser outside the Top 15 of the GC now and really needs to improve if we want something out of this race.

4km left and we’ve got our guys up in the mix again.

The train is properly set up here with Jakobsen and Moser in prime position to launch a sprint.

A few teams head to head at the front. Our sprint duo is in position and ready to go.

Moser looks to have missed the opportunity here with 500m to go.

Von Hoff looking good to win. Moser coming up fast on the right-hand side.

And Von Hoff takes the win here.

Moser manages a commendable 2nd. He moves up to 9th in the GC, still plenty of work to do.

Stage 4

Another chance for Moser.

We had been working on the front all day to chase the breakaway, it’s only fitting that we have riders up front going into the final 3km.

1.5km to go and it’s Fonseca leading out Moser, with Bennett and McLay also close.

Moser begins to start his sprint but he’s not moving too quickly.

Indeed, he was too slow. Mohs takes the win ahead of Bennett and Canelon.

It’s very close for the next positions as Moser finishes 5th. He moves up to 6th and gives himself a shot at the GC going into the final stage here.

Stage 5

Slightly longer final stage but the same as the rest.

It’s Batman putting in a shift at the front from the 19km mark to the 14km mark.

Netia move forward inside the final 4km but we have our riders ready to go on the inside.

Fonseca leads Moser into the final 2km as Jakobsen starts dropping back.

400m to go. Fonseca is at the front of the race but he’ll be overtaken by the other sprinters here. Moser is in a decent position.

It’s Boivin who takes the stage win just ahead of Moser and that’s also how the GC finishes. Fonseca managed to finish 8th on the stage. Moser less than a tyre length away from winning the GC here but we’ll take it.

Two 2nd places for Moser, 2nd in the GC and a win in the Points classification for Moser here makes it a successful race for us. Fonseca managed a stage top 10 and 19th in the GC to add even more points. Jakobsen and Batman finish 6th and 7th in the U25 classification.

Final GC
1Guillaume BoivinNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite18h33'09
2Moreno MoserEuskaltel - Elior+ 6
3Alexander KriegerOMV Petrom-albania.al+ 10
19Armindo FonsecaEuskaltel - Elior+ 49
51Fabio JakobsenEuskaltel - Elior+ 53
59Maral-Erdene BatmunkhEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
89Mohammed Al MurawwiEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
92Jaime CastrilloEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
100Enric MasEuskaltel - Eliors.t.
114Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul HalilEuskaltel - Eliors.t.


The one terrain we aren't particularly competitive in but we have Batman to at least have a chance of scoring something.

105km to go and Batman decided to show our jersey off to the road-side supporters by getting out onto the attack.

72km to go, he is the sole rider in front of the chasing pack. Energy conservation clearly not a priority.

He is caught 4km later by a group including Jakobsen.

Van Keirsbulck would take the win after an attack from a decent way out.

Batman and Jakobsen would both finish in the Top 25, thus scoring some points but not many. The aggressive riding early in the day from Batman was appreciated by Management though.

Final Result
1Guillaume Van KeirsbulckNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite5h59'48
2Przemyslaw KasperkiewiczNetia - Vonin+ 2'02
3Amith Udaya KumaraNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 2'46
21Maral-Erdene BatmunkhEuskaltel - Elior+ 12'56
25Fabio JakobsenEuskaltel - Elior+ 16'44
85David GauduEuskaltel - Elior+ 1h09'33
88Jaime CastrilloEuskaltel - Elior+ 1h12'50
90Andres PaezEuskaltel - Elior+ 1h18'26

Tour of Eritrea

Stage 1

The first stage here in Eritrea is one for the sprinters. Fonseca would likely struggle to be in the Top 10 given that he's far from the strongest here.

Krieger takes the win. Fonseca just misses out on the Top 10 in 11th.

Stage 2

It would be another chance for the sprinters to show what they're capable of.

Conci joined the break of the day but failed to pick up too many points in the Points and KOM classifications.

Carsi leads as we pass under the flag. Fonseca is near the front.

A comfortable win for Carsi.

A fast Fonseca comes through to take a commendable 2nd.

Stage 3

Possibly the most important stage for the GC. Important that Nibali hits form today.

75km to go, the Peloton already down to 45 riders. Importantly for us we have 5 riders still there.

Peloton now down to 41 riders with 25km remaining. Still 5 of our riders in there.

10km to go, the Peloton is reduced to 31 riders. Nibali, Fernandez and Borisavljevic staying in good positions near the front.

20 riders left as we head into the final 2km.

1500m to go. Borisavljevic dropped with Fernandez also trailing behind.

It's Kwiatkowski and Pinot leading with 1km to go. Nibali still up near the front.

Kwiat looks to be tiring as Chaves moves forward next to Pinot.

Now even Chaves is struggling as Elissonde moves forward. No one able to match Pinot. Nibali a clear 4th right now.

We're coming up to the line and it'll be a battle between Nibali and the French duo.

Pinot is too strong and takes the win. A huge step towards winning the GC.

Nibali would take a comfortable 2nd place.

Borisavljevic would take 11th on the day.

In the GC, it's Pinot in the lead with Nibali 14 seconds back. Faiers a further 4 seconds back in 3rd with Valls, Elissonde and Kiserlovski all a further 8 seconds behind Faiers.

Borisavljevic 12th in the GC, Fernandez 18th. Borisavljevic leads the Youth classification with Mas in 2nd and Conci in 3rd.

Stage 4

A stage to favour the Puncheurs would come next. Nibali would have to fight to stay in 2nd.

Rudy Molard would win the stage.

Kwiatkowski wins the reduced bunch sprint for 6th. Borisavljevic 17th and Nibali 29th. The top of the GC remains the same!

Stage 5

It's back to the flats, giving the sprinters another chance to shine and the GC riders a bit of a rest. Carsi missed the time limit on Stage 3 so he isn't here to challenge for the win today.

The BotD would end up taking the first 5 positions on the stage. Boivin won the Peloton sprint for 6th.

Stage 6

An interesting final stage here which could definitely skae-up the GC.

A disappointing day for Borisavljevic who would find himself dropped with a decent chunk of the stage remaining. He would no doubt be dropping in the GC.

Kwiatkowski needs to make up time so he attacks with 12km remaining.

1km to go and there is a group of 45 riders together fighting for the win.

Nibali comfortably placed in behind Pinot with 800m to go.

The stage win goes to Cort Nielsen, ahead of Chaves and Kwiatskowski.

Nibbles doesn't have the acceleration so he ends up in 13th, but he doesn't lose any time to those who finished ahead of him on the stage.

Pinot is the star here though as he takes the GC win in Eritrea! Nibali does enough to hold on to 2nd which is a massive result for him and the team. Fernandez finished 21st in the GC.

It was a disappointing final stage for Borisavljevic but he would take 18th in the GC and a win in the Youth classification. Mas took 2nd in the stage while Paez and Conci also made the Top 10.

Final GC
1Thibaut PinotGCN ProTeam26h43'42
2Vincenzo NibaliEuskaltel - Elior+ 14
3Thomas FaiersNENT Racing p/b Hootsuite+ 18
18Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltel - Elior+ 5'57
21Ruben FernandezEuskaltel - Elior+ 6'50
34Enric MasEuskaltel - Elior+ 14'19
50Andres PaezEuskaltel - Elior+ 26'46
60Nicola ConciEuskaltel - Elior+ 31'35
111Fabio JakobsenEuskaltel - Elior+ 1h06'27
121Armindo FonsecaEuskaltel - Elior+ 1h29'21

Manager Comment: It's yet another fantastic month for us. Moser needed to do well in Mexico with Holloway not present and he did so with two stage 2nd places, 2nd in the GC and a win in the Points classification.
The one-day cobbled race went as expected.
Nibali meanwhile continued his very fine run of form on his way to 2nd in the GC at the Tour of Eritrea. His success this season is most definitely adding to his legacy.

Rider of the Month: This is a tough one again as both Nibali and Moser have been had terrific months. We'll give it to Moser this month due to his consistency in Mexico.

Performance of the Month: Has to be Moser in the Circulo de Juarez. Although Nibali in Eritrea was more surprising.

Disappointment of the Month: Funnily enough, our only disappointment is that we didn't manage to win a GC this month. Moser was probably in with a good chance in Mexico but his failure to win a stage unfortunately led to 2nd in the GC. We can't be too disappointed though Pfft
Luis Leon Sanchez
April Preview

Tour de Vineyards


Moreno Moser
Milos Borisavljevic
Vincenzo Nibali
Stelly Robert
Enric Mas
Fabio Jakobsen
Nicola Conci
Maral-Erdene Batmunkh

We start the month of April in the beautiful country of New Zealand. April is usually a quite good month weather-wise so it should be well raced by all. Race Profile needs updating.
A mix of stages greets the team here. We have Moser to lead us in the flat stages with the capable help of Jakobsen and Batmunkh as lead-out men. Borisavljevic and Nibali are our GC hopes here and we think they have a good chance of a strong GC here given the TT kilometres. Nibali has been in fantastic form so hopefully he can continue that. They’ll have the support of Mas and Conci in the more GC-oriented stages. Robert is here to provide further support in the flats as well as have a ride for himself in the TTs. We believe Conci and Mas will also prove to be useful domestiques for us on all terrains.

Coppa Placci


Rui Costa
Jonathan McEvoy
Ruben Fernandez
Andres Paez
David Gaudu
Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdu Halil
Mohammed Al Marrawi

It’s a fairly lengthy and very hilly one-day classic where we really need to see an improvement from Costa who has been somewhat disappointing so far this season. A top 5 is needed here to kickstart his season. McEvoy is here in the case that it comes down to a reduced bunch sprint. Capable support will be provided by Fernandez, Paez and Gaudu.

Tour of Ukraine


Rui Costa
Jonathan McEvoy
Andres Paez
David Gaudu
Nicola Conci
Jaime Castrillo
Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul Halil
Mohammed Al Marrawi

We head to Ukraine for our only other HC race this year and it’s one where we have high hopes for Rui Costa as it is one that suits him perfectly. A 7.8km prologue is up first for the riders followed up by a short 140.3km hilly stage. The real GC decider is then a hilly 44.9km TT on the final stage. Costa’s mix of hill ability and strong TT skill means that this 3 stage race is almost made for him. We hope he can cause a massive upset in a race that will attract the best of the PCT along with others in the CT.

Betonexpressz GP


Moreno Moser
Armindo Fonseca
Fabio Jakobsen
Andres Paez
Jaime Castrillo
Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul Halil
Maral-Erdene Batmunkh
Mohammed Al Marrawi

It’s a goal race! This means we need our big sprinter to deliver. We have set a Top 5 goal here which we think is definitely realistic. Moser should be one of the favourites to at least make the podium. Our lead-out duo needs to perform their job well to put Moser into position. One of the most important things is ensuring that the sprinters have the chance for the win by catching the breakaway. We have sent Paez, Castrillo, Batmunkh and Al Marrawi who will be tasked with this job. Our other young talent here, Abdul Halil, will be able to help but is mainly here for experience.

Tour of Cyprus


Milos Borisavljevic
Vincenzo Nibali
Ruben Fernandez
Enric Mas
David Gaudu
Nicola Conci
Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul Halil
Mohammed Al Marrawi

2 flatter stages greet the riders prior to the 2 decisive GC stages. It will therefore be important that our riders stay near the front on the first stages to avoid any stupid losses of time. It’s then up to the usual duo of Nibali and Borisavljevic to try their luck on stage 3 which should favour the climbers prior to the final stage which may be more challenging. It is however likely to be difficult given that it’s a C1 race which will include the best of the PCT as well as the CT. If we can manage a Top 10 here, and Milos doing well in the U25, then I’ll be very happy.

Lincoln GP


Fabio Jakobsen
Andres Paez
David Gaudu
Nicola Conci
Jaime Castrillo
Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul Halil
Maral-Erdene Batmunkh
Mohammed Al Marrawi

It’s more of our favourite terrain! Similar to all other similar races this season, we hope to show our faces and hope that we can get a couple points courtesy of Batman or Jakobsen. Should be a lovely little experience for our youngsters and a great opportunity to join the early breakaway.

Corsica International


Milos Borisavljevic
Vincenzo Nibali
Stelly Robert
Ruben Fernandez
Enric Mas
Nicola Conci
Mohamad Izzat Hilmi Abdul Halil
Mohammed Al Marrawi

It’s back to C1, against the best in the CT and PCT, to finish our month. We have decided to leave our sprinters at home for stage 1 so hopefully someone joins the breakaway. Stage 2 suits Robert but his lack of back-up stats doesn’t give me too much hope. It also provides a small opportunity to Nibali and Borisavljevic to gain a few seconds against the pure climbers prior to the final stage. Stage 3 will no doubt be challenging for our duo but we are hoping that Nibbles continues his fine run of form to try make the Top 10 in the GC. Milos will again target the U25 classification but if he has to sacrifice in order for Nibali to do well then, we shall accept that.
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