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Fantasy NFL: Season 2019
5 straight losses to be officially eliminated. It definitely hurts. I guess when 4 of you top 5 draft choices miss several weeks, either with injury or because of their inability to be a normal person, failure is bound to happen. I guess I just thought I could fight through the injuries, but I couldn't. The last few weeks just got worse and worse. Even my waiver and trade guys ended up injured.

I guess there's always next year.
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To celebrate Davante Adams first touchdown of the season Rolling Eyes lets take a look at Rookie of the Year standings

cunego59 is the clear leader of the rookie competition and could go all the way.
ryant and D2B are just outside the playoffs.
kandesbunzler26 is struggling, hopefully learning lots to come back stronger next year.

1. Shanahanigans - 9-3
2. Broken Knees - 6-6
3. Crackback and Sack - 6-6
4. The Berlin Whales - 1-11
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Man the battle for the last playoff spot is going to be incredible. By my understanding of the rules, the first 6 teams will make the playoffs regardless of the division with only the division winner being guaranteed a bye no matter his place in the standings.

There are 6 teams fighting for 2 places though technically I'm not in the playoffs just yet, but with the tie breaker being Points For, I'm certainly going to make it Smile. Diamond Miners, Hide and Zeke, Broken Knees, Danish Warrior, Kolbotn Penguins and Crackback and Sack all have a real chance to get it depending on what will happen this week. Also the battle for the bye it's still on in Division 1. It's going to be lit. Shock

Regarding my season so far, it was probably one of my most memorable ever. Right now I'm in 4th place with the most points scored, but also, with the most points against. Wasn't fazed by the 0-2 start, but fear of missing the playoffs started to appear after losing two straight facing the only team that could've beat me in that week. Then losing by 6 two weeks ago only to beat bbl last week and secure my playoff spot.

What made this season special for me was the number of trades I made lol. There were 6 of them which is probably at least double the amount I've ever done in a single season. I remember saying at the beginning of the season that I felt I had a strong team, but one I didn't like. So I've acted accordingly.

Started by trading Josh Gordon to jdog for Hunter Henry, a trade that looked so bad after the first week that he felt the need post about it.

sosososik wrote:
jseadog1 wrote:
Thanks for the trade sosososik Wink

Yeah .. you win some, you lose some. Embarassed

Nothing but love jdog. :lol:

Then I traded Chris Thompson and Mecole Hardman for Devin Singletary after Singletary's injury because I liked the potential the kid showed and felt he could help me down the stretch. He actually did, but I'll tell you about it later. Wink

The third trade was the first blockbuster trade when I sent Todd Gurley and AJ Green for DeAndre Hopkins. I love Nuk and I own him in two other leagues. I've also owner AJ Green in three other leagues, but I felt I had to start cutting my losses. I'll be honest about Gurley, I didn't like how he looked, but my friends believed in him and I knew others my view him the same.

Then came the one I really thought I've given up too much, but I haven't own Kamara last season and neither did in this one so I had to get him if I got the chance. I'm sorry Freemen got injured bbl, I really wanted to work out for both of us. In the meantime cunego59 came to me with an offer for Samuels wanting to cuff Conner and I asked for DWill. At the time Samuels looked like the back to own, especially in PPR with Conner out. I thought so to in another league. Sad

Remember Singletary? He became useful. After ryant posted that he's looking for a RB and that even CMC is available, I couldn't really hold myself. I offered Kamara and DWill to which he countered with Kamara, Singletary and Hollister. Didn't know what to do at first, because I have 0 depth right now, but CMC is CMC. Hope it works out for you too.

After almost a full season I turned what I thought was a strong team that I didn't like into what I think is the strongest team in the league, a team that is made almost entirely of players I like. But the road is still long and now the real season begins. Grin

Wow this is a long post. Was bored at home lol. You probably didn't made it this far, but if you did thank you and good luck to you. Smile
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cunego59 wrote:
Fun matchup with Manx next week to finish the regular season.

Can Wilson and Lockett combine for 7pts and steal the overall #1 on MNF? Against those Viking DB's I'd hope so.

But this week, for me, was all about 4th qtr James White ending with 2 TD's and 177 combined yrds for a huge 37.7 points. Last minute decision to keep him in instead of Sanders, good call! Just adding more value to that mid-season trade with ryant Wink

Regardless of what happens in the playoffs I'm more than happy with this season, to even be contending for the playoffs, let alone battling for the #1 spot... wow!
I won a game. Shock
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy




Congrats, had one of my best weeks but not good enough.
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Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
TheManxMissile wrote:
You'll win that easily and secure the #1 overall spot. I'm just hoping to hang on with enough points to top Division 1 to get the playoff bye. The schedules remaining for my players suck and it'll take something really nuts to contest the title in the end.

Congratulations on a very well-executed reverse jinx and the #1 spot Wink I continue to be amazed by the Aaron Jones (under)usage, but luckily this match didn't matter much. Congrats to all other playoff teams as well!
The season ends with a win (though it was a narrow one) and a not very impressive 2-11 record. At least I should have secured the worst rookie of the year award...

I've learned a lot and the results got better over the season, so I'm hoping to be back (and better) next year.

Good luck to everyone in the postseason.
All the things that happened for me to keep a playoff spot this week is nothing short of a miracle. After losing, I needed a handful of 6-6 teams to lose (since I didn't have the tiebreaker over anybody) and somehow it worked out. Huge shoutout to Rashaad Penny!

My team has sucked for a while now, so not expecting to make any noise in the playoffs. Just happy I made it.
So the title is going to be between the #1 and #2 Seeds, having both avoided any slip ups this week. Given the boom or bust nature of most of my squad that could really go either way, hopefully it will at least be a good match-up and a fair fight with everyone performing well.

And if Thomas can put up a strong 25pt performance, not beyond reason for him, i might be able to break my own league record for best single week score! That would be a cool high point to grab before the inevitable loss next week Smile
TheManxMissile wrote:
... before the inevitable loss next week Smile

Stop it! You don't get to say that after scoring a potential 170 points Pfft

I don't think I've ever had such a rollercoaster of a game. From Lamar's 37 points to Winston's 30 within what felt like the first half alone to Jones scoring twice to Godwin getting hurt to Williams scoring big and early to Cooper getting just one catch all game to Conner getting going slowly but scoring that TD which I thought should clinch me the game (and it eventually did) but more turnovers making it so I have to fear a pick six until the very last snap of the game ...

Very excited for the championship match next week. I really, really hope the Godwin injury isn't bad, but it sounds like he might well be out for that match. Would need Miller to repeat his performance from yesterday in that case (or maybe Juju finally coming back). Good luck to everyone in the final week!
Championship match will be tight, i won't be putting up 160+ points again!

Should get good points from Kelce vs Bears and Thomas vs Titans. But Wilson, Lockett, Drake and Sanders stuck in tight divisional games will not have it easy. White against a strong Bills defence won't go for a huge amount. And my bench has some potential, but are all equally likely to score 2pts as 20...

But ultimately, as much as i want to do well in the Superbowl, i'd rather see Seattle claim the win, Sanders get locked out by the Rams and Titans smash Thomas into the ground so that Seattle can claim the #1 seeding. Above all, it's just about #GoHawks
cunego59 wrote:
TheManxMissile wrote:
... before the inevitable loss next week Smile

Stop it! You don't get to say that after scoring a potential 170 points Pfft

Ok after that 174.04 I can't really play down my chances can I? Smashed the League's single week record by almost 10pts. Imagine if I started Scott instead of Sanders, my potential score was around 185...
Forget winning the season, that is everything I need from this season! Just an insane week.
I'd argue that with Godwin injured there are only three players on our teams that offer some amount of high-level consistency: Lamar for me, MT and Kelce for you (maybe you could add Russ as well). I think it's fair to say that you're the favorite (the predictions certainly think so, whatever that's worth), but with guys like Jones, Slayton, Lockett or Drake so volatile, every outcome is possible, from a complete blowout to an one- or two-point game. Juju could give me a nice boost if he's fit, though he hasn't proven that much even when not injured. We'll see. Looking forward to it either way Smile
Awful Saturday start for me... White puts up his 3rd worst performance of the year, with only his 4th single digit score of the year. Boom-or-Bust Sanders was also only in single digits. Given we only just about cleared cunego's Kicker this is going to be an uphill fight to win the title...
Certainly a promising start, but I'm still very cautious with any kind of optimism. Russ, Lockett, MT and Kelce alone could still outscore my team if they run hot. As they say, still a lot of football left to play (that's what they say, right? Pfft ).
Well, that turned around quickly Grin Conner, Williams, Miller and the Raiders D combining for 14,5 points was brutal. The Raiders D was just a bad choice, banking too much on Rivers' proneness to bad INTs. But that alone could have been compensated. Also, Renfrow with 23 points on the bench, but to be honest I would've started Slayton and Juju before him, so that doesn't bother me that much.

I need 48,9 points from Jones and Booooooone. Jones' season high is 49,2 points. In week two when GB and the Vikings played, Jones and Cook combined for 48,2 points and while Boone might turn out to be a classic trap and bust, I do believe he can replicate Cook's production if things break right. I don't have my hopes up too high, but it's not impossible.

Either way, this has been a really fun season!

Champions!!! Carried far by having two of the top5 scoring players of the season in Wilson and Thomas. Drake who monstered the last two weeks for playoff success. Kelce as the #1 TE, Butker as the #1 K proving KC is still a team to be feared. Steelers #2 DEF despite many poor performances down the stretch. A team that had a good solid scoring base to support those boom-or-bust players and who just about managed to turn when it mattered in knockout football Smile

Great final cunego! Hard fought and went all the way to the wire. Congrats on second place, and to Tannehhill for stealing 3rd.

Same time next year?
Jones did what he could, alas Mike Boone failed me Grin Congrats on a well-deserved championship Manx!

Did a little write-up of my team, mostly to recap for myself and maybe learn a little, but maybe this is interesting for someone else as well:
01-14: James Conner
RB31 | Games started: 10 | Points per game started: 14,5
Pretty disappointing for a first rounder. Scored 24 points or more on three occasions, scored less than 4 twice, including in the finals. Also injured a lot. Not great. But still better than …

02-15: Juju Smith-Schuster
WR62 | GS: 10 | PPGS: 10,64
I mean, if you’re working with Mason Rudolph, that’s not ideal. If you’re not really fit, that’s even worse. Not having my supposed WR1 from week 11 onwards was just bad.

03-42: Aaron Jones
RB2 | GS: 13 | PPGS: 20,02
Getting the #2 RB late in the third round was great. Had one or two really bad games but also carried me a couple of weeks. Fantastic pick.

04-43: Chris Godwin
WR2 | GS: 11 | PPGS: 18,34
RB2 and WR2 back to back. Godwin was everything I hoped for and more. Except that he got hurt at the worst possible time. Reeeally could have used him in the finals. Oh well, he was a big part of getting me there in the first place.

05-70: O.J. Howard
TE27 | GS: 2 | PPGS: 7,4
Jameis giveth and Jameis taketh away. With Godwin and Evans, there wasn’t much left for Howard, who I had had great hopes for coming into the season. Dropped in Week 6. Luckily, I drafted another TE …

06-71: Duke Johnson
RB37 | GS: 1 | PPGS: 13
I really thought he could shine as the feature back in Houston with his pass catching ability. And he did catch passes, unfortunately he didn’t rush as much, which was ultimately his downfall. Dropped in Week 4.

07-98: Matt Breida
RB45 | GS: 2 | PPGS: 7,45
Had his moments, but the 49ers backfield was just too crowded and unpredictable for him to be a regular start. A staple on my bench though, only dropped prior to week 16.

08-99: Robby Anderson
WR38 | GS: 2 | PPGS: 5,15
Had one good game while I had him, 23 points week 6, though he was on my bench, obviously. Dropped him week 10 and he went on to score 10+ in every week from week 12 on …

09-126: Lamar Jackson
QB1 | GS: 15 | PPGS: 27,78
What’s really left to say? RL MVP, Fantasy MVP. Carried me throughout the whole season. Only player to start every game for me. I had hoped for something resembling this, with his running game as a boost, but obviously didn’t expect it to this extent. Just phenomenal.

10-127: Nyheim Hines
RB43 | GS: 0
One of two drafted players to not start a game for me. Dropped week 2.

11-154: Mark Andrews
TE3 | GS: 11 | PPGS: 14,57
My second-best steal of the draft. Man, the Ravens are a fun team!

12-155: Deebo Samuel
WR36 | GS: 0
Second drafted player with no start. I’d credit myself for seeing his potential had he not been my very first drop of the season. Picked him up again week 11, still didn’t start.

13-182: Denver Broncos
D17 | GS: 4 | PPGS: 1
I really thought Fangio with Chubb and Von Miller could be special. It took one point over the first three weeks to convince me otherwise. Added them for another week where they added a whole three points.

14-183: Jimmy Garropolo
QB14 | GS: 1 | PPGS: 13
My backup the whole year. Did enough to get me a win in Lamar’s bye week. Nothing spectacular.

15-210: Jason Myers
K11 | GS: 9 | PPGS: 6,89
Solid choice. Later switched in Josh Lambo, then Matt Gay. All performed fine.

Notable Free Agents:
Marquise Brown
WR44 | GS: 6 | PPGS: 9,6
Only one really great game while starting for me, 4 out of 6 were below 8 points. His big play potential was always a tease, delivered too rarely though.

Darius Slayton
WR37 | GS: 4 | PPGS: 9,25
Played four games over two stints with the team. Did fine.

Mike Williams
WR39 | GS: 4 | PPGS: 12,35
Solid late season addition. Even played in the finals. Didn’t do much there but wasn’t the reason I lost.

Damien Williams
RB42 | GS: 2 | PPGS: 17,35
I drafted him waaaaay too early in another league and was really happy to be able to pick him up here mid-season. Flashed his potential, I started him in two of his best three regular season performances but was too inconsistent. Traded him for Jaylen Samuels, which didn’t provide a lot of benefit for either party involved.

tl;dr: Conner and Juju absolute busts in the first two rounds. Still had a really top-heavy team with QB1, RB2, WR 2 and TE3, but then unfortunately not a lot of depth behind it. Lamar was such a cheat code and so much fun to watch and root for! Thanks everyone for playing!

TheManxMissile wrote:
Same time next year?

Most definetely!
Congrats to everyone who played and especially to you Manx. This was a great season with all of the players being active and competing til the end. I'll see you next year. Smile
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