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Lefevere's Blue Army | S3 | Tour de France
Jungels still hanging on in there on the GC Wink
Top 5 will be a great result for Jungels. Roglic is looking strong, while, surprisingly, Froome is out of form.

Off-topic: Thank you very much for recommendation. Just bought PCM 18 on Steam sale and now have a decision to make about DB. I see you using World DB. Is it superior to Daily DB when it comes to continental circuit-level playing and career? I remember huge DBs from other editions of the games, which had plenty of teams and riders, but they were lacking quality.
@ sutty - Yeah, hes pretty much secured a Top 10 now, but Top 5 is my goal, although a podium would be great and with solid riding is possible too.

@ kirosha - Glad you were able to buy the game on sale. I think both dbs have pros and cons. As far as I know, the World db has more teams and races in the game, and due to steam workshop they released many smaller updates fixing small things (they also have a much larger team I think). To me PCM daily probably has better stats and the added equipment is nice too. If you are wanting to play with smaller teams, the world db is probably a better choice, I have a pro cyclist mode with a Canadian team and many of the races had mostly north american and south american teams riding.
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La Vuelta a España (2.UWT) 2020 Week Three

Stage 15


The GC battle intensifies as Porte and Valverde take time on the rest

1Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
2Ion IzagirreAstana Pro Team+00:55
3Andrey AmadorMovistar Team+01:21
7Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+02:48
8Wout PoelsTeam Ineos+02:48
9Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team+02:48
10Joe DombrowskiEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+03:04
11Thibaut PinotGroupama - FDJ+03:04
12Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo - Visma+03:04
13Tom DumoulinTeam Sunweb+03:32
14Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+03:32
15Vincenzo NibaliTeam Bahrain Merida+03:32
16Remco EvenepoelDeceuninck - Quick Step+03:45
17Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+03:59
18Bob JungelsDeceuninck - Quick Step+03:59
19Pierre LatourAG2R La Mondiale+03:59
20Daniel MartinUAE - Team Emirates+04:22

Stage 16


Bad news as Evenepoel is forced to abandon. He was looking to move into the White jersey.

Grossschartner takes his 2nd win in a row, Valverde takes time again

1Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
2Daniel MartinUAE - Team Emirates+00:21
3Gorka IzagirreMovistar Team+00:55
4Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team+01:04
5Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo - Visma+01:40
6Omar FraileAstana Pro Team+01:40
7Bob JungelsDeceuninck - Quick Step+01:40
8Vincenzo NibaliTeam Bahrain Merida+02:02
9Rui CostaBORA - hansgrohe+02:02
10Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+02:02
11Tom DumoulinTeam Sunweb+02:02
12Lilian CalmejaneTotal Direct Energie+02:20
13Adam YatesMitchelton - Scott+02:36
14Jack HaigMitchelton - Scott+03:05
15Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+04:46

Stage 17


Duchesne holds off the sprinters to take a win for FDJ

1Antoine DuchesneGroupama - FDJ+00:00
2Pascal AckermannBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
3Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team+00:00
4Caleb EwanLotto - Soudal+00:00
5Luis León SánchezAstana Pro Team+00:00
6Kiel ReijnenTrek - Segafredo+00:00
7Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo - Visma+00:00
8Dmitriy GruzdevTrek - Segafredo+00:00
9Jonathan HivertTotal Direct Energie+00:00
10Bob JungelsDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00

Stage 18


Costa takes the medium mountain stage, but no major gaps between the favourites

1Rui CostaBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
2David De la CruzTeam Ineos+00:56
3Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+00:56
4Alexey LutsenkoAstana Pro Team+01:15
5Jesús HerradaCCC Team+01:15
6Andrey AmadorMovistar Team+01:15
7Thomas De GendtLotto - Soudal+01:15
8David GauduGroupama - FDJ+01:15
9Lilian CalmejaneTotal Direct Energie+01:15
10Merhawi KudusAstana Pro Team+01:45
11Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo - Visma+02:21
12Daniel MartinUAE - Team Emirates+02:21
13Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team+02:31
14Vincenzo NibaliTeam Bahrain Merida+02:31
15Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+02:31
16Bob JungelsDeceuninck - Quick Step+02:31

Stage 19


Mark Padun wins from the morning breakaway

1Mark PadunDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
3Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+00:00
4Valentin MadouasGroupama - FDJ+00:36
5Jesús HerradaCCC Team+00:36
6Luke RoweEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+00:36
7Alexandre GeniezAG2R La Mondiale+00:36
8David GauduGroupama - FDJ+00:36
9Lilian CalmejaneTotal Direct Energie+00:36
10Lawson CraddockEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+00:36

Stage 20


Roglic wins another stage, and really stamps his authority on this years Vuelta. He will win for sure now.

1Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo - Visma+00:00
2Vincenzo NibaliTeam Bahrain Merida+00:32
3Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+01:00
4Bob JungelsDeceuninck - Quick Step+02:28
5Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team+03:13
6Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+03:29
7Antwan TolhoekTeam Jumbo - Visma+03:56
8Ivan Ramiro SosaTeam Ineos+05:19
9Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+05:19
10Ion IzagirreAstana Pro Team+05:19
11Tom DumoulinTeam Sunweb+05:39
12Jack HaigMitchelton - Scott+06:07
13Domenico PozzovivoTeam Bahrain Merida+07:02
14Jan HirtMitchelton - Scott+07:31
15Gorka IzagirreMovistar Team+07:31

Stage 21


Just for safe measure, Roglic wins the TT too

1Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo - Visma+00:00
2Tom DumoulinTeam Sunweb+00:05
3Vincenzo NibaliTeam Bahrain Merida+00:08
4Andrey AmadorMovistar Team+00:17
5Bob JungelsDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:23
6Lawson CraddockEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+00:24
7Josef CernýCCC Team+00:26
8David De la CruzTeam Ineos+00:29
9Domenico PozzovivoTeam Bahrain Merida+00:30
10Fabio FellineTrek - Segafredo+00:30
11Ian StannardTeam Dimension Data+00:32
12Lennard KämnaTeam Sunweb+00:33
13Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team+00:33
14Pierre LatourAG2R La Mondiale+00:33
15Gorka IzagirreMovistar Team+00:33

Final Classifications


1Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo - Visma+00:00
2Vincenzo NibaliTeam Bahrain Merida+02:44
3Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team+06:23
4Bob JungelsDeceuninck - Quick Step+07:04
5Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+08:37
6Tom DumoulinTeam Sunweb+09:15
7Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+14:36
8Daniel MartinUAE - Team Emirates+15:57
9Adam YatesMitchelton - Scott+20:26
10Gorka IzagirreMovistar Team+21:20
11Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+22:25
12Jack HaigMitchelton - Scott+23:52
13Pierre LatourAG2R La Mondiale+23:55
14Ion IzagirreAstana Pro Team+24:32
15Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohe+26:19
16Alexey LutsenkoAstana Pro Team+28:16
17Fabio FellineTrek - Segafredo+29:12
18Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+30:25
19Lilian CalmejaneTotal Direct Energie+31:10
20George BennettTeam Jumbo - Visma+32:35


1Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo - Visma237
2Vincenzo NibaliTeam Bahrain Merida187
3Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team166
4Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos126
5Tom DumoulinTeam Sunweb120


1Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohe82
2Gorka IzagirreMovistar Team49
3Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo - Visma38
4Ion IzagirreAstana Pro Team33
5Omar FraileAstana Pro Team33


1Mark PadunDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Tadej PogacarUAE - Team Emirates+09:44
3Ivan Ramiro SosaTeam Ineos+16:12
4Léo VincentGroupama - FDJ+18:17
5Robert PowerTeam Sunweb+26:06

Final Thoughts

Overall, we are very pleased with Jungels performance. He managed a 4th place, which is quite good considering the competition. We were hoping to surpass Valverde, but he was able to hang on, despite not being as strong on the mountains as he used to be.

Other than that, it was all about our young riders here. Evenepoel and Padun both showed lots of potential, as Padun just narrowly missed out on the Top 20, and in the end won the Under 25 classification. Evenepoel was gaining back lots of time on Padun and looked to be heading towards taking the lead from Padun in the final week before he crashed out of the race. At just 20 years of age, to win the U25 jersey would have been something special for sure. Perhaps as soon as next year he will be able to compete in Grand Tours.


Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec 2020


It wasn't even close

1Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Yves LampaertDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
3Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:17
4Tiesj BenootTeam Ineos+00:25
5Maximilian SchachmannTeam Sunweb+00:25
6Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohe+00:25
7Simon YatesMitchelton - Scott+00:25
8Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Team+00:25
9Emanuel BuchmannBORA - hansgrohe+00:25
10Gianni MosconTeam Ineos+00:25


Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal 2020


Lampaert completes the weekend sweep for Deceuninck

1Yves LampaertDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Gianni MosconTeam Ineos+00:00
3Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
4Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
5Maximilian SchachmannTeam Sunweb+00:00
6Tiesj BenootTeam Ineos+00:00
7Nils PolittLotto - Soudal+00:00
8Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Team+00:00
9Bjorg LambrechtDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
10Sacha ModoloTotal Direct Energie+00:48

Up Next

- World Championships TT & RR (WC) 2020

- Giro d'Lombardia (1.UWT) 2020
Great to see this back, hope the travels were enjoyable! What are Remco's stats? Doesn't seem to quite be the dominant force it looks like he's becoming irl, yet...
Timmsoski wrote:
Great to see this back, hope the travels were enjoyable! What are Remco's stats? Doesn't seem to quite be the dominant force it looks like he's becoming irl, yet...

Thanks! I had a great time in Europe, its so different from North America. I definitely want to go back one day and check out all the countries I missed.

At the time of the Vuelta, Remco had 74 MO, 73 Hill and 76TT I believe, but he may or may not have improved since then...

I will post his, along with everyone elses stats probably in a week or so, as the season is just about over, and then it will finally be time to see all the new transfers. There will be some big surprises I think.

UCI World Championships (France) 2020


Time Trial

Bob Jungels gave it his best go, but it was not enough

No one could come close to Rohan Dennis today

1Rohan DennisTeam Bahrain Merida+00:00
2Victor CampenaertsLotto - Soudal+00:25
3Tony MartinTeam Jumbo - Visma+00:41
4Bob JungelsDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:54
5Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo - Visma+01:09
6Maciej BodnarBORA - hansgrohe+01:15
7Mads Würtz SchmidtTeam Katusha - Alpecin+01:17
8Karl-Heinz SchulteBORA - hansgrohe+01:17
9Søren Kragh AndersenTeam Sunweb+01:22
10Jos Van EmdenTeam Jumbo - Visma+01:45
11Jonathan CastroviejoTeam Ineos+01:59
12Alex DowsettTeam Katusha - Alpecin+02:07
13Nelson OliveiraDeceuninck - Quick Step+02:10
14Damien HowsonMitchelton - Scott+02:10
15Daniel MartinezEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+02:20
16Laurens De PlusTeam Jumbo - Visma+02:31
17Kasper AsgreenDeceuninck - Quick Step+02:34
18Stefan KüngGroupama - FDJ+02:43
19Vincenzo NibaliTeam Bahrain Merida+02:44
20Yves LampaertDeceuninck - Quick Step+02:46

Road Race


Roglic attacks on the final climb. Going over the top he has a gap of 45 seconds on the chasing group, but it all comes back together

And in the sprint, Alaphilippe snags the victory. He may have completed one of the greatest cycling seasons ever!

1Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Tom DumoulinTeam Sunweb+00:04
3Vincenzo NibaliTeam Bahrain Merida+00:06
4Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo - Visma+00:10
5Bob JungelsDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:10
6Tony GallopinAG2R La Mondiale+00:10
7Miguel Angel LopezAstana Pro Team+00:10
8Warren BarguilTeam Arkéa - Samsic+00:53
9Pierre LatourAG2R La Mondiale+00:53
10Ion IzagirreAstana Pro Team+04:47
11Lilian CalmejaneTotal Direct Energie+04:47
12Dylan TeunsTeam Bahrain Merida+04:47
13Rui CostaBORA - hansgrohe+04:47
14Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team+04:47
15Adam YatesMitchelton - Scott+04:47
16José GonçalvesTeam Katusha - Alpecin+04:47
17Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+04:47
18Nairo QuintanaMovistar Team+04:47
19Daniel MartinUAE - Team Emirates+04:47
20Felix GrossschartnerBORA - hansgrohe+04:47


Giro di Lombardia 2020


The first major action starts with a Jungels attack, as he tries to soften up the peloton and see if he can get a good gap

As he reaches the 2nd last climb of the day he gets swallowed up. On the descent Alaphilippe crashes from the lead group, which was only a group of 8 at that point, his race is over, and what could have been another huge win. Perhaps the Rainbow Curse is striking already?

Instead, Dan Martin takes the win, ahead of Tim Wellens and Gianni Moscon.

1Daniel MartinUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
2Tim WellensTrek - Segafredo+00:00
3Gianni MosconTeam Ineos+00:00
4Wilco KeldermanRoompot - Charles+00:28
5Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+01:28
6Tiesj BenootTeam Ineos+01:28
7Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team+01:28
8Dylan TeunsTeam Bahrain Merida+01:28
9Michael ValgrenTeam Dimension Data+01:28
10Sam OomenTeam Sunweb+01:28
11Tony GallopinAG2R La Mondiale+02:39
12Ion IzagirreAstana Pro Team+03:04
13Mikel LandaMovistar Team+03:04
14Domenico PozzovivoTeam Bahrain Merida+03:50
15Jonathan CastroviejoTeam Ineos+04:15

Sorry the WC was so brief. I dont think PCM really handles it very well in terms of fitness and objectives for other riders. My teams riders consistently outperform better riders the past 2 seasons, so Im going to try and fix that for next year.

Up Next

- Offseason News
- Transfers
-Velo d'Or Winner (Who will it be Rolling Eyes )
-Final Rankings
Velo d'Or Winner



After a historic season in which he won the Ardennes Triple, the Tour de France, and the World Championships. He is the first rider to ever do so, and thus rightly wins the rider of the year award. He showed that he can hang in there with the best climbers in the world, and on the short steep climbs, he's virtually unbeatable. He outscored about half of all the World Tour teams himself.

He has decided to hold off on announcing his decision for which team he will sign for, until later in the offseason, but he says the team knows who it will be.

Final Rankings

Individual WT

1Julian AlaphilippeFranceDeceuninck - Quickstep6463
2Primoz RoglicSloveniaTeam Jumbo - Visma4564
3Bob JungelsLuxembourgDeceuninck - Quickstep3551
4Daniel MartinIrelandUAE - Team Emirates3251
5Vincenzo NibaliItalyTeam Bahrain Merida3219
6Peter SaganSlovakiaBORA - hansgrohe3120
7Enric MasSpainDeceuninck - Quickstep3099
8Tom DumoulinNetherlandsTeam Sunweb2450
9Romain BardetFranceAG2R La Mondiale2332
10Fernando GaviriaColombiaUAE - Team Emirates2200

WT Team

1Deceuninck - Quickstep21808
2Team INEOS12437
3Trek - Segafredo9956
4Team Bahrain Merida8981
5Team Jumbo - Visma8968
6UAE - Team Emirates8389
7BORA - hansgrohe7078
8Team Sunweb6544
9Astana Pro Team5665
10Mitchelton - Scott5527
11EF Education First Pro Cycling Team5387
12Movistar Team5242
13AG2R La Mondiale5101
14Lotto - Soudal4590
15Team Dimension Data3387
16CCC Team3000
17Total Direct Energie2533
18Groupama - FDJ2486


1Gabriel CullaighUnited-KingdomTeam Wiggins26
2Frederic PhilibertFranceVendee U2321
3Alan BanaszekPolandCaja Rural19
4Julian AlaphilippeFranceDeceuninck - Quickstep18
5Dylan GroenewegenNetherlandsTeam Jumbo - Visma17

1Deceuninck - Quickstep60
2Team Jumbo - Visma48
3Trek - Segafredo45
4Team Sunweb36
5Team Wiggins35

Nice one! Unreal season from Julian. Looking forward to seeing if he stays or leaves, my gut tells me he’s moved on...
Quickstep totally smashed that season.
Timmsoski wrote:
Nice one! Unreal season from Julian. Looking forward to seeing if he stays or leaves, my gut tells me he’s moved on...

Thanks! He is just so strong. I should have the next update up this week. I'm just doing a bit of behind the scenes editing which I need to complete first.

Tamijo wrote:
Quickstep totally smashed that season.

Yeah, we didn't dominate the monuments, but we were able to "overperform" in many Stage races.
Alaphilippe had a great season, let's hope there is more to come next year Smile
Fantastic season for the team!
sutty68 wrote:
Alaphilippe had a great season, let's hope there is more to come next year Smile
VoetsT wrote:
Fantastic season for the team!

Thanks. Next update should be coming soon finally.

Team News 2021


With the off-season well underway, a press conference was held, with Patrick Lefevere to put rumours to rest. The first bit of news is that Patrick Lefevere's Deceuninck kit will not remain with Specialized Bikes after a long and synonymous partnership. They had been partners since 2007, but with the contract running up at the end of 2020, it was time to find a new supplier.

The next big announcement is related to the first one! Deceuninck will be joined by a new co-sponsor, in order to facilitate a transfer. Deceuninck - Quickstep will become, Deceuninck - Corendon! Deceuninck are, despite some misconceptions, not a rich cycling team. Julian Alaphilippe demanded more than they could pay and so he is moving on, however bringing in another co-sponsor with WT ambitions helps raise the budget a bit. Not only that, but it was necessary in order to sign Mathieu Van Der Poel, who is under contract for one final year with Corendon. This move allows Lefevere to bring in arguably the most exciting rider in the world, after Alaphilippe, and the timing of it all works perfectly for him.

The team will therefore ride on Canyon bikes now, as VdP has a contract with the bike supplier.

Of course Corendon are owned by Triton, a company which also owns Sunweb, so this will likely be the final season of the Corendon sponsorship, which means there is still a lot of uncertainty with the team in the future. Quickstep has remained on as a sponsor, but are probably not thrilled that they are now the 3rd sponsor on a team they were formally the main sponsor of. Canyon may be looking to become a major sponsor for a new team, which could lead to the swift departure of Van der Poel after only one season if they decide to form their own team, rather than team up with an already existing one.

So in the end, lots of changes for the team, as they have a new star, new bike supplier and a new sponsor. But as Lefevere says, it was almost like the stars aligning to make this all happen. Without the end of contract of Specialized, the entire thing probably wouldn't have been possible.


Sponsor Changes

Old TeamNew Team
Correndon - CircusMerges with Deceuninck
Deceuninck - QuickstepDeceuninck - Correndon
Team Dimension DataTeam NTT
Bahrain Merida Bahrain McLaren


Top Transfers

RiderNew TeamOld Team
Julian AlaphilippeTotal Direct EnergieDeceuninck - Corendon
Rohan DennisTrek - SegafredoTeam Bahrain McLaren
Sep VanmarckeAG2R La MondialeEF Education First Pro Cycling Team
Alexander KristoffBORA - hansgroheUAE - Team Emirates
Marcel KittelIsrael Cycling AcademyAstana Pro Team
Roman KreuzigerLotto - SoudalTotal Direct Energie
Mikel LandaBahrain McLarenMovistar Team
Oliver NaesenTeam NTTAG2R La Mondiale
Sonny ColbrelliAstana Pro TeamTeam Bahrain McLaren
Miguel Angel LopezEF Education First Pro Cycling TeamAstana Pro Team
Steven KruijswijkTeam NTTTeam Jumbo - Visma

Team Presentation 2021


New Riders

Davide Ballerini
Nacer Bouhanni
Dario Cataldo
Bauke Mollema
Gerben Thijsenn
Mathieu Van der Poel
Ilan Van Wilder


Julian AlaphilippeTotal Direct Energie
Enric MasMovistar
Tim DeclercqTrek Segafredo
Remi CavagnaCofidis
Fabio SabatiniUAE
Iljo KeisseRetires



jersey is made by Froomeyy on legrupetto, edited by myself.

Excited for a new chapter with VdP. Chapeau to Julian for a huge season and leaving in a positive way on the bike at least!
24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
jandal7 wrote:
Excited for a new chapter with VdP. Chapeau to Julian for a huge season and leaving in a positive way on the bike at least!

Thanks. As I said at the start of the story, the goal was to look for the next Boonen and not to compare the two, but its nice to have a "perfect" classics rider. Also, things were just getting too boring with Alaphilippe. He's probably my favourite rider atm irl, but it wasnt fun anymore. Also Alaph wanted 200,000 a month, and Van der Poel only wanted 50,000 so saved a lot of money too.

Deceuninck Rider Presentation
Team Leaders

Name Jasper Stuyven
Career Wins3
Best ResultKuurne Brussel Kuurne (16' )
ObjectivesParis Roubaix
Tour de France
Binckbank Tour

Jasper will be the team leader for Paris Roubaix. His biggest result to date is KBK 2016, but he was 3rd at Milan San Remo and Dwars Door Vlaanderen last season. He will then look to be a support rider at the Tour de France.

Name Bob Jungels
SpecialtyAll Rounder
Career Wins12
Best ResultWC ITT (19' )
ObjectivesRonde van Vlaanderen
Giro d'Italia
World Championships

Bob will challenge the early season classics, like Strade Bianche, MSR and RvV before riding his only GT of the year, the Giro. His end of season objective will be the World Championships and Il Lombardia.

Name Fabio Jakobsen
Career Wins19
Best ResultGent Wevelgem (20' )
ObjectivesMilan San Remo
Tour de France
Gent Wevelgem

Fabio is again the teams top sprinter, and will hope to win stages throughout the year. His main target will be Milan San Remo, which has eluded him so far, as well as the Tour de France where he will target stage wins.

Name Alvaro Jose Hodeg
Career Wins8
Best ResultTour de France Stage win
ObjectivesUAE Tour
Giro d'Italia
La Vuelta

Hodeg is hoping to start his season off with a bang at the UAE Tour, before going to the Giro to hunt for stages. The Vuelta will be his other main target, where he can hopefully win some stages as well.

Name Mathieu Van der Poel
Career Wins7
Best ResultTour of Britain Stage win
ObjectivesRonde van Vlaanderen
Ardennes Classics
Tour de France

Our biggest acquisition will have most of the early months off, to ride Cyclocross, before taking on the big spring classics. His middle of the season will include the Tour de France for the first time, where he is hoping to win multiple stages, and possibly challenge for the Green jersey, or support Jakobsen. He will end the year challenging the Canadian classics, and Il Lombardia.

Rest of Squad

Stage RacesClimberPuncheur
Remco Evenepoel Bauke Mollema Andrea Bagioli
Mark Padun Bjorg Lambrecht Pieter Serry
Dario Cataldo Julius Johansen
Michael Ries
James Knox
Ilan Van Wilder

ClassicsTime TrialSprinter
Yves Lampaert Nelson Oliveira Nacer Bouhanni
Zdenek Stybar Davide Martinelli
Florian Senechal Gerben Thijssen
Jens Keukeleire Michael Honore
Rinie Longuet
Kasper Asgreen
Davide Ballerini

Press Statement


"Welcome to the rider presentation, I am Patrick Lefevere, manager of the team, and I will introduce the team, and try to answer any questions you may have!

We've highlighted our big 5 leaders, Jasper, Bob, Mathieu, Fabio and Alvaro, but we feel we have many other strong riders that can lead in their absence. Bauke and Bjorg will head to the Tour, looking to challenge for a Top 10, and take stage wins. Nacer has struggled a lot in the last few years, but I think that with a little more focus and having a great leadout, which I believe we do, I think he can get back to his former level.

Our two biggest talents are Van der Poel and Evenepoel. The two of them could be two of the best in the world and we hope it will be part of a long partnership they have with our team and each other. In fact, not a lot of people know this, but their fathers both rode together in the 1990's for Collstropp so bringing together the next generation just felt right to me. Remco we hope will take that next step this season, he will ride the Vuelta again and look to take the leadership role, although he will face competition within the team.

Lampaert and Stybar are not our top leaders, but both guys have shown they can outperfrom Jasper and Mathieu on a good day, so its almost like we go into every race with 2 or 3 leaders, which gives us a huge advantage. They will no doubt get races where they will be riding for themselves.

Ballerini will look to support the classics riders all year. He can be dangerous from a breakaway as well and the autumn classics will be races he targets as well.

Dario has ridden for my team before, and with his contract up at Astana I thought it would be a good rider to bring back. His climbing ability should help our guys in the mountains, and there should also be breakaway opportunities for him as well.

Finally, Ilan and Gerben are two young riders that our scouts have noticed in U23 races. Ilan we feel can be a good climber, while Gerben should be a sprinter. We will monitor their race days carefully, so they dont burn themselves out, but they will be strong enough to ride in support of our leaders for this season.

I'd like to thank everyone for their time, but thats all the time I have for today!"

Let's hope Van def Poel becomes your new superstar ????
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