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Lefevere's Blue Army | S2 | Vuelta

Le Tour de France (2.UWT) 2020 Stages 8-14

Stage 8


Alaphilippe wins on Plance des Belles Filles

1Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+00:00
3Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+00:12
4Rohan DennisTeam Bahrain Merida+00:12
5Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+00:41
6Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:41
7Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+00:57
8Philippe GilbertTrek - Segafredo+00:57
9Egan BernalTeam Ineos+01:20
10Rafal MajkaTeam Sunweb+01:20

Stage 9


Alaphilippe wins his 2nd

1Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+00:00
3Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+00:00
4Egan BernalTeam Ineos+00:00
5Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+00:00
6Wout PoelsTeam Ineos+00:00
7Philippe GilbertTrek - Segafredo+00:00
8Rohan DennisTeam Bahrain Merida+00:00
9Miguel Angel LopezAstana Pro Team+00:00
10Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+00:00

Stage 10


1Rohan DennisTeam Bahrain Merida+00:00
2Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:34
3Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:52
4Yves LampaertDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:54
5Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+00:57
6Nelson OliveiraDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:59
7Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+01:02
8Daniel MartinezEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+01:08
9Edvald Boasson HagenTeam Dimension Data+01:25
10Egan BernalTeam Ineos+01:36
11Pierre LatourAG2R La Mondiale+01:39
12Wout PoelsTeam Ineos+01:42
13Maximilian SchachmannTeam Sunweb+01:44
14Damiano CarusoTeam Bahrain Merida+01:50
15Pello BilbaoAstana Pro Team+01:51
16Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+01:52
17Lennard KämnaTeam Sunweb+02:00
18Mads PedersenTeam Sunweb+02:00
19Filippo GannaCCC Team+02:03
20Michael MatthewsTrek - Segafredo+02:05

Stage 11


Alaphilippe takes his 3rd, and most impressive win, on a mountain stage

1Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Warren BarguilTeam Arkéa - Samsic+00:12
3Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:12
4Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+00:12
5Simon YatesMitchelton - Scott+00:12
6Miguel Angel LopezAstana Pro Team+00:12
7Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+00:12
8Bjorg LambrechtDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:12
9Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+00:12
10Rohan DennisTeam Bahrain Merida+00:12
11Alexandre GeniezAG2R La Mondiale+00:12
12David GauduGroupama - FDJ+00:12
13Rafal MajkaTeam Sunweb+00:12
14Pello BilbaoAstana Pro Team+00:12
15Rigoberto UranEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+00:12
16Greg Van AvermaetCCC Team+00:38
17Wout PoelsTeam Ineos+00:38
18Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+00:38
19Jonathan HivertTotal Direct Energie+00:38
20Nelson OliveiraDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:38

Stage 12


Yates wins from the break

1Adam YatesMitchelton - Scott+00:00
2Warren BarguilTeam Arkéa - Samsic+00:17
3Damiano CarusoTeam Bahrain Merida+00:17
4Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+00:29
5Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+00:29
6Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+00:47
7Miguel Angel LopezAstana Pro Team+00:47
8Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:47
9Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:47
10Egan BernalTeam Ineos+01:04
11Simon YatesMitchelton - Scott+01:04
12Rohan DennisTeam Bahrain Merida+01:51
13Bjorg LambrechtDeceuninck - Quick Step+01:51
14Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+02:22
15Mikel LandaMovistar Team+02:22
16Wout PoelsTeam Ineos+02:22
17Tao Geoghegan HartTeam Ineos+02:22
18Alexandre GeniezAG2R La Mondiale+03:35
19Rigoberto UranEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+03:35
20Steven KruijswijkTeam Jumbo - Visma+03:57

Stage 13


Alaphilippe wins his 4th

1Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
3Philippe GilbertTrek - Segafredo+00:00
4Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+00:00
5Oliver NaesenAG2R La Mondiale+00:00
6Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+00:00
7Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
8Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+00:00
9Rohan DennisTeam Bahrain Merida+00:00
10Edvald Boasson HagenTeam Dimension Data+00:00

Stage 14


Echelons cause a split, with a group of 30 in front containing all DQT riders

Groenewegen wins the sprint

1Dylan GroenewegenTeam Jumbo - Visma+00:00
2Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
3Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
4Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
5Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
6Philippe GilbertTrek - Segafredo+00:00
7André GreipelTrek - Segafredo+00:00
8Matteo MoschettiEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+00:00
9Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+00:00
10Arnaud DémareGroupama - FDJ+00:00
25Miguel Angel LopezAstana Pro Team+01:25

Classifications after Stage 14


1Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step60h30'28
2Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step+ 1'23
3Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+ 1'43
4Rohan DennisTeam Bahrain Merida+ 1'46
5Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+ 2'43
6Geraint ThomasTeam Ineos+ 5'30
7Egan BernalTeam Ineos+ 6'27
8Simon YatesMitchelton - Scott+ 7'06
9Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+ 7'11
10Miguel Angel LopezAstana Pro Team+ 9'02
11Wout PoelsTeam Ineos+ 11'01
12Pello BilbaoAstana Pro Team+ 12'24
13Rigoberto UranEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+ 14'39
14Rafal MajkaTeam Sunweb+ 15'11
15Mikel LandaMovistar Team+ 17'25
16Steven KruijswijkTeam Jumbo - Visma+ 18'31
17Adam YatesMitchelton - Scott+ 19'26
18Bjorg LambrechtDeceuninck - Quick Step+ 20'07
19David GauduGroupama - FDJ+ 20'55
20Valentin MadouasGroupama - FDJ+ 21'26


1Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step254
2Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohe224
3Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates215
4Dylan GroenewegenTeam Jumbo - Visma209
5Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step132


1Jelle VanendertLotto - Soudal42
2Warren BarguilTeam Arkéa - Samsic41
3Michael ValgrenTeam Dimension Data39
4Adam YatesMitchelton - Scott33
5Damiano CarusoTeam Bahrain Merida30


1Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step60h31'51 (1)
2Egan BernalTeam Ineos+ 5'04 (2)
3Bjorg LambrechtDeceuninck - Quick Step+ 18'44 (3)

My word what a week for Alaph! Forget the stage wins, I'm starting to dream that he can win Le Tour!
Biggest question is ir Alaphilippe can handle the final week, but he’s looking to write history here. Smile

(Reminds me of the old PCM09 times when I once almost won the Tour with Chavanel Pfft )
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Alaphilippe is on fire !!!!!!
@ Timmsoski - Thanks, I am thinking he has a chance too Pfft

@ Freitas - It got 2 mountain stages and a TT, so hard for him to gain any time before the ITT, under 2min lead so its not safe imo

@ sutty - Indeed he is, he's just unbeatable really.
No way he can pull it off... right?
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baseballlover312 wrote:
No way he can pull it off... right?

At this point anything is possible Pfft

Tough Decision Ahead for Lefevere

With just one week to go in the Tour de France, Patrick Lefevere is in a position to win his first ever Tour de France as a manager (or rider). Coming into the race, the consensus was that Enric Mas was his teams best chance at a podium. Thus far, Mas has been waiting in the shadows for his opportunity which has yet to come. Thats because his teammate, Julian Alaphilippe who by all accounts has been the best rider in the world over the last 365 days, has been on a roll with 4 wins in the Tour, one even coming on a mountain stage, and sits in 1st overall. Not typically known as a high mountains rider, Alaphilippe has been in the form of his life and has limited his losses when needed. At this stage in the race it certainly looks doable for Alaphilippe to win, but Dennis, Froome and Porte are all within range of him, and will likely be able to claw back time in the time trial, even if they fail to do so in the remaining mountain stages, so his lead is not safe.

Mas on the other hand has looked like the strongest climber in the race, but it appears as though his team manager is trying his best to bring the French its first Yellow Jersey winner since Bernard Hinault in 1985. To just abandon Alaphilippe's chances going into the final week would cause just short of a riot in France, but at the end of the day Lefevere has riders in 1st and 2nd, and will need to decide his best plan of action.

To add more fuel to the fire, Mas and Alaphilippe are both without contracts next season and perhaps favouring a certain rider is a hint at who is returning for next season and who is moving on to a new team. Its too early to know for sure if thats why, but neglecting one or the other could hurt their chances of re-signing when negotiations start in August, so there are various levels to Lefevere's decision.

Of course its always easy to analyze/criticize when you aren't the one that has to make the decisions, but with both riders in a great position, to lose the Tour de France at this stage, no matter which rider he chooses to go with, would be a huge disappointment.

decisions, decisions Rolling Eyes
Julian is amazing on those hilly stages already a great TDF no matter what happens from here.


If you're interested in weird music:
Tamijo wrote:
Julian is amazing on those hilly stages already a great TDF no matter what happens from here.

Thanks. I suppose you're right, but always nice to be the best team from start to finish and win the TDF with an underdog, which we are in a position to do atm.
Alaphilippe really is on fire!! Would be great to see a rider of this team winning the Tour. Good luck in the final week.

Btw. I really love this story. I didn't comment for a long time, but followed it nevertheless.
Winners never quit, quitters never win.
VoetsT wrote:
Alaphilippe really is on fire!! Would be great to see a rider of this team winning the Tour. Good luck in the final week.

Btw. I really love this story. I didn't comment for a long time, but followed it nevertheless.

Thanks, I really appreciate getting comments like these!


The long anticipated final week should hopefully be up tonight/tomorrow morning in europe, as I should have time to play the final few stages finally tonight

Le Tour de France (2.UWT) 2020 Stages 5-21

Stage 15


Teuns takes the stage, GC riders cancel each other out

1Dylan TeunsTeam Bahrain Merida+00:00
2David GauduGroupama - FDJ+00:00
3Serge PauwelsCCC Team+00:00
4Mikel LandaMovistar Team+00:00
5Adam YatesMitchelton - Scott+00:00
6Rafal MajkaTeam Sunweb+00:00
7Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+01:53
8Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+01:53
9Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+01:53
10Tiesj BenootTeam Ineos+01:53

Stage 16


Gaviria wins, closing the gap for Green

Only 23 riders finish in the front group, the others lose 1:05. In the front include, Froome, Porte, Bernal, Lopez, Mas and Dennis.

1Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
2Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
3√Ālvaro Jos√© HodegDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
4Yves LampaertDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
5Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
6Philippe GilbertTrek - Segafredo+00:00
7Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+00:00
8Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+00:00
9Egan BernalTeam Ineos+00:00
10Miguel Angel LopezAstana Pro Team+00:00

Stage 17


Alaphilippe is dropped just as they reach the summit

Mas helps Alaph limit his loses, but the judges are very generous as he gets the s.t.

1Mikel LandaMovistar Team+00:00
2Warren BarguilTeam Arkéa - Samsic+00:00
3Damiano CarusoTeam Bahrain Merida+00:00
4Patrick KonradAstana Pro Team+01:31
5Daniel MartinezEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+03:58
6David GauduGroupama - FDJ+06:32
7Greg Van AvermaetCCC Team+07:08
8Léo VincentGroupama - FDJ+07:08
9Simon YatesMitchelton - Scott+07:44
10Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+07:44
11Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+07:44
12Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step+07:44
13Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+07:44
14Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+08:22
15Egan BernalTeam Ineos+09:16

Stage 18


Porte wins, closing his gap to Alaphilippe, heading into the TT

Deceuninck controlled the peloton for much of the day, with only 30 riders in the front group after the first climb of the day. Alaphilippe dropped at the top of the Port de Bales but got back on the descent and the final climb became a slow crawl to the finish, with Porte up by nearly 2 minutes until he cracked with 2km to go, allowing Alaphilippe to slowly pull him back in, with the others behind all cracking as well.

1Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+00:00
2Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:08
3Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+01:10
4Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step+01:10
5Miguel Angel LopezAstana Pro Team+01:10
6Warren BarguilTeam Arkéa - Samsic+02:00
7Rohan DennisTeam Bahrain Merida+03:24
8Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+05:09
9Damiano CarusoTeam Bahrain Merida+05:20
10Pello BilbaoAstana Pro Team+05:20
11Pierre LatourAG2R La Mondiale+05:20
12Mikel LandaMovistar Team+05:20
13Steven KruijswijkTeam Jumbo - Visma+05:20
14Bjorg LambrechtDeceuninck - Quick Step+05:20
15Alexis VuillermozAG2R La Mondiale+05:20

Stage 19


Quicksteps 2nd 1-2-3 of the race....

After Quickstep put on the pressure to try and force echelons, most of the sprinters were drained or dropped for the sprint, helping Alaphilippes chances for the Green jersey win as well

1√Ālvaro Jos√© HodegDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Jasper StuyvenDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
3Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
4Dylan GroenewegenTeam Jumbo - Visma+00:00
5Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
6André GreipelTrek - Segafredo+00:00
7Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
8Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
9Phil BauhausTeam Bahrain Merida+00:00
10Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+00:00

Stage 20 ITT


Oliveira sets the early best time, which would last until the last 15 riders come in

Alaphilippes biggest day of his life

Ala is only 1 minute down on Porte at the 3rd and final time check before the finish, meaning he will likely hold onto his yellow, but 30 seconds could still change in the final kilometers.

In the end Alaphilippe gets 13 seconds on Porte, and limits his losses to Dennis and Froome, which means he will win the Tour de France, the first Frenchman in 35 years.

1Rohan DennisTeam Bahrain Merida+00:00
2Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+02:04
3Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step+02:26
4Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+02:31
5Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+02:44
6Nelson OliveiraDeceuninck - Quick Step+02:54
7Philippe GilbertTrek - Segafredo+04:39
8Pello BilbaoAstana Pro Team+05:01
9Steven KruijswijkTeam Jumbo - Visma+05:20
10Damiano CarusoTeam Bahrain Merida+05:22
11Daniel MartinezEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+05:44
12Michael MatthewsTrek - Segafredo+05:52
13Wout PoelsTeam Ineos+06:00
14Pierre LatourAG2R La Mondiale+06:06
15Maximilian SchachmannTeam Sunweb+06:10

Stage 21


The jersey winners from Left to Right, Alaphilippe (Yellow and Green), Barguil (Polka Dots), Gaviria (2nd in Green), Mas (White)

Alaphilippe takes the front as they hit the Champs Elysees

Greipel wins in front of Sagan! His 3rd win on the Champs Elysees

1André GreipelTrek - Segafredo+00:00
2Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
3Edvald Boasson HagenTeam Dimension Data+00:00
4Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
5Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
6Nacer BouhanniCofidis, Solutions Crédits+00:00
7Marcel KittelAstana Pro Team+00:00
8Matteo MoschettiEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+00:00
9√Ālvaro Jos√© HodegDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
10Greg Van AvermaetCCC Team+00:00

Final Classifications



1Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo+01:48
3Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step+02:30
4Chris FroomeTeam Ineos+03:24
5Rohan DennisTeam Bahrain Merida+04:13
6Egan BernalTeam Ineos+18:55
7Simon YatesMitchelton - Scott+21:55
8Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+22:08
9Miguel Angel LopezAstana Pro Team+26:33
10Damiano CarusoTeam Bahrain Merida+26:45
11Pello BilbaoAstana Pro Team+29:01
12Wout PoelsTeam Ineos+32:13
13Mikel LandaMovistar Team+32:56
14Steven KruijswijkTeam Jumbo - Visma+33:38
15Adam YatesMitchelton - Scott+37:45
16Rigoberto UranEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+37:46
17Warren BarguilTeam Arkéa - Samsic+39:12
18Greg Van AvermaetCCC Team+46:06
19Rafal MajkaTeam Sunweb+46:21
20Michael ValgrenTeam Dimension Data+47:21


1Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step367
2Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohe322
3Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates313
4Dylan GroenewegenTeam Jumbo - Visma249
5√Ālvaro Jos√© HodegDeceuninck - Quick Step194
6Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step184
7André GreipelTrek - Segafredo157
8Richie PorteTrek - Segafredo151
9Chris FroomeTeam Ineos149
10Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale132


1Warren BarguilTeam Arkéa - Samsic121
2Damiano CarusoTeam Bahrain Merida78
3Adam YatesMitchelton - Scott78
4Michael ValgrenTeam Dimension Data59
5Mikel LandaMovistar Team42
6Jelle VanendertLotto - Soudal42
7Greg Van AvermaetCCC Team34
8Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step29
9Delio Fern√°ndezDelko Marseille Provence KTM29
10Patrick KonradAstana Pro Team28


1Enric MasDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Egan BernalTeam Ineos+16:25
3Bjorg LambrechtDeceuninck - Quick Step+45:34
4David GauduGroupama - FDJ+46:39
5Tao Geoghegan HartTeam Ineos+56:45
6Valentin MadouasGroupama - FDJ+01:00:56
7Daniel MartinezEF Education First Pro Cycling Team+01:07:44
8Léo VincentGroupama - FDJ+01:18:16
9Marc HirschiTeam Sunweb+01:49:16
10Mads PedersenTeam Sunweb+01:49:28

Final Thoughts

Well, Alaphilippe showed he could kick it with the best climbers in the world, not sure where he got that ability from, but he was crafty, gaining lots of time on flat stages as well. Without those gains, he likely wouldn't have won. The fact he also won the Green just puts the icing on the cake, as we didnt expect to win either jersey heading into the race.

The number of stage wins was also crazy. Alaphilippe with 4 himself, and Mas and Hodeg with one each, but also several other stages in the top 3, so we were consistently the strongest. Alaphilippe will be commanding a big payday in a few days time, after his Ardennes Triple and Tour de France win in the same season. He can also put a cap on this historic season as he targets the world championships, in France, which it now looks like he has a chance to win despite its Mountainous terrain.

Shock I am speechless man! That was incredible stuff in the mountains. Congratulations on this amazing win. Mas taking the third as well. Great stuff!Smile
Amazing job! Alaphilippe is a PCM GOAT. Grin Really good three weeks overall and Mas in third also shows the dominance of the team. Wink Well done!
Amazing man! Unbelievable to pull that off with Alaph! Also crazy to see Bernal in 6th, yet almost 20 mins down!
Fantastic Tour, not only winning the most important race of the season, but also with two rider on the podium. Point and Youth Jersey.


If you're interested in weird music:
@ Batista - Thank you, Mas really did well to support Alaph and probably would have won if I hadn't used him to save Alaphs race on multiple occasions.

@ Freitas - He really is. I think if he can win the World and Lombardia he will have done a season no one can ever repeat, starting with Down under, then Strade, the Triple and now this.

@ Timm - Yeah, everyone but the Top 5 were really crap tbh. Not sure why Bardet f.e. is always so bad in GTs. I knew Froome and Dennis were the only ones I needed time on heading into the TT, and Dennis has 74 MO and somehow hung in there on most stages, yet multiple 80+ guys couldnt...

@ Tamijo - Thanks, getting the Yellow and Green with the same rider has been a lifelong goal of mine, and I never thought I'd do it with a real life rider in PCM. The fact Alaph isn't even a top climber or sprinter makes it even more surprising. After the 2nd week, I had a real belief Alaphilippe could do it, as he even gained time on one mountain stage.
Best TdF I have ever seen Pfft Alaphilippe was so strong on the flat and the mountains. Mas made the party complete with his 3rd podium spot.

Next goal: keep the Tour de France winner and best young rider in your team for next year Wink
Winners never quit, quitters never win.
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