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Criterium du Dauphine Libere Discussion
Madrazo started weak, but these last three stages he's been doing quite well actually. Shame those breakaway riders prevented stage wins, but he's still scoring a nice anount of points.
Not much of a consolidation there for Reis, but it's still a sound result.

Phinney does his job, but Pluchkin is still with a chance. A good stage is in sight tomorrow.
Another superb time trial from Paillot, which is great to see, as this is what I hoped for when I signed him, eventhough a rather bad start early in the season made me reluctant to continue to gamble in the TT lotteries for upcoming seasons. Now though, he has definitely changed my mind Smile

Also a solid TT from Galta, which means he really should be able to defend 8th place overall from Haig, assuming the final stage comes down to the favourites. If he manages, it will be a great GC by him, much better than what could be expected considered his very weak acceleration stat.

Congratulations again to RBC on another dominant TT by Phinney. Can only second Gustavovskiy, looking forward to the fight on the final stage between him and Pluchkin!
Not enjoying what the team is doing lately. Not at all.
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Stage 4:
Pluchkin starts celebrating, but he still has 200 meters to go! What a rookie mistake from the Moldovan, this might cost him the GC lead!

I kinda foreshadowed this...

Congrats to Phinney and RBC though. Haig also with a great result for Bennelong.
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Another no-show. How can we miss this group with our line-up here? Another time we get beaten by Brändle...

What a beauty Jack Haig can be! Would never have imagined him to attack on this stage and that so early. What an intense ride. It looked good at the final climb, the gap became smaller approaching to the finish.. But he finished it off for a big win. The TdS and Dauphine double header went quite well, I would say! Awesome.

And what a thriller for the GC win, too. Phinney eventually doing, what he does best though. Congrats to all, who did well and thanks for the reports. Particularly this final report, it was thrilling as hell for me Wink
Thank you for covering the race in a nice way, Marcovdw! Smile

Solid by Galta to defend 8th overall, with a very good final stage as well. Though, not the way I expected him to defend it, with Haig picking the lucky number considering the AI and who of the GC riders were going to be given a shot at breakaway success. Must say I'm surprised he came from well inside the top 10. Big congratulations on the win, tsmoha! What a race that turned out to be from Haig.

Also a very tense finish considering the overall victory. Must say I was sure Pluchkin had it when it seemed clear from the picture that he was going to be given the same time as Haig, but well done Phinney saving it, just!
Wow! That's was a close one for Phinney Shock Just 3 seconds to win the Dauphine.

Our loanie Jacopo Mosca taking the KoM jersey in such a prestigious race is amazing. Really amazed with his performance this week, even getting a stage top5 one day. A lot of spotlights for him already in his first MG season.

Man of the day Jack Haig Grin What a week for Bennelong. Never thought he would be let that margin being so high in GC already, and it could have been a big fail had he been caught early in the stage. Congrats tsmoha, those late great performances surely helping your team to stay another year in PT

Really great reports Marco!
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Such pride seeing a win like this! It's Bennelong time since tsmoha must've had such pleasure Smile
Huge performance from Haig here, congrats to tsmoha on the result. Very enjoyable race overall, thank you and well done Marcovdw.

11th from Schelling is just fine, but a top-10 would have been a little nicer.
Huge performance from Haig here, congrats to tsmoha on the result. Very enjoyable race overall, thank you and well done Marcovdw.

11th from Schelling is just fine, but a top-10 would have been a little nicer.
Not a good race for me. Not having had a lot of expectations due to the TTs here, but with such a gap to the top spots, I was really thinking Olivier could have attacked same way Haig did and get stage results or 2-3 spots higher in the GC due to this.

Now it was an anonymous top7-15 stage race with GC being at the later end only. Definitely need some improvement from my climbers.

Thanks for reporting! And congrats to tsmoha, jt and also ember for the results.
Another bad result, in what comes down to a sad week for us. Reis dropping down to 9th is a bit disappointing, not because of the last stage, but mainly because of him not taking advantage of TTs.

Anyway, congrats Bennelong and RBC on their respective wins. A classic nail-biter there in the end. Masterfully reported too, so thank you very much Marco!
Haig! Awesome victory, congrats tsmoha Smile Would have liked to see us in the break, but at least Stake Laengen tried to go after. Unfortunately it might have resulting in him losing his top 20 spot, but happy with the effort. Nesset around where we hoped/expected as well, so a decent race.
Of course Madrazo throws away his pre-race goal of finishing on the GC podium in the last mountain stage. Decent performances from Kruijswijk en Karnulin though.

And great reports; thanks!
That was rather annoying. Sicard started impressively, but then just faded throughout the race to a forgetable 6th place.
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