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Criterium du Dauphine Libere Discussion
I know Olivier is bad in TT, but this was really below expectations. Pfft

Was one of the races, I knew, it would be ruined by the TT stat, but had to give him anyway. So hopefully he is now aggressive in the mountain stages.
Must admit that's another disappointing sprint, or fight for positions, by Holst Enger. Especially as he seemed to be among the fastest guys towards the end, but struggled with his positioning. At least much better than the opening stage, but I obviously hoped for more when sending him here.

Phinney seems to be enjoying beast mode, now also beating the sprinters on "flat" stages!
Phinney Grin

Good to see us in breakaways here. And Haig moving up to 1st in the u25 classification gives minor points.
I am glad to see Bekmanis trying. This is all I can expect from a race like this and he looked very quick right there

A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Is there even a discussion that Taylor Phinney is the best ever MG rider?
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Taylor who?
Phinney is beatable!

A solid performance from Haig, I guess. And it's nice to see our riders active in breakaways, here and in the TdS, too. If Haig can deliver another good TT here later on, he may achieve this Top-15 result I was hoping for. Maybe he can also do a Nibali move as well. He did it once last year.
this just in

Marco, the leader of Anti-Beyond North and West of Poland coalition rigs another race to make a Westerner win. Unbelievable scenes
Manager of the greatest team in the world
DK ┼Żalgiris
Pluchkin showing how it can be done! Also well done by Galta, consolidating his spot well inside the top 10.
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Good performance from Reis, initiating the aggression and jumping to 8th in the GC. Too bad the gap is already insurmountable to the top5, but Galta, a rival of past battles, is within striking distance.

Dreading that hilly stage though. Great victory for Pluchkin! The GC looks spicy!
Great aggressive riding from Haig and it's reward with a nice stage result! Got a rider in the early break, too. Unfortunately the wrong rider Smile
Really not a fan of what we did on the last two stages.

Our stage 4 AI looked exactly like PCM trying to get one of our riders into the break (and into the KoM fight) after missing out on it initially, and usually that strategy works out. Chevrier, Dunne or Mager could've made a good bid at the jersey.
However, not only did nobody attack after we closed the gap to a manageable distance, neither of our GC riders attempted to show themselves later on either.

In stage 5, we yet again took over some chasing responsibility, but Arndt failed to make anything out of the good position, and Nerz again got dropped on the one stage he couldn't afford to.

Again, no high expectations here, but obviously the AI considers us to be a team that can animate the race, and we failed to live up to that.
The fight for 7th place overall seems to become tricky for Galta, who had to expect a time loss on such a hilly stage, seeing his abilities. Had been great if he had followed Haig's group, to give himself some room in the fight for 7th place overall going into the final two mountain stages and the TT.

Madrazo bouncing back in a hilly stage is surprising. Overall it still looks like a two-horse race, where Pluchkin obviously needs to do something in the mountains.
Quite happy with the stage win from Buchmann on stage 5, great win for him. Showing his strenght there! Marquez lost some time, but I can live with that

Stage 6, nothing exciting for us, but interesting to follow the big guys. Had hoped that we coudl do something with David in the break, but alas
Quite some wasted racedays here from both Vasyliv and Chamorro. Constantly doing nothing...

Praying for Haig to have a good day in the TT. If he gains significant time, he may be still in contention for a Top-10 result here. Even though he will probably suffer and lose big minutes in the queen stage.
Nice surprise from Badilatti, making his manager very happy here. Schelling still sniffing the top-10, he may fall back some more with the TT, but it is still somewhat possible.

Very entertaining race, thank you Marco!
A couple of very good stages from Reis. Climbing to 7th in the GC as we had hoped with a reasonable gap over Galta. Hopefully we can use the TT to consolidate that position and thus clearing ourselves from the pressure of the final stage.

A good random victory for UBS there with Badilatti, congrats Bushwackers! Phinney should also enjoy a good day tomorrow.
We started the race really good with another top-10 for Samolenkov, but really disappointed that Kritskiy as third best TTer at this race only finished 15th in the first ITT. Kritskiy did climb very well during stage 4 and 5, and even managed to be on the podium at Risoul! So hopefully he can continue this during tomorrow's ITT, because we really need the points.
Haig with a great TT there! He often performs well in timetrials, I really need to push his MO stat to another level now Smile

Reall good team effort on the stage, with five riders inside the Top-20. Haig obviously with the most important stage result as 5th. I accidentally thought the final stage would be the queen stage, but it ain't. Still a tough one, of course. Not sure if he can maintain his rather small gap on those climbers behind him. A Top-10 in the GC would be fantastic, of course. But I will just wait and see. I remember last year, where he lost a provisional 4th place to drop outside the Top-20 or so Grin

Anyway. The flat finish gives me some hopes for a less selective final stage. If he somehow manages to stay in the front groups as long as possible, he may get us a really good GC result here.
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