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Tour de Suisse Discussion
Brilliant stage by Guldhammer!

Looking at the GC now, a top 5 might be possible, though, it will take some luck and a couple of very good days on the upcoming mountain stages. Of the riders behind, surely it won't be possible to keep Schleck behind, but the other riders could well be possible to keep behind him, especially with the handy gap he has given himself now.

Also a tense fight for the stage win, congratulations, gustav! Machado was clearly the strongest of the four riders fighting for the win, pulling them away from the other favourites.

Thank you for the report, Aquarius97! Definitely makes for a very interesting finish with Amador, Machado, Herklotz and Schleck this close before we hit the mountains. Should make for some great racing on the next stage, which looks brutal if the best climbers force action early. Obviously I hope they don't, considering Guldhammer Pfft
Wow what a cool victory from Machado, completely out of the blue. Thanks for the congrats guys!

It should be a fun contest the next couple of stages, with short routes and plenty of climbs. Also the very best need to take back time so it's going to be interesting. Machado has almost no support so it should be tough for him to repeat a good result. Anyway looking forward to the next stages!
Whoa, Bibby; amazing ride! If he doesn't collapse tomorrow he's going to overperform a lot in GC. Grin
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I was expecting some sort of failure but PCM always has a way of dealing with our expectations that I never was able to grasp. 10min lost in half a climb is beyond my worst predictions. There goes another potentially good race.

Brilliant ride from the shark! Mre must be proud. Congrats, mate!
Nibali will beat Morton here...

At least Dyball had a quite awesome stage and together with Smith, that gives us a nice lead in the team's classification. Hope they can keep this. Thanks to this and Bayly taking a stage, I could look past Morton's usual fail. Must be a miracle, that he once managed to podium a GT.
Surely Aegon DS knows something we don’t...

Not really, no. :lol:
Amazing resilience by Herklotz, making that front group despite the obvious struggles.
Schleck will remain very dangerous on the final stage though, but probably has to make a move before the final KoM to make up enough time. We have to be attentive!

Too bad that Bongiorno's (admittedly impressive) pacing meant he dropped in the GC, but since I feel like we won't even need his points at the end of the season, that's good for his wage. Pfft
What a messy stage, and what an opportunity that was for Guldhammer. Had he been as attentive as Hirt, he would have been in the fight for an overall podium, and had he just followed Yates in the final kilometers, he would even sit 3rd overall before the final stage. Too bad neither could be done Pfft

Big congratulations to Mre, what a masterclass by Nibali, definitely an epic win Smile Also a big performance by Hirt, which is cool to see, I must say.

Thank you for great reporting on that stage, Aquarius97, eventhough it was a weird one.
OlegTinkov wrote:
Mission failed, goal was to win the TTT, maybe we can surprise during the ITT!

And we did: Malori 1st, Dal Col 5th and Yatsevich 6th at the ITT. Foliforov, Ignatenko and Shalunov are doing okay in the GC as well.
Morton with today’s great ride climbs from 9th to 5th. His manager will be more relaxed now that Morton at least delivered a decent GC result, after overtaking Hirt and Guldhammer, who finish 6th and 7th.

Spot on, Aquarius!

That was a great effort from Morton, glad to see him attacking this group and actually gain quite a lot of time on several GC riders to move up to a decent 5th place. Didn't see this coming, but he proved my whining wrong for a change Grin great support from Smith, too and I must admit, that I loved our team's work even more than I love Morton's Top-5 achievement. Dyball adds some nice points inside the Top-20, Smith was a great support and adds a solid GC result plus young rider's points as 3rd there, and of course there's a nice (and rare) team's classification victory in a mountainous stage race!

Oh and of course Bayly taking a stage. This last stage was worth the waiting Smile Thanks for the quality reports and congrats to all winners.
Insane. Absolutely insane. No words can sufficiently describe this season.

First in AToC despite the way it started.
Second in Liechtenstein, keeping up with Spilak.
A dominating Vuelta, with six stage wins along the way.
And capping it off here with incredible team work to seal the deal today.

Colin Stüssi, what a man! Level 3 and he creates such a split.
Janvier Hadi, the minimum wage pickup this offseason, keeping the pace high.
And in the end, our Lord and Savior Silvio with one last big effort riding away into his well-earned vacation, and sadly also towards a massive paycheck.

Thank you very much for the great reports Aquarius, enjoyable to read not just because of how the race went. Smile
I hope everyone on 2nd to 5th can take something positive from this race after all.
Looking at the Dauphine, I guess you all still made the right decision to be here.
Herklotz again proving his level, but what a team performance at a key moment as well from Puma. Congratulations on the stage and the GC, cio93!

Guldhammer dropping to seventh was to be expected the way Morton went on with that stage, big performance by the Aussie. 7th overall pre-race would have been a great result by Guldhammer, but I must admit I'm not completely satisfied seeing the golden opportunity he had on the penultimate stage. Vesely's stage win was our big moment this race, together with Guldhammer's second place on the final hilly stage, which makes it a good race overall for us Smile

Thank you for your great reporting, Aquarius97!
Absolutely sublime from Herklotz. What a rider, could well be looking at the individual title as well.

A decent race for us, giving the team. Iturria around expected with his 24th place.

Thanks for the reports, Aquarius!
Herklotz showing his dominance again, congrats cio. We may be looking at the beginning of the career of the best rider of all time in the Man Game. Hoping for the win from Amador was too ambitious, so Im content with a podium and the TTT win. Thank you for a great race Aquarius.
Good final stage for me.getting two good climbers into the break and climbing in the kom classification is good and Vosekalns climbs a few spits in GC too.

Thanks for the reports. congrats to cio. Ive told you earlier what a gift Herklotz is Wink

A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Sadly Bibby couldn't keep up the overperforming. Don't think we scored a lot here.

Thanks for reporting! And congrats to the flying puma's.
Another robust performance from Machado. It would have been sweet to fight for the podium, but that sordid time loss led to the disastrous 12th place in the GC.

Herklotz was too good for everyone else though. Congrats on another astounding victory cio!

Thanks for all the reports Aquarius, brilliant job!
We are probably down into relegation zone now, that's not a great sign. Not enjoying what the team is doing lately.
Not the best race from Dombrowski. He could have saved it all in the last stage, but losing the podium for just a few seconds is a heart breaking.

At least Majka had a more than decent race.
"Behind, it looks like things got heated with Smith’s pace, and only Morton, Schleck and Amador were able to follow the Aussie rider. Maybe Morton can climb some places in GC this way"

How dare you Aquarius Angry

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