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Unofficial PCT Ranking Update #2
Important: This is not an official ranking update, neither is done with the Points Ranking "automatic" file, so don't take this as 100% accuracy (in terms of exact points, if a team is in promoting places it would be there no matter points are a bit off. Also, as this ranking were only initially made for my own use, you could see some extra things on them, like scoring divided by race category, but no info about RD's, while also no Individual Ranking will be available, because of the huge amount of time it would require for me to do them manually.

The ranking should be updated at the end of May, with all fully-posted races (so no Besseges, Veenendal, Philadelphia, Chesire and Romandie).

TeamPointsPTHC HCC1C2
1Indosat Ooredoo - ANZ201216785195935
2Generali - EDF19993078468460
3Repsol - Netflix18393916507917
4Podium Ambition17362624919830
5Fablok - Bank BGZ16284765655852
7SPAR - Shimano - SCG158225156668481
8Team Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff157824112251075
10Kulczyk - DMTEX13752773957030
11Iberia - Team Degenkolb13474225933311
13Carrefour - ESPN12213513515190
14Team Reddit12133283735120
15Xero Racing p/b Octagon12012073886060
17Netia - Vonin11084172334580
18Phillips - Continental10773173593983
19Meiji - JR East10711353735630
20World Cycling Centre10681313975382
21Lierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam105432728842910
22Kraftwerk Man Machine101116638243429
23Euskaltel - Elior9442103953381
24Nordstrom - Bioware8682663242771
25Carlsberg - Danske Bank8371512434421
26Azteca - NBCSM4391161947950

Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

I knew it was bad, but this is worse than I feared. Looks like it's relegation after all. Crap. I can't believe I was able to survive last year only to screw it up worse. no excuses. This is on me... and cobbles AI never giving me a fricking break.
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Just 66 points off relegation and our busiest period of the season is over! This looks grim Sad
Thanks for the update Aquarius, positions almost match with my personal ranking except a few small differences. I'm over the moon to see ourselves this close to the promotion spots but I know we'll drop off a bit in the coming months when we race less.
Manager of Minions in MG and Peugeot in ICL
That bad huh?
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Ahh, finally posted publically, thanks Aquarius! Now I can give my two cents Smile

Indosat... What a great season they're having. Anuar Aziz is overperforming so hard that I'm incredibly jealous of them. Promotion secured imo.

Repsol doing well too, and I feel like the good things aren't over yet. Should motivate every CT team that wants to join the PT as fast as possible.

Minions are my surprise at the season, I kinda laughed at Zepuntke at first (bad habit, I know) but it worked out fine for them. Should drop a bit more after the cobbled season but still doing very well.

Popo4ever's HC score is epic, then Ayubowan kinda disappoints but they will probably win ToA so I feel like they should be fine too.

Yorkshire moved up a lot because of Olympias, though it's scary because that's probably their highest points haul by far this season. For the sake of Meintjes, I hope they keep it up.

Carrefour is a team I feel extremely sorry for, they had the biggest balls during offseason imo but they got so damn unlucky. At least it's TT month now which will do them good. Hope they won't crack even harder.

Then for our own team, I'm extremely pleased with how we're doing so far. We had a great April/May and we're quite far ahead of the danger zone. I feel like we do need to keep performing, but we still have more than half of Lutsenko's race days left and should have a high pprd cause of us joining the ToA. Can't deny I'm only planning to be in the PCT next season right now.

Then it feels like there's a bit of a pattern of teams wihout a very good leader suffering. Especially Philips and Kraftwerk should be higher up, really. Hopefully no cobbles will do them good.

Talent teams Lierse and Euskaltel are in trouble, I don't even think I've noticed Gaviria yet... Relegation would mean a lot for them, so they are interesting to follow. Netia on the other hand is doing quite well, though I'm unsure how many race days Kwiatek has left.

Carlsberg for disappointment of the season really, Nordstrom being higher than them after the cobbled season is quite an insult, though Nordsrrom still has potential to surprise with so many punchy races coming up. Looking at their odds of dominating Nantahala especially with their depth.

And finally Azteca is such a sad story, imagine if Eastman actually did anything...
Didnt know that we were doing so well. Thanks for the update
Thanks so much for this Aquarius! It's great to finally get a good overview of how things are going.

Seriously Indosat are incredible! I thought this season would be all about Generalli but Indosat have really stepped up, it is an awesome team so glad they could do it (I also love Generalli though Pfft)

On the other hand I really feel for BBL, you really don't deserve to relegate and there is no way your team should be that bad, you really should be comfortable mid table at least. Kraftwerk have had a bad surprise as well.

We're about where we should be atm I think, especially given a few disappointments, I'm happy California and Arenberg have given us the lifts we need to outweigh a couple terrible races so we're on track to defy all the pundits again (if we're ever predicted outside the relegation zone we'll probably promote Pfft). Though the region from 16th - 22nd is tight, so it's still a bit precarious.

Vien wrote:
Netia on the other hand is doing quite well, though I'm unsure how many race days Kwiatek has left.

He still has Romandie, Japan, Natahala, San Sebastian & Emelia, so still quite a bit, plus Vantomme has a fair bit and we've got good scoring potential in C2 still, so I'd be surprised if we didn't stay on a similar track the rest of the year.


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Obviously for me it doesn't come as a surprise to be in promotion spots right now, though in a future ranking update with all remaining races from April/May posted, probably we won't be as high as now.

Most of this is thanks to Kudus amazing season, with GC wins in ToME and Eritrea, which should see him being in the Top3-5 of the Individual Ranking right now (over 600 points already). Then having Vanmarcke, Roelandts and Novak with 220+ points is amazing. Bystrom not yet at 200, but should be soon after his next hilly race. Then obviously depth scoring, with Ndayisenga almost 100 points, LLS and Duchesne 50 points, Barrio, Agostini, Serrano, Levarlet, Roson, Rodriguez and Pirazzi all 10+ points, and only 3 of the 4 loanies not scoring points for the team yet. A huge change compared to last season, where the scoring was all about Valls (750/1300~) and then Gilbert/Kneisky scoring almost all the rest, with any kind of depth points.

Would be surprised to stay so high, but at some point mid-April (before winning Corsica) i thought i could end up in the relegation battle, but Corsica + a huge May, put that far away. Kudus does not have left so many RD's (Austria + Maroc), Vanmarcke has a few cobbled races left, Roelandts is a mistery, and can't be guanranteed points as a second tier sprinter in this division. Bystrom will steadly score in the hills, and Novak hopefully continues to do his thing and get big results everywhere
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

So the key to a promotion effort was to have out multi-million pound #1 leader decline in the offseason and then overpay him! GENIUS!!!

Ok yes i know it's mostly the improvement to Ewan, and just imagine what he'll be like with PT training money! (Unless i spend it on Yates... i'm spending it on Yates...). But the overall scoring of the team has been excellent. Thomas final hurrah has been outstanding, Yates has done what Yates does, Ricki's been decent, Marcus, Darren as well and Talansky going under the radar well too.
All very positive stuff. Needs more gifs though...
Thanks for the update Aquarius although now I can't pretend Kraftwerk are "about mid-table" any more Sad
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Thought we would be much higher due to several great results from Choi, Shikai and Kuboki, but I guess we've been too anonymous in races. Does seem like having several strong sprinters is the way to go, as thats the only terrain we haven't been above average in.
Nice work! Looks like relegation is on the menu tho..
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Safety is a long long way from being even a little assured, but being 15th now is a great feeling and certainly above where I expected us to be. Velits had already lost a lot of points but does have a few races to go so we'll have to keep overperforming everywhere else even more so than we have to anyway to combat his crappy inconsistency.

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