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Please tell me how to host
Self explanatary.

Please help.
Please explain what you have done until now. Did you actually try to host yet?

I mean .. did you try "create a new game" yet?
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Posted on 05-08-2020 09:06
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If you are running your internet from a router youve got pretty much no hope unless you port forward... dont ask me how to do that Wink
Youll need help from whoever it is in youre household who 'installed' the internet. As they will know the details for the Router and how to log in to the Router though a certain webpage.

After that log in there are a whole load of settings, and you need to configure the ports to:
in TCP : 17851 and 17852
in UDP : 3033 and 3034

This link tells you how to set up port forwarding:

You need to select your router through the large list below, which brings you a list of games. You then either click on the Default guide as PCM is not listed.

Using that guide, the person who installed your internet router should be able to add the correct settings. One thing you may need for this bit is to include your IP address. Now, if you have a static IP address it is a lot easier as you can just do that but if your IP is not static and changes each time it connects to the network, you will have to add the ports setting a few times, once for each IP used (As even though the IP changes, there should only be a few different addresses that it changes between).

Cyanide also suggest to look at the manual for your router, as it usually contains a section regarding ports forwarding. If you dont have one, then try looking at the website of the company who made the router (E.g. Netgear)
Thanks, but you lost me at router!

In response to Crue, i have tryed to host a couple of times; i can create a game, when peole join i click the launch game button, the game loads and i'm taken to the games main menu, all the game options are locked apart from the mode that i selected when i created the game, i go through the menus clicking on the options i am allowed to and once i have selected everything i need to i'm taken to the page you are taken to when other people host (the one where you choose your rider and whatnot), in the list of players it only has me and it says next to my name to wait (like in a normal multiplayer game when others are still loading), i have waited up to 10 minutes but no other players ever show up on the list, if i click the next button i'm then taken into the race but it's always me against AI. I have spoken to people who were supposed to be in the game afterwards and they say that for them the game never loaded. Does that help you know what's wrong?

Thanks for helping everyone.
The answer to your problem: SN's post.
Yup, you need to port forward, I had to port forward my router and since I did that, I can host no problems.
OK great, now i just need someone to translate SN's post into english!
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