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ICL19 - Transfer Discussion
Hereby the transfer discussion for ICL19 is opened.

You may want to offer your riders or needs in here, especially when the Transfer Season starts talks on potential deals an offers could take place here.

Transfer Updates will also be posted in this thread.
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Filliers transfers list

Following riders are most likely to leave them team:

Tim Wellens - swap with a top talent
Arnaud Geromboux - cash
Daan Olivier - swap for 3x 100 wage riders
Pascal Ackermann - cash
Dieter Bouvry - swap with a top talent
Eduardo Gonzalez - cash
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Frederiek Nolf, Dimitri De Fauw, Wouter Weylandt, Rob Goris, Kristof Goddaert, Igor Decraene, Antoine Demoitié, Daan Myngheer, Michael Goolaerts, Jimmy Duquennoy. The legendary Michele Scarponi. The list is getting too long..
Grupo Argos: Transfer Availability list

NairoQuintana81,81675297Stage Racerno
WilcoKelderman78,6765287Stage Racerpossibly
MatejMohoric78,51175257PuncheurHANDS OFF
RigobertoUrán78,2645326Stage Racerlikely
StanislauBazhkou76,6450286PuncheurHANDS OFF
BenitoGarcia74,0220237Time Triallistpossibly
João MarceloGaspar72,0110274Allrounderpossibly
GaoLei71,1100226Stage Raceryes

Time for a change? Well kind of: There are there scenarios, and which one we take depends on for whom of the pair we receive the better offer:

Sep Vanmarcke stays, Rigoberto Uran goes: In this scenario we are searching for both money and riders that could strengthen our cobbles squad. It's time to support Vanmarcke properly so that he can finally show why he is the best Cobbler in the ICL. We would sell a couple of assets to make him work properly then, with Uran as the holy grail with his palmares and awesome wage.

Sep Vanmarcke leaves, we receive mostly rider compensation: If we receive a decent leader, we are searching for a guy that does both sprinting and cobbling pretty well, looking for the likes of Degenkolb, Kristoff, Sagan, Phinney. Otherwise it would need another WT leader or World Class talent to make such deal possible.

Sep Vanmarcke leaves, we receive mostly money compensation: We may scrap the idea of scoring big time on cobbles. We'll search for a minor scoring cobbler instead and focus on strengthening our already given strengths like Stage Races and Hills. In this scenario also Rigoberto Uran would likely stay if not very early sold for a convincing offer.

Apart from that we need to make a little bit of cash, hence we are trying to turn our silverware into money. Hence you'll have the chance of signing awesome young guns like Lei (DT star alert!), Dimas and Ollero as well as development wonderkid Alves, who outscored Boileau 2 times in development points in a row. With Groenenwegen and Sarmiento also 2 classy CT leaders on great wages are on offer.
Santos - Euskadi Transfer Availability


Available?Offer Needed
OspinaArgiroMaybeMoney/Rider Swap for cool leader or talent
AppollonioDavideNoBig swapsies or monies
VenturaJuan ÁngelNoMoney
SmithDionMaybeLook it's clearly money/rider swap
AlbiniDavideNolots and lots of money and your name isn't Bikex
MartinGustavoMaybeI feel like I'm just saying the different ways to do transfers
BosmansWietseYeah Nah
JacobsenSverreNoSomething worthy of the "Mr. Panama Papers" title
VerkuylMousinUnlikelyLook you know how to bid for a rider
PadrónMikel MaríaUnlikelybut I'm still not 100% with the new rules so maybe not
De GrootteChristianNo
LloretLluísI wishI'd pay you if Bikex would let me
GorriaránRubénI wishYou know I could have kept Majka
KeersmaekersKimI wishif I'd kept it in my pants for crappy talents?
I'm a bit surprised to not have any interest in my riders yet so here is the list of availabilities for now:

Team Leaders - Unlikely to be sold due to the new rules although I'm considering good offers
Marcel Kittel79717471746482826969777478317
Peter Sagan78707869787777828080787378296

Key Talents - These are supposed to be the cornerstones of our future so i need a great offer to trade them away

Juris Eisaks77667270707873747374777272257
Caleb Ewan76667369716978787568757174257
Marc Geyer74727574747272757575747372266
Jonathan Peiffer70767467686767737275757073247
Peter Geissler75687169717376757672757074237
Adrien Chaix69747167656265707075716772237
Martin Wagner72616864686572737263726872236
Niklas Herrmann67697064645966657071666764226

Valuable Squad Members - Available for the right prize
Florian Senechal78647270708074747272787372267
Willy Willwohl75656968706777767467736873256
Charles Engeldinger70767568686266747475737072256
Marco Mathis75717376756666677169717073255
Toms Skujins74677069687171707172726769284

Interesting role riders - available for solid offers
Patrick Gretsch74696976786466656871686870325
Juraj Sagan69667168696969716572736869314
Jordan Kerby73707070697071707273716669274

Transfer Listed
Stefano Locatelli70767366665966737073716770304
Ion Izagirre70727368706865707271696969304
Marcel Hornig64646565655655567066606165195
Kevin Richter64646466645456626664586362195
Michael Schulz61595760595565646459676362225

So basically every rider is available for the right prize! Come and PM with any sorts of ideas. Cash offers preferred but including riders can work too.

A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Lufthansa Transfer Availability
John Degenkolb79.61580No
Greg Van Avermaet78.2700Maybe
Beñat Intxausti76.4380Yes
Kenneth Vanbilsen75.6320Yes
Phil Bauhaus75.6320No
Heiner Parra75.5310Yes
Matthias Frank75.4310Yes
Oskar Svendsen75.4310No
Nikias Arndt75.1290Yes
Gianluca Brambilla75280Yes
Jeroen Meijers74.2230Yes
Nino Honigh74.2230No
Julian Runge72.7140Maybe
Johannes Windischbauer72.6140Yes
Julien Vermote72.2120Yes
Martin Jansen71.7100Maybe
Hans-Georg Nentwich69.8100Maybe
Carl Ilsanker68.8100Maybe
Jürgen Reuter68.8100Maybe
Denis Kathmann68.5100Maybe
Emil Ritter68.2100Maybe
Tobias Krautberger66.8100Maybe
David Andrich66.2100Maybe
Lutz Berg66.1100Maybe
Joe Richter66100Maybe

Van Avermaet may be sold, but it'll need a very good offer.

Intxausti and Vanbilsen will be sold for a decent offer.

Either of Parra or Frank will be sold. If replacements are brought in, they can both go.

Either of Brambilla or Meijers will be sold. If replacements are brought in, they can both go.

Will readily listen to offers for Vermote and Windischbauer.

The youngsters will need good offers to be sold. This is negotiable to some extent depending on transfer situation.

Degenkolb, Bauhaus, Svendsen and Honigh are not for sale.
Suntory Lucozade Sport


Suntory are looking to train some of their talents so some quality riders are available for a reasonable offer.

Michael Matthews AUS Aussie National Champion Wage 480 Age 29

Jérôme Coppel FRA 5th in last year's Tour de France Wage 480 Age 33

Paolo Zanni ITA SP 72 U23 Sprinter Wage 130 Age 23

Michael Matthews77.475617569706177787666767176
Jérôme Coppel77.073777477755761706670736873
Paolo Zanni71.872606464696472737359716870


Romain BardetFRA2981.51350No
Mark CavendishGBR3480.1875Unlikely
Michael MatthewsAUS2977.4480Yes
Jérôme CoppelFRA3377480Yes
Michael HepburnAUS2876.6400Unlikely
Clément ChevrierFRA2776.6480No
Rick ZabelGER2676.4380No
Mads PedersenDEN2476.1455No
Jens KeukeleireBEL3175.3300Possible
Pierre GouaultFRA2675.1290Possible
Emilien ViennetFRA2775280Possible
Alexis GuerinFRA2774.7260Possible
Anthony RouxFRA3274.2230Possible
Salvador CastilloESP2474.2230No
Mads RahbekDEN2474.1220Possible
Patrick OlesenDEN2574220Possible
Samuel CrochetFRA2373.6220No
Hiroyuki NakanoJPN2273.4205No
Edward SmithUSA2473.2170No
Okuma YamashitaJPN2373.1160Possible
Jorge Cano GonzalezESP2371.8125No
Pierre FavreFRA2371.8110Possible
Paolo ZanniITA2371.8130Yes
David MeyerFRA2271.7505No
Alan RambaudFRA2471.5100Possible
Murjikneli GochashviliGEO2271.1100No
Salif ManeSEN2270100No
Max FritschGER2269.4100Possible
Ricardo PadillaESP2269.1100No
Quinten de LaetNED2268.8100Possible
Luis CrawfordUSA2268.7100Possible
Raffaele McKenzieAUS2268.5100Possible
Mark SaffordUSA2268.4255No

Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Here's the availlability of Polestar's riders:
Gatis Smukulis (71,6) - we will only consider serious offers
Tanel Kangert (75,8) - HANDS OFF
Ramunas Navardauskas (74,7) - Only huge money offer will be accepted
Sven Erik Bystrøm (71,6) - could be sold for a acceptable fee
Fredrik Galta (75,1) - Only fee which matches his wage and above will be considered
Thomas Nybo Riis (74,3) - We will consider if offers are acceptable
Jonas Ahlstrand (75,9) - HANDS OFF
Jonas Henttala (71,3) - unlikely to be sold, but if the price is right we may consider it
Kim Magnusson (73,7) - Money fee or rider swap can be accepted (subject to approval from shareholders)
Martin Laas (73,7) - Very unlikely to be sold unless some one goes deep into their pockets
Fredrik Ludvigsson (76,7) - HANDS OFF

The remaining riders that are not listed here are from the Telenor Rider Search programme and are not for sale under any circumstances.

Transfers Information

An important time of year as everyone scrambles around to make sure their squad is the best it possibly can be! We're no different, although obviously limited by our very strict focus.
This focus on Caribbean cycling means we have no real intentions to sell riders, not that we expect anyone really wants our ridershaving release Lobato and Henao our two stars.

That said, if we were to recieve an offer for Anders Newbury or Xavier Ela we would seriously consider it! Full stats for both riders can be found below. Ideally we'd like a rider swap, exchanging Newbury for a similar level rider from one of our focus. With Ela we'd offer him and some cash money for a rider from one of our focus nations.

As for our plans, we've got one rider marked up in the Free Agency we're gunning for 110%. So it will be a very quiet and simple window for Cool Runnings Warm Cycling, saving plenty of money for Research, Training and Scouting.



Liberty Seguros is offering currently putting following riders in the shopping window for sale.

Carlos Betancur: HL 80, AC 81, MT 78 - Winner Liege Bastogne Liege - wage 1.450
Axel Domont: MT 77, HL 75 - wage 370
Jonathan Castroviejo: TT 77, PRL 77, MT 74 - wage 350
Tony Gallopin: SP 75, CB 74, HL 74 - wage 325

Unleash the Landa

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Quick update to people who sent me PMs (and anyone else wondering), I'm not going to sell Daniel Oss. I'm interested in making a swap of scouted riders, I'll probably send out messages to those involved tomorrow.
Wilier Triestina Transfer Availability
Moreno Moser, Enrique Sanz and Fernando Gaviria won't leave the team, unless we receive an offer that we can't reject or a swap deal

Someone tried a steal on Jarlinson Pantano earlier in this pre-season, so whoever he was, we can start some talks about his future in my team Wink

Pablo Alzaga, Rolando Calo and Dario Guglielmo are the base of our development and won't leave the team. We expect from the first of them to be one of the best if not the best cobbler in U23 level

Our trio of Spanish riders in the team could leave the team with the right offer. Angel Madrazo, Omar Fraile and Manuel Sola are all in their minimum wages, so maybe that can attract better offers?

Michiel Looyen could leave the team, despite the huge progression he's made over the winter. A high pot Dutch rider with a good future ahead of him

About Matteo Rabottini, we are not keen to sell him, being our leader in the mountains

Our last rider is Matteo Pelucchi, who has evolved into a more punchy type of sprinter, and the idea of having him next to Sanz as last year i like it, but he could leave the team anyway

Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina


Big news out of Santos-Euskadi this afternoon as the transfer availability of many valuable riders was upgraded! Although they'd all require good deals, the following riders could leave the team in some circumstances!
Available?Offer Needed

Fellow managers were told to Privately Message the Santos manager or to hit him up on Skype.
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[CX] Listerijns & BoK
The Carbon Throne

From Allianz team any rider is up for sale, so feel free to PM me.

Exciting riders:
Pierre Roger Latour 77 MO 75 HI 71 TT 410 wage
Sergey Chernetskiy 76 MO 75 HI 73 TT 74 PRL 370 wage
Thomas Damuseau 76 MO 75 HI 350 wage
Genis MArtinez, Juan del Campo, Jose Cervantes all of them 24-25 yerars, 70+ in MO, HI and TT, cheap wage

AND, two of our 100 wage riders can leave for the minimum fee.
Sugoi transfer availability:

All riders except Durbridge and my pot6 riders are available for sale. I don't need to sell all, but a bit of extra cash wouldn't hurt. Surprisingly I'm mainly looking into cash offers.
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/npn.png[PCT] Novatek-Panarmenian.net
[ICL] Sugoi-Xanterra & Canada Dry Dev Team
Stages (Requests closed)


'But why were [...] they helped to get to space? To find answers, we must look at predictions not of science, but of science-fiction.'
Ancient Aliens
I'll not do long post about it.

CCC - all riders are available except Ulissi/Komisarek duo.
I can think about Ulissi/Komisarek ONLY if offer is really, really (I mean really) good.
Italo available riders:


Let me know if you are interested!

I'm also listening to offers to the following top talents:
I'll just post it here: I intend to fully stay out of transfers, no riders available, nor do I want to buy any from your teams.
Manager of Nemiroff - ABBYY in the PCM.Daily Man-Game

Yellow Jersey

Currently no time to make a fancy post so I hope it's enough Smile
Be creative, be excited with this gorgeous squad, you can get a piece of it for the right value Wink I do prefer trades over deals, have that in mind Smile
EDIT: Not very prone into making transfers, but PM me in case you have any deal in mind.
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