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Hong Kong Challenge Discussion
Well that TT went much better than expected. Izagirre made it top 10, and he shouldnt lose too much time to fall out of it, maybe even get higher if hes in go od shape on th e last stage. MAL did much mu ch better than I thought, with his low rating I expected him to fall out of top 25 but hes hangin in there, m ight end up giving us wome nice points if things go well tommorow
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DK Žalgiris
Congrats to Swisslion, Reus has still got it!

Two in the top-10 here is fantastic! Richardson moving up the GC alongside Russom before the final stage is promising. Good ride form Manulang too!

Top 15 are pretty close with a few exceptions up top, but Meyer isn’t a climber at all and it’s very possible he’ll lose the lead tomorrow. Big shake up coming, hope Russom can sneak into the top-10 Smile

Thanks for the report!
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"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
Luis Leon Sanchez
Pretty solid effort there for 21st 22nd and 25th in the TT. Ganna being 25th clearly with a bit of an off day. Great effort from Cosnefroy who moves up to 21st in the GC. Not expecting an easy day tomorrow for any of our riders though.
Some distance to the top now, need a perfect last day.

Thanks for the report

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Three riders just outside the top eight but close together. Haga with a very good GC position going into the final stage. Top ten GC is definitely on the cards I think.
Manager of Minions in MG and Peugeot in ICL
Nonaka doing atleast something somewhat decent for us in the TT.
Well I guess I can't be too dissapointed, 3rd stage win of the season for us Smile

Would have liked to see Martin top 5 here, but Kovalev did maybe a bit better finishing 2nd. Not a good TT for Brajkovic, was hoping he would put in a better time. We also hoped to have a better GC presence, but it looks like the hill stage robbed us of that. Maybe we can have a good day and keep our team standings.
Well I was hoping to keep the jersey for another day but 2nd and 5th and I still have the points and KOM jerseys...not too bad! Keep it going boys
Ouch, 2 seconds behind Top 10 for MAL, thats kinda heartbreaking, but in the end we managed to get our stage race duo to top 20 finish with MAL taking U25 which ks berry cool.
Id say congrats to Valio but its already becoming redundant.

in the end for a squad thats not focused on climbing, thats a dam. great result
Manager of the greatest team in the world
DK Žalgiris
König is one of my favourite riders in the db, him winning here is terrific! And expected really, Pinot the only other big gun that could have taken it I feel. Congrats Atlantius!

Russom having the ride of his life here too, absolutely incredible race from him! 4th on the stage and 4th in GC after a decent ITT is incredible - couldn’t possibly have asked any more of him or the team. So happy to have brought him in over the off season Smile
Good to see Suryadi having a ripper of a race here too after struggling a bit in PCT.

Thanks for the reports too!

quadsas wrote:
Id say congrats to Valio but its already becoming redundant

Edited by Eden95 on 14-09-2018 10:51
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
Well, Pirazzi's great performance in the mountain stage gives him a Top20 in GC which avoids what could have been our first 0-pointer of the season.

Congrats to Atlantius for the GC win and thanks to tsmoha for the great reports!
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

Amazing ride by König. Couldn't be happier!
Also cool to see Kaislavuo go in the break making something of his second chance and even young Helme trying to make a move (however fruitless).

Thanks for some great reports!


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Valio still going strong with König winning here as one of the top2 favourites. Shame Warbasse though was that weak today and also Pinot not as strong as expected.

This way giving room for some surprisingly good results such as Haga, which is nice to see though.

Meyer still in the top10 GC, which is pretty good. Though without a stage win not with the maximum for him. Had expected him to gain more time in the hilly stage tbh and win the stage to end in top5 GC. But still decent for Eddie Stobart.

Cataldo is cool to see. Great rider and even at 33 years he still has those couple of moments, that make him a consistent rider. One of the reasons why I tried to get him from FA couple seasons ago. Though he would have been mainly helper then. Since he instead became a solid CT scorer, which is better to see I must admit.

Thanks for the reports tsmoha!
Cool little race addition, even though not 100% ideally played out in the end with 3-4 riders acting weird. But always nice to see such combination races with some allrounder GC places.
Haga with a very good ride. When selecting C2 races I saw this race matched his skillset and although I wanted him to lose less time on this stage, in the end I'm very happy with eight place in the GC and the teams classification as bonus!

Congrats to Valio! Thanks tsmoha for the reports!
Manager of Minions in MG and Peugeot in ICL
Luis Leon Sanchez
Good to see Castrillo in the breakaway again although again a little disappointing I didn't have a better climber in there instead so they could competitively fight for the KOM. Didn't expect anything here and 7th in KOM for Castrillo isn't the worst result so I'll take it. Good to see my talents riding together here.
Pana did it Grin
Cool little despite some funny performances. Was hoping to get a glimpse of Diesel's kit, especially on asian soil, but we'll have to wait for next time.

Very dominant win for our loan partners Swisslion on stage 2. Good performance overall too for SPAR where Oliveira helped a bit too. Happy for both managers. Cool to see Campari take a podium as well, given Tamijo's contributions to the game.

Lastly, congrats Atlantius on a very successful start to the season. And thank you for another beautiful set of reports, tsmoha!
I was hoping we would at least try to get in the break, but we did absolutely nothing on both the hill and mountain stage. Most passive riding we have had, with the strongest lineup we can muster. Hopefully just a bad couple of days.

When Reus is your top GC rider you know something went very wrong Rolling Eyes
Yellow Jersey
Damn this was hard to see.. I had big expectations today but nothing worked, Warbasse didn't have the legs yet attacked on the flat, then the team worked their ass off for him who was clearly on a bad day, then 3 climbers to support yet none was able to be there for him.. Well it happens, yet very demoralizing specially looking into our goals.

Anyway it happens to everyone I guess, hopefully it happened here so it wouldn't happen in a bigger race. Still a big congratulations to Ivan, Tamijo and Atlantius as they all had big performances today! And AGAIN tsmoha for the brilliant reports, can't thank enough for them Smile
Quite happy with todays stage, but the rest of the tour have been awful.
Lot's of points lost in this race, and such a pity that it happened here, almost on home soil.

Great race nevertheless, thank you tsmoha for the detailed report!
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