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ICL19 - General | Transfers
Honestly i don't feel like "blocking steals" is an issue. I think is a great idea.

Basically what you do is offering more to your rider first, which the rider feels good enough to not consider any other offers, even if they are crazy offers.

And you do this without knowing if there will be steal attempts on your riders, so you could end up paying way more than you wanted for nothing, because no one tried to steal those riders
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What Aquarius said. Last season showed that some teams are going to accept a demand resulting out of a steal attempt no matter what. I think it is fair to allow teams to have some riders they can plan with without completely destroying their budget. Also I disagree on the part that it helps strong teams more, teams with less stars will have it easier to decide on who they want to block steals.
You won't know what riders are blocked from steals, in return steals will be cheaper than what they were before.
Alright, that all makes sense. And I guess I really need to see this in action before I can make a definite conclusion on it.
I fully agree with bikex and aquarius on this. Having seen multiple seasons with steals now, this isnt something that just happens once. It could happen every damn season, completely sucking the fun out of the game. The possibility of steals also hinders investment in training imo since there is reasonable concern that all this investment turns quickly into past costs without any value in return and actually invites future steals. With the option to block, long-term training is imo sustainable.
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Despite all that, I wonder if more steal attempts should be free of charge to counter the new blocks.
Massive Offers (Steals)

Download: https://www.mediaf....xlsx/file

This is the first part of transfers, the season officially starts for all teams. You can offer riders, that rode for another team in the season before, a contract. The rider will sign for you if the offered wage is (a lot) higher than what his current team would pay him.
But the current team of a cyclist will always have the first chance to sign the cyclist for next season. In the time of renewals the rider will demand a wage close to the one offered by the other team. If you agree you block the tries of a steal, if you don't accept the rider will leave the team to the highest bidding other team. The wage the rider will demand will be 0% - 20% less then the highest offer for a steal. It also depends on the riders loyalty (=years in team).
NEW: You can now also offer a few riders of your team more right away, so they won't listen to any outside offers. They'll demand 20% more in renewals.

How does the file work:
#1: Put your team ID into cell C2 in the "Start" tab. You'll find it in the "Budget" tab along with your budget for the season.
#2: Choose a strategy by puting 1, 2 or 3 into C4. Depending on your choice you can do a different amount of allowed Offers and Blocks.
Strategies# Offers# Blocks
For new teams the "Aggressive" approach is the most useful, as they don't have a team to protect.
#3: In the "Blocks" Tab mark in column X who you want to block from outside offers.
#4: In the "Offers" tab put your offers into the AK column.
#5 Send me columns A-D of the "PM" table

Important: You are not allowed to put offers on more than 2 riders of the same team.
If you want to use all your possible options you'll have to pay a small fee. For the last two Blocks you have to pay 50 and 100. For the last two Offers (lowest two) 7,5% and 15% of what you are offering.

Please keep your budget in mind. The stealing shouldn't be the main part of transfers it's only to give people a chance to sign a rider they think would be perfect for their team.

You have until Monday for this task. I'm also asking managers that don't want to send in steals to send me a PM stating that, so I know you are reading this, as this is the first task of the new season. If I don't get a PM from you I'll PM you to tell you ICL Transfers are starting.
Yellow Jersey
When in PM, only one of the blocks shows up automatically. The other(s) I can put in manually or is there something else?
Sorry if this has already been answered and I missed it, but is 20% increase on 2018 salary or on the salary the rider would've otherwise demanded in 2019?
20% more than he would ask for anyway for the new season.

The new mechanism with steals and blocks sounds about right. Isn't Monday a little early with the new system? I'll really have to think about my steal targets now.
Edited by Ripley on 14-09-2018 08:57
@Yellow Jersey: sorry about that, fixed now: https://www.mediaf....xlsx/file (same link)
@Abhishek: on his new demand
@Ripley: Monday was just copy/pasted from last season, you'll probably get a little more time. Wink
Thanks. What is the min and max size of the dev team?
AbhishekLFC wrote:
Thanks. What is the min and max size of the dev team?

No minimum budget requirement anymore for them.
Thanks again Smile
Okay, I want something to be clarified. Do I need to put anything special in the "Blocks" just to rider ID appear on PM page? Or it can be anything?
Secondly, on Offers, I have to put the wage I want to pay for that rider?

I never took part in the steals for 3 seasons, but since I 'm going to make WT debut I might look at the DB (I'm not saying I'll try some steals)
Noob question is there any limit for how much wage to pay for all your riders together or could I use all of my budget on wages?

I think I remeber reading some where about minimun/maximum amounts of riders and such stuff but just can´t find that now after a long work week...Rolling Eyes
Minimum 18 for CT, 25 for WT. I searched for that earlier today.
Also, yes, you can spend all your budget for wages, but you will miss potential bonus training for your riders or research and stuff like that.

edit. Unless it was decreased, I don't remember exactly.
@dominox: You can put anything in the blocks table and the offered wage in the Offers table
@viking: You can also use your budget on other stuff including Scouting, Stat packages and other benefits. There is no max limit on wages.

I have updated the Steals file to include Balkan Cycling Project and their riders, also the db is now up to date and should include the correct talent ages: https://www.mediaf....xlsx/file

Will answer to all the messages I got by PM tomorrow.
I guess newly signed riders are automatically blocked?
krisa wrote:
I guess newly signed riders are automatically blocked?

Yes talents are already signed for next season.
Not sure if Steals would be worth my time as the big targets that I've set my eyes on are too expensive for my budget
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