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ICL19 - Teams
Polestar prepares for the new season
The 2019 ICL season is right around the corner and for the Polestar cycling teams the pre-season has already started. In 2019 the team will again participate in the Continental Division with again fielding developmental team in the U23 ranks with the Telenor Rider Search innitiative.

Currently 38 riders are contracted to the team following the signing of young riders. With bidget and team size limitations put in place, the team will take severe cuts and some riders will have to look for new teams.

Currently only some riders are rumoured to be riders to hang on to - Frederik Ludvigsson, Jonas Ahlstrand, Tanel Kangert, Martin Laas, Ramunas Navardauskas and Gatis Smukulis are considered firmly staying within the opperation. This means that the remaining riders my remain or be axed depending on the team's decision.

Almost if not all of the U23 riders are set to be released by the team with some of the older riders from the main team and underperforming riders may follow suit - Emmanuel Buchmann and Kruijswijk may look for other options should the team choose to let them go. Lars Petter Nordhaug admitted on the other hand that he could agree to wage cut if this means to improve the team.

The renewals will decide who the team will elect to count on in 2019, but the team is also aware of potential steals and will do whatever it takes to keep their riders away from the clutches of other teams

Yellow Jersey
Current Roster (FA 1.1)

Michał Kwiatkowski80,976788177787373797073797476150029
Taylor Phinney79,379667079797878767673777474160029
Tony Martin78,37875757979606463656573727390034
Campbell Flakemore77,37767717977707068726771737262527
Bakhtiyar Kozhatayev76,57576757472616674706974687662027
Nelson Oliveira75,97473727775656568696772717450030
Julian Kern75,97368766567687475717174697043030
Frederique Robert75,37564726267707676756773707233530
Arnold Jeanesson75,17076747169586573726870667232033
Miguel Bryon75,07462696767767071697174696928524
Stelios Ilias74,77274737472585870726170697528526
Antoine Pirlot73,77360686565756869667171676520029
Abdraimzhan Ishanov73,47174727170596168656669687218029
Romain Sicard72,67470716566737270747472687215531
Zuberi Mondijo72,06672707069545667705868677211024
Ikhlaas Martin70,56471696162566068707169667010021
Gabi Pousa69,26857626060706163676269646310025

Still an unfinished version of the squad. 18 riders already guarranteed to be racing in the main squad this season. Ikhlaas Martin not yet confirmed as he may diver to the development squad, depending on how the rest of the transfers end up.

Neil Brick71,87261656268637273726071687211023
Michael Boothroyd70,87262676766716969727271676810023
Mussie Tesfemariam69,16761715861636364707165676810023
James Smith67,76268676465575565686866656810021
Kjell Renlund65,96766656164615665656364676310022
José Agustín Gonzales64,75765635860575863626559565810019

Almost finished, we are glad to have hired the main bulk of riders who will be with us this season. A good one already for a development team, but it can get even better.
Edited by Yellow Jersey on 19-10-2018 21:15
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Liberty Seguros to step up again?
After two years in limbo, the spanish squad hit back hard this season, finishing high up on the WT and Prestige Rankings alike. With Betancur and Herrada as the spearhead of their climbing-focused racing schedule, the team took two major wins: La Vuelta and Liege-Bastogne-Liege, totaling a record win of three in both races.

Whilst the management is traditionally coy about the plans for the season before any routes have been made public, the team would like to continue on the recent path of steady growth by consolidating their riders and improving in some aspects that have been lacking in the past.

With the folding of Bunzl-Centrica, all eyes are on the british-american prize. Liberty Seguros' manager has stated that "Yates, Phinney, and Van Garderen" are interesting options to continue.

Given the recent turmoil around CarbonSports and Liberty Seguros' former rider Alberto Contador, the manager is reluctant to welcome his former star back. "Truth is, Jesus Herrada performed above expectations. If Alberto feels like he wants to come home, he is always welcome, but we will have to make it with our budget somehow. Frankly, it is a shame that Alberto does not feel welcome at CarbonSports to such a degree that he feels like. By winning the Tour de France he has made history for this team and it should be appreciate not only in Spain, but in Germany as well."


"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Szczecin - Zentiva



Stanislav Sýkorá
Britain's new No.1 Cycling Team

With the demise of Bunzl and the promotion to the World Tour, Aviva has suddenly become Britain's premier cycling team. With Wiggle also disbanding, many excellent British cyclists are now free agents, the Yates brothers, Thomas, Edmondson, as well as a host of younger riders with a lot of potential like Dibben, Hart and Doull. Will Aviva try to snatch them up, give the ex-Bunzl riders a new home? Team manager Ripley told The Guardian: "Of course we have our sights set on all these riders. But we fear competition will be great, since many of them are young and have a lot of potential, we'll make them all good offers, but expect it won't be enough in every case."


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Fox Sports - BikeNZ Cycling Team


Welcome to the Fox Sports - BikeNZ Cycling Team HQ. We are this year apart of the ICL with our sister team, BNZ Cycling Team, over in the bottom tier of the ManGame but having a stellar season so far!!

We are looking forward to getting start with signing riders and beginning racing!! We hope you are all excited to follow us through the season!!!

Team Roster

Robbie O'Mao64.061636462655858615969636361
Brenton Burke63.262576062636363616965626565


...Coming Soon...


...Coming Soon...
Edited by Jakstar22 on 13-09-2018 13:00
Refocus for Credit Suisse?

With the team managing to promote to the World Tour in its second attempt last year, there have been quite a few questions surrounding the focus of the team on the alpine region and especially Switzerland. For the first 2 seasons the aim was clear:
Trying to promote, while still maintaining the identity of the squad. That included keeping the team at least 50% Swiss and having at least one rider from Austria, Germany, France and Italy and no one else among our ranks.

Even though Italy became more of a focus for the second year, with 5 riders originating from there, we still managed to fulfill our aims in both years. As the pool of riders in Switzerland is fairly limited, the promotion to the World Tour raises a few questions though.

Is the 50% requirement of Swiss riders still a reasonable expectation? Will we need to bring in riders from other parts of the world in order to be competitive on the biggest stage of cycling? What will happen to national icon Fabian Cancellara, as he is getting closer and closer to retirement?

Loads of questions that will be needed to address by the team management in the upcoming weeks.

Credits to the_hoyle for my avatar.

Welcome to the Team HQ of Lufthansa. We continue our journey in the ICL. This will be the third season of our existence and we look to push on from what we achieved last year.

Team Sponsors - Lufthansa

The Lufthansa Group continue as our principal sponsors, allowing us to carry on our mission of promoting, supporting and progressing German cycling. Our focus remains the same as last season, competing for stage and race wins.

Other Sponsors
Associate Sponsors: Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings (all part of the Lufthansa Group)
Equipment Sponsor: Canyon Frames, Shimano Wheels
Jersey Sponsor: Adidas

2018 Jersey

Coming soon...

Team Focus
Primary Focus: Germany
Secondary Focus: Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein
Germany remain our base with Autria continuing to interest us. We go back to our secondary focus region of Switzerland. We have actively started scouting Liechenstein and will be looking to promote cycling there going ahead. We are in no way limited to recruiting from our focus regions only and will look world-wide in picking up the best talent available to help our cause.

Team Roster
John Degenkolb79.6Sprint/Northern Classics
Simon Yates78.9Puncher
Joseph Dombrowski77.7Stage Races
Michael Matthews77.4Sprint/Classics
Andrea Palini76.5Sprinter
Phil Bauhaus75.6Leadout
Heiner Parra75.5Domestique
Raymond Kreder75.4Leadout
Oskar Svendsen75.4Time Trial
Zico Waeytens75.3Domestique
Philip Lavery75.1Classics
Gianluca Brambilla75.0Domestique
Marco Platania74.5Domestique
Nino Honigh74.2Domestique
Jeroen Meijers74.2Northern Classics
Julian Runge72.7Domestique
Johannes Windischbauer72.6Sprint Train
Emanuel Buchmann72.4Domestique
Julien Vermote72.2Rouleur 
Ronan Van Zandbeek71.6Rouleur 
Mario Vogt71.4Rouleur 
Casper Von Folsach70.9Rouleur 
Denis Kathmann68.5Talent
Emil Ritter68.2Talent
David Andrich66.5Talent 


To be announced...


Deutsche Bahn Development Team

Team Sponsors - Deutsche Bahn

Other Sponsors
Equipment Sponsor: Canyon Frames, Shimano Wheels
Jersey Sponsor: Adidas

2018 Jersey

Coming soon...

Team Focus
Primary Focus: Germany
Secondary Focus: Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein

Team Roster
Martin Jansen71.7Talent
Hans-Georg Nentwich69.8Talent
Pantheras Dimas69.0Talent
Carl Ilsanker68.8Talent
Jürgen Reuter68.8Talent
Tobias Krautberger67.4Talent
Lutz Berg66.1Talent
Joe Richter66.0Talent


To be announced...

Edited by AbhishekLFC on 17-11-2020 12:00
Yellow Jersey
Team Development

Tony Martin

In his first year of decline it was obvious Martin was gonna take a heavy hit. Little could he do to keep his TT abilities but he worked and managed to keep a strong mountain abilitie, and can still have a strong run in several stage-races.

Mitchell Docker


Arnold Jeanesson


Romain Sicard

One of the riders who had the most significant training, Sicard had his Cobblestone and sprinting abilities improved, making him a very good all-rounder and good for a niche mountain-cobbled type of rider.

Nelson Oliveira

Oliveira also had a major improvement. With so many TT talent in the team we decided to have him in a different road, working on his stage-racing ability which should get significantly better with this off-season in the legs.

Rob Ruijgh


Matthias Krizek

There wasn't much of a change, but some steady improvement for a solid stage-racer. In the WT he won't have the skills to score but he is an even more reliable rider now.

Frederique Robert

Even after a brilliant season there wasn't much where Robert could evolute, yet he will certainly face the hills a little better with his recent training.

Julian Kern

Some minor adjustments here aswell, but Kern will have a slightly stronger set of skills to face the hills.

Miguel Bryon

One of the team's jewels, he's had a surprisingly great run last year and, depending on the transfers, can have a solid fight in the WT already. He is very young tho, with plenty of space to improve like he has this season already, a full focus on the Cobbles for the American.

Abdraimzhan Ishanov

Following some others, Ishanov followed the trail of stage-racing focus within the team.

Bakhtiyar Kozhatayev

A very important one here, slightly improving his backup stats but most importantly Kozhatayev has had a big improvement in the time-trialing. Seeing he is far from the best in climbing, we considered the best option to give him a stronger TT setup, which will surely benefit him more.

Campbell Flakemore

Another big jewel. His time-trialing was the clear focus, yet he still has a solid hill, cobbled and sprint qualities to be a fine all-rounder. But given his natural time-trialing skills that may always be the focus.

Petr Vakoc

Like Kern, Vakoc had a slight improvement in the classics area.

Antoine Pirlot

Another solid training in the cobbles area, Pirlot should be fit to have stronger performances in the stones.

Gabi Pousa

Also part of the cobbled setup, a good evolution sees his backups becoming more reliable, and a steep progression in his cobblestones abilities.

Ilios Stelios

Although he won't fight for any white jersey this season, Stelios has evoluted to a more thrustworthy stage-racer in his own right, with good chance of becoming a very important rider in the future.

Ikhlaas Martin

A good climber, his sole focus but one where he is prone to succeed in the future. It'll be a long run though.

Zuberi Mondijo

Like Martin Mondijo has followed a steady approach, although Mondijo is a natural stage-racer in the making. His good backups prove that he will certainly be a rider the team can count on from young age.
BZT Gazette

15/09 First two riders sign for Brugse Zot - Trek
Arrie Jorritsma (19) and Danny Lorse (18), two young dutch riders, in their debut like professionals, are first two riders signing for the just born Brugse Zot - Trek.
"This was a train passing once a life", said Danny, that also took occasion to present better himself like a puncher: "I prefer races with irregular profile, with sudden changes in slope". Different skills for Arrie, that seems more at ease on flat terrain. He spent some words about the new team: "Our directours are ambicious, surelly is a good motivation for me. I can't stand wait to know my future teammates, I'm ready to help my leaders sure that this will improve me like cyclist".
Jorritsma and Lorse are joinning the team, waiting who will be the leaders, covering a domestique role to not add unnecessary pressure at first year in the pro peloton.
Edited by df_Trek on 31-10-2018 17:44
Hype Energy to sponsor Polestar ProCycling p/b Telenor


Today on press conference Polestar Cycling Teams AB announced the signing of energy drink company Hype Energy as one of the new sponsors of the team. The company's logo will be featured on the shorts. "We're pleased to annuonce our partnership with Hype Energy Drinks, who become part of our sponsorship portfolio for 2019."

This is the fifth known sponsor to join the team alongside Polestar AB (obviously), Telenor, Cervelo bikes and Umbro. It is unknown what groupset and wheels they're going to use, but it is believed that it'll be at least for the groupset a choice between Shimano or Rotor. For the wheels the team is believed to negotiate with several potential suppliers.

Regarding Hype Energy the deal is believed to encompass only the main team - previous deals have always encompassed both the main and the U23 teams. But since legislative restrictions on energy drinks are in place in Norway which bans advertisement on such beverages and the U23 team is registered in Norway this season means that the space that Hype Energy logos would be placed, will be replaced with something else.

Ulrich Ulriksen

With KBC-Godiva officially joining the ICL Peloton we were able to get a little time with team boss Willie McRettin, Willie how did the team come about?

"So I had a wee bit of money from Godiva and I was putting together a 3-year plan to introduce the first all-Scottish cycling team. I was having a drink in the bar at the Brussels Grand, doing some research, and I run into Hans from KBC. We hit it off and he said, 'you know the bank is in Belgium but also in Eastern Europe, a cycling team would be a great way to accelerate our name recognition and achieve cross-border leverage with our b2c marketing budget'. Not being all that sharp on marketing lingo I say, 'great, fantastic, great, what does that mean?' And he says, 'how about we sponsor the team now'."

McRettin continued:

"So we lost the 3-year plan and painted the jersey KBC blue. The boys at Hillis91 put it together, many thanks to them, I think it is great, fantastic even"

We also asked McRettin about his strategy for the team:

"That side of things is going great in that we don't have any riders yet so our budget is completely free of any commitments whatsoever. Well that isn't completely true, my a bartender at Le Cercueil a few nights back was a big Belgian lad called Marcel, or maybe it was Marius, and he had ridden a wee bit with the amateurs. He seemed to have some good promise so I said, 'thank god, fantastic, Marcel/Marius why don't you join us' and he accepted minimum. I always like lads who are willing to ride for the price of a haggis and some neeps.

Now we've got some money I've moved to the King Suite at the Grand Palace and I'm going to spend the weekend running the numbers looking for big lads who will ride for wee money. My bias is towards boys who like a drink the night after they've dished out some pain on the pave, but the bank is is big on what they call "relevant market spending". Which is great. If anyone sees a big Hungarian, Bulgarian, Czech or Slovak lad with some talent on a bike, let me know."

Thanks for your time Mr McRettin,

"Great, Fantastic, anytime you want to pick up the tab I'm happy to talk"

Season Goals TBD



Full Squad


Gerald CiolekGER3377.1
Sergio HenaoCOL3277.9
Yannick EijssenBEL3075.9
Kenneth VanbilsenBEL2975.6
Niels WytinckBEL2871.2
Nikolay MihaylovBUL3173.1
Julian ArredondoCOL3174.8
Ryan MullenIRL2576.5
Tiesj BenootBEL2576.6
Róbert GavendaSVK3171.3
Quentin Van HeuverswijnBEL2771.4
Karel HnikCZE2870.9
Ondrej NemecSVK2371.4
Robin DejongheBEL2572.8
Tighearnach McCalmontIRL2469.6
Semyon MelnikBUL2268.4
Zoltán KonczHUN2068.8
Marius DieuBEL2064.5

Edited by Ulrich Ulriksen on 30-10-2018 01:35
Great team posts already, thanks guys! I love our new Scottish team manager!

New team joining the ICL peloton

We are happy to present a new team with focus on Scandinavia and with its home in western Sweden.
They have a long term goal to develop Scandinavian talents at the same time as the team want to be at the biggest scene WT.

There is already a few teams form Scandinavia so it will be a tough task to sign the biggest rider from there. But we can already name our first riders and that is two talents one from Finland and one from Norway.
From Norway we have TT specialist Thor Tønnesen and the one from Finland is puncher Pentti Nieminen.

We can also now present our jersey!

Lufthansa Prepares for 2019 Season

The normally media shy Team Manager for Lufthansa sat down for a interview with us to discuss his team's preparation for the upcoming season. Here is the full interview:

You've been part of the ICL for over two years now. Why have you stayed away from interviews such as these?

I've never been comfortable with the limelight to be honest. It is getting easier but I'm never going to fully get used to it.

That seems strange given the high pressure situation associated with this sport. How do you cope with that?

I just do my job, which involves planning team activities for races and the season, and let others get on with these kinds of activities.

Talking about planning, how is the team coming along for the new season?

Last season was a great learning experience for the team, with it being our first year in the World Tour. The team enjoyed a good run in the Continental division in the first year of our existence but the World Tour was a sobering experience. We did manage to stay away from relegation danger all season, and survived comfortably in the end, which was our prime target for last year.

So what has changed over the winter? What are the team's expectations for the 2019 season?

We've been working hard in the off-season to get ready for the new season. Our scouts have also been busy looking at the best talent from our focus regions. We have brought in three new riders, who will be unveiled when our development team will have their pre-season press conference later this month. As far as the senior team is concerned, we are about to go into contract negotiations with all our riders and hope to come out on the other side unscathed.

The team management came under some flak for tying up with Deutsche Bahn as the principal sponsor of the Dev team, with there being calls of the tie-up being illegal at worst and unethical at best. People were concerned as to how he partnership of two German transportation giants could be allowed by the ICL as it could lead to a monpoly of the market. Your response to this?

I heard those rumours and can assure everyone that their fears are unfounded. Although the top management for both teams are the same, the two teams will be run as completely separate units, with separate inflows, and there will be no 'resource' sharing, so to say, to quote the critics!

How will that work out exactly? Are you saying that Deutsche Bahn will not be providing cyclists to the senior team when they become ready?

No, that is not what I was implying. The team sponsored by Deutsche Bahn is still our development team, but they will run their own exercise, with different leadership and staff for the duration of the season. Lufthansa will be following the progress made by the cyclists in Deutsche Bahn closely, and will treat them as the first options to join the senior team before looking elsewhere for talent.

Seems fair enough. How has your role changed from the past season to this one?

I hasn't really. I'm still going to be a part of recruitment, race selections, rider season planning and raceday planning. No change at all actually.

What are the team's hopes for the coming season?

We hope to improve from last season, that's for sure. It will probably be a pivotal season for us. Last year, there were really no expectations from a newly promoted team to do well in the World Tour. But having survived, one is expected to push on. Otherwise the competition will.

Has the team looked at the options available to them to push into perhaps a Top 10 place?

We're always looking at how we can improve, be it recruitment or otherwise. And yes, off course we've looked at how best to improve the team via transfers.

So, can you give us some indications as to who the team will be targeting?

Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to talk about that right now but we all know that with Bunzl's withdrawal, a host of top names have suddenly become available. We also know that they'll be in demand, so we have to be smart in the way we set up for this transfer season.

There's no way to have you tell us a couple of names, is there?


Didn't think so. I tried at least! Anyway, that's all the time and questions I have for you at the moment. Hope to catch up with you in the future. And I hope I've helped you get over your fear of interviews.

You didn't make it worse! Thanks for having me.
Project Cumbria Powered By Thomas Graham Steel & Industrial Supplies



Cumbria is known around the world for the beautiful landscapes of the Lake District and is a popular holiday destination for millions. However many do not know of the companies that are based within the county, this is set to change with the formation of a cycling team promoting some of the best companies within the county.

Thomas Grahams is a steel and industrial supplies company, which is one of the country's best independent provider of steel with numerous warehouses and stores across the north west of England. With the help of Project Cumbria it aims to become an internationally renowned steel provider and to develop its brand across Europe.

M-Sport is already a well known team within the motor racing community having won the constructors championship in the world rally championship numerous times and the drivers championship with rally legend Seb Ogier. Despite M-Sport already being renowned around the world founder Malcolm Wilson saw the opportunity to help promote Cumbria and to try to help develop the county into a business hub as well as a tourism hub. M-Sport coming onboard opened the door for Ford to join the project and they will provide team cars and trucks to help shuttle the team and their equipment around Europe.

The Calvert Trust is a charity that helps disabled people to experience outdoor activities, this is were any profit the team makes will be put and for all the sales of team kit £5 will be given to the charity. George Fisher is an outdoor wear retailer based in Keswick, which wants to expand onto a national level with the help of our project, they will provide us with casual wear as well as selling the team kit.

Our other sponsors include local bespoke bike shop Push Cartel and Johnsons Tractors. Team bikes will be provided by Stelbel and helmets by Kask.
My Stories


My Teams

ICL - Project Cumbria Powered by Thomas Graham Steel & Industrial Supplies
Goodbye Contador

CarbonSports Cycling - Lightweight announces the immediate departure of Alberto Contador. We have achieved all our original goals from 5 years ago when this project was created. Winning a Grand Tour and winning the WT rankings were the final unachieved goals and Contador helped us checking off both goals.

After a careful analysis of our situation we came to the decision that the team will focus again purely on sprints, classics and self developed top talents and want our group of climbing talents that includes guys like Peiffer, Engeldinger and Chaix to ride for their own chances instead of having to work for an elite stage racer.

Out of respect towards Alberto Contador we wont attempt to renew him with the intention to sell like we have done with other riders in the past and will give interested teams an opportunity to convince him with their offers.

Good bye and good luck Alberto, may you win another grand tour for your next team!
Let's reserve a place.
Manager of Team Popo4Ever p/b Morshynska in the PCM.Daily Man-Game
Aviva: Wout Poels sent packing!

Stunning news from the Aviva HQ in Norwich. The team's top scorer in their maiden season, who was instrumental in the promotion to the World Tour, wasn't offered a new contract. Manager Ripley explained: “We knew going into the discussion that it would be a tough one. Wout scored 1237 prestige points last season and we expected he'd be asking for a raise of his already formidable wage. But his demand was simply too high to accept. We're very sorry to let him go, he's bound to make another team very happy – but at a wage far below what he asked us for.”

We won't be seeing this picture again

Two further riders didn't receive new contracts: The Austrian puncher Stefan Denifl and the Spanish climber Miguel Minguez. Denifl had a subpar season, scoring just 123 points, yet he also asked for a raise, which wasn't well received. Minguez, meanwhile, was deemed surplus, despite the need to increase the squad size by at least seven riders.

Negotiations with the other 15 riders are ongoing. All the Brits will be offered new contracts, even Alex Dowsett. "Winning the British ITT title at the end of the season, beating Froomey, sealed the deal for us." With a smile Ripley added: "Also, he's become quite the internet phenomenon, known far and wide even outside the ICL."

Asked about steal offers, the manager told reporters: "We took a bold route and made three steal offers to three top riders, totalling nearly 4500. We already know we've been outbid in one case and in the other two our offers are below what the rider is asking his own team for. Even if their teams don't offer new contracts, we have no idea if the riders accept ours or prefer to become FAs."

He went on: "We are in an interesting situation. With Bunzl's departure from the scene there are excellent British riders on the market, a unique opportunity to build a team around local riders. But it would be nice to start with a true captain from steals, too, and relieve the pressure to hire a top scorer."

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